The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 212

Chapter 212: The Alliance Ambassador
Chapter 212: The Alliance Ambassador
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The expression of the Second Elder's face changed, grabbing Mo Wu as she used her Flying Shadow's Triple Change to escape into the skies.

The faction was undergoing a huge change, and she no longer had any place to stay within it.

The Great Elder had longed to get rid of the Second Elder, but was restricted by the faction master, tolerating it until now.

Furthermore, he wanted to hold her hostage to threaten Su Yu!


In the blink of an eye, the Second Elder escaped the Liuxian faction.

The Great Elder shook his head in disdain, "The difference in every tier in the Immortal Realm is like night and day!"


His figure scattered. When he appeared once again, he had already closed the distance!

In the past, the Great Elder's movement technique was slightly weaker than that of the Second Elder. But now, he was clearly superior!


In just half a tea's time, fifty miles away from the Liuxian faction, the Great Elder ultimately caught up to the Second Elder!


A mighty chain pierced through the air, attacking the Second Elder!


The Second Elder clenched her teeth to block the attack, but she did not even stand a chance. Her chest was struck by the chain, her mouth shooting out a streak of blood.


The Great Elder descended with his hands behind his back, surveying the surroundings, "Kneel and surrender, and lure Su Yu here. I will consider sparing your pathetic life."

Her lips were like a blooming scarlet rose. The Second Elder's ghastly appearance showed an unwavering determination, "In your dreams!"

She could not harm Su Yu!

"I'm afraid I need not use you as bait, he will come all the same!"

The Great Elder, mocking, looked to the horizon. A hundred zhang wings, surrounded by snow, descended like an immortal.

"I had heard that this person holds much regard for honour. It would seem that is true! With you in my hands, he would still rush here, even if he knew it was a trap!" The Great Elder had a cold glare.

"Su Yu! You need not care about me or Mo Wu, take Xianer and leave the Liuxian faction to go live your own life." The Second Elder tolerated the intense pain, shouting.

Su Yu had a decisive look in his eyes, letting out a deep sigh, "Without the Second Elder, Xianer would have become the wife of another person. I, Su Yu, would have been long dead. How could I look on from the side, when you are in trouble?"

Back then, Su Yu had prepared for his death when he interrupted the wedding ceremony. It was the Second Elder who had protected him.

It was also her existence that deterred many from harming him.

Now that she was being implicated by Su Yu, how could Su Yu leave her in the lurch?

If he did that, he would not feel at ease, even if he was reunited with Xianer.

"Old dog! Every injustice has its perpetrator. Your enemy is me, release the Second Elder and Mo Wu!" Su Yu flew closer, his eyes full of anger.

The Great Elder laughed, "A mouthful of hypocrisy! You want me to release them? Sure, ruin your own cultivation, and I'll immediately release them!"

Ruin my own cultivation? Su Yu's heart trembled.

He had spent his entire life chasing after the peak of the Martial Paths. Becoming a cripple would be a punishment worse than death..

"Hehe, you hypocrite!" the Great Elder said in disdain.

Su Yu was struggling, even though he knew that the Great Elder might not spare the Second Elder, even if he ruined his own cultivation.

But he had no other choice!

The Great Elder had the power to decide!

"I, Su Yu, have done many immoral things and have risen up from nothing. But what I am most proud of is not the glory I have obtained today, but... of the fact that I have not let anyone down, nor mistreated anyone."

"My father-in-law the Duke of Xianyu, my teacher Li Guang... I have not let down any of the most important people in my life!"

"I have lived by my conscience... all my life!"

Su Yu had a decisive look in his eyes, slowly raising his hand and placing it on his stomach.

With one press, the dantian would be destroyed, his cultivation level ruined, dooming him as an ant for the rest of his life.

"So I, Su Yu, would definitely return the Second Elder's favours!" Su Yu gathered spirit energy in his palm.

He was about to ruin his own cultivation!

The Second Elder and Mo Wu felt shock straight from their soul.

For gratitude and honor. Su Yu could have taken his beloved and wandered the vast world. He could have let down this burden and lived a carefree life.

But for their sakes, he hurried back, even though he knew that he would most definitely die!

"No!" The Second Elder groaned, even forgetting to mask her melodious voice.

The Great Elder saw that his scheme was succeeding. He shook his head in his heart. Su Yu was ultimately a youngster, full of gusto and who could not keep a rationall head.

But just as Su Yu was about to ruin his cultivation, Su Yu suddenly flipped his hand, showing the Divine Ice Ring in his palm.


Countless Divine Ice Threads turned into an arrow ten zhang wide, piercing through the air and heading right toward the Great Elder!

The Great Elder could not react in time, defending himself in a fluster.

He pointed in the air, using his right finger, scattering the ten zhang arrow!

But a Divine Ice Thread managed to slice the Great Elder's face!

A laceration, filled with bright red blood, flowed down his face!

Feeling the pain on his cheek, the Great Elder was as if a furious lion, his face contorting in anger as he said in a sinister voice, "You wretched thing! Not repenting, even in the face of death!"

Su Yu's lips formed a cold smile, filled with decisiveness and determination. "You think that you can get me to commit suicide,with just a few words? Old thing, do you really think you are that powerful?"

"If you wish to kill me, I would cut off a piece of your old flesh before I die!"

If Su Yu was to die, he wanted to die in battle.

Why not fight, rather than ruin his own cultivation and be mocked by the Great Elder until he died?

Even if this battle had a clear winner!

Even if this battle would kill him!

"Lunatic!!" The Great Elder was completely furious, striking with all his might.

But a wind blew at his back. It was the attack of the Second Elder, hoping to keep the Great Elder busy. "Su Yu! Run quick! You do not owe me any favours!"

The Great Elder grunted, striking back with his palm without turning his head!



The Second Elder let out a cry of anguish, her abdominal area dyed red with blood as she spat out a mouthful of blood.

That palm had almost taken the Second Elder's life!

"You killed two of my disciples, so now I will personally claim your life!" Without any more interferences, the Great Elder struck with hatred!

But at this moment, three bolts of light approached from the faraway sky.

Three men dressed in green robes with cloud patterns were approaching rapidly.

The person in front was a man of about thirty years of age. He was chivalrous and handsome, an incredibly beautiful man, the likes of which one could never see too many of.

He had a noble aura, his expression gentle and humble.

His abilities were too high to be estimated!

Behind him were two youths, both twenty years of age. They wore proud expressions, but respectfully followed behind the thirty year old.

The three people suddenly appeared, changing the mood of the entire area.

The Great Elder wrinkled his brows, wishing to curse. But when he saw the man in front in the cloud in patterned green robes, his pupils dilated and he lost his voice in shock: "The Alliance Ambassador!"

The cloud pattern was the symbol of the Hundred Territory Alliance!

Furthermore, it was the symbol of a noble status!

"Greetings ambassador, may I know what the matter is, for you to personally come here?" The Great Elder respectfully stepped forward, taking a slight bow. His head was hung low, his eyes looking at the thirty year old with admiration.

The incredibly beautiful man descended, his noble aura blanketing the area.

It was as if he belonged to a palace in the heavens.

"Who?" The incredibly beautiful man coldly looked at him, saying only a word.

This word was not a question, but an order.

Sweat formed on the Great Elder's forehead, bowing even deeper and hanging his head even lower, "Liuxian faction, the Great Elder!"

"En, await orders," the incredibly beautiful man casually instructed.

"Yes! Lord ambassador." The Great Elder put his arms to his sides, his body turning along slowly, when the incredibly beautiful man moved.

His level of respect was surprising.