The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Killing Geniuses With A Finger
Chapter 206: Killing geniuses with a finger
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Shen Jiuyin's fury pierced through the heavens. Even though he was only Dragon Realm Level Two Peak, his power was that of Dragon Realm Level Three!

Rumble Crash Crash

The large fist was filled with inhuman strength, hurling toward Su Yu's head!

Compared to the giant fist before him, Cao Xuan's strike was like the flare of a firefly trying to compete with the brilliance of the moon. The difference was night and day!

"Retreat quickly, the second strongest disciple of the faction, Shen Jiuyin, has started his attack!" Multiple Dragon Realm disciples felt their scalps go numb, retreating quickly to avoid being caught in the crossfire.

"What a scary transformation. Who is able to compete with this technique?" Feeling Shen Jiuyin's inhuman strength, the hearts of the Dragon Realm disciples were in awe.

The forceful wind of the fist caused Su Yu's silver hair to dance wildly, but it could not disrupt the peaceful look in his eyes.

Facing such a powerful punch, Su Yu merely extended a finger.

There were no deep techniques, no wondrous tactics, no glamour and fanfare. It was merely an ordinary finger.


The fist collided with the finger, silently shaking the atmosphere, but the results of the clash crashed into everyone like a wave!


The inhuman Shen Jiuyin let out a pathetic howl, flying back several meters!

His huge fist was bloody, blasted by a horrifying power!

"Junior. Junior Su defeated Senior Shen Jiuyin with a technique?" Everyone was startled!

Su Yu calmly retracted his finger, slowly shaking his head, "Your abilities are not as strong as your arrogance, merely average."

At this moment, Su Yu was an unprecedented dark horse in the eyes of the Dragon Realm disciples!

In the Xianyun Contest, he had barely gotten a place in the top ten.

Now, after the training, he had easily defeated Shen Jiuyin, the second most powerful disciple!

Ji Hongxue, who was silently observing the fight, was burning with a desire to battle, "Great! Great! Great! Your power is much greater than I expected!"

In the past, amongst the disciples, only Ji Hongxue felt that Su Yu was worth fighting.

No one understood why that was so.

Today, Su Yu's overbearing abilities proved Ji Hongxue's foresight.

"Su Yu! Even though now is not the time, I wish to fight you!" Ji Hongxue was visibly excited.

Su Yu let out a slight smile, "Okay! We might not have a chance to spar after today."

He had once promised to fight Ji Hongxue, but he did not expect it to happen under such circumstances.

Ji Hongxue's battle intent was raging, a layer of liquid blood energy coated the surface of his body and seeped through his pores. Eight arms formed on his back.

"Eight Shoulders Trap!"

"Careful Junior Su! Each of my eight arms have the power of a Dragon Realm Level Three Lower Tier!" Ji Hongxue's battle intent had been ignited, as he was now stepping to the centre for his fight against Su Yu!

Su Yu calmly nodded, "Strike!"


Ji Hongxue crashed in with his eight red arms, which sliced through the air, attacking in unison!

Who could stand up against eight Dragon Realm Level Three Lower Tier fighters striking together?

But Su Yu was calm, standing in his original position, without moving an inch. It wasn't until Ji Hongxue had nearly connected with his attack, that Su Yu finally struck!

But what caused the Dragon Realm disciples to gasp was that Su Yu still extended only a finger to face such a devastating strike! It was a finger once again!

At that moment, the two of them collided!



In the eyes of the crowd, Ji Hongxue's eight arms were as fast as lightning, each able to kill any one of them with ease.

His eight arms struck in unison, leaving no openings. Even the elders, who were observing the fight, wore grave expressions!

But multiple disciples were breathing rapidly, unable to believe their eyes!

Su Yu's lone finger had tapped gently in the air! His body was still in its original position, never once moving. But his right arm had vanished!

This disappearing was due to the extreme speed, making it hard to capture with the naked eye! The crowd could only hear a pattern in the air, continuously sounding, as if rain falling on a lily pad.

Ji Hongxue increased his speed, growing more and more excited. The attacks of his eight arms grew fiercer!

"Too strong! Su Yu, you are too strong!!" Ji Hongxue was extremely thrilled, an unprecedented will to battle burning in his eyes!

At this moment, he might have slipped into insanity!

After a moment, Su Yu lightly nodded, "I still have important things to do, let's end this battle here."


The figure of Su Yu's arm suddenly stopped, a finger casually pointing at Ji Hongxue's chest! No one could see this finger clearly! Only the top three disciples had grave looks on their faces.

"It does not lose to the Flying Shadow's Triple Change, in terms of speed!" The master of the Liuxian faction and the Great Elder squinted.

Ji Hongxue's eight arms stopped, his eyes still burning with battle intent, "This battle has not reached its climax yet, such a pity!"


At this moment, the ferocious, inhuman Shen Jiuyin had lost reason, once again charging forward!

"Soul Transformation" did in fact carry the risk of losing reason, and thus, the faction had banned Shen Jiuyin from using the technique in spars.

Today was an exception!

Ji Hongxue calmly glanced at him, "What a disgrace!"

His eight arms flashed, attacking the inhuman Shen Jiuyin.

"Senior Ji, you need not strike for me. Let him come! If you had not enjoyed yourself enough in our battle, you could use this opportunity to strike me together with him." Su Yu did not wish to implicate Ji Hongxue, thus stopping him.

Hearing Su Yu's words, Ji Hongxue hesitated. But he could not suppress his battle intent, laughing as he struck, "If that is so, I'll have to do as you said!"

"Eight Shoulders Trap!"

"Roar "

The two disciples, who were residing at the very top of the faction, were combining their powers against Su Yu! One left and the other right, striking together!

Su Yu's gaze was calm, finally letting down the left hand that he kept behind his back! But what caused multiple people to gasp was that Su Yu had still only extended a finger!

He had used a finger to kill Cao Xuan, a finger to heavily injure Shen Jiuyun, a finger to spar Ji Hongxue. And now, he was using a finger to challenge the genius disciples that resided on the very top of the faction!



Thud Thud Thud

A shocking scene ensued!

Ji Hongxue was pushed back three steps!

Shen Jiuyin was pushed back five steps!

With a finger for each person, Su Yu had pressured two of the geniuses at the peak!

Su Yu was too strong!!

He was so powerful that it was suffocating!

"Hahahahaha, again!!" Ji Hongxue's battle intent raged fiercer and fiercer!

Shen Jiuyin's fury was increasing by the second!

The two attached once again in a fierce pincer attack!

Su Yu used both his hands to deal with them at the same time!

But at the moment Su Yu struck with his hands, at the moment where he did not have the ability to guard, the moment he could not conjure a third hand...a figure had silently flew to Su Yu's back, launching an attack at Su Yu's blind spot, where it was most difficult to defend!

"Su! Yu! Don't even dream of obtaining something I cannot get! Die!" It was the Fourth Elder, his eyes full of hatred. He had seized the minute opportunity to launch a sneak attack on Su Yu's back!

Mo Wu's expression changed, "Despicable!!!"

He had not mentioned even how he smeared Su Yu's name and plunged him into a fate of death, and during the sparring between disciples, launched a sneak attack from the back as an elder!!

The Dragon Realm disciples were all disgusted. How could an elder be so shameless!

But the Fourth Elder had struck too suddenly. No one could make it in time to help Su Yu!

"Now die! Little bastard!" The Fourth Elder's palm, full of hatred, struck at Su Yu's back!

The disciples gasped!

The Dragon Realm disciples, who were more intelligent, understood at this moment that Su Yu was innocent.

But he had not only been placed into such a situation by the Fourth Elder, but he was also going to die by the sinister sneak attack of the Fourth Elder!

Su Yu's entire life was going to be destroyed by the despicable Fourth Elder!

Many felt this was an unjust for Su Yu to be treated, but Su Yu's face remained calm, without any signs of fluster.

In fact, he let out a cold smile, "Old thing, you've finally shown your despicable nature!"

The Fourth Elder had forced him to hand over the top grade Marrow Cleansing Elixir, lusted over his divine artifact Divine Ice Ring, and wanted to silence Su Yu after the Empire of Darkness arrived during the test in the Abyss of Wutong. Even after he survived, he wanted to smear Su Yu's name by claiming that Su Yu colluded with the Empire of Darkness, pushing him to the edge.

Now, at Su Yu's most critical moment, the Fourth Elder leapt forward to launch a sneak attack!

His despicable acts made one bristle with anger!

"Little jerk! You foiled my plans, this is your rightful end!" The Fourth Elder let out sinister laughs!

Su Yu wore a mocking smile, "Old thing, let me give you a surprise!"

"Divine Ice Ring!!" Su Yu's hands were occupied with the two people, and had no opportunity to defend against the Fourth Elder's sneak attack.

But Su Yu still had the Divine Ice Ring!


Several hundred Divine Ice Threads shot out from Su Yu's robes, enveloping the Fourth Elder behind him, who could not defend himself in time.

"Ah! Divine artifact! Didn't you return this to the Second Elder? Why is it still in your possession?" The Fourth Elder was wrapped like a dumpling by the Divine Ice Threads, his sinister smile turning rigid. Finally, he turned white as a sheet, before letting out a piercing howl.

Su Yu laughed coldly, "The divine artifact is mine, why should I return it to the Second Elder?"


At the same time, Su Yu used his two fingers to completely push back Ji Hongxue and Shen Jiuyin!

This time, Ji Hongxue was pushed back ten meters, his blood curdling, as a streak of fresh blood fell from his mouth.

Shen Jiuyin, on the other hand, let out a pathetic howl as he spat out blood!

Su Yu had pierced through the heart of his massive body!

He was sent flying back several hundred meters, dying on the spot!

"Ssssss ~~" The Dragon Realm disciples looked gravely at Su Yu, unable to suppress their shivers!

He had faced three people alone: The two geniuses at the peak. One was severely injured, the other was killed on the spot, and an elder, who was launching a sneak attack had been captured alive!

Su Yu's powers made them question everything they knew!

"The sparring is over, now it is time to settle the scores, one by one!" Su Yu turned his head coldly, his eyes filled with killing intent!

At the same time that Su Yu was exuding killing intent, the Great Elder was radiating killing intent of his own!

Han Zhi's disciple, Cao Xuan, and the Great Elder's disciple, Shen Jiuyin, had both been killed by Su Yu!

This caused their hearts to throb. Both of them wanted to control the Liuxian faction, and this made them completely furious!

"Su Yu!!!" Han Zhi had come to his senses after the death of Cao Xuan. His eyes were red, his beard flaring. His ancient body shuddered violently, "You killed my disciple, I want you to, Wish! You! Were! Dead!"

Su Yu let out a large laugh, "Old thief Han Zhi! I'll tell you the truth. I've come into the faction with only one purpose, and that is to claim your head to pay respects to my teacher Li Guang!"


It was as if lightning struck the hearts of everybody present.

The junior, who was not even a Holy King when he entered the faction, had entered with the purpose of killing an elder! This massive aim made many dumbfounded! But what was even more shocking, was that Su Yu was on the brink of achieving it!

He could kill a Dragon Realm Level Three with just a finger. How far could he be from Han Zhi's Dragon Realm Level Four?

"Su Yu! Your teacher deserved death, you deserve death, too!" Han Zhi was furious. Never had he been so livid!

The Great Elder's face was also sinister. He had spent much effort bringing up his disciple Shen Jiuyin, only to be killed by someone who was about to die!

"Su Yu! I really hate that I did not kill you back when you caused trouble at the wedding!" The Great Elder's heart was full of regret.