The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Eternal Stairs
Chapter 199: Eternal Stairs
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"Space-time manipulation!" Su Yu gave a light roar!

Buzz, buzz, buzz

His deep eye turned wine-red as if it was the color of the clouds when the sun was setting. It was so beautiful it seemed like a fantasy sunset.

The white tiger was taken by surprise and he was covered by the wine-red color.

The space trembled along with a sound. Invisible waves appeared from the void around its body and covered it.

The white tiger's joking expression revealed a surprised look for the first. "Space energy. You possess innate space talent!"


The white tiger realized that its situation was not good. It gave a roar and it wanted to struggle out of the wind-red color. However, it was too late!


The space moved, causing the white tiger to be moved about ten miles away! Moreover, it was moved to a place that it hated the mostJade Lake!


When the space energy dispersed, the lake water flowed toward the white tiger and submerged it.

A thread of anxiousness appeared in the white tiger's eyes. It moved its four limbs up and down the water and swam upwards clumsily.

However, the lake water which flowed onto it caused its fur to be completely wet. A stroke of lightning was also spread across all directions in the lake!

The fierce white tiger became a drenched dog in an instant!

"Little kid!! I will kill you!!!" The tiger which flew into a rage from shame climbed toward the shore while in a difficult position and also roared angrily at the same time!

Thick murderous intents filled the white tiger's eyes.

There was no one who was able to play tricks on him!

Su Yu was the first person!

"Enjoy the surprise that I have prepared for you, drenched dog!" Su Yu laughed indifferently. Without hesitation, he headed toward the spiral stairs!

Before he left, he took out two White Dragon Plants.

He threw one of it to Ji Hongxue and he threw the other one to Shen Jiuyin who had just woken up.

"Su Yu! What are you trying to do?" Upon seeing Su Yu's actions, Mo Wu's heart clicked. Could it be that Su Yu wants to enter the Eternal Stairs?

Rumble, rumble

Suddenly, Mo Wu's mind rumbled! She suddenly understood what Su Yu wanted to doLook for the Phoenix Blood Elixir!

That disciple who had the Phoenix Blood Elixir never returned and he most likely perished in the Eternal Stairs!

Su Yu stared at Mo Wu deeply and he bowed down. He recalled his memories with emotion and laughed indifferently. "In Liuxian faction, I, Su Yu, was always alone. I only have Senior Sister as my only friend. I am lucky to have met you."

Having heard words that sounded as though Su Yu was bidding farewell, Mo Wu's heart felt extremely miserable.

She had seen with her own eyes that Su Yu started from being a nobody and had taken tough and difficult steps before becoming who he was at the very moment.

Everything he requested and did were all for Xianer and Li Guang.

She had been moved by his dedication and defiance, by his refusal to listen to the flow of fate during the Fallen Star Contest.

The Su Yu back then had a thin and weak silhouette. His abilities were also very weak and his face was very unfamiliar.

For the first time, someone had moved her soul.

From that time onwards, that shadow was forever carved into her heart and it was unforgettable.

Su Yu finally reached the final step!

That time, Mo Wu's master had said with certainty that it was impossible for Su Yu to complete his task. However, Su Yu actually defied the natural order and crushed her words step by step!

However, the final step might cut him off from the human world forever!

Mo Wu suddenly felt afraid that she would be unable to see that indomitable shadow which went against the current!

It was a feeling similar to the previous time at the abyss of Wutong where Su Yu perished in the poisonous mist. That sense of loss, that disappointment and that sorrow.

Because, Su Yu was the person that she had been chasing after!!

During the match at the Icy Azure Lake that day, Su Yu became a shadow that many people chased after.

That shadow was also carved in Mo Wu's heart.

When Mo Wu was lonely, indecisive and helpless, that shadow provided a direction for her to move forward!

That shadow also made her understand that in the world, there was one person who was just like her, moving forward while defying the natural order. Although that person was more miserable than her, he was more tenacious than her!

That was the true feelings in her heart that she had never any one before.

No one would believe that the Mo Wu of the Four Great Disciples treated the nameless and weak junior as someone that she would chase after at that time!

"Su Yu" Mo Wu's clear eyes were glowing sparklingly. "Is it possible for you to stay!"

The farewell at the very moment might be forever!

Perhaps she might be unable to see that shadow which worked hard quietly, persevered on quietly and moved forward quietly!

The wind from the Jade Lake lifted up Su Yu's silver hair and on Heaven and Earth, who will I be live for"

A lonely sigh swept past a deep part of his heart.

If she dies, on Heaven and Earth, who will I be live for?

Mo Wu felt a sting that she never had before in her heart. A sting as she could not bear to see Su Yu leave and also due to tender affection.

Could it be that Su Yu had not thought of living for himself before? Living for someone else, for example, she, Mo Wu?

"Senior Sister, I would like to make a final request. If I do not return Please carve my name, Su Yu, in front of Xianer's grave." Su Yu cupped his fists and made a courtesy call. He had an extremely lonely smile. "If I cannot be with her when I am alive, then if I die, please allow my name to accompany her for all eternity"

"Su Yu" Mo Wu could not hold back the grievance in her heart. Two columns of tears trickled down her extremely beautiful cheeks.

Mo Wu gave a lonely cry which was filled with all her sadness that was within her heart.

"Please!" Su Yu gave a courtesy call. After which, he turned his body and entered the Eternal Stairs!

Mo Wu stared at Su Yu blankly as he disappeared into the stairs.

In an instant, Mo Wu felt disheartened. It was as if she had lost something that caused her to suffocate.

"No! Su Yu, don't go!" Mo Wu's voice was trembling and a sorrowful cry reverberated across the Heaven.

However, what answered her was stairs that were empty.



In the Jade Lake, the lake water was almost as if it could reach the sky.

After being trapped for some time, the white tiger finally got itself out of its difficult situation.

The white tiger was filled with astonishing murderous intents and its roar shook the Heaven!

Frightening thunderbolts came in all directions!

Rumble, bang

Any area that had been struck by the black thunderbolt turned into nothingness completely!

Ji Hongxue and the remaining three of them were caught in one of the areas of the thunderbolt.

The thunderbolt was approaching their heads. However, there was no place to run to!

"Not good! The white tiger had unleashed its powers. We are unable to stay here any longer, common suicide and leave the ancient temple quickly!" The expression of Ji Hongxue's snow-like face changed greatly. The thunderbolt was dangerous and it could kill them in an instant, resulting in them being unable to be transported out. By committing suicide, they could leave quickly.

After his speech, before the thunderbolt killed them, Ji Hongxue thrust his palm onto his forehead.

The ancient temple sensed that he was in danger. Immediately, the ancient temple activated a ray of space light and transported him out.

Cao Xuan and Shen Jiuyin then left in succession!

Mo Wu whispered sobbingly. "Su Yu, you must come back"

Rumble, rumble

There became more thunderbolts. In imminent peril, the four of them left successfully!

Whiz, whiz

At the outside world, a white light glowed. The expressions of the Faction Master and Elders changed.

The Four Great Disciples appeared together, causing their hearts to sink violently.

"What happened? There is still one more month. Why are all of you transported out?" The Liuxian Faction Master asked surprisingly and worriedly.

How much of a loss was losing one month of training?

Ji Hongxue snow-like face was ashamed. "Master, a white tiger had descended. To prevent anyone from dying, we exited of our own accord."

"The white tiger? For many years, that white tiger would not injure anyone of its own accord. Without any reason, why would it harm all of you?" The Liuxian Faction Master was filled with doubts.

Cao Xuan clenched his fists tightly and said with hatred. "It was Su Yu. He angered the white tiger, causing us to be implicated!"

Even before they managed to enjoy the great benefits of the ancient temple, they were implicated by Su Yu!

Han Zhi flew into a rage. "What a wretched person! He had ruined my disciple's future! I will definitely not forgive him!"

The Great Elder swept his eyes past Shen Jiuyin. Shen Jiuyin's cultivation base did not change and his expression turned serious. "Jiuyin, is that what happened?"

Although Shen Jiuyin had gotten a White Dragon Plant, he was still implicated and it was impossible for him to not feel hatred for Su Yu. He replied furiously with hatred. "About there!"

Ji Hongxue opened his mouth and he could not find any words to rebut them.

Without a doubt, they were indeed implicated by Su Yu.

At their current location, only the Second Elder became stupefied on the spot. Her eyes looked at her beloved disciple, Mo Wu and she could not believe what she was seeing.

In her memories, her disciple was a reserved person. However, at the very moment, her shoulders were shaking and she was sobbing silently!

Her expressionless eyes were overflowing with tears and she gazed into the distance sorrowfully.

"Mo Wu, what happened?"

"Master, Su Yu has entered the Eternal Stairs!" Mo Wu was filled with sorrow. As she could not restrain her feelings anymore, she sobbed as though she was a young girl who had lost her best friend. She threw herself onto the Second Elder's chest and cried loudly in front of everyone.

"What Eternal Stairs?" The Second Elder's frail body swayed. At that moment, the Second Elder became absent-minded. Her feet retreated in a staggered manner and her pale eyes were flustered. "Why Why did he"

The Second Elder stopped talking half way. She also understood Su Yu's objective.

Phoenix Blood Elixir!

"Why didn't you stop him?" The Second Elder berated absent-mindedly.

Mo Wu felt bitter. "Because, if Xianer dies, on Heaven and Earth, he had no one else that he could live his life for!"

"Xianer" The Second Elder repeated. Her eyes gradually became gloomy and a great sorrow emerged.

On that day's afternoon amidst the bright and beautiful sunlight, that silver haired young man who smiled and inquired about the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures would never return again?

That pair of clear eyes, that gaze which did not look down on her and that compassionate eyes which made her heart feel warmth would never appear again?

At that moment, the Second Elder also felt as if she had lost something and her heart felt lonely.

"He entered the Eternal Stairs?" The Liuxian Faction Master was stunned. After which, he immediately sighed lightly. "It's a pity that we had lost a young plant!"

Anyone who entered the Eternal Stairs had no way of surviving!

Many Elders and disciples who had seen Su Yu bringing about miracles step-by-step and fighting into the top ten felt sorry for Su Yu.

The Tenth Elder heaved a sigh of relief. He then mocked coldly. "He forfeited his life for the sake of a woman. Haha. He is similar to his master, so stupid to the point that it is incurable!"

Xi Ruolan was beside him. Her pretty face revealed a relaxed smile. Su Yu's death had caused her to feel at ease.

However, it was quite evident that her relaxed expression was as if it was intentional.

At the Eternal Stairs.

At that moment when Su Yu stepped onto the Eternal Stairs, he entered a strange space.

The world was snow-like that it was glaring. Su Yu was standing on an endless flight of white stairs.

Stairs were both in front and behind him.

That world was left with purely stairs!

Su Yu tried to take a few steps but the end did not change.

It was as if when he took a few steps, the end would become further by a few steps and it would forever be difficult to reach the end of the stairs.