The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 201

Chapter 201: The Final Assessment
Chapter 201: The Final Assessment
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Su Yu's gaze fell on the second book.

"Three Clones Of Abandoned Emotions", an immortal level cultivation technique learned by the Buddhists to train their hearts.

This cultivation technique was split into three stages.

Stage One, slay your emotions. By honing this technique to Stage One and slaying the emotions in your heart, you can create a clone with similar abilities to the main body.

Stage Two, kill your emotions. By honing this technique to Stage Two, you can create a second clone, with its abilities one tier higher than the main body.

Stage Three, abandon your emotions. By honing this technique to Stage Three, you can create a third clone, with its abilities one level higher than the main body!

After looking through the book, Su Yu was stunned.

If"Three Clones Of Abandoned Emotions"was honed unto the end, three clones could be obtained! Moreover, every clone would get stronger!

The two books of immortal level cultivation technique defied the natural order greatly!

"Devil's Benevolence"could be considered an immortal divine book.

"Three Clones Of Abandoned Emotions"could be considered a clone magical book!

"This is the rumored immortal level cultivation technique?" Su Yu was shocked greatly by the miraculous power.

Compared to them, legacy level cultivation techniques were merely moves used by children to fight one another.

However, Su Yu was calm all along.

After he was initially shocked, his eyes regained their calmness.

"Can I see the detailed introduction? For example, the difficulty level and requirements to hone these cultivation techniques?" Su Yu questioned.

The Buddha became silent for some time, saying only after hesitating: "Sure."


The books of the two immortal level cultivation techniques flipped open, and the cultivation techniques' level of difficulty to hone them were recorded in detail.

"Devil's Benevolence" 's level of difficulty. For someone with a high level of comprehension, he can achieve Stage One Top Class in three years, Stage Two Top Class in ten years, and within twenty years, the training will be complete.

Eh? Su Yu's eyebrows twitched, and he felt extremely surprised.

The level of difficulty to cultivate the immortal level cultivation technique was not as difficult as a normal legacy level cultivation technique!

For a normal legacy level cultivation technique, it would require five years' training for one to achieve Stage One Top Class, and a normal average person could do that.

Only"Glazed Ice Flame", which Su Yu was cultivating, required hundreds of years.

How could the level of difficulty of cultivating an immortal level cultivation technique be less difficult, when compared to that of a legacy level cultivation technique?

Filled with doubts, Su Yu continued to read the book.

Training requirements: Slaughter!

To cultivate an immortal heart, you are required to swallowed ninety-nine hearts of people possessing the same cultivation base as you!

To cultivate an immortal body, you are required to eat nine hundred and ninety-nine bodies of people with the same cultivation base as you!

To cultivate a devil's traits, you are required to refine nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine people with the same cultivation base as you into an elixir and swallow it!

Rub, rub

Su Yu retreated a few steps, his face turning pale in astonishment!

One can only cultivate the cultivation technique by eating human beings' hearts, feeding on human beings' bodies, and refining an elixir out of human flesh?

Su Yu's expression was a bit pale, as he took a look at the second book, "Three Clones Of Abandoned Emotions".

In order to cultivate slay emotions' clone, cut off all emotional attachments.

In order to cultivate kill emotions' clone, kill all friendships.

In order to cultivate abandon emotions' clone, forget all your love.

In other words, one would need to destroy his emotions completely!

Rub, rub, rub

Su Yu retreated again by two steps!

He would need to forget his emotional attachment with the Duke of Xianyu, forget his friendship with Xia Jingyu, forget his love for Qin Xianer and sever all his emotions, in order to cultivate the cultivation technique!

"Since you have finished looking at the cultivation technique, what is your choice?" The Buddha was indifferent, like a normal person, which allowed Su Yu to make his choice.

Su Yu's blood was boiling with excitement. At that moment, he turned cold!

One immortal level cultivation technique required him to eat human beings, while the other required him to sever his emotions.

As cultivation techniques of Buddhism, why were they so sinister and cruel?

Suddenly, Su Yu lowered his head and looked at the pure white bones below his legs. His heart felt overwhelmed.

Is the thing in front of me really a Buddha?

Are the cultivation techniques that it passed on really those of Buddhism?

"Answer!" the Buddha urged.

Su Yu took a deep breath. The last bit of fire burning in his eyes extinguished, returning them to cold: "I decline!"

"Why? Among the immortal level cultivation techniques, they are considered the best, which can help you stand tall and upright at the summit of the continent!" The Buddha was stunned.

Su Yu shook his head indifferently: "Becoming someone who can stand at the summit of the continent is my life goal. However, I have no intention of sacrificing my heart's affections, love, and feelings that I cherish highly, or losing my emotions. Moreover, I also have no intentions of swallowing human flesh and thus, sinking to the level of a devil!"

The most beautiful thing in life was not the moment where one stood at the summit, but the experience gained along the way.

Su Yu's experience along the way was that he got acquainted with many people and had affections not easily forgotten.

Hence, even if the two books of immortal level cultivation techniques were earthshaking, Su Yu's heart would tell him what choice to make.

The Buddha remained silent for some time, before revealing a smile: "Congratulations, you have passed the final assessment!"

Eh? Su Yu was stupefied.

Isn't the Eternal Stairs the final assessment of the Ancient Xianyun Temple?


Suddenly, in front of the Buddha, "Devil's Benevolence" and"Three Clones Of Abandoned Emotions"were as if a mirror cracked, shattering into countless pieces. Then, just like the Eternal Stairs, the shattered pieces disappeared.

"These two books of immortal level cultivation techniques are evil devil techniques of the Heaven and Earth, which have been destroyed in the time and space a long while ago. What you have seen is merely a mirage. Even if it were the ancient temple, it also does not have the full manual, but instead, only has a remnant of the manual."

Su Yu was stunned and felt disappointed.

He had thought that he was lucky to have seen a complete manual of immortal level cultivation techniques.

However, after giving some thought to it, Su Yu understood.

Even after having existed for hundreds of years, the Liuxian faction only obtained a remnant of a manual of an immortal level cultivation technique.

If he, a mere disciple, could easily obtain two complete manuals, it would be going against the natural order.

"Showing the devil techniques is an assessment to you. If you are able to withstand the temptation of the devil techniques, it means that you have passed the assessment." The Buddha revealed a delighted smile: "The remains under your legs did not die due to the Eternal Stairs!"

"When they were on the verge of death, they would naturally be transported here from the Eternal Stairs and be given the devil techniques temptation assessment However, it is a pity that none of them passed the assessment. They chose the devil techniques, abandoned their emotions, and stayed here to comprehend the devil techniques. They refused to leave, dying here due to hunger and thirst."

Su Yu was stunned!

He had thought that those people were trapped in the Eternal Stairs and died there as a result.

He did not expect them to die due to their greed.

It was not surprising. How earthshaking was an immortal level cultivation technique?

If a normal disciple came across an immortal level cultivation technique, how could he still hold on to his heart?

The consequences of training were that they became utterly absorbed and refused to be transported out, even when they were dying of hunger and thirst in the ancient temple, which did not have any food and drink.

"Your intelligence is head and shoulders above the rest. You saw through the illusion of the Eternal Stairs. Your heart had unwavering integrity, and you resisted the temptation of the devil techniques. Hence, you are best person to inherit our item!"


The Buddha split open and was about to break into pieces.

A weak and gratified sigh could be heard from within the Buddha: "After a long time, my mission is finally completed Junior, take it!"


Within the crack, a ray of green light floated to the front of Su Yu.

Su Yu was a bit stunned. He grabbed the ray of light, a remnant of a manual appearing on his palm.

""Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters"? What kind of cultivation technique is this? Su Yu was surprised. The remnant of the manual was gold in color and was made from an unknown material.

However, it only contained three pages.

Apart from its title, it did not indicate what level of cultivation technique it was.

"Junior, I hope that, for the time that you are alive, you will have many gains. For this manual, even the ancient temple's master did not manage to successfully cultivate it!"

A lonely sigh passed through the small and narrow temple building.


A sound of something vanishing into thin air could be heard from the Buddha, the sound of a soul dissipating.

Su Yu bowed in gratitude: "Thank you elder, for bestowing this manual upon me."

At the empty crowd, only Su Yu was left.

However, Su Yu did not flip open the mysterious and ancient manual immediately. Instead, he bent down his body and examined the remains on the ground.

Among the remains, one of them must be that disciple who brought the Phoenix Blood Elixir along with him as he entered the Eternal Stairs!

"Seniors, pardon me!" Su Yu was anxious and filled with anticipation. He used his Ice Divine Ice Threads to cut open their clothes.


The sky was filled with piece of clothes that had been cut open and tossed into the sky. The items within the clothes were also lifted up.

Su Yu revolved his crystalline pupils and examined them carefully.

Suddenly, a jade-like box came out from the clothes of some remains that were considered quite new.

Within the jade-like box, there was a red and glistening elixir, which was surrounded by a thin layer of raging flame!

An exquisite heat energy passed through the jade-like box.

A virile energy spread across all directions, causing Su Yu, who was in the gloomy and moist temple building, to feel warm.

"Phoenix Blood Elixir!" The virile energy that Xianer needed urgently, proved that the elixir was the Phoenix Blood Elixir that Su Yu was looking for with all his might!

It was true! Hard work would not let you down. After going through many twists and turns, Su Yu finally found the Phoenix Blood Elixir!!

After dozens of years, although the effects of the elixir had become much weaker, it was still the only thing with the hope of saving Xianer!

Although Su Yu was always composed, he could not help but be delighted, as though he was crazy at that very moment!

No one knew that Su Yu had gone through so many difficulties for that elixir, including acquiring the trust of the Faction Master, fighting for a competition's slot, and fighting with the faction's proud disciples.

Not to mention: Carrying out the mission in Wolong Snowfield, which was full of danger, escaping from death at the skin of his teeth after entering the abyss of Wutong, defeating many rivals to earn the right to enter the Ancient Xianyun Temple, carrying death on his shoulders and entering the Eternal Stairs.

He had finally finally found the Phoenix Blood Elixir!


Su Yu was excited and plundered the Phoenix Blood Elixir hastily!

However, when Su Yu was about to grab the elixir, a joyful and delicate sound of singing could be heard from afar all of a sudden.

"Two small bees are flying in the clusters of flowers~ Buzz~ Buzz~ Buzz~ Buzz~ Let me eat you~"

In the remnant of light, a burning duck-sized bird with five colored wings was scampering about and chasing after two small bees. It charged into the temple building.

Its action was clumsy, innocent, and lovely. Its cuteness made people fond of it.

Moreover, it looked gorgeous. Su Yu had never seen such a beautiful fire bird.

Suddenly, the adorable small bird's eyes revolved and looked at the Phoenix Blood Elixir. The sound of singing ceased abruptly, replaced by a delightful voice: "Ahahah, what an exquisite Phoenix blood, I want to eat it!"

Not good!

Su Yu's expression changed. With a tittering sound, his Divine Ice Threads covered the jade-like box!

When Su Yu was about to pull the box towards him, the adorable bird glanced at him and mumbled angrily: "You stole my snack, bad guy!"


The adorable bird breathed a scarlet raging flame.


A scene that caused Su Yu to gasp appeared!

The Divine Ice Threads had snapped!!

The Divine Ice Threads, which was a divine level artifact, was actually burnt by a raging flame!

What kind of frightening raging flame could destroy a divine artifact?

From the raging flame, Su Yu was able to feel a destroying aura, which made him get the jitters!

"An aura that surpasses Dragon Realm!" An aura more frightening and superior than the white tiger!

Su Yu was shocked!

The second level's white tiger and the third level's fire bird!!

Every one of them had gotten more frightening!

Is the Ancient Xianyun Temple really one of Liuxian faction's training areas?


Although the fire bird looked clumsy, it tore the space at that moment, as if it descended in front of the jade-like box in an instant. It gave a cry, and the jade-like box cracked open.

The Phoenix Blood Elixir rolled out of the box!


The fire bird opened its mouth happily, swallowing the elixir on the spot.

Its small eyes became narrow, then closed its eyes to enjoy the elixir pleasingly: "Hee hee, so delicious."

"No!!! My Phoenix Blood Elixir" Su Yu cried out in alarm!

The Phoenix Blood Elixir that he had worked so hard for was actually eaten by a bird!


In Su Yu's heart, it was as if something had cracked!

He knew that that was the hope of saving Xianer!

At that moment, when Su Yu lost the Phoenix Blood Elixir, he also lost Xianer!

The only Phoenix Blood Elixir that could save Xianer was just eaten right in front of him?

Su Yu's pupils gradually scattered, as if he was a puppet that had lost its soul.

His mind became blank!

If the Phoenix Blood Elixir was lost, who would save Xianer?

Could it be that, one month later, he would have to watch Xianer dying helplessly?


Su Yu's chest was burning with flames of fury and dissatisfaction, as if he wanted to burn the fire bird to ash!

He obliterated all his difficulties and worked hard until that very moment. How could he let all his efforts be wasted?

"I will kill you!!" At that very moment, there was still time. Before the elixir is fully digested, he must rip open its stomach and extract the elixir!

Even if the effects of the elixir decreased greatly, it would still be sufficient!

Thankfully, Su Yu who had gone a little crazy, had still retained his intellect.

The abilities of the fire bird were too great, to the point that Su Yu managed to think of an idea to erase the fire bird from the world!

At that moment, the satisfied fire bird was scampering about, headed toward the outside of the temple building.


Su Yu took out a bottle of five-colored spiritual liquid from his chest. It was the Five Color Honey!

He poured out half of it quickly, keeping the other half hidden in his chest.

"Flap, flap Eh, what a nice smell!" The fire bird's joyful singing voice ceased abruptly, as it turned its body delightedly.

Its pitch-black eyes stared at the honey, its mouth drooling: "What a nice smell, I want to eat, want to eat"


The fire bird flew towards Su Yu with a flash. Its sharp mouth pecked with strength.

In no time, it swallowed all the Five Color Honey on the ground neatly and quickly, not an ounce was left.

The eyes of the fire bird were full of excitement, implying that it was drunk. Its legs were swaying, and it rushed towards Su Yu dizzily with a mumbling sound: "I still want to eat! Hand it over I I am going to rob you!"

Su Yu's expression turned grave at once. Even though it swallowed half a bottle of Five Color Honey, it was still not drunk!

Su Yu himself had slept for half a month!

Su Yu's eyes flashed, and he took out the half bottle of honey.

"Owh!!" The fire bird was extremely elated. It pecked the jade-like bottle into pieces, opened its mouth, and swallowed the big lump of Five Color Honey!

"Mumble, mumble So delicious After finishing, so many stars" The fire bird was swaying left and right. While drunk, it spun at its original position and made an uproar.

"I I still want." The fire bird was still not completely drunk!

Su Yu's heart felt anxious secretly. Even though he had used up all his Five Color Honey, the fire bird still did not faint!

Su Yu could only cut the fire bird's stomach open once it had fainted!

Instead, the drunken fire bird, at that very moment, was more dangerous!