The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Killing Everything
Chapter 214: Killing Everything
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Everything Mo Wu knew had been turned upside down in an instant. Who would have guessed her teacher's past contained such a dirty secret? And now, hearing that Lu Jun had set his sights on her and wanted to "enjoy" her, as well as Teacher

Mo Wu trembled in anger, seeing red. She clenched her teeth, nearly crushing the enamel into dust at the thought of the teacher whom she respected suffering from such humiliation.

Mo Wu thought back to how Teacher had refused Lu Jun's suggestion to take Mo Wu away with them. It would seem she had sensed Lu Jun's true intentions. So, that was why she had left with Lu Jun without putting up a fightto reduce the possibility of conflict and to prevent implicating them.

Teacher had sacrificed herself to protect Mo Wu and Su Yu!

"You deserve death!" Mo Wu said.

She had never felt such anger, such hatred, such determination to kill. It felt like a ball of fire within her chest, and it was about to break free, destroying everything in sight. Her eyes welled with tears of grief.

Bai Bihai watched her, his expression turning cold. "Hmph! Without your looks, do you think you, a mere woman from a barbaric land, would be worthy of entering the bed of Master Lu? Be grateful! There are many who wish to pleasure Master Lu, but they do not get the chance. Know your place!"

The volatile mixture of grief and fury within Mo Wu could no longer be contained.

"Despicable fiends!" she said. "I'll exterminate all of you!" Mo Wu drew out her soft sword, brandishing her killing intent. She was about to strike when a palm touched her shoulder.

"Let me," a coarse voice uttered into her ear.

Su Yu's voice was deep and peacefullike a calm sea on a windless daybut Mo Wu could feel that under the peaceful facade was a volcano about to erupt.

Su Yu was grateful to An Yurou on many accounts. Without her, he wouldn't have been the person he was today, and Xianer would have married someone else. When the entire world had been Su Yu's enemy, only the Second Elder had stood by his side to fight the world along with him. If Su Yu did not repay this debt of gratitude, he did not deserve to be called human!

"Those who humiliated her will die!" he said.

Su Yu stood in front of Mo Wu, a ball of fire burning in his heart. But Su Yu's words of fury did not reach the ears of Bai Bihai. To him, Su Yu was nothing but a pathetic ant. His gaze scanned past Su Yu, falling onto Mo Wu.

Bai Bihai lifted a finger. "Come here! Don't make me attack!"

Mo Wu was clearly furious. She took a step forward, but Su Yu extended his arm, blocking her behind his back.

Bai Bihai glared at Su Yu, wrinkling his brows as he ordered, "Step aside."

Su Yu disregarded him, turning his head and gently rubbing away the tears on Mo Wu's face. He said in a raspy yet gentle voice, "Senior, I am greatly indebted to the Second Elder. Please, let me use their blood, their heads, their repentance as a way of returning the favor!"

"Su Yu" Mo Wu wept, her voice shaky.

In all the world, there was no one in it who desired to save the Teacher more than Su Yu, whom she had only met half a year before.

"Take your dirty hand off her!" said Bai Bihai. "This woman is to be enjoyed by Master Lu and cannot be touched by anyone!"

Su Yu disregarded the threatening words, squeezing out a comforting smile. "I, Su Yu, would use my life to save the Second Elder!"

Mo Wu sobbed, tears of gratitude rolling down her cheeks. "Thank you"

Bai Bihai's expression turned sinister after being disregarded a third time. Su Yu was nothing but an ant, worthy of being ignored, but Bai Bihai' could not stand being disregarded by such an ant!

"Fine," said Bai Bihai. "I'll first sever an arm of yours as a warning to others!"

Spirit energy rumbled around Bai Bihai as he stepped forward. In the rolling spirit energy, Bai Bihai drew the large sword at his waist. The sword was razor-sharp and emitted a powerful, frigid energy.

"River Splitting Three Strokes!" said Bai Bihai.

It was a Stage Three Upper Class legacy-level technique. Coupled with his cultivation level at Dragon Realm Level Four Upper Tier, it amounted to an incredible power. His battle abilities were about equal to that of the Seventh Elder in the faction.


His blade could break waves and split rivers. The cold glow of the sword pierced through the air, attacking Su Yu's arm.

Su Yu finally turned his head to face Bai Bihai, his eyes as calm as if he were facing a corpse.

Bai Bihai's heart trembled. What kind of deep, icy eyes were those? Being stared at by these eyes, Bai Bihai felt that he was going to be killed. But his opponent was only Dragon Realm Level Two Peak. His heart quickly calmed down.

"Hmph!" he called out. "Cut your act. I'll sever your hand!"

Bai Bihai struck.


At that moment, Bai Bihai saw only a flash of white light. Su Yu had disappeared from his sights.


Two figures intertwined, and an attack connected.

Bai Bihai's back was facing Su Yu. He slowly sheathed his sword as he shook his head.

"You were acting indeed!" said Bai Bihai. "Savor the pain of having a severed arm. This is a small punishment for you before you die!"

But the wail of anguish he imagined did not come. Instead, he felt a burning pain from his right wrist.


Something dropped on the floor.

Looking down at it, Bai Bihai realized it was his right arm, coated in blood! Bai Bihai let out a pathetic wail.

Su Yu looked back, holding a longsword formed by Divine Ice Threads. The tip of the blade was dripping with blood.

"Unfortunately, you cannot punish me!" Su Yu replied in a hoarse voice before striking back with his longsword toward Bai Bihai's heart!

It all happened too quickly for Senior Qian Kun to react. He was flying in the sky with his hands behind his back and became flustered, growling furiously, "Stop it!"

But Su Yu disregarded him. The longsword pierced a hole through Bai Bihai, stopping his heart instantly.

Bai Bihai's eyes turned dull. His body dropped to the ground, his face etched with pain and injustice. He should have been able to kill an ant like Su Yu on a whim. He had never once thought that he would be killed instead!

Qian Kun's gaze was sinister, letting out bolts of icy, killing intent. He clenched his teeth, words of hatred forming in his mouth, "I told you to stop! Are you deaf?"


Su Yu kept hold of his longsword, maintaining a calm expression as he said, "Do I have to stop just because you told me to? Who do you think you are?"

"Do you know what sort of trouble you've just gotten yourself into by killing him?" Qian Kun said, taking care to deliberately enunciate every word.

Su Yu let out a harsh laugh. "I'm in trouble for killing him? I suppose you would have been satisfied if I'd just stood here and let him kill me."


Qian Kun stepped forward with his hands behind his back. "Every living thing here belongs to the empire," he said fiercely. "If the ruler wishes you dead, you must die. Refusing to comply is a heinous crime!"

"Do you really think you are a ruler?" Su Yu chuckled. The Alliance was belittling everything from their position of authority!

"If I were a ruler," growled Qian Kun, "you wouldn't even have the opportunity to live! Now, die!"

Qian Kun unleashed his power as a Dragon Realm Level Five with a furious grunt.

Su Yu pointed at him with his sword. "Others have told me that, too. They are already dead. Only I am still alive!"

"Today will be an exception!" said Qian Kun. "I'll kill you in three strokes!"

Qian Kun advanced with his hands behind his back. His robes were flowing, his face curled with a wicked sneer. His eyes were like two arrows piercing through Su Yu's heart.

"Seven Merciless Steps!" Qian Kun's nostrils flared, taking a step out!

Thump, thump

It felt as if he had stepped on Su Yu's heart, causing it to twitch violently in his chest. What a terrifying techniqueand such power from only the first step into the stance. A normal Dragon Realm Level Two would never survive three of his steps! Furthermore, the Seven Merciless Steps was a legacy-level technique born from an immortal-level technique, classifying it as a half immortal-level technique. Cultivating it to the top class would naturally have impressive power!

But Su Yu was calm. "Glazed Ice Flame!" he called. A harsh, freezing energy gathered around his body. Su Yu struck with his hand just as Qian Kun took a step!


An earth-shaking rumble sounded. Invisible waves of energy flooded into the surroundings.

Thud, thud

Both Su Yu and Qian Kun took a step back. The arrogant Qian Kun was slightly surprised.

"The top class of a legacy-level technique?" he said. "To achieve such a feat despite being so young Hmph. An Yurou treated you well by using her time to help you learn techniques."

It would never have crossed his mind to consider that Su Yu had learned the technique himself.

Su Yu did not explain. He only shook his head. "You want to kill me in three moves?" he said. "You have already used one move! Average."

"It's too early to gloat!" said Qian Kun. "My steps grow stronger the more steps I take! Second step!"

Qian Kun took the second step.


Bales of power formed into waves, assaulting Su Yu.

"Wind Shadow Step!" said Su Yu as he took a step into the air.

A huge footprint descended from the heavens, colliding with the Seven Merciless Steps.

Thud, thud, thud

This time, Su Yu stood his ground. Qian Kun, however, retreated three steps back. This time, his expression was one of utter shock.

"Immortal-level technique?" he said.

Su Yu's expression was ice cold. "You still have one chance left."

Qian Kun was shocked but still shook his head. "I have to admit, I underestimated your luck. An Yurou even helped you with an immortal-level technique! But unfortunately, your insights only scratch the surface of the immortal-level techniquenot even able to stand up against a half immortal-level technique! The final step. Die!"

Qian Kun let out a low growl as he took the third step. Instantly, a destructive energy gushed out from the soles of his feet, racing towards Su Yu. It sought to obliterate him.

It was Qian Kun's strongest strike, and it pushed the half immortal-level technique to the extreme, incredibly close to the power of an immortal-level technique. Coupled with the cultivation level of Dragon Realm Level Five, the intense power threatened to snuff out Su Yu's life force!

But Su Yu remained calm. He merely took a deep breath.

The spirit energy in the surroundings moved violently. Su Yu was nurturing a powerful energy in his mouth, and it was pulsating, as if it wanted to destroy everything!

Finally, Qian Kun's step landed.

Su Yu opened his mouth.


It was the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters, scratching the surface of a legendary-level technique. But even scratching the surface resulting in earth-shaking power!


Su Yu stood at the center of a force like underground volcanic activity primed to erupt! The earth was split with fissures the size of humans. A multitude of rocks and debris shot up into the air in the force of the horrifying energy. It was like a scene from doomsdayenough to shake one's very soul. It was a sound wave capable of destroying every living thing!


Qian Kun was swept hundreds of meters away. Finally, he crashed heavily to the ground. A streak of blood trickled down the side of his lips. His arrogant expression broke, revealing true fear for the first time.

"What What is that technique?" he stammered. "How could its power be so strong?" His heart quivered. Was An Yurou responsible for teaching Su Yu such a powerful technique? And if she were capable of this technique, why had she not put up any resistance?

"It is obviously a technique for killing you!" a raspy voice sounded from his head.

Su Yu's throat had been utterly destroyed by using the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters a second time. His pitch had completely changed. Even Su Yu could not recognize his own voice.

"It looks like you could not kill me after three strokes," he growled. "The person who is dying is you!"

Su Yu's gaze was ice cold. He lifted his leg, preparing to end the life of Qian Kun. Qian Kun attempted to defend, only to find that his organs had been damaged by Su Yu's sound wave. Many of his veins were severed, and, most importantly, even his dantian was damaged!

At this moment, Qian Kun felt terror. A fear that rose from the depths of his heart.

Su Yu brought his merciless leg down.

"You injure my men?" a voice spoke up.

The words caused Su Yu's body to turn rigid. He turned toward the sourcea figure on the horizon.

"I, the master of the Alliance, shall grant you death!" declared the figure.

It was a calm order, but despite its casual nature, it was filled with the forcefulness of someone with authority, making it hard for anyone to disobey.