The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Three Great Ancient Regions
Chapter 221: Three Great Ancient Regions
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Su Yu frowned slightly. He lifted his palm and waved.

"You are only a mere Dragon Realm Level One," growled Tan Lin. "How dare you put on an act!"

Tan Lin's pride had been wounded. Ouyang Yuxin had actually judged him to be inferior to this man! However, it could be said that it was extremely strange that Su Yu had stamped the Ice Dragon Snake to death with one leg. Regardless, if a Dragon Realm Level One fought with him face to facea Dragon Realm Level Fourwould he survive more than a single attack from him?

He could see that Su Yu's movements were stiff and slow. He was clearly a layman and a newcomer to the Dragon Realm. Yet, in Ouyang Yuxin's eyes, Tan Lin was not even comparable to someone like him! Tan Lin found it ridiculous.


The two of them exchanged blows with their palms.

Abruptly, Tan Lin's determined expression became alarmed. Although his opponent's movement was slow, Tan Lin's attack felt as if it had landed on a mountain!

Even with his formidable spiritual energy and strength, he was unable to shake Su Yu in the slightest. Instead, the energy was reflected back onto him. Tan Lin was shaken to the point that he staggered for a moment and almost fell down!

Su Yu carried 17 meteorites with him. How could he be shaken by a random strike from Tan Lin? In addition, Su Yu's new White Moon Ice Spiritual Robe could block an attack from a Dragon Realm Level Four. At this point, Tan Lin could not even injure a single soft hair on Su Yu's body.

Tan Lin glared at Su Yu. Not only had he not defeated Su Yu with a single strike as planned, but he had suffered a small loss. Tan Lin was filled with anger and humiliation. One could imagine the anger in Tan Lin's heart.

"Mister, do you think you are untouchable?" demanded Tan Lin.

Su Yu frowned slightly. He had no intentions of dealing with Tan Lin, but Tan Lin kept forcing his hand.

"Red Moon Palm!" Tan Lin attacked furiously.

Red spiritual energy surrounded his palms. His palms then changed posture, morphing into a semi-circular shape. From afar, it would have looked like a bright red moon in his hand. It was a legacy-level cultivation technique at Stage Three Top Class!

Su Yu gave a small nod. Even if this was a genius from the Alliance City, he was unable to cultivate immortal-level cultivation technique as he pleased. Even after hundreds of years, the Liuxian Faction had only gotten a remnant of a manual of an immortal-level cultivation technique. On the continent, immortal-level cultivation techniques were considered lost knowledge and were highly prized.

His opponent had unleashed his full power and clearly had no intentions of holding back. Naturally, Su Yu would not hold back either.

"Wind Shadow Step!" Su Yu said. His heart hummed. He exerted force at the tip of his toes and stepped onto the void. A giant footprint formed by a gust of fierce wind appeared under Su Yu's feet.

Palm and step collided.


With the horrible shriek, a silhouette was sent flying through the city and crashed into a wall.

Tan Lin landed roughly and spat out a mouthful of blood. Looking down, he realized his clothes were stained dark red across the chest.

His arrogant expression was gone. Instead, astonishment was written across his deathly pale face.

"Immortal-level cultivation technique?" he gasped. "Who are you?"

Only highly powerful martial artists of the Immortal Realm possessed immortal-level cultivation techniques. Those who could so much as approach immortal-level cultivation techniques were always outstanding people with great influence.

Moreover, his opponent had managed to comprehend the immortal-level cultivation technique, implying that he had a high level of comprehension! How dominating was Ouyang Yuxin, a Heaven Ruler's young girl? Yet even the Ouyang family only had three remnants of manuals of immortal-level cultivation techniques.

Ouyang Yuxin herself had been cultivating those immortal-level cultivation techniques since she had been young, and she had only managed to hone them to Stage One Lower Class! What kind of divine being was this man, that he also managed to touch a small part of an immortal level cultivation technique?

Su Yu floated down. He did not even look at Tan Lin. He continued on his path to the Lin family.


A sweet-smelling wind blew, and a beautiful figure appeared stood in front of Su Yu.

"Sir, please give way!" she said. She wore flowing clothes and had an extremely magnanimous temperament. Her face was beautiful and graceful. Who else could it be but Ouyang Yuxin?

She had hurriedly assigned Master Lin a task to make a piece of equipment and then chased after them. She had not expected to find them in battle, let alone Su Yu fatally injuring Tan Lin with his leg.

Under Su Yu's mask, he raised his deep eyes slightly and looked up as if to say, What do you need?

Tan Lin dragged his body toward Ouyang Yuxin. He hid half his body behind Ouyang Yuxin, and his eyes were filled with deep veneration mixed with resentment.

"Miss Yuxin," he said, "I talked to him nicely, but he suddenly attacked and injured me!" How could he willingly admit that in a fair fight, he was not Su Yu's opponent?

Talked to me nicely? thought Su Yu. He sneered indifferently. This man was a clown. His foolish actions had turned things upside down, and Su Yu was in no mood to deal with it.

Su Yu said nothing. He circled around Ouyang Yuxin, then left quietly.

"Miss Yuxin," said Tan Lin, "it is better for you to not associate with such a strange and ruthless person like him!"

Since Su Yu had not even bothered to explain himself, Tan Lin would try to exaggerate the matter. But Ouyang Yuxin's beautiful eyebrows twitched slightly. Her clear eyes narrowed on Tan Lin.

"Is that so?" said Ouyang Yuxin. "He injured you severely?"

"My injuries are not severe, but he attacked me with a surprise attack despicably. Miss Yuxin, please avenge me!"

Ouyang Yuxin nodded her sharp, snow-white chin. "Understood! I will avenge you"

Tan Lin was delighted. However, something unexpected happened. Ouyang Yuxin turned her pretty body and slapped Tan Lin's face!


Having been slapped with a great strength, Tan Lin's body wheeled in a full circle. A distinct, red palm print appeared on his face.

He looked at her, incredulous. He and could not understand Ouyang Yuxin's actions, but beneath the angry gaze of her beautiful eyes, he felt guilty and frightened.

He spoke evasively. "Miss Yuxin You"

"Since he did not injure you fatally, I gave you another slap on his behalf!" Ouyang Yuxin said, her beautiful face as cold as ice.

Tan Lin's was filled with humiliation. "It was he who injured me. Instead of standing up for me, you slap me on his behalf?"

"Humph!" Ouyang Yuxin snapped furiously. "I asked you to come here to get the name of that nobleman and his family. I did not ask you to come here to satisfy your personal grudge!"

She had wished to win Su Yu overby any means. She had not expected Tan Lin to foolishly use his position for private gains, offending the gentleman as a result.

"If it weren't for you constantly being at my service over the past few days, your punishment would not be as simple as a slap!" Ouyang Yuxin berated him icily. "Now, you can leave! I do not need people like you by my side!"

Tan Lin's heart was filled with hatred. Despite the fact that he was constantly at Ouyang Yuxin's service, he was not as important as this mysterious, noble gentleman of a dubious background!

"Understood!" Tan Lin said, clenching his teeth. "I will leave!"

He left with humiliation but not before shooting a fierce glare at Su Yu's back!

Ouyang Yuxin did not even look at him anymore. Instead, she cast her coldness aside and chased after Su Yu. By the time she reached him, her beautiful face then wore an elegant smile.

"I am Ouyang Yuxin," she said. "That friend of mine has no sense of propriety. He must have offended you. Please forgive us."

Su Yu nodded his chin slightly but did not open his mouth. He did his best to stay away from this kind of young lady. Tan Lin may have been a fool, but he was constantly at her service. Even if he had not performed meritorious deeds, he had done hard work. Yet, just in order to gain the favor of a stranger, Ouyang Yuxin had not hesitated to slap him, causing him to leave with humiliation.

It was clear that young lady was extremely selfish and unfeeling. If he became her friend, she would most likely abandon him the moment he lost his worth in her eyes.

The ways of the world were malicious. Su Yu understood that in order for a young lady like her to live in a land with such brutal living conditions, she had to be greedy for fame and gain. However, he found it hard to accept a young lady who considered earning favors from people of strong influence to be more important than remembering her devoted allies.

Having received no reply, Ouyang Yuxin felt embarrassed. Many young men across the whole Alliance would have paid any price to talk to her. Most were unable to gain so much as a look from her. This silver-faced nobleman, however, was impassive.

"Can I ask for your great name, Sir?" Ouyang Yuxin asked him with a smile.

There was nothing that Su Yu could do. He shook his head indifferently and did not answer.

Ouyang Yuxin was surprised. Could he be a mute?

A thread of sympathy appeared in her bright eyes. This nobleman who had such unsurpassed elegance, a magnanimous temperament, and was as handsome as a celestial being was a mute!

In Ouyang Yuxin's heart, her impression of the elegant nobleman in the corrupted world became worse. However, what was really important was this man's relationship with Master Lin.

Hence, she did not leave. Instead, she followed him closely and questioned him continuously along the way.

Ouyang Yuxin followed Su Yu until he arrived at the entrance of Lin family's territory. Then, to her surprise, he went straight to the yard!

The expression on Ouyang Yuxin's flower-like face changed slightly.

"The Lin Family?" she muttered. "Hundred Territories Alliancethe Three Great Ancient Regions?"