The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Lin Family Disciples
Chapter 222: Lin Family Disciples
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In the past, the Hundred Territories had been entirely undeveloped and wild. Many powerhouses had disappeared and died off over the years, but since ancient times, three had survived and stood at the peak of the Hundred Territories. These three powerhouses were the Three Great Ancient Regions! And the Lin family was one of these regions.

The Lin family's abilities were ranked third within the Hundred Territory Alliance, making it a true powerhouse. Even 10 Ouyang families might not even be enough to match the Lin family.

The Ouyang family could only hope to form relations with the Lin family. This thought weighed heavily on Ouyang Yuxin's mind as she continued to follow the mysterious, mute nobleman.

"Could this mute be a nobleman from the Lin family?" Ouyang Yuxin muttered to herself as she stared at the Lin family sign, her expression stern.

She stopped in her tracks, not daring to follow the mysterious man any farther. Two guards, about 40-years-old, flanked the entrance to the Lin homeland. The guards' cultivation levels were both terrifyingeach reaching Dragon Realm Level Three Peak!

"Who are you?" one of the guards demanded.

Su Yu took out a letter without expression and tossed it to them. The two guards took a look, their expressions changing.

"What is your name?" one asked.

Su Yu was silent for a moment, thinking of a name on the spot.

"Yin Yu" said Su Yu.

Since he had decided to change his look, it seemed appropriate that he should undergo a complete transformation of his identity.

"Since you were recommended by Master Lin, come in," said the guard.

The two guards stepped aside, allowing Su Yu to enter.

Ouyang Yuxin, watching the scene from the distance, opened her eyes wide. "He's not a mute? Then he was just deliberately ignoring me?"

Ouyang Yuxin felt a ball of vengeance welling up within her. Did she offend him? He had not said so much as a single word during the entire journey here!

But upon further consideration, Ouyang Yuxin felt a hit of victory. For one thing, she now knew his name: Yin Yu.

Secondly, she knew his background. He was not a person of the Lin family. In fact, he may have been someone from outside the Alliance City! If that was the case, she definitely needed to get him into the Ouyang family! A person who was regarded highly by Master Lin, and was able to use an immortal-level technique needed to be absorbed into the Ouyang family!

Within the Lin family's territory, a guard led the way.

"I'll first take you to pay respects to the Lin family master," he said.

Su Yu nodded. "Naturally."

At the Lin family, one naturally had to first pay respects to its master.

They cut through a garden and saw several youths sparring. Su Yu was struck by how young they were. The youngest was just 15-years-oldthe same age as Su Yubut had a cultivation level of Dragon Realm Level Three! The oldest was only 19 and had a cultivation level of Dragon Realm Level Four Peak! Their potential was just slightly below that of Ouyang Yuxin's!

These were undoubtedly disciples of the Lin family. And these people were only a fraction Su Yu of those whom could observe.

The Lin family disciples, thought Su Yu. What a strong heritage!

Anyone amongst them could have been classified as a super genius in the Liuxian Faction. But here in the Lin family's territory, they were merely average.

At this moment, two 18-year-old youths were sparring. One of them was Dragon Realm Level Four Lower Tier, the other Dragon Realm Level Four Upper Tier. The Dragon Realm Level Four Upper Tier disciple was a handsome youth, his looks slightly sinister. He faced a muscular teen of Dragon Realm Level Four Lower Tier.

Their sparring was intense, each move concealing mercilessness hidden just under the surface. It did not look like a normal sparring match. Upon closer observation, Su Yu noticed that they would occasionally steal glances at a woman in red robes nearby who stood silently watching the fight.

The woman in red robes was 18. Her appearance was beautiful, with a sharp chin and fair skin, and her cultivation level was a terrifying Dragon Realm Level Four Peakmaking her the most powerful individual in the entire crowd.

But, perhaps due to the fact that she had been born in the Alliance City, she was as arrogant as Ouyang Yuxin. Her chin was slightly lifted, her eyelids partially closed. Self-importance radiated from her in waves.

Ouyang Yuxin was only arrogant in her heart; her appearance still carried a regular aura. But this red-robed woman was colder. Her conceit was written upon her face.

When Su Yu noticed the way all the other youths watching the match occasionally shot glances at her, the reason for such a heated spar was clear. These two fighters were young and passionate. They probably wanted to impress the lady in red.



By the time Su Yu passed through, they had already exchanged ten strokes. Ultimately, the Dragon Realm Level Four Lower Tier Lin family disciple was slightly weaker than the Upper Tier and was sent retreating with a fist.

The Dragon Realm Level Four Upper Tier disciple wore a smile of victory.

"Lin Long, perhaps you would want to train for another two years?" the victor said, openly ridiculing his opponent. "With your talent, you are destined to follow behind me!"

Lin Long was a muscular and proud man. The humiliation he felt for losing on the spot was understandable. The lady in red flared her nostrils, and her arrogant eyes scanned past him in disdain, intensifying Lin Long's shame! But in terms of ability, he could not defeat the slightly stronger Lin Hai!

Coincidentally, Lin Long was sent retreating at the same moment that Su Yu was passing through the garden without expression. He backpedaled quickly in Su Yu's direction, about to collide with him. Calmly, Su Yu put up a hand, pressing it on Lin Long's back.


Despite the intensity in which Lin Long was sent retreating, his figure halted when he collided with the mountain that was Su Yu!

Lin Long looked around to see an unfamiliar face. With a fierce glower, Lin Long turned leveled a finger a Su Yu's nose before exclaiming in fury, "Are you blind? Can't you see that I am sparring? Who told you to stand behind me and affect my performance?"

Su Yu was confused. The youths were sparring in the pavilion, and Su Yu was walking in the garden. They were about five to six meters apart. Obviously, Lin Long had been sent flying backward because he was weaker. Yet he placed all the blame on Su Yu!

Lin Hai was stronger than him. He had already lost face in his battle and would not gain it back. But Su Yu was only Dragon Realm Level One. Who better to take his frustration out on?

After understanding the situation, Su Yu let out an angry laugh. Without changing his expression, Su Yu said, "All I saw was that you cannot take a blow and were sent flying by another person's fist. How is that my problem?"

"You dare to make excuses!" Lin Long snapped, his facial features contorting like an angry lion. "Without your interference, would I have lost so quickly?"

Su Yu shook his head, "It is okay to fail. But one who cannot accept failurewho chooses instead to place blame on otherswill forever be unable to pass the hurdle!"

Even though he understood the logic, Lin Long now felt obligated to find fault in Su Yu. After his embarrassing loss, he had to salvage his reputation. Lin Long's reputation may have been important, but could Su Yu allow his pride be trampled on like this?

Su Yu's words were direct and to the point. They cut straight to the heart of Lin Long, causing his cheeks to flush red. His anger only grew. He had wanted to find someone to vent his frustrations upon, to salvage a bit of dignity today. Instead, he had been mocked by the other party, making it even more difficult for him to step down.

In the pavilion, the Lin family disciples all laughed mockingly, as if they were watching a clown. Not least of all, the lady in red. Her eyes not only showed disappointment and humor but also mild disgust!

Lin Long's face was hot. His heart pounded with frustration.

"You bloody thing!" shouted Lin Long. "I shall teach you some manners!"

Lin Long struck in a fury. The distance between themcoupled with the suddenness of Lin Long's attackgave Su Yu no chance to evade!