The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Recruiting With A Pity For Talent
Chapter 220: Recruiting with a Pity for Talent
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Thinking for a moment, Lin Yunhe asked, "Little friend, can you show me your ability?"

"Sure," said Su Yu.

Lin Yunhe took out a few failed items for Su Yu's appraisal. Foreign objects, air pockets, cracks, variations in density Su Yu could tell all the imperfections with ease.

Lin Yunhe was amazed. "Little friend, if you are interested in the path of craftsmanship," he said, "you would have a bright future! If you are willing, I can teach you everything I know." There was eagerness in his voice. It seemed he was anxious that he was going to lose such an amazing talent. Su Yu was flattered. They had only just met, and Lin Yunhe was already willing to mentor him. This was the first time he had met such a selfless elder. However, with respect, Su Yu had to reject.

"My heart is with the Martial Paths," he said. "I am afraid I must decline your goodwill."

Despite his best efforts, Lin Yunhe had been rejected. He let out a dismayed sigh. "It's such a pity, considering your talents! But it is fate that we crossed paths since you wish to develop your Martial Paths. I could help you with that, as a way of thanking fate."

Su Yu waited patiently as Lin Yunhe penned a letter.

"This is a letter of recommendation," said Lin Yunhe when he was finished. "Take this to the master of the Lin family. He will allow you to enter the sacred grounds of the Lin family, the Nine Cloud Tower. Cultivating there would be greatly beneficial for you."

Su Yu was filled with gratitude. This was the first time he had met Lin Yunhe, but he had already helped him so much.

"Thank you, elder!" said Su Yu.

"Since you came to the equipment crafting area, I assume you need some equipment crafted? I can help you with that."

Lin Yunhe was extending another favor, and Su Yu was elated, once again giving his thanks.

"I wish to make a robe out of this Ice Dragon Snakeskin," he said. "Also, might I ask if you have any masks?"

Master Lin nodded. "There are a few masks in the treasure room behind the house. Go and pick one out yourself. I can help you craft the robe."

Su Yu entered the treasure room with gratitude. There were several masks that were casually placed. They were exquisitely made and of high quality. Su Yu inspected them all, picking up a silver mask that covered his face above the nose. Coupled with the silver hair and the Fire Cloud Seal between his brows, the mask gave him an air of mystery. Under the mask, his deep eyes looked even more compelling. It would be difficult for people to read him. He was immensely satisfied. Returning to Lin Yunhe's chambers, Su Yu waited for two hours while Master Lin worked on his robe.

Finally, it was finished: a long, white robe with its collar and sleeves embroidered with gold threads, exuding regality. The waist was fashioned with precious jade, making it much more opulent.

Su Yu exchanged the purple dustproof robe for his new outfit, his demeanor changing after donning the new robe!

The long, white robe flowed gracefully, just like his silver hair. Coupled with the silver mask, he looked like an immortal, reflecting a slight glow. In the blink of an eye, Su Yu had transformed from an insignificant beggar to a handsome prince.

Lin Yunhe was in awe. "What a makeover!" he said. "I name this robe the White Moon Ice Spiritual Robe. It has decent defensive capabilities and is in line with your demeanor."

"Thank you, Elder Lin!" Su Yu bowed in respect, his robe billowing, his hair dancing gently like an immortal.

Lin Yunhe chuckled. "Go. The level of assistance you gain from the Nine Cloud Tower will depend on your level of luck." Lin Yunhe smiled but hesitated before adding, "But the elder guarding the Nine Cloud Tower has some feud with me. He might be difficult with you. You must remember to take things in your stride."

"Yes!" said Su Yu.

"All right, I'll see you out."

Lin Yunhe personally accompanied Su Yu down the steps. Lin Huainan, who was waiting below the steps, was shocked. The gentleman in white robes beside his teacher had such a noble aura. Who was he? When had he gone up to the second level?

After a moment, he noticed the silver hair and deduced that this gentleman was actually the little beggar! But what made Lin Huainan even more stunned was the fact that his teacher was personally seeing him off! His teacher may have been polite, but the only people he would personally see off were the master of the Alliance and those close to the status of the Lin family.

Just who was this man?

Many others took note of Su Yu. His movements were calm and gentle. The robes exuded a noble quality. His face was as handsome as a deity, making it hard for the people around to not acknowledge his presence.

"What a handsome gentleman" a female youth muttered, blushing.

Beside her, a female youth of about 20 years of age was also blushing, her eyes fluttering. "Which family is that nobleman from? He must be a talented man to be able to enter the second floor."

Ouyang Yuxinstill waiting below the steps for her meeting with Master Linlifted her head subconsciously. She had eyes only for the figure of Su Yu. The White Moon Ice Spiritual Robe billowed in the wind. His smooth, silver hair danced gently. The handsome face under the silver mask added an extra layer of mystery.

Staring at Su Yu, Ouyang Yuxin was amazed, thinking to herself, "That man exudes a noble aura. Why haven't I seen him in the Hundred Territories Alliance?"

Under the eyes of everyone, Lin Yunhe escorted Su Yu to the door. Su Yu took his leave like a deity.

A moment later, the crowd gradually snapped out of their awe.

Ouyang Yuxin collected herself, quickly saying, "Tan Lin, chase after him! I'll be there shortly!"

Tan Lin's jealousy was burning. Ouyang Yuxin was a proud lady and had never paid extra attention to any men, but just now It was impossible to miss the fact that Ouyang Yuxin's pretty eyes were filled with unmistakable awe for the unknown nobleman.

"And then?" Tan Lin demanded. His expression was sinister.

Ouyang Yuxin had a spark in her eyes. "Ask about his background. If he is a person from outside the Alliance City, make sure to delay him. I'll be there shortly! I must absorb him into the Ouyang family, especially if he is held in such high regard by Master Lin!"

That was it, then? Tan Lin could not believe it! But Tan Lin ultimately agreed.

"All right!" he said.

Su Yu left the Heaven Treasure Building and asked for directions to the Lin family before rushing off in that direction.

There is still half a month before the Alliance Meet, thought Su Yu. I must treasure the opportunity to enter the Nine Cloud Tower to improve my cultivation level.

Even though he had many techniques in his arsenal, Su Yu could not let his guard down. After all, how extensive was the Hundred Territories Alliance? It likely contained many geniuses.

In the Liuxian Faction, Su Yu may have been an ungodly genius, but in the Hundred Territories Alliance, he was merely average.

At this moment, a stern voice came from behind. "Stop right there!"

Su Yu stopped, coldly turning his head. What entered his vision was Tan Lin hurrying toward him. His eyes burned with a jealous fire as he spat, "Tell me your name!"

Su Yu glanced at him, then shifted his feet. He did not need to bother with him. Did Su Yu have to tell him his name just because he told him to?

At this blatant disregard, Tan Lin's fury grew more intense. He stepped forward. "I am asking you a question!" he declared. "What is your name, and where are you from? Speak!"

Su Yu ignored him, continuing his journey to the Lin family.

"You are asking for punishment!" Tan Lin shouted. "You really must think you are something else!" Tan Lin was livid. By now, he had long forgotten that he had been sent to ask about this nobleman's background.


Tan Lin appeared in front of Su Yu, blocking the path. His palm gathered a ball of terrifying spirit energy.

"Acting mysterious by wearing a mask," said Tan Lin. "Let me see what abilities you have!"


Tan Lin's palm was like the wind as he grabbed for Su Yu's mask.