The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Blue Spirit Flames
Chapter 224: Blue Spirit Flames
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An elder in green robes stepped out angrily. He was short and pale, and his face was clean-shaven.


It was a Lin family elder with cultivation level in the Immortal Realm. Judging by his aura, he should have been much more powerful than the Master and Great Elder of the Liuxian Faction.

Su Yu could guess who this person was. Lin Yunhe had mentioned that the elder guarding the tower was not on good terms with him It would seem that this was the elder before him now.

A wave of shock rippled through the crowd of Lin family disciples. "Great Elder!" they whispered, finding it hard to disguise the fear in their eyes.

"He has provoked the elder!" someone murmured. "Lin Hai's grandfather!"

Another replied, "With the protective personality of the Great Elder, how could he not come out, with Lin Hai so severely injured? This silver-haired kid is in trouble!"

"Even without the incident with Lin Hai," said another, "I think that the Great Elder would still take issue with him. In the past, what talent was introduced by Lin Yunhe that has not faced some trouble with the Great Elder? They two are at odds, after all."

Su Yu understood after hearing those murmurs. Inside, he shook his head wearily.

Su Yu looked at the Great Elder's angry eyes, calmly saying, "Behaving atrociously? Why didn't you come out and say that your grandson was behaving atrociously when he was being overbearing? Only now that I have injured him do you come out and say that I am behaving atrociously!"

The Great Elder had an ugly expression. "You injure a member of the Lin family and still dare to speak such insolent words?"

Su Yu shook his head. "Insolent words? Are the people of the Lin family incapable of truth and reason?"

"Stubborn fellow!" said the Great Elder. He slowly released his aura as an Immortal, blanketing the surroundings and causing the skin of many Dragon Realm disciples to crawl.

"Enough!" a crisp voice issued from the sky.

It was soft and difficult to trace where it came from, but the Great Elder's expression suddenly changed, suppressing his aura.

"Master," he said. "This ignorant lad injured a Lin family disciple. If we do not punish him, what will happen to our reputation?"

"Let's disregard the fact that Lin Hai was weaker than him," spoke the voice. The tone of the Lin family master was calm but harbored traces of anger. "You wish to bully the weak just because you are stronger. Do you not think that we have lost enough face today?"

The family master's reasoning was sound. Lin Hai had deliberately sought out trouble with Su Yu, but he had not managed to beat him. Instead, he had been taught a lesson by Su Yu. Now that Su Yu had beaten the younger one, the older one had come to seek trouble with him as well! If news of this spread, it would sully the reputation of the Lin family.

"Yes, Master!" said the Great Elder. Even though he was furious, he sensed the anger in the words of the Lin family master and had no choice but to suppress the feelings in his heart, rushing instead to check on Lin Hai's injuries.

The Lin family master let out a sigh. "All right. Enter the Nine Cloud Tower."


The doors of the Nine Cloud Tower silently opened. As Su Yu entered, he instantly felt the assault of a fearsome heatwave. The pain on his skin was unbearable.

He looked at the Lin family disciples around him. They were also having trouble, barely able to contain their pain. But behind their pain, it looked as though they were also deeply anticipating something.

Su Yu felt that there was a warm energy within the heat, entering his body with every breath. When the energy entered his body, Su Yu was surprised to find that the Dragon Realm Level Three Upper Tier cultivation level he had just reached did not weaken!

"What a powerful energy!" Su Yu said aloud. He was shocked; this energy was thirty percent stronger than that of the Ancient Xianyun Temple's! And this was only the entrance! The closer to the center one got, the richer the energy became.

Scanning with his eyes, Su Yu found that there were nine floating lotuses at the middle of the tower. Each lotus could accommodate one person, and under each lotus were shreds of weak, blue spirit flames radiating pure energy as it spread its heat.

The energy at the entrance was already so pure. Su Yu could only imagine if he were to cultivate atop the lotus

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Multiple figures speedily rushed for the nine lotuses. Su Yu was not willing to fall behind. No one in the crowd could best him in terms of speed. Releasing his Divine Spirit's Heavenly Wings, Su Yu caught up with the Dragon Realm Level Fives, trailing just behind them and was successful in getting a seat!

The rest of the lotuses were gradually occupied, but the fight was not over. Those who were weaker were immediately kicked off their lotus.

Other than the three Dragon Realm Level Fives and the Dragon Realm Level Four Peak with some reputationwhom no one dared to challengefights immediately broke out for the rest of the lotuses.

But there was an exception. Su Yu!

None of the Dragon Realm Level Four Upper Tiers dared to cross paths with Su Yu after witnessing how he had managed to injure Lin Hai with just a kick. Lin Hai had scratched the surface of an immortal-level technique and was regarded as the most powerful Dragon Realm Level Four Upper Tier. If he had been reduced to such a pathetic state, what would happen to the rest of them?

Although many of the Lin family disciples were angry about Su Yu occupying a seat, they could not do anything about it. Su Yu's fierce attack had brought about several unexpected outcomes.

After about a tea's time, the fights for the lotuses settled down. The nine victors were enjoying the richest resources. The rest could only retreat and settle for second best, surrounding the nine lotuses.

Su Yu closed his eyes, greedily absorbing the energy.

Three days later, Su Yu had already reached the peak of Dragon Realm Level Three Upper Tier and was just on the cusp of entering Dragon Realm Level Three Peak. Finally, the disciples around the nine lotuses had begun to leave.

Su Yu could not deny he was started to feel a bit of discomfort. Observing closely, he noticed something he had not realized until now: The flames around him had grown larger!

Su Yu suddenly felt that he was being submerged in boiling water. His entire body was racked with burning agony. Looking down, he saw that the wisps of blue spirit flames under the lotuses had become expanding balls of dancing flames!

Many of the Lin family disciples were unable to tolerate the heat and were starting to leave. Even the three Dragon Realm Level Fives were creasing their brows and clenching their teeth.

"It looks like the second level is about to open," one of them said.

The second level was the true land of flames. The place was surrounded by burning blue spirit flames. Even Dragon Realm Level Fives had to exercise caution when they entered!

As the second level grew closer to opening, the blue spirit flames seeped into the first level, forcing those with weaker cultivation levelsor those who lacked determinationout of the tower.

Su Yu felt a richer energy, clenching his teeth as the cold energy between his brows enveloped him, fighting off the heat with determination. At first, Su Yu still felt a bit of cooling relief. But as the flames grew stronger, Su Yu had no choice but to continually release more chilly energy.

Other than the three Dragon Realm Level Fives and Su Yu, all the other disciples had left.

One group of disciples who were having a hard time stood at the entrance, watching in surprise.

"Look!" one of them said. "That silver-haired lad is persevering even now, just like the three Dragon Realm Level Five geniuses!"

"Hmph!" another replied. "He must be faking it. For all we know, he might have already been poisoned by the heat!"

"Let's continue observing. Soon, the second level will open. The blue spirit flames will then be constantly erupting. No way he can still tolerate that!"

At this moment, the three Dragon Realm Level Fives began exhibiting signs of pain, clenching their teeth tightly. But the longer they could stay here, the more energy there would be, and the more benefits they would receive!

Compared to them, Su Yu's expression was relaxed, absorbing the energy in the air in large amounts.

Buzz, buzz, buzz

Finally, his cultivation level achieved another breakthrough. He had entered the ranks of Dragon Realm Level Three Peak!

In just three days, he had achieved another breakthrough. The Nine Cloud Tower was a wondrous place, but the first level was far from enough for him to break through to Dragon Realm Level Four!


At this moment, a large crack opened from the ground. Powerful blue spirit flames erupted from the crack. Every eruption filled the entirety of the first level with flames! The expressions of the three Dragon Realm Level Fives changed.

"It's no good!" one of them wailed. "We can't persevere any longer! Leave, quick!"

At the critical moment, the three Dragon Realm Level Fives finally abandoned cultivating and fled the first level!

And yet, Su Yu seemed to be relaxing, sitting with his eyes closed, not realizing that he was being swallowed by the blue spirit flames! A commotion broke out between the members of the Lin family outside the tower.