The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Mysterious Remnants

The third floor was not very big, barely one hundred square meters. It contained pitifully few cultivation techniques to select from.

The floor contained seven kinds of assault cultivation techniques and 49 kinds of auxiliary cultivation techniques. All in all, just over 10 books, but all top-notch cultivation techniques! Only demon students had the qualifications to cultivate. Just opening a book at random required powerful insight!

For the very few medium-level cultivation techniques, such as Tempest, powerful insight was the core requirement. But for any of the top-notch cultivation techniques, the basic requirement was powerful insight.

No wonder they were only available to the top 10 demon students. If the rest of the students were to try, they would not comprehend.

The sixth article was not a technique suited to Su Yu, who was inevitably disappointed. He read:

Ah, the remnants of the manual of the cultivation technique Purple Star Thunderbolt, a type of fist arts. After cultivation one can condense the currents of thunder and lightning into power within one's fists. Formidable, ferocious, powerful destructive force!

This manual is a remnant with only one stage, cultivation technique ranking unclear! No one can cultivate successfully!

Basic requirement, powerful insight; core requirement, unclear.

Su Yu silently cursed the "unclear" cultivation requirement and thought that was why no one could succeed. However, among the Stage Three cultivation techniques, this was the only suitable manual.

In the spur of the moment, Su Yu made use of space-time manipulation, spending ten dual-hours memorizing.

Su Yu read through the remaining 49 types of auxiliary cultivation techniques one by one. Unfortunately, these were like the Stage Two techniques.

It would seem Cloud Shadow was the training institute's most powerful light-body cultivation technique.

"Ah, how can a silver student enter Stage Three?" a skeptical voice came from the stairs.

Su Yu looked over as he was about to leave. There were two people, one of them a youth clothed in green, with big eyes and thick brows. He stared at Su Yu in consternation. To his side was another youth with a glacial aura around him and an unusual head of silver hair.

The silver-haired youth with cold eyes took a glance at Su Yu, turned around and went downstairs.

"Shao Li, why are you leaving?" asked the first youth as he followed.

With his callous voice, cold to the point of freezing, the silver-haired youth retorted, "It's gross being in the same room with some silver student, breathing in the same air!"

Su Yu mirthlessly laughed, He feels it is gross to breathe the same air as me?

"Ha ha, who's forcing you to breathe? You can stop breathing." Su Yu shrugged.

Without even turning his head, the silver-haired youth coldly spat out, "Scram! You're unfit to even speak to me!"

Su Yu shook his head and laughed, too lazy to be bothered with such a person. He was pondering the three manuals of cultivation techniques he had obtained, fervent in his thoughts.

Using the Cloud Shadow trick, he glided effortlessly like the shadow of a white cloud, and like duckweeds drifting with the waves from the graceful flap of a startled swan. In the blink of an eye, he overtook the two students, and leapt onto the first floor to show the elderly guardian his latest cultivation technique choice.

Tempest? Another difficult cultivation technique. The elderly guardian was astounded, but gave no reminder this time. If this person could comprehend Cloud Shadow, it seemed his insight must be extraordinary.

The youth with thick brows stared at the back of Su Yu with some astonishment, "It's actually Cloud Shadow! Shao Li, it seems like even you haven't succeeded in this cultivation?"

The silver-haired youth's stone-cold face slightly darkened. He snorted, "I am too busy for this cultivation. He's only a silver, to succeed in his cultivation merely cost him lots of time, that's all!"

"Really? From the student number plate on his chest, it seems he's soon to become a gold student," surmised the youth with thick brows.

Su Yu returned to the courtyard, packed up the scarlet bow and dry provisions, and hurried into the mountains.

The curriculum at the training institute was relatively relaxed, without any mandatory rules. The students were allowed great flexibility without needing to request leaves of absence and so on.

After half a day, Su Yu entered the Twilight Mountains once again. Su Yu could not help but smile when he passed by the spot where he battled the fire dragon. He wondered about the young princess whom he'd sucked the poison from and whether he was still wanted by the king.

During the day, Su Yu hurried along without any rest, and fully utilizing the Cloud Shadow trick, leapt through the forest. At night, he meditated and cultivated Tempest, Demonic Eyes, and Purple Star Thunderbolt.

Half a month went by in a flash. Su Yu had followed the directions given to him by Xuan Lefei and went to the cave guarded by a pair of category-one demonic beasts.

Within this half a month of traveling, Su Yu had improved his cultivation techniques greatly with his encounters of all different kinds of wild beasts, some of which caused him to shudder.

The long period of combat and cultivation had reaped enormous rewards for him. The cultivation of Universal Stroke had reached the completion stage, the power in his fists and legs maximized.

With the cultivation completed for Stage Two of the Cloud Shadow, his speed was already comparable to a Level Three Peak student.

Even with the latest medium-level cultivation technique Tempest, with a total of three stages, he had already completed the cultivation of Stage One!

Although it was extremely difficult to comprehend, with space-time manipulation the five whole nights spent on the cultivation was equivalent to 100 nights when multiplied by 20. His power of insight might be weak, but it was still no match for the terrible long period of enlightenment. Thus, there was achievement within a few days.

Now, he could whip a blast of cold wind with just one leg. If the cultivation of Stage Two were to be completed, a cold fog could be raised to hit and freeze the target. And if the cultivation of Stage Three were to be completed, the legs could kick up a powerful tempest.

But he actually made the fastest progress with the Demonic Eyes! This exceeded all of Su Yu's expectations.

Occasionally Su Yu's pair of obsidian irises had a glint of strange black light when he blinked. The only requirement of Demonic Eyes was gifted spiritual power. And it seemed his talent was terrifyingly good.

It was easy for the cultivation technique to backfire. But up to that point, it had not been dangerous. He had triumphantly progressed to Stage Two and completed it!

Demonic Eyes had three stages. One could cause a target to faint with a diabolic piercing stare when Stage One cultivation was completed.

With the completion of Stage Two, a ray of light could be shot to wound the target's spirit, which was what Chen Tiannan, having completed the same stage, tried to do on that day, almost turning Su Yu into an imbecile.

It was said that with the completion of Stage Three, one could thrust a diabolic sword and shatter a target's soul, causing inexplicable death without any visible traces or signs.

Su Yu had just completed Stage Two cultivation, and the result was amazing. Just yesterday, he confronted a mountain tiger, shot a ray of diabolic light, caused it to lose its faculties and turned it feeble and inert.

The only thing that Su Yu regretted was not making any headway with the Purple Star Thunderbolt cultivation technique because of its unclear ranking. No matter how much time had elapsed with Su Yu's manipulation, he was unable to comprehend even a little, which frustrated him.

Indeed, no one can successfully cultivate this technique. Is it because of the missing core requirement? Su Yu was puzzled as to what the core requirement for

Purple Star Thunderbolt was.

With this thought, Su Yu continued to hurry on to his destination, which should have be near, according to the directions.


He suddenly heard a mountain-shaking noise, which swayed the mountain, startled the birds and scattered all the wild beasts.

A category-one demonic beast! No, it's more powerful than that. Su Yu looked grave.

Like the fire dragon, a fully-developed category-one demonic beast was equivalent to a Level Three Upper Tier human. But there was another category-one demonic beast, a freak of nature, with strength comparable to that of a Level Three human at its peak.

Then he heard the sounds and growls of humans fighting.

With one tip of his toe, Su Yu glided over within a heartbeat, hid behind a boulder and peeked from a mile away. With his enhanced vision, he could clearly analyze the situation from that distance.

He saw a huge tiger with spikes on its back fighting with three humans. All three were youths but with formidable strength, the weakest one a Level Three Lower Tier and the strongest one actually a Level Three Peak!

Li Minghao! Su Yu narrowed his eyes and immediately discovered that the Level Three Lower Tier person was the gold student Li Minghao!

The unforgettable incident remained fresh in Su Yu's memory. Because he snatched Xu Sen's girlfriend away and played her like a fiddle, he was challenged by Xu Sen.

Even though Xu Sen was powerful, ranked number three among the silver students and a Level Three Lower Tier as well, he still suffered at the hands of Li Minghao.

Without question, the remaining two strangers had to be gold students.

All three of them banded together to surround and attack the huge barbed tiger, with the Level Three Peak gold student taking the lead, assisted by the other two.

Cascading Sword! The Level Three Peak gold student, with a glint in his eyes, held a long sword with a bamboo handle to seize the opportune moment.

The long sword swept through the air in a beautiful arc, cold and graceful, like a dazzling sword of death.


The huge barbed tiger was stabbed in the neck, its heart pierced by the long bamboo sword. But the demonic beast's will to live was strong, fighting back even at death's door.

Its enormous tiger claw furiously swatted at the long bamboo sword in its neck and sent it flying.

The Level Three Peak student, slightly pale, snapped, "Fall back! Look for higher ground and hide! Its wounds are fatal, death is only a matter of time. We'll patiently wait. It's needless to take any more risks to attack it." He took the lead to climb up an ancient tree as he spoke.

Li Minghao hurriedly followed and looked for a big tree. The dying demonic beast's counter-blows were terrifying. However, there was only one big tree there which could withstand the strikes of the huge barbed tiger.

All three of them climbed the big tree at the same time. They managed to reach the top when the huge barbed tiger caught up with them. However, before they could heave a sigh of relief, a turn of events made them wince. The tiger went berserk and used the barbs on its back to strike the ancient tree.


The sharp barbs penetrated the ancient tree, and it teetered on the verge of collapse. "Oh no! Quickly, evacuate! The old tree is going to fall!" The Level Three Peak student's face was ashen. The tiger definitely intended to kill them.

Unfortunately, it was too late.


The big tree suddenly split amid derisive laughter. All three of them were trapped within the branches. They tried to dig their way out and flee in whichever way they could, to no avail. The huge barbed tiger had already pounced on and stared around with its bloodshot eyes. It would bite off one's head with its jaws, should anyone emerge at this time.

The tiger, suddenly aware of someone's breath at its foot, swiped the leaves with its claws to uncover a gold student whose legs were crushed underneath the branches. And a Level Three Upper Tier at that!

At this moment, he was scared to death, looking at the tiger's head so close to its hand when its ferocious mouth opened widely in his face and let out a horrifying screech in its death throes.


Just then, an iron arrow whistled through the air before it struck.