The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Legendary Manuals Remnant
Chapter 203: Legendary Manual's Remnant
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Su Yu was experienced in the ways of the world, so he understood Yun Yazi's words.

"What elder means, is that the master of the divine is extremely strong and that I cannot afford to offend him?" Su Yu pondered.

"That's right. He has a white tiger with the bloodline of an immortal and has also cultivated the legendary level Ice Fire Dragon Plant. Looking at it, his abilities should be that of a mythological figure of the continent. If you picked these plants, he might come after you."

Su Yu muttered to himself. A mythological figure?

A mythological figure that stood at the peak of the continent, which he would need to look up to?

After some time, Su Yu passed through the crack in the light, took out the Delicate Jade-Like Shovel, and dug out the Ice Fire Dragon Plant.

"Are you not scared of someone coming after you?" Yun Yazi was surprised.

Su Yu raised his head and looked toward the clouds. A gust of wind struck and fluttered his silver hair.

"If I am scared, I would still be at Shenyue island, growing old there, as if I was a shore bird. If that is the case, then how is it possible for me to be who I am now?" Su Yu had a dull expression. His Martial Path's heart was never extinguished.

No one could stop him in the path that he had taken!

"Hahahaha As expected of a disciple that I, Yun Yazi, have taken a fancy to. I like your spirit!!" Yun Yazi laughed to his heart's content: "Without a doubt, being careful is the magical treasure of safety. However, a dashing spirit is the shortcut to rise to the top!"

"Continue to work hard. I look forward to the day when you ascend and become a mythological figure of the continent!"

Su Yu shot his gaze toward the Heaven swiftly, fiercely, and clearly. He then whispered: "Definitely. I will become a mythological figure and control my own fate!"

After his speech, he sat down with his legs crossed.

In front of him were two spiritual plants, a Divine Dragon Plant and an Ice Fire Dragon Plant.

In addition, there was also the three-paged remnant of the manual of"Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters"that he obtained as the ultimate reward from the Eternal Stairs.

"Elder, is"Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters"a legacy level cultivation technique?" Su Yu looked through the title page and found that it was a sound wave cultivation technique.

Su Yu became very interested. It was the first time that he had come across such a cultivation technique.

Yun Yazi's expression turned strange: "Legacy level? If the ancient temple's master heard your words, he might lift up the cover on top of his coffin, come out, and strangle you to death. He was someone who stood at the peak and had surpassed the Dragon Realm. How could the ultimate reward that he left behind be only legacy level?"


Su Yu's palm trembled and he felt relieved that he did not throw the remnant of the manual away. His pupils trembled and his heart was beating extremely fast: "Does that mean that this is an immortal level cultivation technique?"

Having come across a complete immortal level cultivation technique, how could Su Yu not be startled?

Who knew that Yun Yazi mocked unfathomably: "Why not think a few levels higher?"

Buzz, buzz, buzz

Su Yu's mind was filled with thunder. His whole body shook violently, and he opened his mouth as though he could not believe what he was hearing: "Do you mean that this is a legendary level cultivation technique?"

"Haha. It is indeed a remnant of a manual of a legendary level cultivation technique. Moreover, it is a remnant of a manual of a middle-grade legendary level cultivation technique! Comparing its worth, it is worth more than this Ice Fire Dragon Plant! That remnant of the soul of the Buddhist monk is not stingy. He has given you an amazing reward."

Su Yu's pupils shrank until they became a needle. At the very moment, he could hear his heart beating extremely fast, as though horses were galloping.

It was actually a legendary level cultivation technique!

The rumored most ultimate level of a cultivation technique, legendary level!

The supreme legendary level, which surpassed the immortal level!

At that moment, Su Yu had a feeling that he was dreaming.

"However, it's too early for you to be happy. When the remnant of the soul of the Buddhist monk was alive, he was unable to cultivate the cultivation technique successfully. From that, it can be seen that the level of difficulty is extremely high, so you had better prepare yourself." Yun Yazi dampened Su Yu's enthusiasm at a good time.

Su Yu came back to his senses from his blank state of mind. His palm trembled slightly and he flipped open the manual excitedly.

""Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters", a sound wave cultivation technique. There are a total of four stages. The three stages at the back had been lost, only stage one remained. It is split into entry level, Lower Class, Upper Class and Top Class, four realms in total."

For every stage of a legendary level cultivation technique, there is an additional "entry level" realm, showing that there is a high of difficulty in cultivating the cultivation technique.

"For the four realms, its power will grow stronger with every realm. Its power will depend on the wielder's cultivation base. If the wielder is at Dragon Realm, and the cultivation technique is honed to entry level, he can kill someone four levels above him!"

Su Yu's pupils shank, a giant wave of astonishment forming in his heart!

That cultivation technique could kill people four levels above the wielder, at just entry level?

In other words, if Su Yu managed to cultivate the cultivation technique to entry level, as a Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier at the very moment, he could easily suppress anyone who was Dragon Realm Level Five Upper Tier and below!

Glazed Ice Flame was known to be the most powerful cultivation technique among the legacy level cultivation technique. However, even if it were honed to Stage Three Top Class, it could suppress someone one level higher, at best!

As for the legendary level cultivation technique, the entry level was already so powerful. In that case, how strong and fierce would Lower Class, Upper Class, and Top Class be?

"Level of difficulty of cultivating this cultivation technique. It is suited for martial artists with high levels of comprehension. He can cultivate the cultivation technique to entry level within fifty years, a hundred years to Lower Class, five hundred years to Upper Class, and within a thousand years, he will achieve Top Class."

The entry level required fifty years. Even if he fast forwarded his time flow by two hundred times, he would require three months!

Lower Class required a hundred years, meaning that he would require half a year.

Upper Class required five hundred years, meaning that he would require two and a half years.

Top Class required a thousand years, meaning that he would require five years!

Even with Su Yu's cheating, he would require such a long amount of time, let alone a normal person!

Legendary level cultivation techniques were indeed not something that a normal person could cultivate. Only that rumored mythological figure could touch a part of it.

Su Yu's eyes were filled with excitement, his confidence level going up by a few times!

If he could successfully cultivate the cultivation technique, even if he met mythological figures, wouldn't he have the strength to fight against them?

Su Yu made up his mind, looking at the Divine Dragon Plant and Ice Fire Dragon Plant.

"You can swallow the Divine Dragon Plant now. I believe that it will increase your abilities greatly."

"As for the effects of the Ice Fire Dragon Plant, if you do not wish to suffocate to death from its effects, a root hair from the rootstock is the limit that your body can take."

Su Yu was terrified. A root hair could suffocate and cause him to explode?

As expected of a legendary level divine herb!

"I understand!" Su Yu nodded his head. He then swallowed the Divine Dragon Plant and a root hair of the Ice Flame Dragon Plant at the same time.

The first plant he swallowed contained a huge amount of energy, while the second plant he swallowed was icy cold, to the point that it was indescribable with words.

By swallowing both of them, Su Yu would be honing his cultivation base and three ice-based cultivation techniques at the same time.

While he was training.

At the edge of the ocean at the outside world, there were three Elders who stayed behind at the Ancient Xianyun Temple to fetch the remaining disciples.

The Faction Master and the remaining Elders and disciples returned to the faction.

Because, an unexpected person returned!

At the Faction Master's palace, the Faction Master was extremely surprised and revealed a delighted expression: "Haha. Fourth Elder has unlimited blessing and is safe and sound. This is worthy of a celebration."

After one month, the Fourth Elder finally returned from the abyss of Wutong on foot.

His cultivation base barely recovered to Dragon Realm Level Three Lower Tier.

"Thank you Faction Master and Elders for your kind thoughts. I did not die from the great danger and returned arduously to report the offense of a disciple!" The Fourth Elder looked around the surroundings and was full of righteousness.

The Faction Master was slightly surprised. He straightened up his clothes and sat up properly: "Which disciple does the Fourth Elder wish to report? Why do you want to report him?"

"The person that I wish to report is the Inner Sanctum disciple, Su Yu! My reason for reporting him is that he colluded with the Empire of Darkness and revealed the location of the abyss of Wutong, causing many outstanding disciples from our faction to be captured!"

Han Zhi's expression turned slightly serious: "What, Su Yu is a traitor of the faction?"

The other Elders were astonished as well.

"What evidence do you have?" The Faction Master's expression turned serious. The abyss of Wutong suffered great losses because of a mole!

The Fourth Elder said coldly: "The evidence is obvious! For the matter regarding Xia Jingyu, I am sure that all of you here know what happened. She joined the Empire of Darkness willingly, sinking to the point that she became the enemy's lackey! As for Su Yu, according to my investigations, he came here from Shenyue Island, along with Xia Jingyu, and they were bosom friends!"

"That day, Su Yu strongly requested to join the abyss of Wutong in order to find out its location for the Empire of Darkness!"

The entire process added up, no one had any doubts.

"A bunch of nonsense!"

Suddenly, an icy cold voice reverberated in the silent palace.

Mo Wu's face was filled with detest. Although other people did not know who was the traitor, she was there at the abyss of Wutong and had experienced everything that happened there. How could she not know?

"The traitor is obviously Tang Yixuan! You have seen it for yourself, why did you vilify someone else?" Mo Wu berated. She could not forgive empty vilification towards Su Yu, who had died because of Xianer!

The Fourth Elder's eyes were filled with disdain, and he berated in a stern voice: "An Elder is talking, is there any room for your interruption? You have not been taught well!"

"Are you trying to say that I cannot teach people properly?" The Second Elder's ugly face caused people to be frightened like never before.

The Fourth Elder was stunned, and he was filled with fear. However, he remained very firm: "Humph, I am merely speaking the truth!"

"Wu-er, give him a slap. Since he humiliated you in this manner, you can return him the favor in the very same manner!" The Second Elder's eyelid drooped slightly, as she spoke casually.

"If he dares to retaliate, then I will do it!"

The Fourth Elder was startled and furious: "I dare you!"


Mo Wu already threw herself towards him. Her soft white hands were raised with a posture ready to slap the Fourth Elder.

"Stop it!" The Faction Master could not help but interfere and berated: "Fourth Elder, Mo Wu has almost reached the level of a Elder, please respect her."

Mo Wu was at Dragon Realm Level Two Peak and was not far away from Dragon Realm Level Three, which was the standard of an Elder.

"If you say anymore disrespectful words, I will tear your mouth to pieces!" The Second Elder gave an indifferent hum: "Wu-er, continue what you were saying!"

Mo Wu nodded her head: "Moreover, at the forbidden ruins of the abyss of Wutong, the Fourth Elder monopolized all the treasures for himself and did not hand them over to the faction!"

Something like this actually happened?

Rustle, rustle, rustle

Gazes shot toward the Fourth Elder one by one.

The Faction Master's expression turned serious: "Is that true?"

Against coercion, the Fourth Elder revealed an inconspicuous course smile and shouted loudly: "Faction Master! I faced the danger of being captured. Hence, I took all the treasures in the forbidden ruins with me beforehand. But here, I am vilified!"


The Fourth Elder shook his body, sending a big pile of treasures falling out from his chest.

All the treasures were cultivation techniques!

Over fifty remnants of manuals of legacy level cultivation techniques.

Ten full manuals of legacy level cultivation techniques.

The most shocking thing was that there were four remnants of manuals of immortal level cultivation techniques!

"What? Four remnants of manuals of immortal level cultivation techniques?" The people in the palace were shocked beyond description!

For the past hundred years, the faction only obtained a remnant of manual of an immortal level cultivation technique. However, because it was very incomplete, no one cultivated that cultivation technique.

At the very moment, they had obtained four manuals!

The Fourth Elder revealed a grieved face: "I have swallowed all these manuals into my stomach and managed to preserve them. As for the rest of the manuals, they have been taken by the Sub Palace Deputy Palace Master."

However, no one was listening to his explanations. Everyone's gaze was attracted by the four remnants of manuals of immortal level cultivation techniques!


The Faction Master extended his hand and took the four immortal level cultivation techniques.

However, the Great Elder paid no attention to the current situation and extended his hand as well!

"Great Elder, do you still have me, the Faction Master, in your eyes?" The Faction Master's expression changed.

Although he had some tensions with the Great Elder, it was the first time that they fought over something in front of everyone!

"Haha. Everyone has a fair share of the items from the abyss of Wutong, all of them do not belong to the Faction Master alone." The Great Elder put on a false smile and grabbed the manual of the immortal level cultivation technique.

The Second Elder's pale eyes moved, and she wore an indifferent smile.

Her charming body moved swiftly. When she appeared again, she was in front of the Faction Master and Great Elder!

The speed of her movement technique surpassed both of them!

She stretched her soft white hands, grabbing two of the manuals of the immortal level cultivation techniques.

The expressions of the Faction Master and Elder Great changed at the same time, as they had both gotten one manual each.

"The lost knowledge of Shentian Manor, the half immortal level cultivation technique,"Flying Shadow's Triple Change"!" The Great Elder's eyes turned gloomy.

Many strong martial artists came from the Shentian Manor. Within the Shentian Manor, there were immortal level cultivation techniques with a part of its manual broken and the broken part could not be cultivated. These immortal level cultivation techniques were changed to legacy level cultivation techniques, its power being above a normal legacy level cultivation technique. Hence, it became known as half immortal level cultivation technique.

With"Flying Shadow's Triple Change", in regards to the Second Elder's movement technique among the faction, if she said that she was number two, no one dared to claim the number one title!