The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 207

Chapter 207: A Hundred Year Old Score
Chapter 207: A Hundred Year Old Score
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After hearing what was said, Su Yu laughed loudly: "Old bastard! If you feel remorseful, you can reincarnate and do everything all over again; No one is stopping you!"

At that moment, the world felt as if it was revolving around Su Yu.

The little kid, who should have died, unleashed his frightening abilities right before his death!

Among the Three Great Disciples of the faction, one of them was fatally injured, and two of them had died!

A thread of complication flashed past the Liuxian Faction Master's eyes. He understood that the reason why Ji Hongxue was able to stay alive, safe and sound, was due to Su Yu giving him mercy.

However, Su Yu had committed the worst offense of killing two Heaven Ruler's disciples. If he did not kill Su Yu, it would be a great disgrace to the faction. Hence, he had no way out!

What he did not know, was that, if he had chosen to take a step back at that very moment, he might not have been filled with regrets his entire life!

"Su Yu! Let go of the Fourth Elder. If you repent and mend your ways sincerely, there is still a chance for you to redeem yourself!" The Liuxian Faction Master revealed a serious expression.

After hearing what was said, Su Yu shot a glance toward Han Zhi, who looked as if he wanted to eat Su Yu alive, and the Great Elder, with his threatening murderous intents. Su Yu then laughed coldly, continuing on: "Since things have come to this, do you think that I, Su Yu, will kneel down and beg for forgiveness from Liuxian faction?"

"Liuxian faction has no right to ask me to kneel down!" Su Yu said forcefully, as he pulled the Ice Divine Ring in his palm!

The Liuxian Faction Master's expression changed greatly: "Stop it! Killing an Elder is a heinous crime, and you cannot afford to bear it!"

"Hahahaha what an extremely funny joke! He had tried to put me at death's door so many times, and it is still considered as conforming to the principles. One must be thorough in exterminating an evil. When I kill him today, it will be considered as a serious crime, and an extremely dreadful disaster? What is this 'You cannot afford to bear it'!" Su Yu laughed furiously. Under his silver hair, his pupils were glowing with coldness.

The Fourth Elder was overwhelmed with grief, and his expression did not look human. At that very moment, that feeling where death was approaching caused him to feel extremely remorseful!

If he had known that he would end up as such, why had he provoked Su Yu in the past?

"No! Heaven cares for everything. Please give me a way out!" In front of death, the identity of Elder was meaningless. Hence, the Fourth Elder could not help but beg for his life.

Su Yu's icy, cold gaze passed through the Fourth Elder's body: "A way out? When you forced me to death's door, have you ever thought that Heaven cared for everything, and gave me a way out?"

"When I, Su Yu, wish to kill someone, even Heaven cannot stop me!" Su Yu said coldly, his fingers no longer having any hesitation.



With the tightening of the Divine Ice Threads, the Fourth Elder gave a horrible shriek, and he was cut into numerous pieces of mincemeat.

Blood splashed in all directions, causing the clean and peaceful palace to be dyed in red, looking as if it were hell!

The Dragon disciples were extremely shocked, and their lips trembled: "The supreme Elder has fallen!"

The most recent case of an Elder falling was ten years ago.

The Elder, who stood at the top, and whom people looked up to, fell in front of their eyes at that very moment.

Moreover, his life was ended by a rebellious disciple!

At that moment, the way they looked at Su Yu changed again!

The person in front of them was an undefeated disciple among all the disciples. He was a myth and miracle of the current generation.

However, at that very moment, he killed an Elder. As if he were a rebellious demon, he caused everyone to feel fearful from the bottom of their hearts!

Apart from the Second Elder, the remaining eight Elders became extraordinary furious!

Su Yu despised them. The action of killing a supreme Elder had completely destroyed the baseline in their hearts.

Within the faction, the Elders stood at the top, and they could not be infringed upon. For hundreds of years, that was the case.

However, at that very moment, Su Yu used his actions to tell them that Elders could be killed!

His serious crime had destroyed the glory that they were proud of, causing their hearts to feel anxious as a result.

An Elder had died. Would another Elder die in the future?

Hence, murderous intents overflowed from all the Elders' eyes at the same time!

"Evil creature!! Die!!!" Along with the furious roar, many Elders made their moves together, with the intent of erasing Su Yu from the world!

However, Su Yu's eyes were calm, and he revealed an icy, cold smile: "I have finally killed to the point that all of you have started to have jitters, killed to the point that all of you understand that you must respect other people's lives, and I've also killed to the point that all you old bastards have become scared of dying?"

"However, it is a pity that my target today is not all of you. Hence, scram! Here is the place where I, Su Yu, take my revenge! Irrelevant people, withdraw now!" Su Yu's wine-red right eye was overflowing with a magnificent and brilliant light!

In a split second, the surprising red light enveloped the whole palace.

"Space! Time! Manipulation!" Su Yu's right eye enveloped the higher ups with the Faction Master being the first.

As they stood according to their ranks, the neighboring Great Elder, Second Elder, Third Elder, Fifth Elder and Sixth Elder, a total of six of them were shrouded by space energy.

Moving six of them at the same time was Su Yu's limit!

The Liuxian Faction Master was surprised and turned pale: "Innate space talent? You actually concealed your innate space talent? Stop now!"

"It's too late!!" Su Yu laughed coldly.


They were transported ten miles away in an instant!

Moreover, they were sealed within the Icy Azure Lake.

At the palace, only the Seventh Elder, Eighth Elder, Ninth Elder and the person whom Su Yu intentionally left behind, the Tenth Elder, Han Zhi, remained!!

Su Yu glared at Han Zhi coldly, and the glance from the corners of his eyes landed beside Han Zhi on Xi Ruolan, startling her. He then said coldly: "There is no rush. Once I have taken Han Zhi's head, it will be your turn, wicked woman!"

Han Zhi laughed furiously: "Little trash! Do you really consider yourself to be someone worth mentioning? By killing two disciples of Dragon Realm Level Three, do you then think that you can match me?"

The Seventh Elder had a gloomy gaze: "Elder Han, let both of us work together and kill this evil creature!"

"No need! Do I need someone's help to avenge my own disciple? Elders, you can look on from the side! I can handle this by myself!" Han Zhi laughed furiously within his heart. If he needed to team up with others to kill a junior who sought revenge on him, how would he be able to save face in the future?


Han Zhi made his move, as he said so.

"Little trash! Even though your master died, he had left you, a trash who deceived and wanted to kill his ancestors! Today, I, Han Zhi, will enforce justice on behalf of Heaven!"


It could be seen that six fingers of Han Zhi generated extremely tall raging flame!

Hundred Chinese feet of raging flame surrounded his body.

The terrifying heat waves that he emitted roasted the air, until it became scorching hot in an instant.

As for the cups of tea beside him, the cup with tea that had already gone cold started to boil at that very moment!

Also, all the tables and chairs made of wood started to burn all of the sudden!

As for the bluestone board beneath his legs, it was melted into smoke continuously, with a speed that a naked human eye could not perceive.

Although a part of his prestige remained, he was burning with a frightening high temperature that could burn everything away.

Although it was the same Six Fingers of Destruction, its power was more than ten times stronger than that of Cao Xuan!

"Six Fingers of Destruction at Stage Three Top Class!" The Dragon disciples regarded him with respect.

Han Zhi was among the few disciples who managed to hone his legacy level cultivation technique to Stage Three Top Class.

If not for him suppressing his cultivation base, he would have already fought into the top five with his abilities!

"Little trash, like your master, you will die from your crimes!!" Han Zhi's murderous intent was shocking.


Han Zhi took advantage of the opportunity to get close to Su Yu, and his Six Fingers of Destruction were surrounded by raging flames that could extinguish people's lives!

Su Yu's eyes were glowing with hatred: "This match, I have waited for very long!"

"Glazed Ice Flame!" Su Yu gave a light roar, and the Fire Cloud Seal in between his eyebrows was unsealed!

Crack, crack

The surging cold energy erupted, as though it swept across Heaven and Earth!

An ice flame about a hundred Chinese feet high enveloped Su Yu's body and rose toward the sky, seemingly as though it was about to get the whole Law Enforcement Tribunal shrouded in the ice, which could destroy everything.

At the top of Su Yu's head, snowflakes were descending slowly, silently. The remaining scarlet ice flame came together and was shot onto the ground.


The bluestone board beneath Su Yu's legs was frozen, to the point that it cracked!

It looked like a match that had happened before!

Half a year ago, Su Yu fought with Cao Xuan at the Law Enforcement Tribunal.

After half a year, Su Yu fought with Cao Xuan's master at the Law Enforcement Tribunal again!

It was the same Six Fingers of Destruction and the same Glazed Ice Flame!

A match of a hundred year old score, a match of the progressive ice and fire, and a match of fate which decided life and death collided with a loud bang at that very moment!

Rumble, rumble

Heaven and Earth roared!

The collision of the ice and fire and the mutual annihilation of one another had brought forth an unprecedented and frightening amount of energy!


Numerous horrible shrieks could be heard in succession.

The Dragon disciples on-site were hit by the shock wave. They became fatally injured, and vomited out blood on the spot.

The whole Major Hall of the Law Enforcement Tribunal collapsed, as the ice and flame annihilated one another!

The walls cracked and the roof collapsed. The sound waves, which shook the Heaven, swept all the dust that could cover the sky into the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the exchange of blows by the both of them had caused the Major Hall to become ruins!

Rub, rub, rub

Among the people, Han Zhi became astonished, and he retreated many steps continuously!

His body was filled with ice. A layer of frost condensed on his eyebrows, and his fingers were frozen to the point that they were trembling.

"Stage Three Top Class"Glazed Ice Flame"? How is that possible? In just a few days, you made a breakthrough from Stage Two to Stage Three Top Class? Han Zhi was shaking with astonishment!

"Also, your spiritual energy is about the same as mine!!"

The spiritual energy of Su Yu at a mere Dragon Realm Level Two Peak was on par with him who was at Dragon Realm Level Four Lower Tier!

No wonder that, among the Three Great Disciples, two of them died and one was fatally injured!

Su Yu's spiritual energy was forceful, and it had achieved the level of Dragon Realm Level Four!

The pupils of the three Elders who were observing shrank, until they became needles, and their faces were filled with astonishment!

Su Yu was actually on par with an Elder!

If that had not happened in front of their eyes, they would not believe it!

Su Yu was forced to retreat by one step. Both of them used a cultivation technique at Stage Three Top Class. In addition, fire-based cultivation techniques were extremely effective against ice-based cultivation techniques. Hence, Su Yu was only slightly superior to Han Zhi.

"Ignorant old man, are you finally scared?" Su Yu's eyes were full of boundless, murderous intents.

Han Zhi's expression changed, and he felt extremely frightened.

In the past, in his eyes, Su Yu was a small ant that was not worth mentioning. However, at that very moment, that small ant was a strong martial artist that was on par with him!

His fast development had caused Han Zhi to have the jitters!

Su Yu could not be left alive!

If he was, Su Yu would surpass him one day.

"Little trash! Do you think that legacy level cultivation technique is impressive? It is a pity that it is the end of the line for you! Let me show you an immortal level cultivation technique that you can never hope to cultivate in your entire life!"

Han Zhi weaved a few seals on his palms. His left hand pointed to the Heaven and his right hand pointed to the Earth.

At that moment, an overweening great power surged and appeared!

Compared to Cao Xuan's"Hundred Flower Entangling Palm, Han Zhi had comprehended his immortal level cultivation technique more deeply.

Although it had not yet achieved Stage One Lower Class, he had managed to comprehend a small part of it.

The Seventh Elder and the other two Elders revealed grave expressions.

Their abilities were above the Tenth Elder. However, at the very moment, against Han Zhi, who exhibited an immortal level cultivation technique, they felt that they were suppressed strongly.

"This is an immortal level cultivation technique? So strong!!" The Seventh Elder took a deep breath, and his eyes were filled with greed.

The four manuals of immortal level cultivation techniques were taken by the Great Elder and two other people. As the Tenth Elder was the Great Elder's disciple, he had the opportunity to comprehend the immortal level cultivation technique.

However, the Seventh Elder and the other two Elders did not have such good fortune.

"Overweening Art!" Han Zhi gave a light roar, as he extended both his palms!

At once, Su Yu had a feeling of suffocation, as though Heaven and Earth were putting pressure on him.

It was as if, under the palms, he was about to be crushed into dust the of Heaven and Earth!

However, the corners of Su Yu's mouth revealed a sneering grin: "What you are so proud of is your immortal level cultivation technique? Haha If this is the case, Han Zhi, your head, I, Su Yu, will acquire it today!!"