The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 215

Chapter 215: The Empire Of Darknesss Palace Master
Chapter 215: The Empire of Darknesss Palace Master
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When his two attendants had not returned, Lu Jun had become suspicious. He had used an excuse to leave temporarily to check out the situation. What he observed upon arrival was an unexpected scene: Bai Bihai had died in battle, and Qian Kun was about to be stamped to death. One could imagine how furious Lu Jun was!

The young outlaw, who should have been killed as easily as turning his hand over, had instead killed one of his trusted aides and was about to kill a second.

The expression on Mo Wu's beautiful face changed. Her clear eyes were filled with endless hatred and murderous intent but also despair and fear. The Immortal Realma realm that she could only look up to!

Su Yu's determination to kill did not change. He only muttered, "Elder Yun Ya, if I die, will you avenge me?"

Yun Yazi had said before that no matter what the situation was, he would not interfere. Even if Su Yu's abilities were inferior to those of his opponent and he was killed, Yun Yazi would not interfere. At most, Yun Yazi would only kill the enemies after Su Yu was dead.

Within the small jade box, Yun Yazi's tone was unsurprised. It was dull as usual: "My promise is still in effect. He is a mere junior at Immortal Realm. He would be killed with just a flick of my finger."

He can be killed? thought Su Yu.

His last doubt dispersed. Even if he died, if his death was exchanged for Yun Yazi making a move and killing Lu Jun, the sacrifice would be worth it. At least then Mo Wu and An Yurou would be safe. With that in mind, Su Yu no longer had any hesitation.

"Wind Shadow Step!" said Su Yu.

Rumble, puff

His giant footprint passed through the horizon and attacked Qian Kun's chest.


A horrible, piercing shriek broke the silence in Heaven. Qian Kun's chest caved in, nearly killing him on the spot. This was to be expected of Dragon Realm Level Five. In a situation where he was unable to resist, a small part of immortal-level cultivation technique was unable to kill him with one shot.

Lu Jun's dull expression became gloomy.

"You still dare to kill my people right in front of me?" said Lu Jun. "In the name of the Deputy Master of the Hundred Alliance Territories, I remove your right to exist in the world!"


As he spoke, he was still on the horizon. He moved with such speed that by the time his voice drifted to Su Yu, he was already in front of him.

However, at that moment, atop Heaven, which even Su Yu did not notice, two shadows stood with their hands clasped behind their backs within the cloud.

One was an eighteen-year-old female. Her figure was graceful, perfect, delicate, and alluring. Her jade-like face was covered with a veil, like the subject of a dream, and she revealed a pair of eyes like two crescent moons above an ambiguous smile.

It was Hua Zhilan, the Sub Palace Deputy Palace Master of the Empire of Darkness, established in the Hundred Territories Alliance! However, Hua Zhilan currently stood behind someone else, denoting his position as her superior. That person was an elegant and handsome middle-aged man. He had a square face and held himself with the utmost composure.

The man stood with his hands clasped behind his back and he looked down to the bottom. Although he did not say anything, he emitted an endlessly dominating aura that regarded both Heaven and Earth with disdain.

At that moment, his dull gaze drifted to Lu Jun, and he said nonchalantly, "Begone."

The word "begone" was like a thunder descending from the heavens!

The body of Lu Junformerly filled with lethal intentshook. He looked up with a grave expression.

"It's you!" he said. "The Sub Palace Palace Master of the Empire of Darkness of the Hundred Alliance Territories, Ling Xiaotian!"

That middle-aged man was actually the Sub Palace Palace Master!

Hua Zhilan's pretty eyes stared at Lu Jun. She overflowed with coldness and bloodthirsty hatred at once.

"Even after not seeing you for a few years, you still have that anxious face," said Hua Zhilan, "as though you are the reincarnation of a lecher. That year, just to avoid you, I betrayed the Shentian Manor. What I am now is all thanks to you!"

Hua Zhilan, the prodigy child in the Shentian Manor, had changed sides to the Empire of Darkness, all because she had also been forced by Lu Jun!

Lu Jun's expression changed. "What do you intend to do?" he asked sternly. "You wish to ruin my plans? I advise you to consider carefully. As the Sub Palace, you cannot afford to provoke the Hundred Territories Alliance!"

"Is that so?" said Hua Zhilan, her crescent moon-like eyes narrowing on him murderously.

"Considering the promise between the Sub Palace and Alliance to not be aggressive toward one another," said Ling Xiaotian softly, "do not make me repeat myself a third time! Begone!"

The soft words caused Lu Jun to bite his tongue, stop what he was doing, and retreat slowly.

When Lu Jun had retreated all the way to the horizon, he scowled at Su Yu.

"Consider yourself lucky!" he shouted.

He left without even taking time to attend to Qian Kun. It was clear that he was fearful of Ling Xiaotian.

The sudden appearance of the Empire of Darkness shocked Su Yu and Mo Wuin particular, the fact that Hua Zhilan was there, as well! That day at the abyss of Wutong, she had chased them until it seemed there was no safe escape. They had not expected her to come to Liuxian Faction at that very moment!

"It's you!" Su Yu said. He forced himself to not make any reckless moves.

Xia Jingyu had been taken away by Hua Zhilan, and to date, it was unknown whether she was dead or alive!

Hua Zhilan's beautiful, crescent-moon eyes curved slightly in another ambiguous smile. "Little child," she said, "it looks like we finally meet again. How do you think we should settle the debt between us?"

Ling Xiaotian looked at Su Yu. His handsome face gave a detached smile. He then turned his head toward Hua Zhilan and said, "Give him that book of lightning-based cultivation technique."

Hua Zhilan's beautiful face was stunned. Her eyes locked on Ling Xiaotian. "What? You want me to give it to him?"

Ling Xiaotian did not answer. However, he emitted an aura which implied that he did not want anyone to interfere.

Hua Zhilan's captivating body trembled. She bit her red lips and glared at Su Yu fiercely. Her heart was full of pent-up anger. This bastard had killed her spiritual pet, in addition to slipping from her grasp. And now, she had to give him the immortal-level cultivation technique she had finally received from Xia Jingyu! It was enough to make Hua Zhilan perfectly furious.

Hua Zhilan gritted her silver teeth and threw a small rock from her robe angrily.

Su Yu caught the rock automatically. He was at a total loss. He was not acquainted with the Empire of Darkness, although he had been through quite a number of incidents with them. However, the Empire of Darkness' Palace Master had not only driven Lu Jun away, he also bestowed a lightning-based cultivation technique upon him!

"Continue to work hard," said Ling Xiaotian. After nodding his head indifferently to Su Yu, he headed toward the sky.

Hua Zhilan was fuming. She had been there to exact revenge. Why had she instead lost a book of lightning-based immortal-level cultivation technique for no reason?

After some time had passed, Hua Zhilan could no longer contain her doubts. She opened her small mouth and said, softly but brimming indignation, "Palace Master, that book of immortal-level cultivation technique is mine."

Ling Xiaotian floated in the air with his hands clasped behind his back. He did not turn his head as he remarked, "It is Miss Xia's No, the news has spread. Now, she is one of the Seven Lords of Darkness of the King of Darkness, Lord Yi Yu."

Hua Zhilan's pretty eyes were filled with envy. Xia Jingyu had really passed the King of Darkness's assessment and became one of the Seven Lords of Darkness. Her name was changed to Yi Yu, and she had earned the title of Lord!

Her position was far higher than the Empire of Darkness's Palace Master, and she would oversee Zhenlong continent in the future.

"She bestowed it upon me," whispered Hua Zhilan, still pouting.

Ling Xiaotian could not help but laugh. He knew that Hua Zhilan brooded on the fact that he had given her lightning-based cultivation technique to Su Yu. He shook his head lightly. "I value his abilities highly. I saw my shadow on him!"

Hua Zhilan understood. She stared at the tall, sturdy silhouette in front of her, filled with respect.

It was rumored that Ling Xiaotian was the same as Su Yu; he had faced a hopeless situation where he was opposed by everyone and deserted by all his friends. When he had been bathed in blood and about to die, it was the King of Darkness, passing by, who had saved him. Hence, Ling Xiaotian followed the King of Darkness willingly and served the Empire of Darkness.

"But it is such a waste to give him an immortal-level cultivation technique!" Hua Zhilan said, still feeling extremely unsatisfied.

Ling Xiaotian smiled. "You are not suited for lightning techniques," he said, "so what's wrong with giving it to him? Don't you think that a junior like him who values relationships so highly is deserving of some praise?"

Values relationships highly? thought Hua Zhilan.

Although she saw everything, Hua Zhilan could not find any words of rebuttal against Lin Xiaotian.

"Fine," she said. "Consider him lucky! Don't let me come across him again. If I do" Hua Zhilan giggled and swung her small fists fiercely, baring her teeth.

Sometime later, Su Yu made a courtesy call to Ling Xiaotian, who had gone far away: "Thank you so much!"

No matter what the public said about the Empire of Darkness, they had saved Su Yu and had also presented him with a valuable gift. If there were a chance, he would repay them. At the moment, however, Su Yu still had things he needed to do.

Su Yu stamped one foot on the chest of Qian Kun. "Where was An Yurou brought to, and when will Lu Jun make his move on her?" he interrogated him coldly.

Since things had come to this, Qian Kun could only answer, "The Alliance City, and Yunxiang Cabinet is waiting for the Alliance Meet! Once Master Lu has treated An Yurou's injuries, he will start to link up with her and train!"

This was not surprising. After all, it was difficult for Lu Junwho enjoyed all the most beautiful women in Heaven and Earthto convince himself to link up with an ugly and devilish-looking woman.

"Why is he so persistent in getting An Yurou to link up with him?" Su Yu questioned him again.

Even after being separated for ten years, he still would not let An Yurou go. What did An Yurou have that caused him to cast his greedy eyes on her?

"She has a Yin Body," groaned Qian Kun, "and her Yin Element is ten times more than that of a normal woman. If Master Lu obtains her, his cultivation base will advance by leaps and bounds!"

Alliance Meet? thought Mo Wu.

Her face morphed with urgency. "Could it be that he wishes to get the Flesh Regeneration Elixirthe prize that the number one of the Alliance Meet would get?"

"Yes. He secretly instigated an extremely strong martial artist to take part in the Alliance Meet to obtain that Flesh Regeneration Elixir," Qian Kun explained. "That elixir has effects which defy the natural order. It enables broken limbs to grow again. It can also completely cure a disfigured face."

Mo Wu bit her silver teeth tightly and clenched her jade-like palms into fists. "No! That's mine! I will obtain it for Master!"

Su Yu suddenly understood the reason why Mo Wu was so persistent in taking part in the Alliance Meet. Her wish was surprisingly simpleto obtain the Regeneration Elixir and treat the Second Elder's face.

Mo Wu's gratitude toward her master for fostering her was a source of great shame, for when Mo Wu had met her master for the first time, she had hurt her feelings. Hence, she wanted to do everything she could to make up to her. Restoring her master's face was the only way she could make up for the remorse she felt within her heart.

Mo Wu's eyes glowed with determination. "Su Yu!" she said. "I will take my leave first. The Regeneration Elixir cannot fall into the hands of that hypocrite!"

Su Yu paused for a short while. Then his expression turned serious. "Wait!" he said. "I will come along with you! Putting aside my gratitude toward An Yurou, Lu Jun wants to kill me. As a result, this debt will not be settled so easily! I also want to go to the Alliance City."

Rumble, puff

With that, Su Yu exerted strength on his feet and finished the job, stamping Qian Kun to death.

"However, I still have some matters that I need to attend to," Su Yu said.

Mo Wu's heart was eager. She could wait no longer. "Understood! Then I will take my leave first. We will meet again in the Alliance City!"

Then she turned her body with a whistling sound and headed in the direction of the Alliance City.

Su Yu saw her off, his eyes filled with resolute determination. He had to go to the Alliance City, no matter what!

"Mistress Xi."

Su Yu flew back into a secret place where Xi Ruolan was placed at. After having blocked an attack for Su Yu, Xi Ruolan's breathing was weak. She was at death's door. Seeing that this was the case, Su Yu was at once grief-stricken and filled with admiration. She had sacrificed her very life to take revenge for Li Guang. To say that she was a remarkable woman would have been an understatement.

"Mistress" Su Yu said.

He revolved his spiritual energy to treat Xi Ruolan's injuries, but the effects were very minor. Xi Ruolan's pretty face was deathly pale, and she was extremely weak. She barely managed to force a gratified expression. After which, she extended her hand and lightly caressed Su Yu's face.

"In Brother Guang's entire life," said Xi Ruolan, "the thing he should be most proud of is taking you on as his disciple. If he knew what happened in the underworld, he would definitely be proud of you."

Su Yu's heart trembled. "Mistress, please stop talking."

Xi Ruolan shook her head slightly. Her face wore a joyful, satisfied expression.

"Don't waste your spiritual energy" she said. "A hundred years ago, I should have died together with Brother Guang. After having lived on in degradation for a hundred years, it is time for me to go and see him"

Words failed her for a moment as she coughed hoarsely.

"I hope that he will forgive me" she continued. "Forgive me for cheating him, forgive me for my sins and forgive that palm of mine"