The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 204

Chapter 204: A Grave Imminent Danger
Chapter 204: A Grave Imminent Danger
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The Second Elder did not regard those around her, flipping the immortal level techniques, before tossing one to Mo Wu. "What good luck. This is suitable for you, take it."

Mo Wu took it and gave it a glance, the Song of the Breeze Sword!

"Thank you master!" Mo Wu was incredibly excited. How powerful would an immortal level sword technique be?

What made Mo Wu even more surprised was that there were some comments written on the manual, saving her dozens of years of trying to interpret the technique!

She could learn this technique by the time the Alliance Meet came around!

"Unfortunately, this is not suitable for Su Yu." The Second Elder was disappointed, stuffing the other book in her robes.

She passed a manual to Mo Wu without much contemplation, compared to the faction master and the Great Elder, who greedily flipped their books without any intention of giving them to their disciples!

Ji Hongxue and Shen Jiuyin were incredibly envious.

It was a moment before the faction master let out a slight cough: "Cough cough.. I'll inspect this book first, and will naturally pass it to someone suitable to cultivate this technique."

The appearance of immortal level techniques had deeply shaken the faction, to the point that such a preposterous scene ensued.

"Master, may I know if you believe the words I said?" The Fourth Elder, who was disregarded, spoke.

The faction master had a look of hesitation. The Fourth Elder had given them many treasures, but that did not mean that Mo Wu was lying.

Forming a sinister smile, the Fourth Elder continued, "That Su Yu colluded with the Empire of Darkness and stole a divine treasure from the forbidden grounds, I'll swear upon my life this information is not false! I beseech the master to take this treasure back from Su Yu!"

If he, the Fourth Elder, could not obtain Yun Yazi's soul, Su Yu should not even dream of keeping it!

These words caused the faction master's words to thump wildly!

How easy was it to choose between a divine treasure and Su Yu's innocence?

"Hmph! He should be punished for stealing the treasures of the faction!" Han Zhi let out a cold sneer, "I suggest that we punish him on the spot when he comes out!"

The Great Elder gave a slight nod, "We should take back the divine treasure before killing him. It is alright if he dies, but we must not lose the divine treasure."

The Third Elder also nodded, "I agree! This thief must be punished by the faction!"

The Third Elder's disciple, Long Fan, had been defeated by Su Yu and still bore the grudge in his heart.

"Me too!"

All the elders expressed their opinions.

Su Yu was in possession of a divine treasure, which brought out the greed in their hearts, as well as a large killing intent.

Everyone in the faction wanted to claim Su Yu's life and get a share of the treasure.

The opinions of the majority were pressing, causing the expression of the Second Elder to change.

In the face of benefit, Su Yu would not escape the torments of the faction, even if he was innocent.

"Teacher!" Mo Wu was anxious. Once Su Yu came out, without knowing the situation here, then the results would be...

The entire faction wanted Su Yu dead!

"I have my plans," the Second Elder calmly said, her white eyes flashing with frustration.

The faction master hesitated for a moment, before nodding in approval: "If he had really deceived all of us, then I, as the faction master, would personally kill him.. If he could come back!"

Su Yu's fate had been sealed by the Fourth Elder!

"Also, the Four Core Disciples should take this month to prepare, and head to the Alliance to attend the meet. Whether or not you can enter the Shentian Manor will depend on your luck!" the faction master said seriously. "As for the four fractions of the immortal level techniques, we should pass it to the Four Core Disciples, hoping that they achieve victory in the upcoming meet!"

This move was to legitimately take the immortal level techniques back from the Great Elder and Second Elder.

The rest of the elders naturally agreed.


A month's time passed quickly.

Su Yu had been cultivating silently in the Sky Garden, which was rich in spirit energy.

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Su Yu suddenly opened his eyes, a light that seemed to have physical qualities had caused the air to crackle!

He slowly opened his mouth.


With that word, the physical sonic boom escaped his mouth into the skies!

In that moment, the heavens rumbled and a deafening sound spread!

Just the character 'Lin' seemed to have split the heavens!

The air trembled continuously, flowers were sent flying everywhere.

The pebbles on the path could not withstand the vibrations of the sonic boom, shattering into many pieces.

The spiritual beasts, which were below Dragon Realm Level Two in the garden, fled in fear.

The ground under Su Yu was split open, almost causing him to fall into the resulting crevice.


The echo that rebounded blasted Su Yu back several meters, causing his blood to curl!

If was a long while before the echoes gradually faded.

But fifty miles away, at the Jade Lake, a sleeping hundred zhang eel suddenly woke up, its eyes filled with unprecedented fear!

Even the combined attack of the Four Core Disciples had not made it feel this way.

A shred of the spreading echo had such a startling power!

"What terrifying power!" Su Yu had flown back several meters, his heart filled with surprise.

The Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters. He had just touched the surface of it over the past month, under the two hundred times acceleration of time.

But just touching the surface had resulted in such startling, terrifying results!

Yet his painful throat and shivering body told Su Yu something.

At Su Yu's current cultivation level, it would have adverse effects on his body, if he used this technique too many times!

The sonic boom would attack his opponents, and at the same time, would damage his body. This technique is one that would hit the opponents for a hundred percent of its power, but at the same time, the user would take ten percent of the damage.

However, to achieve a horrifying victory in a short amount of time, in exchange for damaging the body a little, was worth it!

These were not the only results of his training. During the month of cultivation, under the effects of the root of the Ice Fire Dragon Plant, Glazed Ice Flame, Icy Divine Wings and Sigh of Ice had all been cultivated to the top class!

His spirit energy reserves were now three times higher than others of the same cultivation level!!

His ice attack had become impossibly strong!

His Icy Divine Wings had shown a third form its Final Form!

Under the effects of the Dragon Plant, Su Yu's cultivation level had improved by leaps and bounds!

He had broken through to Dragon Realm Level Two Peak from Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier!

The power of the Divine Dragon Plant was greater than he had imagined.

He had never before consumed the Black Dragon Plant, thus, the power of the Divine Dragon Plant was displayed to its full extent.

Coupled with the rich spirit energy in the surroundings, the month of cultivation had allowed his cultivation level of Dragon Realm Level Two Upper Tier to further improve!

Finally, the root of the Ice Fire Dragon Plant also harbored an intense energy, settling into his blood.

All this caused Su Yu to reach Dragon Realm Level Two Peak, higher than what he had planned. He was only a step away from Dragon Realm Level Three!

If he could fully absorb the effects of the Ice Fire Dragon Plant into his bloodstream, he would easily be able to break through to Dragon Realm Level Three!

Su Yu's unprecedented strength made him feel more confident!

"It is time to return to the faction, to settle some blood debts." Su Yu stood up, his silver hair dancing wildly in the wind. His eyes were filled with hatred!


Two months had passed. Su Yu and a few other disciples were enveloped by space energies, sending them out of the Ancient Xianyun Temple.

Su Yu's feet had just touched the ground, when he heard a rumble.

The Ancient Xianyun Temple had once again hid itself in the clouds, disappearing over the horizon.

"Wicked thing! Kneel!" Su Yu had just returned, when he heard a cold voice.

Opening his eyes to look, three elders, who were standing guard at this location, surrounded him.

The Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Elders!

The eyes of the three elders were filled with surprise and joy. To think that Su Yu could return after entering the Eternal Stairs!

Su Yu creased his brows. The unfriendly gaze of the three elders gave him a bad premonition.

"Hmph! Are you deaf? We told you to kneel!" The Seventh Elder shot a cold glare towards him.

"Hehe, to think that I, Su Yu, would warrant three elders to deal with! I am really flattered! I wonder what heinous crime I committed?" Su Yu laughed, his hands behind his back.

The disciples, who came out together with Su Yu, were all confused. What did Su Yu do to warrant the attention of three elders?

"Wicked thing that deceived your elders, what right do you have to question the elders?!" The Seventh Elder questioned Su Yu, a palm striking out in fury.

Just how powerful was someone of Dragon Realm Level Four Upper Tier?

Furthermore, that strike was fierce and merciless, with no intention of holding back.

Even so, Su Yu did not understand why he was being attacked by three of the elders.

But his opponent struck mercilessly, Su Yu had no reason to hold back. He laughed angrily: "Fine! I had meant to leave the faction, and this is just bringing that plan forward! You three old things, don't force me to attack!"

"Wicked thing that deceived your elders, you have no respect for your elders!" The elders were furious.

Su Yu laughed, "No respect for my elders? What are you guys? Do you have any intention of regarding me as your junior?"

"Seventh Elder, don't waste your words with him. Capture him for his punishment in the faction!" The Eighth Elder creased his brows.

"Hmph! Wicked thing, kneel and surrender!!" A horrifying spirit energy gathered in the palm of the Seventh Elder, pressuring Su Yu!

Su Yu laughed angrily, killing intent flashing in his eyes,: "Fine! I'll start with you guys. I'll kill my way back into the faction!"


At this moment, a proud, slender figure flew out, a gentle voice escaping her mouth. It was Mo Wu!

Su Yu was deep in trouble. How could she stand by the side and watch? She had been waiting here and intervened at the right time.

"Under the orders of my teacher, I am to bring Su Yu back into the faction. If you wish to get slapped by my teacher, then, by all means, report your names!" Mo Wu used the Second Elder's name.

The Seventh Elder's expression turned rigid, as he retracted his palm with a feeling of injustice.

"Hmph! He is a traitor of the faction, so we have to keep him in surveillance!" The Seventh Elder clenched his teeth.

Mo Wu coldly said, "Have it your way. Su Yu, follow by my side!"

The intense moment had been calmed temporarily by Mo Wu.

Su Yu suppressed his killing intent, walking towards the side of Mo Wu.

"Su Yu, find a chance to escape! You.. have death awaiting you!" Mo Wu whispered into Su Yu's ear, narrating the entire situation to him.

Hearing the entire narrative, Su Yu understood. The treasure in his possession had ultimately invited the greedy hearts of many.

Su Yu's using ice based legacy level techniques in the Xianyun Contest had already invited the scrutiny of many.

Now, coupled with the Fourth Elder smearing his name, it had completely brought out the sinister thoughts of many!

"So that dog Fourth Elder is still alive? Hehe!" Su Yu's eyes were filled with killing intent!

"Su Yu, teacher had given me divine equipment. Take it with you later, and flee while hiding!" Mo Wu silently said.

But Su Yu's gaze was cold, "Flee? Why should I flee? Since they all want to see the divine treasure I have, I shall grant them their wishes!"

"You're insane! The entire faction is waiting to question you!" Mo Wu was incredibly anxious. How could Su Yu fight against the entire faction?

The Seventh Elder's gaze turned fierce, interrupting the two of them: "Mo Wu! Don't do anything out of the line!"

Mo Wu could only be anxious.

In her unease, Su Yu ultimately returned to the faction.

The Liuxian faction, the Judiciary Hall.

The Judiciary Hall was split into the Minor Hall, Intermediate Hall, and the Major Hall.

The Minor Hall dealt with Outer Sanctum Disciples.

The Intermediate Hall dealt with Inner Sanctum Disciples.

The Major Hall dealt with heinous crimes, usually involving an elder.

In the past ten years, the Major Hall had not been used even once.

Today, the sealed Major Hall was slowly opened.

Su Yu looked up to see the inscribed board of the Major Hall, his lips forming a mocking smile.

This was the faction he belonged within?

Stepping in, the faction master, elders, and Dragon Realm disciples, all of the most powerful figures of the Liuxian faction, had arrived!

Multiple gazes pierced through Su Yu.

It was as if they were trying to search for the divine treasure the Fourth Elder had spoken of.

With a gentle smile, Su Yu stood with his hands behind his back. His silver hair danced. He did not seem like someone awaiting trial.