The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 210

Chapter 210: The Hundred Year Truth
Chapter 210: The hundred year truth
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If she still loved Li Guang, why would she get together with Han Zhi? Why did she frame Li Guang and send him away for a hundred years? Why did she kill Li Guang with her own hands?

"Do you really think that Li Guang would have had friends from a hundred years ago to pray for him and send elixirs for his disciple? The friends Li Guang knew had already passed on. Also, with Han Zhi's influence, who would dare go to pray for him?"

"The only person who prayed for Li Guang was none other than Xi Ruolan, the person you hate the most!"

Mo Wu's eyes were filled with respect, "Su Yu, Teacher is very concerned about your situation. She had thoroughly investigated Li Guang's incident. Maybe you have misunderstood Master Xi."


Su Yu fell into a daze. The elder that prayed for Li Guang in his heart was the person he had to kill, his teacher's enemy, Xi Ruolan!!

Xi Ruolan let out a pitiful laugh, tears rolling down her face.

"Brother Guang... I've let you down!" Xi Ruolan's body trembled, letting out a cry and shout of grief.

The term 'Brother Guang' had not been heard for the past hundred years. Now she had finally said it, with quivering lips.

"But why?" Su Yu could not understand.

At this moment...

"Hahaha.." Han Zhi, who was protected by the Great Elder, let out a large laugh. His laugh was arrogant and brazen, fierce, and full of malice, "That is because that woman wanted to exact revenge for Li Guang, thus, she unwillingly stayed by my side!!"

"She is smart. She knew that she could not stand up against me in the past, and so she pleaded with the Second Elder, who was envious of her beauty. That night, she gave herself to the Second Elder, in exchange for the Second Elder speaking up for Li Guang, saving his life, and sending him to Shenyue Island."

"Otherwise, why would the Second Elder help Li Guang, who she didn't know? It was all because this woman sacrificed herself to satisfy that old hag!"

"After that, she faced her love for me and became my woman, with the aim of staying close and finding an opportunity to kill me!!"

Xi Ruolan's pupils dilated, her expression changing, "What? You... You knew?"

Han Zhi let out a cold smile, "I also know that to kill me, you even consumed a slow-acting poison, making your body into a carrier of poison, slowly poisoning me until we would have perished together!"

Everyone knew that Han Zhi liked Xi Ruolan's body.

Xi Ruolan used this fact in the past in her preparing to kill Han Zhi using poison.

"Unfortunately, how could such a petty trick fool anyone? I have long cleared the toxins in my body! Laughable, being toyed about by me for a hundred years, still thinking that you could poison me to death and seek revenge for Li Guang!" Now that it had come to this, Han Zhi no longer needed to keep anything a secret, mockingly revealing the cruel truth.

Xi Ruolan trembled in fear and anger. She had sacrificed everything and endured such humiliation, but was rewarded only with being deceived by Han Zhi and toyed with for a hundred years!!

In that moment, Xi Ruolan trembled violently, "Then it was intentional that you forced me to kill Li Guang with my own hands the other day?"

Han Zhi let out a large laugh, "Hahaha... That was exciting. To make me believe you, you acted coldly. The scene of you killing Li Guang, while enduring your grief, was too exciting! I would imagine that Li Guang will not rest in peace!"

It turned out that Han Zhi was at the scene that day, stealthily tailing Xi Ruolan.

In order to not let Han Zhi grow suspicious, Xi Ruolan had to kill Li Guang with her own hands, despite deeply longing to be reunited with Li Guang, all for the sake of revenge.

But the real truth was that it was Han Zhi that was toying with the two of them intentionally!!

"Brother Guang!!" Upon knowing the truth, Xi Ruolan fell into a deep grief, letting out a heart wrenching scream.

She had been used by someone to kill the person she loved the most!

The Second Elder glanced at Han Zhi in disgust, before looking at the dazed Su Yu. She calmly said, "This was also why she desperately wanted to oust you from the faction... she wanted you to stay far away from Han Zhi! But she did not have a chance to tell you the true reason."

Su Yu was immensely shocked!

She suffered humiliation in order to satisfy the Second Elder and protect Li Guang. Then, she unwillingly got together with Han Zhi to find an opportunity to exact her revenge.

The truth shook Su Yu's soul.

It turned out that Li Guang had not loved the wrong person after all!

After a brief moment of recovery, color returned to Han Zhi's face. He used the fact that the Great Elder was protecting him and said, "Two laughable idiots, being toyed with by me until death!"

"I'll kill you!" Xi Ruolan shed tears of regret and hatred, slipping into insanity.


A heavy sneer crashed into the hearts of everyone present, as if thunder had struck!"

The Great Elder's gaze was impassive, "Xi Ruolan had plotted against an elder, a heinous crime. According to the rules of the faction, she is to be executed immediately!"

Su Yu regained his composure, letting out an angry laugh, "Xi Ruolan was clearly forced. Instead of judging the mastermind Han Zhi, you find Xi Ruolan guilty of plotting against an elder?"

"We will investigate, to see if Elder Han is indeed guilty. The evidence is stacked against Xi Ruolan, and naturally, we should execute her!" The Great Elder calmly said.

Su Yu laughed, "You're lying through your teeth? Han Zhi has confessed to the crimes himself, and you still need to investigate? You might as well say that he is an elder with a noble status, and Xi Ruolan and my teacher are all insignificant, whose deaths are not worth mentioning!"

The Great Elder creased his brows, "You do not repent, even in the face of death, I shall announce that the both of you will be executed together!"

"Wait!" The look on the faction master's face was fierce.

Was Han Zhi an idiot? To expose his dirty deeds to the ears of the public? As the faction master, how could he maintain his authority, if he did not deal with this?

"Faction master, I am going by the book, do you have any opinions?" The Great Elder turned back, calmly staring at the faction master.

The master of the Liuxian faction froze, his eyes narrowing into the width of a needle, his face completely shocked, "You.."

As if discovering a horrifying incident, the master of the Liuxian faction turned as pale as a sheet. His breathing was rapid, only slowing down after a moment. In a fluster, he said, "No... No objections!"

With a cold sneer, the Great Elder seemed like the true master of the faction, his gaze falling on Su Yu and Xi Ruolan, "Your crimes are decided, why haven't you kneeled and prostrated yourselves?"


A fierce grunt shot out from Su Yu's mouth.

His chest was filled with a deep, boundless killing intent, an unprecedented, strong killing intent!

Han Zhi retreated, hiding behind the back of the Great Elder, his face haggard, "Little jerk! What can you do against me? So what if I toyed with your teacher and his woman until they died? Howling before you die, like a useless bum?"

These words infuriated even the disciples that were watching the events unfold.

He had been beaten like dog by Su Yu, just moments earlier, but now, with the Great Elder present, he was barking like a mad dog!

"Hahaha.. Han Zhi! You think I cannot deal with you, when you are hiding behind your master like a dog?" Su Yu handed Xi Ruolan over to the Second Elder, slowly standing up. Under his silver hair, his cold eyes shot out an icy glow.

Han Zhi's heart skipped a beat, but his expression remained fierce, "Hmph! The Dragon Realm in front of an Immortal is but an ant, what can you do to me?"

The Immortal Realm was a realm that surpassed the Dragon Realm!

There was nothing one cannot do when one entered the Immortal Realm. There was a notable difference between them and people in the Dragon Realm!

A Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak would not even be able to hold a candle against an Immortal!

The Great Elder was an Immortal!

Su Yu was enveloped in killing intent, subconsciously stirring up wild winds, causing his robes to float. His silver hair danced wildly, his eyes filled with an insane killing intent, his voice turning fierce, "I have said! No one can stop me from killing you. Not mentioning Immortals, even heaven cannot stop me from killing you! I will kill you even if it means losing my life!"

The boundless killing intent broke into the skies, bringing with it dust and debris.

In his words were the spirits of millions of people, the killing intent that shook the heavens, the unshakable determination. It was as if Su Yu was going to destroy this unfair world, tearing down this universe, tearing apart this pitiful fate!

Awe filled the hearts of many. What kind of gratitude, what kind of feelings, what kind of honour, would warrant such determination from Su Yu?

Even though he knew that he was facing an Immortal, he refused to turn back.

At this moment, Han Zhi's soul trembled. The icy grips of death silently surrounded Han Zhi.

The Great Elder shook his head, his eyes calm, "Insolent last words. Since you've said enough, I'll send you on your final journey!"

After saying this, the Great Elder waved his sleeves, sending out that terrifying chain!

But Su Yu had a crazy look on his face, "Old thing! Do you really think you can control everything? You cannot stop me from killing Han Zhi!"

"Seal of Time!" Su Yu let out a low grunt in his heart.

In that moment, everything slipped into a slower time.