The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 198

Chapter 198: The White Tiger Descends
Chapter 198: The white tiger descends
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Just as Su Yu entered, the sound of teeth clenching came from his back, sending a blade of wind grazing Su Yu.


Blood sprayed out of a bloody gash a thumb deep. If the injury was a little deeper, he would have injured the major artery near his heart.

Su Yu gasped. The fiery pain caused him to pierce his lips. He stopped in a hurry, circulating his spirit energy to stop the flow of blood. Seeing his astonishing injury, Su Yu had a lingering fear. He nearly lost his life!

But overcoming the threat of death, he had finally made it into the belly of the Heaven Howling Fish. His figure flickered. Su Yu followed the hundred zhang body of the Heaven Howling Fish, entering its tail area.

There was a blood red spiritual plant dancing in the flesh of its tail.

Its shape was the same as the Black Dragon Plant and the White Dragon Plant.

The only difference was its color!

"Divine Dragon Plant! It could raise an entire cultivation level!" Su Yu's eyes burned with passion.

He had finally found it!

Su Yu approached to grab it, but the Divine Dragon Plant seemed to hide from him intentionally!

Su Yu's gaze shifted, his expression grave. "This is"

Yun Yazi's calm voice came from around his chest. "This kind of spiritual plant, even though not at the level of divine herbs, has been absorbing the essence of the Heaven Howling Fish for years. It is very pure. If you use your hands to grab it, it will lose about thirty percent of its effectiveness."

"Is that so?" Su Yu retracted his hand, thinking for a while before he took out a broken jade shovel.

This was the Delicate Jade-Like Shovel he found in the Meteorite Forest, especially used for harvesting divine herbs!

"I can finally use this." Su Yu was filled with anticipation, sitting cross-legged as he used the Artifact Control Technique to control this broken divine artifact.

It was the first time he was trying to control this foreign divine artifact. With Su Yu's abilities, it would probably take a day for him to have the shovel under his control.

While he was trying to control the divine artifact, outside the fish, Ji Hongxue was pale. The injury on his stomach was slightly subsiding. His heavy injuries were recovering well.

But Shen Jiuyin suffered grave injuries, still in a coma. He was being tended to by Cao Xuan.

"The abilities of the Heaven Howling Fish was greater than expected. It could be reaching Dragon Realm Level Four soon! This is a losing transaction for sure!" Ji Hongxue laughed bitterly.

At the side, Mo Wu's eyes were filled with worry. "Why isn't he out yet? Could there be an accident?"

"There's no need to worry, Junior Su entered with much confidence. He most likely is confident of his escape. On the other hand, weneed to be careful." Ji Hongxue's expression turned serious, looking at the horizon.

There was a small dot of black and white closing in on them!


It was just at the horizon a moment ago, but in the blink of an eye, it had arrived above their heads!

Looking up, it was the white tiger that was circling around for the past few days!

The white tiger surveyed its surroundings, its cold eyes filled with frustration. "He really made me look for him, to think he would be here!"

Based on the aura around, the white tiger had realized that Su Yu is near the area!

"Where's the silver-haired brat?" The white tiger was floating in the air, high above them. Its eyes glanced over Mo Wu and the rest as if they were ants.

The three of them trembled. That look as if cut them like a blade!

The white tiger was calmly asking, but it felt like thunder booming in their years!

Their ears were buzzing, bleeding from the vibration!

What a terrifying white tiger! Even Ji Hongxue felt that he was going to die.

If the white tiger wanted to, the three of them would have been instantly turned to ash, without even a chance for them to get transported out!

Mo Wu clenched her teeth, not wanting to disclose Su Yu's location.

Ji Hongxue had signs of an internal struggle, trying hard to regain his composure from the fear.

Only Cao Xuan. without thinking, his eyes full of fury and hatred. "The person you are looking for is called Su Yu, he is in the belly of the Heaven Howling Fish in the Jade Lake, trying to obtain the Divine Dragon Plant!"

In Cao Xuan's heart, he was laughing maniacally!

Su Yu had dared to anger the most terrifying white tiger in the Sky Garden!

Now Su Yu's life would permanently be left at this place!

"In the belly of such a puny fish? Hmph!" The white tiger was impassive, grunting with disdain.

But looking at the azure waves in the lake, its eyes showed signs of disgust. He circled the top of the Jade Lake but was not willing to enter.

The white tiger was afraid of water, unwilling to enter it!

Coupled with its radiating energy, the Heaven Howling Fish refused to swim up the lake.

"How long is he going to be there for?" The thunder on the white tiger's body crackled, making it obvious that it was angry.

"It shouldn't be too long now!" Cao Xuan said in a hurry.

"Hmph! Lad, let's see where you can run now!" The white tiger grunted, landing on the side of the lake in wait.

Once Su Yu came out, he would only be killed in a manner of seconds in front of the horrifying white tiger.

Mo Wu shot a furious glare to the smiling Cao Xuan, her heart anxious.

Su Yu in the water did not know what was happening outside, once he came out

A day passed quickly. Su Yu in the belly of the Heaven Howling Fish was finally able to control the Delicate Jade-Like Shovel.

Full of anticipation, Su Yu used the shovel to carefully dig out the blood red Divine Dragon Plant.

On the jade shovel, a dull glow enveloped the Divine Dragon Plant in protection, causing it to not sustain any damage.

A whole stalk of pure Divine Dragon Plant was presented in front of Su Yu.

"Keep it for now. Once the flames are activated, it is ready for consumption," Yun Yazi said.

Su Yu nodded, retrieving a clean jade bottle and putting the plant in it.

Finally, Su Yu let out a sigh of relief.

Calculating the time, Su Yu's eyes had a decisive glow. "According to my estimates, more than half the time allowed in the Ancient Xianyun Temple has passed. The third level Eternal Stairs was about to descend!"

Once a person stepped on it, it would be impossible to return from the Eternal Stairs!

But Su Yu had to go. According to his calculations, the disciple that had the Phoenix Blood Elixir most probably died on the Eternal Stairs!

The first level Meteorite Forest and the second level Sky Garden would not cause any deaths.

Only the third level Eternal Stairs would trap someone for eternity once they entered.

Xianer's Phoenix of Death would descend in about a month's time, Su Yu had no other choice!

The second level trembled suddenly. A giant opening appeared on the azure blue sky. A spiraling set of steps descended from the opening, all the way to the ground.

And it was aptly placed in the middle of the Jade Lake.

At the side of the lake, Ji Hongxue and the rest had looks of caution!

The master of the faction had warned them time and again to not enter the forbidden ground. The third level, the Eternal Stairs had descended!

Those who entered had all perished!

The white tiger turned its head, its eyes filled with fear for the first time. Its nostril flared. "I wonder if that bloody bird is still at the third level!"

But at this moment, the white tiger's eyes turned serious, looking past the surface of the water to observe the depths of the lake!

In the body of the Heaven Howling Fish, Su Yu exhaled. "You've finally appeared, Eternal Stairs!"


Su Yu walked to the mouth of the Heaven Howling Fish, the Fire Cloud Seal between his brows pulsating. "Glazed Ice Flame!"


An immense chill erupted within the mouth of the Heaven Howling Fish!

Even though the Heaven Howling Fish was near indestructible, but the insides of its body was still a weak point.

With a howl, the Heaven Howling Fish opened its mouth subconsciously!

Su Yu's gaze flashed, seizing the opportunity to charge out!

But when Su Yu was charging out.

The Heaven Howling Fish gave an evil and crafty look, timing the moment when Su Yu was charging out to clench down its sharp teeth!

The Heaven Howling Fish had already realized that Su Yu was in its body.

It had deliberately given Su Yu a chance so it could deliver a fatal bite!

"Reusing old tricks!" Su Yu's expression was calm, letting out a cold laugh.

"Seal of Time!" With a low grunt, purple light erupted from Su Yu's left eye.

At that moment, the giant head of the Heaven Howling Fish was trapped in the confines of time!

Seizing the opportunity, Su Yu freed himself, spreading his Ice Phoenix's Divine Wings and charged straight towards the outside of the lake!


The Heaven Howling Fish let out a huge roar, chasing in fury!

But at this moment, Su Yu flicked his fingers. A Divine Ice Thread hardly visible extended.


The Divine Ice Thread was attached to the organs of the Heaven Howling Fish. Under the tugging, the innards were torn, severely injuring the fish!

The furious Heaven Howling Fish let out a pathetic howl, its chasing figure got visibly slower.

Seizing the opportunity, Su Yu charged ten feet in front!

But Su Yu had no time to be happy. His body suddenly turned rigid, his hair standing on its end!

A chill ran down his spine as if a current had gripped his heart.

For he suddenly felt a horrifying gaze glaring at him from far away!

He used his crystalline pupils to see five miles ahead at the surface of the lake, clearly seeing the white tiger. Su Yu felt his scalp go numb!

At this moment, the eyes of the white tiger had a human-like mocking smile, staring at him from far away!

"Lad! You made me wait an entire day, it's time for you to die!" The white tiger was fuming.

Su Yu's heart was heavy. When did he anger this white tiger? Could it be the Five Colour Honey?

Su Yu's heart was thumping wildly, his face full of frustration. The Eternal Stairs was just before him, but he could not enter!

The only consolation was that the white tiger was afraid of water and did not dare enter.

Even though the black thunder was powerful, but dispersed in the water, the leftover energy was limited.

Thus, if Su Yu continued hiding in the water, the white tiger wouldn't be able to do anything to him.

As if it had predicted this to happen, the white tiger let out a cold grunt. "I'll give you three seconds to come out! A second later and I'll start killing your friends!"

This ferocious tiger suddenly turned to look at Mo Wu and the rest!

"What? Kill us?" Cao Xuan's face turned green. "Elder White tiger, I have a deep hatred for him, killing me would only"

"Did I ask you speak?" The white tiger shot a cold stare.


Cao Xuan turned pale, violently vomiting blood, his face full of shock!

A gaze was enough to severely injure him. Just how powerful was this white tiger? The expressions of Ji Hongxue and Mo Wu changed drastically!

The white tiger was taking them hostage? If Su Yu refused to come out, wouldn't they

Su Yu was frustrated. This cursed white tiger was too much!

"One second is over!" The white tiger had a mocking look, fiercely looking at Mo Wu. "I guess I'll start with you! You seem to be the most concerned about the silver-haired brat!"

Creak Creak

The thunder on the white tiger's body seemed to be about to strike!

"Stop!" A furious grunt came from within the lake.

Ripple Splash

Su Yu's expression was that of fury. He charged out of the lake, mercilessly saying. "I'll stay, let them go!"

The white tiger let out a mocking laugh. "In my eyes, you are nothing, not fit to negotiate with me! Hand over the Five Colour Honey! Immediately, now!"

Mo Wu and the rest swallowed hard. This tiger was an ungodly existence in the second level!

Their fates were all determined by the whims of the white tiger!

But facing this domineering white tiger, Su Yu's fury gradually subsided, replaced by an icy expression. "I have had enough of having my fate controlled by others! No one can control my fate, not even heaven!"

The white tiger shook its head. "Ignorant thing! In front of absolute power, your heartfelt words are but a laughable struggle!"

"Is it? Then I shall show you the surprise I've prepared for you!" Su Yu let out a mocking smile.