The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Laughing At His Rivals
Chapter 205: Laughing at His Rivals
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"What are you laughing at?" The Faction Master felt slightly unhappy.

"Of course I am laughing. I am laughing at a bunch of peasants, who have not seen treasures before." Su Yu laughed indifferently as usual. However, his words were particularly piercing.

Han Zhi banged the table and stood up: "Insolent devil!! You have vilified the faction, kneel down now!"

Although Su Yu was looking straight ahead, he did not even look at Han Zhi at all. He clasped his hands behind his back and gazed at the Faction Master. He then pondered a while and said: "What? Is there a second Faction Master in Liuxian faction? You have not even spoken. Yet, an average person can make the decision on your behalf?"

"You insulted an Elder, this means that you are courting death!" Han Zhi lost his temper. He was humiliated by a disciple as an average person in front of a big crowd.

"Tenth Elder, are you the Faction Master, or is it me?" The Liuxian Faction Master said indifferently all of a sudden.

Han Zhi overstepped his boundaries and went against the Faction Master. In particular, under the huge pressure by the Great Elder, the Liuxian Faction Master became even more sensitive!

Han Zhi's lips twitched slightly and he hurriedly cast his arrogance aside: "You are the Faction Master."

"Then, can you please keep your mouth shut?" The Liuxian Faction Master's words were calm. However, it was not difficult to realize that coldness was hidden within his words.

Han Zhi glared at Su Yu coldly and did not dare to interrupt again.

"Good. The average person has kept his mouth shut. I feel at ease and am in the mood to talk now." Su Yu ignored the Tenth Elder's gaze, which was filled with murderous intents. He swept his eyes past everyone and said indifferently: "What do all of you wish to ask me? Speak."

Many Elders' expressions changed. What an arrogant little kid! He talked to the Faction Master in such a commanding tone!

A "speak" word implied that Su Yu was strong and wildly arrogant!

The Liuxian Faction Master's heart felt unhappy. However, he knew that, as a cornered beast, Su Yu would still fight. He intentionally put on airs with a dignified and solemn expression, and also spoke seriously. The Faction Master then asked: "Let me ask you, have you monopolized some of the treasures of the forbidden ruins for yourself instead of handing them over the faction?"

"I did." Su Yu did not try to cover this up, his expression remaining calm.

Many Elders' expressions changed slightly, their eyes burning with fire. It was actually real!

"Hand them over!" The Faction Master's gaze was sharp, like an arrow.

"I refuse!" Su Yu responded without any hesitation, just as he had in the past.

The Liuxian Faction Master's expression turned serious: "You have embezzled the treasures in the faction. Yet, you still brag unblushingly about it?"

"Disciples from the faction have been captured by people twice. The faction is weak. Although everyone is angry, they dare not say anything. Now, when you are forcing a disciple to do something, you do it swiftly and resolutely!" Su Yu had long been disappointed with the Liuxian Faction Master.

If not for that, Xia Jingyu would not have ended up at the Empire of Darkness, making it unknown whether she was safe or in danger!

These words that hit the nail on the head caused many of the higher ups to lose their temper, looking on with anger.

The Liuxian Faction Master's expression gradually turned gloomy: "Let me ask you again. Are you going to hand over the faction's treasures?"

"Even if I handed them over, would you pardon me?" Su Yu smiled coldly. He revealed his silver teeth slightly and emitted a dazzling cold light.

The Liuxian Faction Master said coldly: "You have colluded with the Empire of Darkness. Even if you died a hundred times, you still have to bear the blame. Now, you still have the gall to ask me to pardon you?"

"Hahahaha What's this 'even if you died a hundred times, you still have to bear the blame'!" Su Yu looked up to the Heaven and laughed loudly. His actions were reckless, and his silver hair was dancing in a frenzy. He laughed wildly to show his despise for the group of Elders: "For a divine treasure that you are unclear of, you sullied the reputation of a disciple and placed him on death's door indiscriminately. What a good faction!"

The group of Elders feigned anger to conceal the guilt inside their hearts. They knew that the Fourth Elder's words were full of holes.

However, even if Su Yu were accused, the divine treasure, which surpassed the remnant of a manual of an immortal level cultivation technique, caused them to make their decisions without any hesitations.

"Insolent devil! The dignified Great Liuxian Faction is famous both domestically and externally. How is it possible for us to accuse you unreasonably?!" The Liuxian Faction Master's righteousness surged.

"Hahahaha Famous both domestically and externally?" Su Yu could not help but laugh: "When the Empire of Darkness snatched the disciples away, Liuxian Faction was so weak, it dared not resist. Liuxian Faction is indeed famous both domestically and externally!"

The Faction Master's eyes were burning with flames of fury and he banged the table. After which, he squeezed out a few words from the crevices of his teeth: "You! Enough! To think that the faction actually nurtured a devil like you. Can you face your own conscience?"

After hearing what was said, Su Yu laughed more willfully: "Nurtured by the faction! Hahaha, the faction has indeed nurtured me!"

"In order to achieve your objectives, you forced an assessment on the disciples, asking them to execute a dying mission in the ocean. After the duty was fulfilled, you became worried that we were not loyal and drove us out as a result. Do you know how many disciples' futures were ruined, as they were not allowed entry into the faction, even though they wished to progress?" Yun Ya's beautiful figure flashed through Su Yu's mind, as she was one of those who were affected.

"Even though you knew that Wolong Snowfield was dangerous, you disregarded the lives of the disciples and coaxed the low leveled Holy King disciples to form a six-men team in order to lure out the thieves who killed some of the disciples in the abyss of Wutong and stole their treasures. Because of that, do you know how many people died as victims of injustice in the Snowfield?" Su Yu's mind recalled the situation in the Snowfield. Among six people, only two people returned alive.

"At the abyss of Wutong, when the Empire of Darkness launched a surprise attack, as a guard at the abyss of Wutong, which is an important place, the Fourth Elder abandoned all the disciples and ran away by himself. Do you know that, to date, it still remains unknown how many people are dead or alive?" Su Yu recalled.

"This is the so-called nurture that you mentioned?" Su Yu laughed furiously and asked. If he did not conceal his abilities deeply, he would have already died many times!

Those incidents were experienced by Su Yu firsthand, and he witnessed the faction's coldness and ruthlessness.

The three incidents that made a ringing sound when mentioned caused all the higher ups to feel embarrassed.

The Dragon disciples who were there felt depressed. Su Yu's words had called out the bitterness of many people.

Su Yu had shed all pretences of cordiality, there were no going back!

The Faction Master's expression was so gloomy that water might drip out: "What an ignorant and crazy disciple! Not only did you collude with the evil Empire of Darkness, you are also spreading fallacies to deceive people! We will kill you on the spot, no mercy will be given"

"Hahaha. Indeed, I have colluded with the Empire of Darkness. So what? Your Liuxian Faction is known for its righteousness. However, you accuse someone ruthlessly and cruelly. How are you any different from the evil Empire of Darkness?" Su Yu unleashed all his feelings that he constrained: "Even if you did not force me to do so today, I, Su Yu, already had thoughts of leaving!"

His words had completely angered everyone!

Without any regards for the Faction Master who was on-site, many Elders berated him furiously.

"He has turned his back on us!!" The Fifth Elder was extremely furious. In the whole history of the Liuxian Faction, there was never a situation like at this very moment!

"What a daring person! No need for words, kill him by dismembering his body!!"

They did not expect Su Yu, who was oppressed and smothered like fish meat on a chopping board by their own bidding, to reveal their true colors before his death.

This scene, which exceeded their expectations, had caused them to be extremely furious.

Seeing that the Elders were extremely furious, due to Su Yu hitting the nail on the head and stinging their hearts as a result, Su Yu's expression turned cold and he laughed wildly continuously: "I turned my back on all of you, because I have been forced to do so by all of you!"

"If you want me, Su Yu, to die silently, all of you must pay a price for it!" Su Yu laughed coldly, continuously.

The Liuxian Faction Master was so furious that his body was trembling. The development of the situation had exceeded his expectations completely!

The Liuxian Faction Master bit his teeth and stood up with the intention to make his move!

At that moment, the Second Elder said indifferently: "Wu-er, capture him."

That action was to take a step ahead of others in order to protect Su Yu.

However, even before Mo Wu made her move, a silhouette had already thrown itself towards Su Yu!

That shadow had a normal look and was at Dragon Realm Level Two Upper Tier. He was once an undefeated existence who Su Yu looked up to.

"Dog! You have been arrogant for long enough. Let me send you off now!" Cao Xuan revealed a deep and wild smile.

It was unexpected! It was indeed unexpected!

Su Yu, who considered himself the best in the world, Su Yu, who fought into the Four Great Disciples of the faction, and Su Yu, who was about to surpass him, Cao Xuan, under the sudden unfavorable turns of events following a rapid development, sank down to a traitor whom the faction wished to get rid of quickly in a night's time!

The shame that Cao Xuan felt when he was defeated, the humiliation that Cao Xuan felt a few months ago, when he was forced to castrate himself. At the very moment, he could return all those favors to Su Yu!!

"It's fine. I shall repay my debt of blood starting with you, an eunuch!" Su Yu clasped his hands behind his back and took a step forward.

Mo Wu's expression changed greatly: "No, Su Yu! All the Four Great Disciples have cultivated immortal level cultivation techniques!!"

A free gift of comprehension had allowed them to gain something within a month.

However, even if it were a small part of comprehension, its powers were greatly above legacy level cultivation techniques!

"Hundred Flower Entangling Palm!!" Cao Xuan's five fingers composed an orchid seal, as he clapped his jade-like hands lightly.

The palm, which looked normal, evidently contained great powers of the Heaven and Earth!

It was as if the attack was in harmony with a mysterious path and possessed frightening powers!

"Dog!! I, Cao Xuan, will send you back to the Heaven with the immortal level cultivation technique that I have learned!!" Cao Xuan gave an angry roar and headed for Su Yu. Because of the fact that he had become a eunuch, his voice was sharp, as though it was a woman screaming.

Su Yu stood with his hands clasped behind his back and faced Cao Xuan's attack indifferently.

When the immortal level attack was about to land on Su Yu, he only extended a finger.

He did not use any cultivation techniques; just a mere finger.


The sharp attack caused the air to have an exploding sound which reverberated in their location. Cao Xuan's immortal level cultivation technique had great powers of the Heaven and Earth and shook the hearts of everyone!

The Dragon Realm disciples on-site were terrified and restless. In front of the great power, they felt an energy that shook their souls.

Rumble, bang

Cao Xuan's attack collided with Su Yu's finger and they brushed past one another. After which, they stood still at their position.

Cao Xuan's attack got its way and managed to hit his opponent's finger. Without a doubt, Su Yu's heart had been shattered to pieces at that very moment!

"A petty and low being! In the past, you needed to look up to me. Now, you will collapse under my powers like before and look up to me in prison!" Cao Xuan was high-spirited and vigorous. He was delighted like never before: "Still the same sentence like the past. I, Cao Xuan, will take your woman on your behalf!!"

However, all of a sudden, Cao Xuan saw that many Dragon disciples were looking at him with terrifying looks.

The terrifying looks were not caused by feelings of veneration, but by fear

At that moment, Su Yu's indifferent voice, which was unchanged, implying that he was in good condition, could be heard from Cao Xuan's back: "As a eunuch, you are still thinking of women, even right before your death? So ridiculous."

Cao Xuan turned his head abruptly.

However, at the moment when he turned his head, the space in between his eyebrows felt icy cold!

After which, he felt a scorching sting. Straight away after that, he felt an extreme pain down his marrow, as though something had been ripped open!

In the end, his consciousness became blurry!

When he closed his eyes, a magnificent wall reflected a blurry scene, right before his death.

Blood was gushing out from a blood hole as broad as a finger with a murmuring sound.

His head had been pierced through by a finger!

Rumble, puff

Cao Xuan collapsed onto the floor softly. His eyes turned grayish white, and he completely lost his mind in the end!

Cao Xuan, one of Liuxian faction's Four Great Disciples, had died!!

"A cultivation technique is at its best when it suits you. Do you think that, because you are a eunuch, you will be able to unleash the abilities of"Hundred Flower Entangling Palm"that only women can cultivate?" Su Yu did not even turn his head as he commented indifferently.

He had only cultivated a very small part of the cultivation technique and it was also not suited for him. Even though the cultivation technique looked extremely powerful, its power was not as powerful as Six Fingers of Destruction.

"First debt of blood, retrieved!" He had taken Cao Xuan's life for Xianer!

Everyone was stunned for a short while. After which, they became mad with rage: "Insolent ruffian! You actually killed one of the faction's core disciples in front of everyone!!"

Han Zhi's whole body was trembling, as he looked at Cao Xuan's body in disbelief!

Shen Jiuyin's expression was grave and he took a few steps forward: "Little kid! Your improvement is huge. If I had known that this were the case, I should have chased you out of the Ancient Xianyun temple and ruined your future!"

"However, your good luck ends here!" Shen Jiuyin's expression turned gloomy and cold, as he gave a light roar.

At once, an absolutely terrifying scene appeared. Shen Jiuyin's body started to change. The change was indeed his strongest form.

Soul Transformation!

In the blink of an eye, he changed from a human being to a monster that was three times bigger than a normal human being!

Its eyes were blood red and emitted a cruel and divine light that was inhuman.

"Roar Your life, I will take it!"

Su Yu had an indifferent expression: "Do you think you are fierce, when you have roared till you are happy? If you wish to die, then I will grant you your wish!"