The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Absorbing The Yin Element
Chapter 213: Absorbing the Yin Element
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The stunningly handsome man ignored the Great Elder, Su Yu, and Mo Wu. He only had eyes for the hideous Second Elder.

"Yurou!" he said as he hurried toward the Second Elder. His gentle face appeared agitated, yet warm.

The Second Elder's pale eyes were filled with deep hatred. After a moment, however, she relented. "In the end, you came," she sighed.

"Yurou!" the handsome man said. "For the past ten years, you have lived alone in a bitter land at the edge of the ocean? You have suffered."

He appeared devastated, and his eyes were filled with childlike love. Suddenly, he noticed the Second Elder's injuries, and his gaze became stern and fierce. His noble temperament iced over.

"Who injured you?" he demanded.

Mo Wu was at a loss. Yurou's face suddenly lit up, and she said with hatred, "It was him!"

The handsome man shot a stone-faced glance at Mo Wu. A hint of astonishment flashed in his eyes for a moment, but he managed to quickly suppress it. His gaze shifted to the Great Elder.

"You?" the man said emotionlessly. "Yes. Since you have injured my Yurou, you shall pay for it with your life!" His tone sounded like he was giving a command.

The Great Elder's expression turned ghastly pale, and he recoiled in shock. Who was this man? The Second Elder What kind of high-ranking people had she met while furthering her training at Shentian Manor? What kind of noble identity did she have there?

"Please, I can explain" the Great Elder stammered, his face deathly white.

The handsome man got up slowly, and his gentle temperament became ruthless. "As the Deputy Master of the Hundred Territories Alliance," he announced, "I bestow death upon you!" He raised his palm normally, as light and shadow approached him.

"Immortal Level Two?" cried the Great Elder, heartbroken. "No!"

The Great Elder retreated wildly, but without any suspense, the handsome man's palm landed on the Great Elder's back.


The Great Elder's heart was destroyed on the spot.

Even the Great Elderwho was extremely stronghad no way of resisting. He had been killed on the spot.

The handsome man withdrew his palm and looked at Su Yu a short distance away. His voice was flat as he declared, "I also bestow death upon you"

"Wait!" the Second Elder spoke up. "He did not injure me! He came here to protect me!"

The handsome man's cruel expression turned gentle. He then smiled warmly.

"I see," he said. After looking Su Yu up and down, he nodded slightly. "Dragon Realm Level Two Peak. Yes, he is considered average. If he continues to work hard, he might achieve something in the future."

The handsome man returned to the Second Elder's side. His heart was filled with love, and his voice was warm and nostalgic as he said, "Yurou, when I received your summons a month ago, I rushed here without delay. Today, I am here to bring you back."

Conflict flashed across the Second Elder's face momentarily, but it quickly turned to disappointment. Her chin moved with a barely perceptible nod. "Yes," she said.

The beautiful man was delighted. "Then let's go, Yurou. When we return to the Alliance, I will think of ways to treat your face. From then on, we will not separate from one another again."

"Wait!" Su Yu said. He raced toward them, staring at the Second Elder. "Do you really wish to returnof your own accord?"

The handsome man's posture turned terrifyingly icy. In an instant, Su Yu felt as if a poisonous snake had its eyes on him. His whole body felt cold. In spite of his body language, the handsome man still smiled warmly.

"Yurou is my wife," he said. "How do you think she feels?"

Wife? thought Su Yu, his mind racing. The Second Elder had a husband!

"Su Yu, I already had plans of returning to the Alliance," the Second Elder said indifferently. "A month ago, I informed Lu Jun to fetch me. Please don't misunderstand."

So, it was true after all. The questions in Su Yu's heart were answered. He nodded his head lightly.

But Su Yu suddenly noticed that the Second Elder's husband, Lu Jun, was staring at Mo Wu. He made no effort to hide the fire clearly burning within him at the sight of her. Then the fire quietly dissipated.

"Yurou, is she your disciple?" asked Lu Jun, grinning. "As expected, her talents are extraordinary. Why don't we bring her along with us?"

The Second Elder shook her head. "No need. She will accompany Su Yu, strengthen herself along the way to the Alliance, and take part in the Alliance Meet. This way, the effects on her will be greater."

Lu Jun's eyes flashed. He smiled again and said, "As expected, Yurou's reasoning is quite insightful. If this is the case, let's make a move first."

Yurou nodded and went toward the sky with Lu Jun. Before she left, she looked back, staring deeply at Mo Wu and Su Yu. Secretly, she clenched her beautiful fists, gave a sigh in her heart, and floated away.

Lu Jun's smile remained unchanged, as it had from the start. He brought Yurou along with him as he leaped across hundreds of miles. He waited until he was sure Yurou wasn't looking before flicking a note with his finger to the two men in their twenties who followed behind him. The two of them caught the note secretly, flipped it open, and read it.

"Return, capture that female disciple, and send her to Yunxiang Cabinet. Command Yunxiang Cabinet to train and look after her. I will visit her from time to time. And that little kid Kill him!"

Although Yurou was bright, Lu Jun could, more or less, surmise what had happened. He could not tolerate his own woman displaying care and warmth for another man! As for that female disciple, Mo Wu, Lu Jun had been shocked by her beauty. In that brief moment, she had become the object of his desire.

Su Yu, unsettled by all that transpired, turned to Mo Wu. "Mo Wu," he said, "what is the Second Elder's true identity? And Lu Jun Who is he?" He could not help but feel slightly restless after all that had transpired.

Mo Wu revealed a face of admiration. "Lord Lu Jun is our North Territories Alliance's Deputy Master!" she said. "He and Master were among the same generation of disciples who went to Shentian Manor. He is honest, noble, and extremely talented. He was the ideal husband. Many young ladies of that generation wished to marry him. When he got to know Master, he quickly fell in love with her, and they were engaged. However, Master was tragically disfigured in an accident. She was ashamed to let Lu Jun see her, so she hid in Liuxian Faction."

Mo Wu clearly felt sorry for her Master, but at that moment, she smiled joyfully.

"I did not expect that Master would make up her mind and muster the courage to see Lu Jun," she said. "With Lu Jun's magnanimous identity, Master can definitely be cured."

Is that so? thought Su Yu with relief. Then he wished aloud, from the bottom of his heart, "I hope that she can shake off the shadow of the past and find happiness again."

"Hahaha" Suddenly, jeering laughter could be heard from the sky. Looking in the direction of the laughter, Su Yu spotted two young men, both in their twenties.

Both of them had extremely frightening abilities. The one who was laughing had the abilities of Dragon Realm Level Four Upper Tier, which was comparable to that of the Seventh Elder. If that had been the case for both of them, there would have been nothing to worry about. However, the second onea man with strict, gloomy eyes and a forbidding expressionwas the frightening embodiment of Dragon Realm Level Five!

The first man grabbed the big sword on his waist, laughing loudly again.

"Yurou was merely a tool devised by Master Lu from which to absorb the Yin Element," he said. "At ten years old, she finally managed to escape. Ten years later, she grew uncertain about the stupid decision she had made, but she crushed her identity jade tablet and revealed her location!"

Absorb her Yin Element? thought Su Yu.

His pupils shrank slightly. Some irregular cultivation techniques required that one absorbs a female's Yin Element in order to be cultivated. The process was difficult; the male and female had to be linked together, and as they were linked, the female's Yin Element would be extracted, allowing the male's cultivation base to progress exponentially. Meanwhile, the female grew weaker by the day, until the process ultimately killed her.

Su Yu's mind raced as he pieced it all together. The Hundred Alliance Territories' Deputy Master, Lu Jun, actually practiced these irregular cultivation techniques! Even more shocking, Lu Jun had selected the Second Elder, An Yurou!

The story of falling in love and getting engaged had clearly been fabricated by Lu Jun to cover up his actions and prevent the outside world from suspecting him. His objective was to forcefully seize An Yurou and use her as a tool for him to train!

Moreover, after abruptly revealing her location, how could Yurou, who had finally escaped from Lu Jun, summon him and agree to be fetched back? She must have felt that Su Yu was in danger and prepared a way out beforehand! As such, Lu Jun had been able to rush to their location during the dangerous moment!

The Dragon Realm Level Five man with the vulture-like eyes frowned. "Bai Bihai, why are you still talking to them?" he said. "Kill that little kid. Then bring this female disciple back to Yunxiang Cabinet so they can train and look after her. Then Master Lu will be able to enjoy her."

"Yes, Senior Qian Kun," said the first man. Bai Bihai looked Mo Wu up and down mockingly. "Might as well. By training and looking after you, Master Lu and his disciples will be able to soar into the sky, and all this will be considered nothing but an amusing anecdote."