The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Undying Heart
Chapter 200: Undying Heart
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Su Yu shifted his gaze, trying to circulate his spirit energy.

But he shockingly realised that his spirit energy had vanished!

His Dantian was completely empty, without any traces of spirit energy!

"Yun Yazi, what's happening?" Su Yu's heart skipped a beat as asked.

But there was no reply.

Looking down, he realised that the jade box that was holding Yun Yazi's soul was missing!

A cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Even Yun Yazi was missing!

Looking closely, Su Yu realised that any item that required spirit energy, like the Divine Ice Ring, all had mysteriously vanished!

Currently, he was no different than a mere mortal!

What kind of mysterious place was this "Eternal Stairs"?

Su Yu stood and thought for a long moment. He knew that, in order to find the answer, he had to walk forward!

If he was able to reach the final step, it might get him out of this predicament!

He walked for half a day.

Su Yu was exhausted, but the end of the stairs was still nowhere to be seen!

What made Su Yu even more paranoid was that it felt like he had not moved an inch!

No matter how many steps he took, a few more steps appeared in front of him.

No matter how far he walked, he couldn't reach the end.

It was as if this was an eternal, neverending place!

There was no spiritual energy, no divine artifacts, no outside help. It was as if he had been abandoned at an eternal country, infinitely circling within the steps!

What was even more pressing a matter, was that Su Yu felt acute hunger and thirst.

Without a single sustaining item on his person, Su Yu was going to die on these steps!

This place definitely lived up to its reputation of being the forbidden grounds of no return!

Being robbed off their spirit energy, treasures, and anything they could depend on, anybody would die walking on this eternal journey!

"I cannot die! Xianer is waiting for me!" Su Yu pressed on, summoning all of his willpower.

Two days later.

Su Yu was starving, his body weak.

He had not had anything to drink for the past two days. He had reached his biological breaking point.

But nothing had changed. It was still an eternal stairway, with no way of reaching the end!


Su Yu collapsed on the floor, his mind turning fuzzy. This was a sure sign of death.

"No! I cannot die!" Su Yu bit the tip of his tongue, stimulating his brain, "No! If the third level exists, it must serve a purpose and not simply be a trap for someone until they die!"

"Furthermore, in these two days, I have never once seen a corpse that perished here!"

"Which part of this place have I missed that is out of the ordinary?" Su Yu utilised his brain, rapidly thinking.

A moment later, Su Yu had a spark of inspiration, "I missed an important thing.. a guiding post!"

"Without a guiding post to see where I have passed, everywhere I walked was snow white steps. There was no way to accurately deduce that, until now, where the judgement I made, that I was advancing, came from my senses. Hence, the senses can be affected!" Su Yu's eyes grew brighter, his brain turning faster!

At this point, he needed a guiding post to test his own hypothesis!

Clenching his teeth, Su Yu bit down on his finger, fresh blood dripping onto the stairs.

He wanted to use his blood to mark the ground, but the blood was absorbed by the stairs!

Thinking, Su Yu tore off a piece of his robe, dropping it on the stairs. It also vanished!

Thinking back to the disappearance of his spiritual energy and divine artifacts, Su Yu muttered, "Anything that belongs to me has been taken by the stairs. Anything I take would disappear instantly, unless that item did not belong to me!"

But these items still had all disappeared!

Su Yu had reached a dead end!

At this moment, Su Yu had a stroke of inspiration!

There was an item that might not have disappeared yet!

"Grunt!" Su Yu let out a low growl, using the power in his muscles to press on his abdominal region!

Some time later, dull black droplets seeped from his pores!

It was the Black Wind Elixir!

Su Yu had gotten this from the Meteorite Forest, an ancient pill that boosts one's masculinity.

But it had lost its effects and had sealed it in his body using ice, waiting for an opportunity to expel it.

It did not belong to Su Yu, but was hidden deep within his stomach. Thus, it had not been noticed by the Eternal Stairs!

Now that it had been crushed by his muscles, it formed droplets and was expelled through his pores!

A handful of black droplets fell on the stairs, and did not disappear!

In this snow white world, the black droplets stood out.

Looking at the black droplets before his feet, Su Yu shifted his gaze, stepping onto the next step.

Strangely, he had clearly taken another step, yet the black droplets remained before his feet, their position, shape, amount and distance from his leg remaining unchanged!

It was not that the droplets followed Su Yu up another step, but rather that Su Yu had been walking on the spot all along!

According to his senses, Su Yu was advancing.

Using the black droplets as a guiding post, it told Su Yu that his two day journey had just been him walking on the spot. He had not moved an inch from his original position!

"What's this that's deceiving my senses?" Su Yu finally knew where the problem lay!

Just as Su Yu achieved understanding, a strange scene ensued!

A black crack formed in the white world, as if a mirror had just broken.


The white world turned into shards, flying in all directions!

Su Yu subconsciously closed his eyes. When he reopened them, he found that he was standing before an ancient, broken Buddha statue!

Atop the Buddha statue was a palm print, breaking it into five pieces!

Another palm print!

At the same time, Su Yu's peripheral vision fell on a fearful scene.

Before his feet lay multiple skeletons of different generations!

Amongst them, there were many with the Liuxian faction crest on their robes!

"These.. were once disciples of the faction, they all died here!" Su Yu was startled!

They all died of hunger and thirst!

They had been walking in the white world until they died. None of them had realised that they had not moved an inch.

The truth was that they were standing in front of the Buddha statue, not moving an inch, before they died of hunger.

Only Su Yu had understood the situation and managed to return to reality.

"After waiting for a thousand years, there's finally one with enough intelligence and fate to pass the last level!" A stern voice suddenly entered his ears.

Su Yu's pupils dilated. The one that was speaking was the Buddha statue before him!

The clay Buddha opened its eyes, its lips quivering as it opened its mouth to speak.

"Fated one, as the reward for reaching the end of the Ancient Xianyun Temple, you can choose a technique to cultivate and pass on."


Two techniques fell in front of Su Yu.

Techniques? Su Yu was curious.

But when he looked at them, he gasped!

These two techniques were complete immortal level techniques!

The one on the left was called Devil's Benevolence, an immortal level technique cultivated by Buddhists.

It had three stages.

The first stage was Demon Heart, where you cultivate a demon heart. As long as the body remains intact, any injuries can be restored by the demon heart. It is the legendary immortal heart!

The second stage was Demon Body, where you cultivate a demon body. The flesh is trained to the extreme and is impenetrable. Any lost limbs would be regenerated. It is the legendary immortal body!

The third stage was Demon Mind, where you cultivate a demon mind. Using your demon instincts will allow you to temporarily boost your cultivation level by three levels, killing higher level enemies!

After Su Yu finished reading, he was in disbelief!

Even if he did not consider the immortal heart and body, this was a legend amongst old books.

The ungodly power of the third stage Demon Mind made Su Yu deeply startled!

Temporarily boosting the cultivation level by three levels? That was ungodly!

Keeping the surprised expression, Su Yu looked to the second immortal level technique.

The first book was already so shocking, just how scary would the second book be?