The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Working Together To Deal With An Enemy
Chapter 197: Working Together to Deal With An Enemy
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"If not for the both of you baiting the Heaven Howling Fish, I would be unable to succeed as well. Hence, both of you deserve these spiritual plants." Su Yu did not really understand their reaction.

Finally, after a long time, Chan Yunfei and her brother came to their senses.

Both of them felt diffident. Even at the very moment, how could they not understand that they had misunderstood Su Yu!

Su Yu sincerely wanted to work with them. He did not try to use kindness to enhance his influence and send them to die!

Chan Yunfei felt remorseful and she could not bear her remorse. Tears overflowed down her jade-like face and her whole face was red due to her feeling ashamed.

"Junior, I" Chan Yunfei grabbed her elegant fist and felt unworthy of standing in front of Su Yu.

In the end, she gauged the heart of a gentleman with her own mean measure!

Su Yu saw that Chan Yunfei was muttering and mumbling. He then became even more confused. "Senior Sister, did I offend you in any way?"

Chan Yunfei bit her lips lightly and she was too ashamed to face Su Yu's crystal clear eyes and she wished that she could find a crevice and go into it. Moreover, she was more ashamed to voice the filthy thoughts in her mind.

After mumbling for a long time, she walked in front Su Yu and her red lips kissed his cheek.

Su Yu was taken by surprise!

"Junior, sorry!" Chan Yunfei paid a courtesy call shamefully and her face flushed.

After her speech, she brought Chan Leiyun along with her, left nimbly while Su Yu was still dumbstruck to find a safe place where she and her brother could absorb the spiritual plant and prepare to continue making breakthroughs in their cultivation bases.

Mo Wu who was at one side was stunned for some time and her chest felt uneasy for no reason. She could not help but laugh coldly. "Junior, you have a lot of good fortune in love affairs. You managed to get a beautiful woman to throw herself in your arms by just giving her a few spiritual plants! Do you want me to repay you as well?"

Su Yu was stunned and he looked at Mo Wu strangely. The Mo Wu in his memories was someone who was extremely cold and arrogant. At the very moment, she was half joking and half cold. That was the first time that Su Yu had discovered that about her.

Mo Wu realized that her words were extremely impractical. Her face turned red at once and her charming body became stiff.

Su Yu was feeling guilty. Hence, he did not really try to understand Mo Wu's expression and he burst into laughter awkwardly.

After some time, the place became quiet.

Su Yu and Mo Wu sat shoulder to shoulder. They then took out one White Dragon Plant and several Black Dragon Plants in anticipation.

Three Black Dragon Plants could raise his cultivation base by one tier.

One White Dragon Plant can raise his cultivation base by one tier.

If he swallowed all four spiritual plants, wouldn't he be able to make a breakthrough to Dragon Realm Level Two straight away?

"If you plan to swallow the Divine Dragon Plant, then I suggest that you had better not swallow other kinds of spiritual plants!" Mo Wu's face was still a bit red as if it was the glow of sunset on the horizon. She looked beautiful and charming but cold at the same time.

"Why?" Su Yu did not understand. He was about to take a major step and make a breakthrough in his cultivation base.

Mo Wu looked at him with blank eyes. "No matter how good a spiritual plant is, it will always be a spiritual plant and it cannot be compared with elixir! If you swallow too many spiritual plants, its effects will become weaker to the point that it is completely useless. Because, by swallowing too many of it, your body will develop a resistance against it.

"If you swallow the White Dragon Plant and Black Dragon Plant now, the effects of the Divine Dragon Plant will be reduced greatly." Mo Wu reminded. She then became relieved at once. "However, the probability of you obtaining the Divine Dragon Plant is close to zero. Hence, it is also good for you to swallow the White Dragon Plant now."

Is that so? Su Yu stroke his chin and thought to himself for some time. He then kept his spiritual plants disappointedly.

Mo Wu's eyes were filled with anticipation and she started to absorb the effects of the White Dragon Plant.


The effects of the White Dragon Plant were three times more than that of a Black Dragon Plant!

After Mo Wu absorbed the effects of the White Dragon Plant, her cultivation base rose hastily and immediately with a speed that a naked eye could perceive!

After half a cup of tea's time, under the last thread of effects, she successfully made a breakthrough to Dragon Realm Level Two Upper Tier!

Mo Wu nodded quietly. The effects of the spiritual plants had indeed gotten weaker!

Mo Wu had been training in the Ancient Xianyun Temple for one month. Hence, she was not too far from making a breakthrough to Dragon Realm Level Two Upper Tier.

With the effects of the White Dragon Plant, her cultivation base could make a breakthrough easily.

In actual fact, she only barely succeeded. She had swallowed Black Dragon Plant before and the effects of the White Dragon Plant decreased as a result.

After that, Mo Wu swallowed ten Black Dragon Plants continuously. However, its effects were so weak that it caused other people's hair to bristle with anger!

Its effect was equivalent to the effects of three White Dragon Plants. However, that had only caused her to make a breakthrough to the next tier, achieving Dragon Realm Level Two Peak!

To Mo Wu, the effects of the White Dragon Plant were equivalent to the very first Black Dragon Plant that she swallowed!

However, Mo Wu herself was as extremely delighted as she was mad!

Although her jade-like face which was icy cold like an ice mountain tried to remain calm, she could not hide the fact that she was wild with joy as her charming body was trembling!

In just a mere one month, she had achieved Dragon Realm Level Two Peak and Dragon Realm Level Three was just around the corner!

Cao Xuan's expression turned extremely gloomy. With the help of Su Yu, Mo Wu's cultivation base advanced greatly to the point that she was one tier above Cao Xuan!

It was even to the extent that Mo Wu's cultivation base had surpassed Shen Jiuyin as well!

Seeing that people were surpassing him one by one, Cao Xuan was burning with impatience. "This cannot carry on!"

One day passed before Su Yu stood up and his eyes were glowing with anticipation. "Now, let's get started!"

Ji Hongxue and Shen Jiuyin followed Su Yu to the shore of the lake. Although Mo Wu and Cao Xuan did not help, they were curious about what Su Yu was trying to do.

At that moment, the Heaven Howling Fish was still loitering around the lake in a frenzy and it was roaring continuously.

"Restrain the Heaven Howling Fish such that its mouth remains open for some time!" Su Yu said as his eyes flashed.

Ji Hongwei was a bit stunned. "Could it be that you want to enter its body and pick the Divine Dragon Plant? However, we are unable to restrain it for long. At the very least, we cannot restrain it for the time taken for you to enter its body, pick the spiritual plant and come out!

"Regarding that, you do not need to worry. Once I enter its body, I will have some ways of coming out."

After hearing what was said, Ji Hongxue agreed naturally. "Junior Shen, let's make our moves! If we want to restrain the Heaven Howling Fish, we need to go all out!"

"Eight Shoulders Trap!" Ji Hongxue gave a light roar.

Puff, puff, puff

A red, sticky and thick liquid flowed out from Ji Hongxue's snow-like body.

Looking at it for the first time, that liquid looked like blood and it filled people with fear.

However, when looked at it attentively, that was blood energy that had been condensed to its maximum!

His blood energy was so strong to the extent that it liquefied. Exactly how strong was Ji Hongxue's body?


The liquefied blood energy condensed into eight arms that were ten Chinese feet long each and it solidified at Ji Hongxue's back.

Every arm was emitted energy that would cause anyone to have the jitters!

Shen Jiuyin had deep eyes and he was burning with fighting intentions. He then laughed with a hoarse voice. "After one year, I finally see it again, Eight Shoulders Trap! A legacy level cultivation technique at Stage Three Upper Class. A step more and he would achieve the rumored Stage Three Top Class!"

Among the faction, only three persons managed to hone their legacy level cultivation techniques to Stage Three Top Class.

They were the Great Elder, Second Elder, and the Faction Master.

As for Ji Hongxue, he had managed to hone his legacy level cultivation technique to Stage Three Upper Class, surpassing many accomplishments of numerous Elders!

Comparing talents, Ji Hongxue was right below that year's Heaven Ruler's goddess, the Second Elder.

"If this is the case, I will go all out as well!" Shen Jiuyin uttered a long and loud cry.

"Soul Transformation!"

Crack, crack

A terrifying sound of bones cracking could be heard from Shen Jiuyin's body!

His skeleton was undergoing an astonishing change!

At the same time, his body was expanding!

While everyone was shocked, from a thin and weak young man, Shen Jiuyin became three times bigger!

Unlike any human beings, he was five meters tall. He had explosive big and red muscles as well as a face that was ferocious and frightening!

That was no longer a human being. Instead, it was a huge gorilla!

Its ominous energy surged and became frightening. At the same time, it was also emitting a murderous aura implying that it wanted to destroy everything!

Ji Hongxue revealed a thread of seriousness and also intentions to fight. "You are the only one who can fight with me for the top!"

"Let's make our moves now. Before I lose my senses!" Shen Jiuyin laughed coldly and hoarsely. He took a step forward!

Rumble, puff

At once, the Jade Lake generated a giant wave that could hit the Heaven. Under a leg attack, a hundred Chinese feet high giant wave was generated!

Ji Hongxue finally made his move!

With an aura that could shake the Heaven, the eight arms headed for the Heaven Howling Fish.

Mo Wu gasped!

Although her cultivation base was stronger than Shen Jiuyin, without the slightest doubt, if she came across the Shen Jiuyin who had transformed, she might be killed with one punch of his!

Su Yu stared at Ji Hongxue and his eyes turned serious. "As expected of the faction's number one disciple. With this kind of blood energy, he totally has the abilities to fight someone with a greater cultivation base than him!"

The two of them teamed up and attacked the Heaven Howling Fish!

Against an attack which was comparable to an attack from someone of Dragon Realm Level Three Upper Tier from the both of them, the Heaven Howling Fish's eyes were filled with disdain. It then opened its mouth and emitted sound waves!

Rumble, puff

The combined attack of the both of them was dispersed by the sound waves!

At the same time, Ji Hongxue and Shen Jiuyin's body shook violently and they became stagnant for a moment.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, the Heaven Howling Fish revealed a joking face and its house-sized head which was like a lofty mountain headed for them!



Ji Hongxue and Shen Jiuyin's expressions changed and they blocked the attack with all their might!

However, against the great strength, both of them were sent flying out of the water onto the shore and they crashed several giant rocks into pieces!


Shen Jiuyin spit out a mouthful of blood and its ferocious face revealed a shocked expression.

Ji Hongxue also gave a groan and dazzling blood overflowed from the corners of his mouth! Just one attack had caused both the Dragon Realm Level Threes who went all out to be fatally injured!

"Evil Creature!" Shen Jiuyin was angered. His eyes were blood red and he gradually lost his calmness.


After giving a roar towards the sky, Shen Jiuyin beat his chest, gave an angry roar and threw himself towards the Heaven Howling Fish!

Ji Hongxue also bit his teeth and threw himself towards the Heaven Howling Fish at the same time!

This time round, both of them split up into two directions with the intention to launch a pincer attack so as to avoid the Heaven Howling Fish crashing into them!

The Heaven Howling Fish sneered. It shook its head violently in a futile attempt to send them flying away.

However, both of them were outstanding persons and their potentials were astonishing.

In a critical moment, they unleashed all their power!

Rumble, bang

Both of them launched a pincer attack from the left and right. Ji Hongxue's eight snow-like arms pressed against the left side of the Heaven Howling Fish's head while Shen Jiuyin's big body placed a huge pressure on the right side of its head, causing the giant head to be fixed in its position.

Moreover, because of the enormous strength that was pressing against its head, the Heaven Howling Fish's mouth naturally opened by itself!

"Quick!" Ji Hongxue quickly gave a roar. "We cannot last for more than two breaths' time!"

"Two breaths' time is more than enough!" A loud and clear voice could be heard from the sky. Su Yu who was lying in wait after having finished his preparations exhibited his Ice Phoenix's Divine Wings and headed towards the mouth of the Heaven Howling Fish!

One breath passed and Su Yu was in front of the Heaven Howling Fish's mouth!

However, when Su Yu was about to enter its mouth, the Heaven Howling Fish became furious and went crazy. It then flicked its gills violently!

Rumble, bang

Ji Hongxue spit out blood from his mouth. As though he was a rock, he was sent flying for about three hundred meters and he crashed into a small mountain!

The unprecedented impact caused his internal organs to be crushed into pieces and he vomited blood continuously!

Shen Jiuyin was more miserable. His whole body's flesh was burst open from the great impact. His body was full of cuts as if his body was about to break into pieces!

As for Shen Jiuyin, he fainted from the impact!

Su Yu's expression changed slightly. Seeing that the Heaven Howling Fish was about to close its mouth, he clenched his jaw and rushed into the mouth before it closed!