The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Killing His Enemy With His Own Hands
Chapter 211: Killing His Enemy With His Own Hands
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The Great Elder made his move heartlessly, like before, Han Zhi retreated continuously, like before, and the Liuxian Faction Master looked on unconcerned, like before.

The world had frozen. Only Su Yu was distinct, like before.

It was not that they had become slower. It was that, this time around, Su Yu had gotten faster.

In the state where his blood was boiling with excitement, Su Yu's time moved faster by three times!

Hence, his speed also became three times faster!


The Great Elder only felt that the view in front of him became blurry. Su Yu disappeared into the sky and his aura was completely gone.

When he sensed Su Yu, Su Yu had actually moved behind him!!

His indifferent expression changed for the first time, and anger flashed past his cheeks: "Junior, you are indeed daring!"

When he looked back, Su Yu's palm was about to grab Han Zhi's head!

As Han Zhi was severely injured, it was difficult for him to stave Su Yu off.

"Die!" The Great Elder gave a trembling roar and turned his hand to attack Su Yu's back.

However, Su Yu did not even turn his head back. He gave a light roar: "Seal of Time!"


An invisible purple dragon wrapped around the body of the Great Elder and froze his body for a short time!

Taking advantage of that short time, Su Yu grabbed Han Zhi's head.

It looked as if it took a long time, but it happened in the short time it took for calcium carbide to have a spark of fire.

It was even to the extent that Han Zhi did not even understand what had happened. A short distance away from him, he saw a deep pair of eyes that were filled with hatred!

At that moment, Han Zhi's heart collapsed completely. He then implored friendly and impatiently: "Don't kill me!! I will admit to my crimes"

"Everything, is all too late" Su Yu's voice was hoarse and low: "If you wish to admit your crimes, go to the underworld and admit them to my master!"


A sad and horrible shriek that was tragic beyond comparison reverberated throughout the Liuxian faction.


An absolutely terrifying scene appeared. As Han Zhi gave a sad and horrible shriek, his head was crushed by Su Yu and blood splashed everywhere continuously!

The Dragon disciples on-site were moved.

A short while ago, Han Zhi raised a hue, and no one could do anything to him.

A short while later, his head which was dripping with blood, was on Su Yu's palm!

The hundred-year-old grudge finally came to an end at that very moment!

Su Yu had successfully avenged his master, Li Guang!


The purple dragon melted, and the Seal of Time was lifted.

The Great Elder's eye sockets cracked, and his eyes were overflowing with flames of fury!

As he looked on helplessly, Han Zhi was killed in front of him!

What a great humiliation!

"I will make sure that your life is worse than death!" The Great Elder gave a furious roar and made his move angrily!

Su Yu lifted Han Zhi's head and shot a glance toward him indifferently: "I have said it before, you cannot protect the person that I want!"

Feeling that an attack that would kill him was coming, Su Yu laughed mockingly: "You want me dead? Are you worthy of killing me?"


Suddenly, Su Yu's back emitted an extremely beautiful bright light.

When they looked at it attentively, everyone was greatly shocked!

Su Yu's back had a pair of snow-white wings that were a thousand Chinese feet long!

Snowflakes came whirling down from the snow-like wings.

The lifelike snow-white feathers burst forth against the wind.

It was so beautiful, as though it was an illusion, and it was shaped like the rumored wings of the celestial god.

Pure white and holy, extremely beautiful, and luxurious.

Su Yu, at the very moment, was as if he was a divine spirit, and his honorable temperament shook in all directions.

Divine Spirit's Heavenly Wings Icy Divine Wings, its final form, when honed to its highest level.


Su Yu's fragmentary shadow was like a dream and disappeared into the air.

Although the Great Elder launched his palm attack first, his attack shattered a fragmentary shadow!


The Second Elder's hands became empty. Xi Ruolan had been snatched away by Su Yu.

His speed actually caused the Second Elder to reveal a surprised expression for the first time!

That was a speed that was more frightening than hers!

In the blink of an eye, Su Yu had flown to Heaven. He looked down from the top indifferently and observed everyone.

His speed had surpassed the Second Elder, whose movement technique was number one. Hence, in the whole faction, no one could catch up to Su Yu!

As Su Yu could rely on his speed, he could kill anyone he wanted in all quarters and still retreat safely.

As Su Yu swept past the bottom with his eyes indifferently, he shook his head slightly: "I have exacted my revenge. Goodbye, Liuxian faction."

After his speech, Su Yu's eyes flashed. He flew toward the horizon and rushed to the Second Elder's yard to bring Xianer away.

However, at that moment, when he was about to leave,the Great Elder's eyes were overflowing with extremely gloomy flames of fury: "Su Yu!! If you leave, I will massacre all the people you are close to! Including this woman!"

Rumble, puff

Without hesitation, the Great Elder attacked the Second Elder!

The Second Elder's expression changed slightly. She exhibited Flying Shadow's Triple Change and tried to avoid the attack hurriedly!

Rumble, bang

However, the Great Elder launched his attack too abruptly, and the Second Elder was taken by surprise. Hence, she was hit by the aftereffect of the attack.


The Second Elder was sent flying for hundreds of meters and spit out a mouthful of blood on the spot. Her pale eyes were overflowing with flames of fury: "You are so despicable! You wish to use me to force Su Yu to submit to you?"

The Great Elder's eyes were filled with shocking murderous intents. His robe moved by itself, even though there was no wind, emitting an aura that made people feel suffocated. He then said in a stern voice: "If the little Faction Master did not protect you in all respects, I would have disposed of you a long time ago!"

"Since you like to defend Su Yu in all respects, I will grant you your wish, and send you off together with him!"

Crazy! The Great Elder had gone crazy!

Putting aside his attacking the Second Elder, he had actually said "little Faction Master," such treasonous words, and in front of such a big crowd?!

People with discerning eyes could tell that the Great Elder was extremely ambitious and had been casting greedy eyes on the position of the Faction Master.

However, he was never so insolent as he was at that very moment!

The Faction Master's expression turned cold abruptly: "Great Elder! It's time for you to take a rest!"

"Take a rest? Humph! The one who should take a rest is you! Because of your incompetence, Liuxian faction declined with each passing day. The position of Faction Master should have been passed on to another person a long time ago!" The Great Elder gave a light hum and headed to kill the Second Elder delicately.

The Liuxian Faction Master was burning with flames of fury: "You are presumptuous!"


The Faction Master attacked firmly, and his eyes were glowing with murderous intent.

Han Zhi had died. Hence, the current moment was the best opportunity for him to work together with the Second Elder to launch a pincer attack and kill him!

Rumble, bang

As he was also an Immortal Level One Lower Tier, his combat abilities were extremely frightening as well!

However, the Great Elder's eyes were filled with disdain. He conveniently extended his palm, launched his attack, and confronted the Faction Master.


A shocking scene appeared!

Although both of them were equally matched, the outcome of the collisions of attacks ended up with the Liuxian Faction Master spitting blood and being sent flying into the ruins!

His palm became a piece of mincemeat and was half mangled!

The Liuxian Faction Master's face revealed a great terror: "You You have really made a breakthrough to Immortal Level One Upper Tier!!!"

Moments ago, the Liuxian Faction Master faintly sensed that the Great Elder's aura had changed. Hence, he put up with the decision to execute Su Yu and Xi Ruolan.

It was only when they exchanged blows that the Liuxian Faction Master realized that the Great Elder had indeed crossed over the threshold!

His abilities had risen by about fifty percent!

At that moment, the Great Elder then slowly released the aura which made people tremble with fear!

Immortal Level One Upper Tier, a frightening power that surpassed all the strong martial artists in the faction!

At that moment, throughout the whole faction, no one could oppose him!

Even if the Faction Master and the remaining Elders gathered, it would be difficult for them to match his strength!

The Great Elder's pupils swept past the quarters, as if he was an undefeated king who suppressed the Heaven and Earth!

"If you do not wish to die, kneel down now and listen to my orders!" The Great Elder's majestic voice echoed in all directions.

Rustle, rustle, rustle

Silhouettes by silhouettes, the Elders who stood at the top, and the disciples who were at the bottom, all knelt down.

In the end, the Faction Master bit his teeth, covered his crippled right palm, bent down on his knees with humiliation, and crouched on the floor.

The absolute abilities, which could suppress everyone, had decided everything!

At that moment, the Great Elder had dominated the Liuxian faction!

The position of the Faction Master was passed on to him that day!

The Great Elder revolved his eyes and shot his gaze, which was filled with murderous intent, towards the Second Elder and Su Yu, who remained at the horizon. He then said coldly: "It is now your turn!"

The strong and icy cold words were as if a sudden clap of thunder had swept past the horizon continuously!