The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 208

Chapter 208: Washing Off The Injustice With Blood
Chapter 208: Washing off the injustice with blood
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"Immortal level technique? Apologies, I've had that technique since long ago!!"

He had once gotten a fragment of an immortal level technique, with about a hundred words back, while in the Wolong Snowfield.

He had completely cultivated it over the months, but had never used the technique.

A formless breeze enveloped Su Yu's body.

His purple robes were lifted, his silver hair gently swaying. An unfathomable power was imposed on Su Yu's body.

All the wind in the world was circling Su Yu, listening to his orders.

It was as if he was the lord of all winds.

The wind was Su Yu's power!

Su Yu's eyes fell into a trance, slipping into the large power, muttering, "This technique has no name, I'll name it Wind Shadow Step!"


Su Yu's figure disappeared, leaving only an afterimage.

When he appeared once again, he was floating above Han Zhi's head.

"Wind Shadow Step, the first step!"


Wild winds materialised in the form of a footprint as he stepped down.


Han Zhi's conceited stance was immediately broken!

The leftover power from the footprint attacked Han Zhi's chest.

Thud Thud

Han Zhi staggered, as he took several steps back, blood gushing from the corner of his mouth. A bloody footprint was visible on his chest.

"Where.. did you get this immortal level technique?" Han Zhi was surprised.

"Why would you, being all high and mighty, need to question a little pipsqueak like me?" Su Yu had a mocking smile, "Take this attack, mighty Tenth Elder!"

"Second step!" Su Yu's expression turned grave, taking his second step.



Han Zhi spat out blood, drenching his robes. His old body was trembling in fear.

"Stop!" The expressions of the three elders, who were watching the battle, changed!

Su Yu disregarded their words, taking three steps forward!




Han Zhi spat out three mouthfuls of blood, his body was sent flying backwards. His chest was caved in and bloody!

With a pathetic cry, he crashed into a pile of rubble.

They were both immortal level techniques, but Han Zhi had merely learned using the comments of others, scratching merely the surface of the technique.

Su Yu had completely internalised and practised the more than a hundred words of the Wind Shadow Step.

In a direct contest, he naturally had the upper hand!

"Wicked beast! I've told you to stop and you still dare strike! What insolence!" The Seventh Elder grunted in fury.

"Hahahaha... What are you? Why should I stop, just because you tell me to?" Su Yu let out a brazen laugh, coldly replying, "You thought that it was natural, when he was killing me, but when I am killing him, you say I'm insolent and call me a wicked beast?"

"Old thing, the only person I want to kill today is Han Zhi. If you do not want to die, then scram!!" Su Yu let out an icy threat!

The Seventh Elder was livid, stepping forward, his face full of fury, "Traitor! Not repenting after killing the disciples of the faction, and an elder. Instead, you grow more and more brazen. The Liuxian faction must be blind to nurture such a wicked beast like you!!"

Su Yu gave an angry laugh, "You truly are a good dog, nurtured by the Liuxian faction! You people know that the Fourth Elder had framed me, but still insist that I am a traitor! Calling you a dog is more than you deserve!"

The Seventh Elder was about to explode, "Wicked beast! You are asking for death!"

Su Yu shot a cold gaze, "Take the opportunity, before I start killing the innocent, all of you, scram! Han Zhi had used despicable means to smear my teacher Li Guang's name for a hundred years, ruining his life. This is a personal vendetta between me and him. Anybody who tries to help him will be seen as an enemy that I, Su Yu, will kill!"

"Hahaha! What a joke! Just what is your teacher Li Guang? Do you know how mighty the status of an elder is? If he had indeed framed your teacher, how would he allow him to live for a hundred years? Please use a better story, if you want to call him despicable and smear the name of others!" The Seventh Elder was fierce.

Su Yu did not retort, only glanced toward him in disgust. Coldly shaking his head, "I have no words to say to a dog that refuses to learn."

After saying that, Su Yu stepped down once again!


A large footprint stepped onto Han Zhi's chest!


Blood, mixed with chunks of flesh, sprayed out from Han Zhi's mouth.

He let out a pathetic howl, not unlike a pig being slaughtered.

This attack almost caused him to lose his life!

The scalp of the Dragon Realm disciples turned numb!

Su Yu had managed to beat the Tenth Elder half to death?

Was he really just a disciple?

"Wicked beast!!" The Seventh Elder let out a furious roar, "Attack together! Rid the faction of its evildoer!"

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

Three figures struck in unison: two Dragon Realm Level Four Lower Tier, one Dragon Realm Level Four Upper Tier.

Even though they did not possess immortal level techniques, their legacy level techniques were at Stage Three Upper Class!


The sounds of the three attacks were deafening.

Su Yu's face flashed with killing intent. He was about to fight three elders on his own!

Everyone of them was a presence above that of Han Zhi's!

"Glazed Ice Flame!"

"Wind Shadow Step!"


Su Yu was overbearingly powerful. He used his legacy level top class techniques and immortal level technique to the extreme!


The three elders let out multiple wails.

The Eighth and Ninth Elders spat out blood on the spot!

Only the Seventh Elder let out a low grunt, forcefully blocking Su Yu's overbearing attack!

Su Yu had fought three elders alone, and injured two of them!

Such a terrifying battle record made the Dragon Realm disciples feel like they were in a dream.

Was Su Yu still human?

But Su Yu had borne the brunt of a combined attack, also spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The blood drenched his purple robes, turning them bright red.

His injuries were heavier than that of the Eighth and Ninth Elders'!

The Seventh Elder let out a cold sneer, "Have you put on your show of arrogance long enough? With such abilities, you can't even endure a blow!"

Su Yu let out a cold smile, his teeth dyed red with blood, adopting a tone of disdain, "Three against one, and you have the cheek to say that I can't last a blow?"

Even the disciples felt unjust for Su Yu. They were using numbers against Su Yu, and two of them suffered injuries, but still he had the cheek to say that Su Yu couldn't withstand a blow? Strike alone, if you have the guts!

The Seventh Elder laughed, "Wicked beast that betrayed the faction, everyone knows that I am a man of justice. What, three against one? Many against one? We do not need to talk about principles, when killing a beast like you! Attack together, and the next attack can severely injure him!"

The Tenth Elder in the rubble had a fierce look in his eyes, speaking with fear and hatred, "Little coward! Today is your death day! Elders, please kill the little jerk for me!"

"Die!" The three elders grunted in fury.

Against the killing intent of the three elders, Su Yu's expression was ice cold!

"You lust after the treasure that I might have, and push me to the edge. I have tolerated your personalities long enough!"

"You smear my name as a traitor of the faction, framing me as a spy from the Empire of Darkness. I have tolerated that, too."

"But you should not have gone so far!"

Su Yu let out a sigh. In that sigh was a deep killing intent, "I cannot tolerate this anymore, nor is there a need to tolerate it anymore!"

"Today, I have already committed the sin of killing. I, Su Yu, will kill until I am satisfied! I'll kill so many, that the heavens will flip around!"


Su Yu took in a deep breath!

At that moment, the spirit energy surrounding them underwent a change!

The spirit energy gathered beside Su Yu, as if listening to his calls.

The air seemed to turn into a bottomless pit, sucking inward upon itself.

In that moment, wild winds blew. White clouds rapidly floated closer in the sky.

In the blink of an eye, a black mass of cloud materialised ten meters above Su Yu's head!

The rubble-filled land slipped into darkness, as if the end of the world was approaching.

In the darkness, Su Yu's head of silver hair was dancing wildly. His torn purple robe fluttered in the wind.

Su Yu was at the center of the dark cloud, his mouth open as he looked at the heavens, as if he was a demon king about to shout!

Bolts of destructive energy swelled in Su Yu's mouth!

It was as if his mouth was cultivating an unprecedented destructive energy!


Most of the Dragon Realm disciples were sent flying, while spitting blood. Many of their bodies suffered lacerations, as the power threatened to destroy them!

"Not good! Flee quickly!!"

In the blink of an eye, the Dragon Realm disciples had all escaped several hundred meters away, fearfully witnessing this scene.

The Seventh Elder was grave, "What.. what is this technique?"

"Not good! This wicked beast is developing something very dangerous, strike together and exterminate him!" The Seventh Elder's expression changed, then sped up in an assault toward Su Yu.

One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds!

The Seventh Elder and the rest pressed on, closing in to three zhang away from Su Yu!

The Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters, "Lin, Bing, Dou, Zhe, Jie, Lie, Zhen, Zai", each of these characters represented a power level. It is said that, at the top class of this technique, there would be a ninth character, "Qian"!

Currently, Su Yu had only scratched the surface of the beginner class.

But even merely scratching the surface brought such an ungodly power!

Su Yu's cold eyes shot out with killing intent!

He finally said the character that shook the heavens!



It was as if divine lightning rolled over the skies, the deafening sound encroaching upon every area.

The rubble on the ground, with Su Yu as the center, was shot out into the sky by the soundwave!

Then, under the horrifying soundwave, they crumbled into dust!

The three elders three zhang away bore the brunt of the impact!



The Eighth and Ninth Elders bled from all five organs!

The terrifying soundwave shattered their brains. The blood could not hold up against the intense pressure, shooting out from every orifice on their faces!

In that moment, two of the elders could not even fight back against the power, their heads shattering as they died!

The Seventh Elder was bleeding from his ears. His eardrums were completely destroyed by the soundwave!

His brain was shaking violently, most of his organs were destroyed!

Big pieces of flesh flew into the air with his blood, dyeing the skies red!

His body was destroyed in many places, especially the right hand that was closest to Su Yu. It had been reduced to a bloody mass!

"Ah "

The Seventh Elder let out a pathetic wail, his fierce expression contorting in pain!


Under the huge impact, the Seventh Elder was sent flying several hundred meters back, crashing into the rubble, just in front of Han Zhi.

The Dragon Realm disciples, several hundred meters away, were all trembling uncontrollably.

He had fought against three elders alone!

In just one technique, two of the elders were killed instantly, and one was severely injured, to the point of half death!

Many disciples felt that they were in a dream. Were those fighting Su Yu really elders?

Why were they so weak?

The battle intent in Ji Hongxue's eyes had long been extinguished, replaced now by fear, a fear straight from the depths of his soul!

Su Yu had become so strong, that he could no longer develop any battle intent against him!

The soundwave scattered slowly. Su Yu's silver hair dropped gently behind his back.

From afar, his figure was still scrawny.

But at this moment, what everyone saw was an unparalleled, silver haired, divine king!

He had entered the faction with humble beginnings, but in half a year, after all the hurdles, it was as if the stars had shone on him, and he had made his name in the Outer and Inner Sanctums! This all could be seen in ...

His oath to become a demon in the Icy Azure Lake.

His attitude, when he challenged the Four Great Disciples during the wedding.

Returning like a victor to the Xianyun Contest, and fighting his way through the geniuses of the faction to obtain a place in the top ten.

Now, he was fighting the strongest of the faction alone, using the persona of a divine king to kill geniuses and exterminate elders. He had used his fists, his abilities, his sense of injustice toward fate, all to bathe the faction in blood!