The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Legendary Level Technique
Chapter 202: Legendary Level Technique
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"Quick. Quickly hand it over, or I'll burn you," The firebird said.

On the spot, Su Yu had a glow in his eyes. "There are three more bottles, but they were taken by the white tiger on the second level. He hid an entire pondful of it at his home. You'll be able to get as much as you want!"

"An entire pondful?" The black eyes of the firebird glowed, "I want to go to the little tiger's home, the little tiger's home.."

The firebird was stumbling as it left the hall.

Su Yu followed, realising that the third level was a piece of the sky.

Behind him was a temple, like the Ancient Xianyun Temple was to the outside world, silently floating in the clouds.

This was the true image of the ancient temple.

The firebird flew around, unable to find the exit. A moment later, it tilted its head, angrily saying, "I forgot that, without an Advancement Stone, we cannot return to the second level."

The three levels of the Ancient Xianyun Temple could only be entered from the bottom up, there was no way to reverse this direction.

Su Yu's heart skipped a beat!

The firebird's speech was becoming clearer, a sign of it gradually coming to its senses!

What a powerful body. To be able to recover so quickly from two-thirds of the Five Colour Honey!

He could not wait any longer!

"I have an idea to get us to the first level." Su Yu took out two Advancement Stones that he had found in the last large meteor.

Breaking it would transport them to the second level.

This was true even in the third level!

"Advancement Stones? Hng hng.. You're a really good person... fast, fast, fast... I want to find little tiger!" The firebird was rushing him.

Su Yu nodded, crushing the two Advancement Stones at the same time.


The space shifted. The two left the third level and entered the second level Sky Garden.

And they were now at the base of the Eternal Stairs.

The white tiger had been guarding here all this time. When Su Yu descended, it ferociously roared, "Cursed ant! Your life is hardy indeed, to be able to return without dying! Now die.."

But the white tiger's voice stopped, its eyes halting at the firebird beside Su Yu.

"Ah It's.. It's you, firebird? You.. You disobeyed the orders of the master and left the third level by yourself!"

Master? Who's this firebird's master?

The firebird was dizzy, its eyes glancing past the white tiger. It angrily flew over, chirping fiercely, "Hand over the Five Colour Honey, or I'll burn you to death!"

"Wait!" The eyes of the white tiger became dull, landing on Su Yu. It glowed with an intense fury, "Cursed thing, you lied for it to leave the third level, and tricked it to deal with me?"

"Hmph! He is a good person, a great person. If you badmouth him, you are a bad tiger, I'll burn you to death.." The firebird let out an intense flame, unsteady on its feet.

The expression on the white tiger's face changed, its eyes filled with a rare fear!

"Thunder of Destruction!" The horrifying thunder had nearly turned Su Yu into ash with merely a spark.

Now there were a thousand thunder arcs striking the firebird at the same time!

But the intense flames of the firebird actually burnt the horrifying black thunder, reducing it to a pile of ash!



The white tiger was enveloped by the intense flame, letting out a pathetic howl.

In that moment, the ancient temple sensed that the life of the white tiger was in danger, so it gathered a layer of white light, sending it out!


The white tiger roared at such injustice. He had a mission on his hands, so how could he be forcefully transported out?

But with the transportation approaching, it could only put up a pointless struggle.

Finally, it shot a fierce glare at Su Yu, "Cursed thing! You foiled the great plan of the master. You are going to die terribly!!"


Finally, it got transported out of the temple.

Su Yu let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, he was in awe of the firebird's abilities. How was it only a little bit higher than the white tiger?

Su Yu let out a bitter laugh!

He had wanted the firebird to lock in combat with the white tiger. How could he have known that the white tiger would be defeated in one move!

"Hehe, let's go to little tiger's house!" the firebird chirped excitedly, wobbling as it flew to the deepest part of the Sky Garden!

Su Yu clenched his teeth as he followed.

The last fence, the place where the Ice and Fire Herbs were!

Back then, fifty miles away, Su Yu had merely taken a sniff and allowed his cultivation techniques to be activated automatically. Its effects were ungodly, far surpassing the ice flames.

Unfortunately, it was guarded by the white tiger, no one daring to set their sights on it.

Descending outside the fence, he was assaulted by a wave of fragrance.

Taking a whiff, Su Yu let out a look of surprise. His three ice based techniques were all circulating rapidly!

If he cultivated them now, Su Yu was confident that the three techniques would breakthrough to the third stage in half a month!

Just what divine herb was it, to be so terrifying?

But Su Yu's mission was the Phoenix Blood Pill in the belly of the firebird!!

The firebird was excited, as it charged into the yard.

But an invisible wall caused the firebird to squeal, as she was repelled back!

Looking at it, it was a powerful transparent barrier, protecting the fence in the center!

Su Yu gasped. Even something as powerful as the firebird was repelled?

"Yayaya, I am so angry! You dare block my way. I'll burn you to death!" The firebird angrily opened its mouth, spewing out an intense flame!

The white flame that destroyed the white tiger was now enveloping the surroundings!


The transparent barrier trembled, setting off sounds of burning.

A crack was burnt open!

But the transparent barrier was immensely powerful!

With a flick, it repelled all of the flames around it!

The firebird was drunk and could not defend itself, having been hit by the flames that it was releasing!


Under the heatwave, the firebird was beaten to the ground!

Su Yu looked towards it. The firebird was safe, every hair intact.

But the impact, coupled with the effects of the Five Colour Honey, caused it to slip into a coma!

Su Yu was elated!

This was the situation he was hoping for!


Su Yu flew closer, retrieving a dagger, as he wished to cut the chest of the firebird open.

But as the dagger went closer, he had a moment's hesitation.

Even though the firebird was overbearing, it did not seem to be evil. Compared to the white tiger, it was kind.

Even though Su Yu was not a good person, he was not willing to kill the innocent.

But thinking about Xianer, Su Yu clenched his teeth, ultimately striking down with his dagger. "I have to, for the Phoenix Blood Elixir.."

Just as Su Yu was striking down, Yun Yazi's voice came from his robes: "If you wish to find the Phoenix Blood Elixir, it's too late. It has been converted into energy. It was digested the moment it entered its mouth."

Su Yu froze on the spot, the dagger in his hand silently falling.

"Already... digested..." Su Yu broke into an uncontrollable shiver, his eyes immediately becoming dull, as if he was a person who had lost the light and was about to die.

This moment caused Su Yu's body to freeze, as if he had fallen into a chamber of ice.

He had gone through great lengths to faint the firebird, but what he got was this answer instead!

"Heaven, you cruel master! Do you really wish to toy with me until I die?" Su Yu let out a howl of injustice toward the sky!

In the end, he still lost!

He had worked so hard ever since the fight in the Icy Azure Lake, but to no avail!

"Can you tell me why are you so insistent to get the Phoenix Blood Elixir? Is it for that woman Xianer?" Yun Yazi noticed the events that were going on, faintly understanding that Su Yu's motive for finding the Phoenix Blood Pill was to save the girl named Xianer.

Su Yu was dazed, narrating like a wooden doll.

After listening to the story, Yun Yazi's jaw dropped: "Oh, so it is the Phoenix of Death needing nourishment using the blood of a Phoenix. So you need the one drop of Phoenix blood in the Phoenix Blood Elixir?"

Su Yu nodded in a daze, his face full of grief, "But, it's all too late.. The last drop of phoenix blood is gone!"

Unexpectedly, Yun Yazi let out a huge laugh, as if he had just heard a joke.

"Hahahahaha.. I'm dying from laughter. I have not seen such a joke for a long time now!"

Su Yu let out a self deprecating laugh: "Yea. Laughable. In the end, it was a useless struggle!"

"No! What I meant was that you do not know a treasure when you see one!" Yun Yazi had not had a good laugh for a long time now, finding it difficult to stop. "Hehehe. It's the first time I've witnessed someone wanting to open the stomach of the phoenix to retrieve a Phoenix Blood Elixir for the one insignificant drop of phoenix blood, when the real phoenix is just laying before him!"


Su Yu trembled, looking down in disbelief at the firebird before him. He widened his eyes: "You are telling me that this immature firebird is... the legendary immortal? The fabled Phoenix?"

Su Yu found it hard to believe this answer.

Yun Yazi said, "What do you think?"

Su Yu observed it closely. The firebird was clad in colourful feathers and was surrounded by flames. Wasn't that the exact description of the fabled Phoenix?

But it was far less noble than he had imagined!

"This is definitely a Phoenix, but it's not really an immortal. There are no immortals in the Zhenlong Continent. This phoenix is but a descendant of the immortal Phoenix, possessing one percent of its bloodline." Yun Yazi shook his head, "In truth, most of the rumoured immortals in the Zhenlong Continent are but spirit beasts that are descendents of such immortals. Immortals would not exist in the Zhenlong Continent."

"But, one percent of its bloodline is enough to save your girlfriend a hundred times over." Yun Yazi laughed.

Su Yu's mouth was dry, he had met a real Phoenix!!

The fabled Phoenix that only existed in ancient books!

"So I have to release its blood?" Su Yu was excited.

Yun Yazi waved his hand, "There's no need. The most precious things on a Phoenix are the three feathers behind it, harbouring more than thirty percent of the immortal blood within it. You can just take the feathers. If you kill this Phoenix, you would invite much trouble."

After all, the Phoenix had a master. If he killed it, it would be troublesome if the master came to exact revenge.

Furthermore, the abilities of the master are hard to imagine, considering if the master was able to have a spirit beast like the Phoenix!

Shifting his gaze, Su Yu took out the three feathers on the Phoenix's tail.

Within the feathers were a layer of boiling red liquid. It was the purest blood of the immortal Phoenix!

"Xianer! You can be saved!!" Su Yu's heart was thumping wildly, never once had he felt this excited.

Xianer's life was a big mountain, pressing on Su Yu's heart and making it hard for him to catch a breath.

Now, he had finally obtained what was needed!

Shifting his gaze, Su Yu tossed the sleeping Phoenix into the Eternal Stairs, throwing it back into the third level!

Without an Advancement Stone, it was unable to leave!

After that, Su Yu returned to the fence.

He looked at the Ice and Fire Herbs with anticipation.

"Elder Yunya, what is that pair of divine herbs?" Su Yu looked at the icy divine herb, his eyes glowing.

His intuition told him that, if he consumed the icy divine herb, his three ice-based techniques would be able to reach the top class!

Yun Yazi calmly said, "They are true divine herbs, called the Ice Fire Dragon Plant, far superior than your Divine Dragon Plant. In terms of value, it would be around a legendary level technique."


Su Yu felt as if he'd been struck by lightning. "Legend.. Legendary level technique?"

Martial path techniques are split into beginner, medium, advanced, saint and deity levels.

Spirit level techniques are split into legacy, immortal, and legendary.

Su Yu had never even come into contact with a full immortal level technique, and at this point, two stalks of divine herbs worth a legendary level were now placed before him!

"En, the value was about there. You should be able to exchange it for a legendary level technique with either of the stalks," Yun Yazi calmly said.

Su Yu's heart was thumping wildly, his blood boiling.

But at this moment, Yun Yazi splashed a pail of cold water on his head, calmly saying, "But I'll advise you to not think about that."