The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Meteorite Bracelet
Chapter 217: Meteorite Bracelet
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Yun Yazi looked at the 17 meteorites up and down. He saw that atop the meteorites, there were many disciples outside the Sanctum and also many buildings. He then shook his head, saying, "Let's do some cleanup first."

He raised his palm and grabbed Liuxian Faction.

At once, a shocking scene occurred. Although it appeared to have been a random grab, the 17 giant meteorites shook vigorously at the same time! The buildings, forests, and disciples outside the Sanctum who were training atop the meteorites were swept into the sky by a fierce wind.

The 17 meteorites were swept thoroughly clean!

At that moment, the expression of the grief-stricken Liuxian Faction Master changed.


His tall and sturdy body flew high up in the sky, and his eyes were filled with astonishment. Who could shake all 17 meteorites at the same time?

"Which scoundrel has infiltrated my Liuxian Faction?" the Liuxian Faction Master seethed.

The abilities of the frightening Immortal Realm spread in all directions.

Yun Yazi hummed thoughtfully through his nostrils. "I have set my eyes on the 17 meteorites. Do you have any comments?" Without another word, he clenched his fist!

Rumble, rumble

In a heart-stopping display of power, the 17 meteoriteseach a mile broadwere compressed into the size of soybeans!

"Ah!" Despite the Liuxian Faction Master's strong, he cried out in alarm at the sight. He was baffled. This kind of move defied natural order!

As the Liuxian Faction Master watched in bewilderment, the 17 meteorites, each the size of a soybean, converged and connected, forming a bracelet that drifted toward Su Yu's wrist.

"Since the Liuxian Faction treated you like this," said Yun Yazi, "as your master, it is only natural for me to see that you receive some compensation. These 17 meteorites are still barely acceptable."

Yun Yazi's expression was casual, as if he had not just done something that could shake Heaven and Earth.

Su Yu was horrified. How strong was Yun Yazi? Initially, he had said that he was not an opponent for Hua Zhilan, but at this very moment, his shocking might had exceeded the limit of the Martial Path!

On the other hand, Su Yu was quickly attracted to the bracelet.

The small mountain that Su Yu carried on his waist had lost its function of adding weight on him. Now, the weight on the wrist was 170 times heavier than that of the small mountain!

Although Yun Yazi's soul had held most of the weight of the meteorites, Su Yu was strained to the maximum. Hi spiritual energy and blood energy were suppressed to the point that they became stagnant. His cultivation base was also suppressedall the way down to Dragon Realm Level One!

Su Yu was not shocked by this, however. Instead, he was delighted. He had experienced the benefits of training while carrying a weight. The meteorite bracelet was exactly what he needed!

"Let's go," Yun Yazi said indifferently. He swung his robe, leaped a thousand miles away with Su Yu, and disappeared completely.

Left behind was the Liuxian Faction Master. For a long time, he could only stand there, stunned. Finally, the Liuxian Faction Master looked at the bare faction with a heavy heart. He was devastated!

The Liuxian Faction had been radically transformed in a single day. More than half of its Elders were dead, snatched away by a mysteriously strong person! Moreover, everything had started with Su Yu, a lowly disciple.

At that moment, the Liuxian Faction Master was filled with devastating remorse.

A month passed, and in a deep part of Wolong Snowfield, a young man on a casual walk stepped into the deep snow that had accumulated. He closed his eyes and walked as if deeply contemplating something. His body was surrounded by wind and snow, in addition to a layer of purple thunder.


At that moment, the young man opened his eyes abruptly. His gaze emitted a ray of light and rumbled with thunder.

He raised his index finger lightly, and his serious eyes looked toward a 1,000-foot broad ice mountain in front of him.

"Thunder Star Finger!"

At once, a bit of purple light gathered at his fingertip and shone upon the ice field, like an expanse of dazzling, violet-colored stars and constellations. That finger was like a vision of a magnificent shooting star. An extremely great power enveloped the sky.

As Su Yu pointed his finger, 1,000-foot broad ice mountain cracked silently! The purple thunder reduced the ice mountain into nothingness. It melted everythingnot even sound of the crack could escape it! In an instant, the whole ice mountain practically disappeared out of nowhere!

Su Yu's eyes revealed a touch of satisfaction and admiration. "As expected of an immortal level cultivation technique," he said. "Even though Thunder Star Finger is only at Stage One Lower Class, it is extremely strong power and far from comparable to the small part of Wind Shadow Step."

After going through a time that was 200 times faster in a month and comprehending the Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder during that time, Su Yu had managed to comprehend Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder to Stage One Lower Class. He was satisfied with the effects of his training and the power of the immortal-level cultivation technique.

However, Su Yu was a bit disappointed. He did not know why, but comprehending the cultivation technique gave him a strange feeling of dj vu.

As he was comprehending the cultivation technique, the alluring silhouette of Xia Jingyu, who was as beautiful as a celestial beauty, appeared in his mind.

"Jingyu" Su Yu sighed softly.

The beautiful woman who he met in the past How would he look for her?

After standing still for a long time, Su Yu withdrew his disappointed heart and started to comprehend other cultivation techniques. The first stage of Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters had four levels: Entry Level, Lower Class, Upper Class and Top Class. After one month, he currently lacked only thirty percent of maturity to reach Entry Level. According to the manual, when exhibited at Dragon Realm, it could fight enemies four levels higher than its wielder.

However, Su Yu understood that this power, which could defeat opponents of a higher cultivation base, came at the cost of a physical sacrifice. It required Su Yu to injure himself to use it.

Exhibiting Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters twice consecutively had destroyed his vocal cords, making his voice hoarse. Even though a month had passed, those injuries had not recovered yet.

Unless it was at a juncture when his life was at stake, he could not use this technique!

The Stage One of Heaven's Son Gazing at Air was at immortal level. Su Yu still lacked fifty percent of maturity before he could achieve Lower Class and reach the level where he could release his soul for the first time. Despite this, Su Yu also felt that his soul had gotten half again as strong. His level of comprehension also went up!

With regards to the soul technique, Su Yu was filled with anticipation, and apart from that, his cultivation base had achieved Dragon Realm Level Three half a month ago.

When Su Yu looked forward, his eyes were filled with anticipation. "After passing through this mountain range," he muttered to himself, "I will arrive at Alliance City. However, before that, I need to change my identity." After all, in a place that was within the influence of Lu Jun, Su Yu needed to take precautions.

"After you enter the city, what do you plan to do?" Yun Yazi questioned.

Su Yu spoke in a low voice. "Firstly, I will participate in the Hundred Territories Alliance Meet, acquire the Flesh Regeneration Elixir, and destroy Lu Jun's thoughts of laying his hands on An Yurou! Secondly, I will enter the Yunxiang Cabinet and bring An Yurou away with me."

In actual fact, Su Yu had an alternative, more selfish motive for acquiring the Flesh Regeneration Elixir. The Duke of Xianyu had lost his arm, and Su Yu had promised him before that he would find a way to heal it. The Fresh Regeneration Elixir was the answer Su Yu was looking for. Moreover, there were two of them. One elixir each, for the Duke of Xianyu and An Yurou.

Yun Yazi admired Su Yu and nodded his head. The high value Su Yu placed on relationships was the reason why Yun Yazi had taken a fancy to him.

Clang, clang

Suddenly, the sounds of fighting echoed in Su Yu's ears. They were coming from the mountain range.

Su Yu's expression changed slightly, and he entered the mountain range in a flash. He stood atop an outcropping of ice and looked down from a high position. He discovered that it was a person fighting with a beast: a 17-year-old boy with a frightening cultivation base at Dragon Realm Level Three. With such a talent, even the faction's most talented Ji Hongxue was far from comparable to him! The beast was a white snake with ice-snow scales with a cultivation base of Dragon Realm Level Three.

The long sword in the young man's hand landed a strike to the snake's scales, emitting shards of ice. The snake's tough scales, however, did not crack in the slightest. What a shocking defense! Even though it was a full-power attack by a Dragon Realm Level Three, it was unable to injure the snake in the slightest!

In that case, that young man was in a dangerous situation as he was being suppressed by the white snake instead.

What Su Yu felt was strange was that nearby, two companions of the young man stood by, watching leisurely. They were a boy and a girl aged around 18-years-old.

The boy had a dignified appearance. He wore black clothes and stood with body language that conveyed a swift and fierce temperament. His cultivation base was at Dragon Realm Level Four!

An 18-year-old Dragon Realm Level Four? Another unique genius with frightening talents!

However, the young lady caused Su Yu to be even more astounded!

The young lady wore magnificent phoenix clothes and she was dragging her long skirt which trailed on the ground behind her. She had a noble and arrogant temperament, crystal clear eyes, a sharp, jade-like sharp, and soft red lips that were extremely captivating.

It was difficult to conceal her dignified and proud figure under her magnificent clothes. She was elegant like a flower, and judging by her arrogant temperament, she would have placed herself above tens of thousands of people. In other words, she was full of traits that could attract men. Moreover, her cultivation base had achieved the frightening Dragon Realm Level Five!

Lu Jun's attendant Qian Kun had also been at Dragon Realm Level Five, but he had been about 25 to 26 years old. The young lady in front of him was only 18-years-old! She was one of those people with astonishing talents who were rarely seen.

That man stood with his side toward the back of that incredibly beautiful lady. His eyes glowed with a hint of admiration. "Miss Yuxin," he said with a smile, "among the Dragon Realm Level Three demonic beasts, the Ice Dragon Snake is one of the most troublesome beasts to deal with. As its body is covered in scales, even a Dragon Realm Level Four would find it difficult to penetrate such armor. On a serious note, your younger brother Ouyang Taiyi has been fighting with that snake for a long time, and that's no easy feat. Your little brother is worthy of praise."

The young lady named Yuxin acted as if she had not heard what was said. Her clear eyes were paying close attention to her younger brother's battle, indifferent to all else.

As he did not get a reply, the young man felt a bit awkward and added, "I am sure that your little brother will be able to secure a slot in Shentian Manor in the upcoming Alliance Meet."

Yuxin raised her eyelids slightly but still did not so much as glance at the young man. She opened her bright red lips slightly. Her voice was mellow and pleasantlike a beautiful melody produced from stringed and woodwind instrumentsas she said, "The Hundred Territories is extremely vast, and there are many geniuses. Despite being 17-years-old, Taiyi has only achieved Dragon Realm Level Three. His talent is mediocre, and within the Hundred Territories, he is outside the top 100."

The young man did not argue the point.

At that moment, the circumstances of the fight changed dramatically. Throughout the course of this prolonged battle, Ouyang Taiyi had not gone down, and now, the Ice Dragon Snake revealed its ferocity. It swept its tail and attacked Taiyi's body.


With a horrible shriek, Ouyang Taiyi was sent flying into the ice mountain.

"Not good!" said the young man.

His expression conveyed concern. His heart, however, was bursting with joy. This was his chance to rescue Taiyi and earn the favor of Yuxin!

The Ice Dragon Snake roared. It opened its bloody mouth wide and headed towards Ouyang Taiyi, who was in the ice mountain. The young man prepared to make his move.

However, at that moment, a silver-haired, purple-shirted silhouette descended from the sky with his hands clasped behind his back.


The silver-haired young man landed on the big body of that Ice Dragon Snake, and although it was clear he had landed lightly, the Ice Dragon Snake suddenly looked as if it was struggling beneath the pressure of a lofty mountain pressing down on top of it!


The Ice Dragon Snake gave a horrible cry as it was pressed into the layer of ice! Under the enormous pressure, its internal organs were crushed, and it spat blood and chunks of viscera. It writhed a few times, then breathed its last breath and died!

The young man surveyed the scene in amazement. He actually stamped the Dragon Realm Level Three Ice Dragon Snake to death with one leg!

Su Yu carried 17 meteorites with him; it was little wonder he had been able to such enormous pressure. He floated downward and used his Divine Ice Threads to cut the snake and remove its snakeskin, all the while acting as if no one else was present.

The snake's scale was so hard that it could block attacks from people of Dragon Realm Level Four, but Su Yu indeed needed a change of clothes. His purple, dustproof robe had been with him for a year, which was long enough. It could not be damaged any further.

At the very moment, Su Yu looked no better than a beggar. He had always been a person who paid close attention to how he presented himself. However, he could not help it in Liuxian Faction. As time was always tight during his long period of stay in Liuxian Faction, he hadn't had time to maintain his clothing.

Now, he had reached the stage where he absolutely needed to change his clothes, and clothes refined by the snake's scales would provide extremely strong defense. The material was extraordinary, and it was perfect for making a new set of clothes.

"Stop it!" shouted a voice. "Who allowed you to touch my stuff?" Within the ice mountain, Ouyang Taiyi got up. He emitted a murderous aura.

Su Yu refused to listen. He did not even lift his head to look at Ouyang Taiyi.

"Are you deaf?" Ouyang Taiyi shouted coldly, furious at being ignored. "I have asked you to remove your dirty hands!"

Su Yu continued to act as if no one else was present. He promptly cut the snakeskin from the Ice Dragon Snake's abdomen.

Having been ignored three times, Ouyang Taiyi flew into a rage. "Where did this lowly beggar come from? Do you think that by saving me, you have earned my gratitude? With my sister and Tan Lin here, do you think I needed you to be a busybody?"

Su Yu's hands did not stop their work, but he finally raised his eyes a bit and swept his gaze indifferently toward Ouyang Taiyi.