The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Legendary Genius
Chapter 225: Legendary Genius
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Had Yin Yu died?

The expressions of the Lin family's disciples changed as they watched Su Yu's still body. The disciples of Dragon Realm Level Five who had escaped shook their heads in sympathy.

"It is such a pity," one of them said. "He managed to train himself to Dragon Realm Level Three at the age of 15, and his talents are considered decent. In addition, he had managed to comprehend a small part of an immortal-level cultivation technique. Because of that, he is also considered a top genius."

A number of other Lin family disciples treated the matter coldly.

"He is not worthy of our sympathy!" someone snapped. "One must estimate his own ability before doing anything so that he can achieve success in the Martial Path. By being eager for instant success and greedy for the energy within Nine Cloud Tower, without any sense of propriety, he was swallowed by the raging flame. It serves him right!"


Within Nine Cloud Tower, the floor had completely cracked open. Raging, blue flames soared and burned the entirety of the first level. The extremely high temperature forced the Lin family members out of the entrance.

However, at that moment, within the Blue Spirit Flames, a lump of strange scarlet flame roared up abruptly! More than half of the surrounding Blue Spirit Flames went out at once.

In the middle of it was a handsome young man in a long, white robe, his silver hair fluttering. At that moment, he sat down with his legs crossed, sitting quietly, as if he were delighted. He had a calm expression, as though he were resting in the autumn waters of a quiet lake that had no waves. Amidst the violent raging flame, he looked like the world's purest, finest, most unapproachable celestial spirit. Even if he were to extinguish all the Blue Spirit Flames, no one dared disrespect him.

"Yin Yu!" But the Lin family's disciples could say no more; they were shocked to the point that they were speechless, as though they had seen a ghost.

The three Dragon Realm Level Five disciples revealed surprised expressions and were filled with conflicting emotions. "So, he's an ice-type martial artist! What strong endurance!"

"Among the juniors in my Lin family, only Big Brother Aojue can endure the raging flame at the second level!" someone said. "The level of Yin Yu's ice techniques is indeed high!"

After hearing what was said, Lin Hong's pretty face became angry. "Who does he think he is that he can compare with Big Brother Aojue?" she said.

When the three words "Big Brother Aojue" came out from her mouth, the proud Lin Hong revealed a rare expression of adoration. It was an expression only young ladies had.

Meanwhile, some young men had resentful expressions. "Humph! If we compare him to Big Brother Aojue, aren't we bringing disgrace to Big Brother Aojue?"

The Dragon Realm Level Five disciple's words had caused everyone to be furious. "What I meant was that, in the context of tolerating the Blue Spirit Flames, Yin Yu is not inferior to Big Brother Aojue," he explained hurriedly. "However, if we talk about abilities, there is no need for comparison. After all, one is a dragon in the sky while the other one is a snake crawling on the floor."

Lin Hong's pretty face turned red and her nose wrinkled. "Humph! That is more like it! Throughout our family's history, Big Brother Aojue is the strongest genius of our Lin family's current generation! He is known as one of the Hundred Territories' Three Great Legends. A slightly talented person like Yin Yu is not even worthy of carrying shoes for Big Brother Aojue."

The Hundred Territories' Three Great Legends were the Three Great Unmatched Geniuses who stood at the top in the Hundred Territories Alliance. Every one of them had exceptional talents that surpassed hundreds of millions of geniuses and allowed them to stand at the summit. Hence, they were known as the legendary geniuses.

As one of the Three Great Ancient Regions, the Lin family had nurtured a legendary genius: Lin Aojue.

It was rumored that he had been born possessing a cultivation base of Level Three of the Martial Path. He made a breakthrough to Holy King at the age of ten and a breakthrough to Dragon Realm at the age of 15. At the moment, he was 19 years old and about to break through to the Immortal Realm! His whole life was a legend that people looked up to.

Within Nine Cloud Tower, Su Yu opened his eyes slowly, showing a hint of disappointment. He was at Dragon Realm Level Three Peak and was still a step away from achieving Dragon Realm Level Four. The reason was simple. He had made breakthroughs consecutively and quickly, resulting in greater obstacles in front of him.

As expected, he would need to train quietly for one month before it would be possible for him to overcome the great obstacles and make a breakthrough for Dragon Realm Level Four.


Su Yu could hear a creaking sound. When he looked at the cracked floor, he realized that there was a flight of stairs leading downward.

The Nine Cloud Tower was split into two levelsground level and underground leveland the Blue Spirit Flames on the ground level were only a small fraction of the flames that seeped out from the underground level!

When Su Yu felt these flames, which were many times fiercer, his eyes glowed. That meant that the energy at the underground level would also be many times more powerful!


Su Yu stood up. Without hesitation, he headed to the underground level.

"Quick, look!" someone said. "He has entered the underground level!"

The Lin family's disciples were speechless. Many cried out in alarm. Among the disciples, only Lin Aojue alone had the right to enter the underground level. Even the three Dragon Realm Level Five disciples had never entered the underground level before. It was holy territory that belonged to Lin Aojue alone!

Suddenly, someone else had managed to enter the underground level!


The raging flame which blew toward Su Yu carried an extremely high temperature. The fires were all-consuming, and the Fire Cloud Seal between Su Yu's eyebrows twitched even more violently. Still, the cold energy managed to protect his body.

"What thick energy!" Su Yu said, taking a deep breath.

The great obstacles within him, previously difficult to overcome, started to loosen up immediately. Without hesitation, Su Yu passed through the flame and headed toward the central area of the underground level. In his wake, all the Blue Spirit Flames were doused.

However, when Su Yu reached the central area, his eyelid twitched in surprise. In the central area, deep within the Blue Spirit Flames, a 19-year-old man sat with his legs crossed!

He wore a black, unlined robe and had a thin body. His temperament was extremely cold. What shocked Su Yu was that here, within the frightening, raging flames, this man was trainingwithout any protection!

When the raging flames blew toward him, even from a mere foot away, all of them were repelled by the aura that he emitted.

What a strong aura! though Su Yu. Could he be at Dragon Realm Level Seven?

Who was he? Could it be that the Lin family, although they did not have any Dragon Realm Level Six disciples, had a frightening Dragon Realm Level Seven? His aura was horrifying. If he truly was a disciple of the Lin family, he could have gotten rid of the rest of the Lin family's disciples single-handedly!

Suddenly, the young man in the black robe opened his eyes.

The icy, cold edge of a knife passed through Su Yu's heart. Instantly, Su Yu felt as if his heart had been frozen solid.

After some time, Su Yu managed to recover. The young man in the black robe only stared at Su Yu. It seemed that even an outsider unexpectedly appearing in the underground level was not enough to shake his cold-hearted gaze.

He said coldly, "I do not need to know who you are. I will give you three breaths' time to leave this place."

Although his eyes were not filled with disdain, his words contained a measure of authority that commanded other people not to interfere with him. It was as if he was the ruler of the place.

Su Yu looked back at him calmly. "I had not planned to tell you who I am."

Then Su Yu found a suitable spot and sat down with his legs crossed.

Seeing that Su Yu had no plans of leaving, the young man's gaze turned even more frigid. He got up slowly, clasped his hands behind his back and said, "I am Lin Aojue!"

It was only a single sentence, yet it was filled with the aura of an overlord looking down upon all he surveyed. The very name Lin Aojue signified a legend that was unsurpassedthe peak of perfection that one needed to look up toand a phenomenon which one needed to regard with veneration!

Unfortunately, Su Yu did not know this. He replied indifferently, "I do not need to know who you are. Since no need stopped me from coming in, none will drive me out, either." Su Yu remained in his spot, untouched.

Lin Aojue icy face frowned for the first time. His eyes were filled with impatience as he instructed aggressively, "Get out! If an outsider were to touch my place, my place would be stained."

The real meaning behind his words was that the appearance of Su Yu had tarnished the sanctity of this place! After hearing these words, Su Yu laughed furiously. If Su Yu's abilities were above Lin Aojue, would Lin Aojue say that his place had been stained? Ultimately, Lin Aojue considered everybody beneath his notice, and he looked down on Su Yu.

"There! I have stained the air as well," Su Yu said flatly. "You can shut your mouth and not breathe this air ever again!"

Lin Aojue's eyebrows twitched, and he became even more impatient. "I will ask you one last time. Will you leave or not?"

He appeared thoroughly agitated. It was as if tolerating Su Yu's presence for one more moment would sicken him.

Su Yu's stern eyes flashed. "What if I don't leave? Will you fight with me?"

"Fight with you?" Lin Aojue shook his head indifferently. He took a few steps toward the stairway, saying without so much as turning his head, "If you don't leave, I will leave! You are too petty and low, and I do not wish to dirty my hands!"

Lin Aojue was extremely arrogant! The reason he refused to fight Su Yu was that he felt that Su Yu was too weak, and if he fought with Su Yu, he would dirty himself! And yet, if he could not dominate this place himself, he would rather leave.

His personality carried all the gravitas of his name. It seemed that he felt everything in the world was worthy of his disdain, like an overlord ruling over all of humanity.

Su Yu was not bothered by this breed of person. Rather, he felt it was humorous. "It's even better if you leave," he said. "I can train alone without anyone's interference!"

After making up his mind, Su Yu relaxed his mind and started to absorb the astonishing energy.

Lin Aojue exited Nine Cloud Tower with his hands clasped behind his back. His appearance immediately caused a ruckus, and at once, Lin Hong lowered her snow-white chin, which she had previously raised. Her face was slightly red and she jogged toward Lin Aojue to greet him like a doting schoolgirl. Her voice was as fine as a mosquito's whine as she said, "Big Brother Aojue! Aren't you training in seclusion? Why did you come out?"

Lin Aojue did not even look at her. He replied coldly, "Someone is there. Dirty!"

It was Su Yu!

Lin Hong wrung her beautiful palms. Her gaze, previously gentle, became filled with murderous intent in an instant. "It seems this Yin Yu does not value his life! He actually affected Big Brother Aojue's training!"

Previously, Su Yu had rejected Lin Hong's proposal to accept him as her disciple, and she already nursed a grievance. Now, he had gone so far as to affect the training of Lin Aojue, whom she held in veneration. It was an affront to her pride.

Su Yu's training within Nine Cloud Tower went on for more than half a month. In this place filled with such abundant energy, Su Yu succeeded in overcoming his great obstacles and achieved Dragon Realm Level Four! Moreover, he was only a step away from Dragon Realm Level Four Upper Tier!

Apart from that, his cultivation techniques had also made some progress. The legendary-level cultivation technique Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters was a step away from entry level. The immortal-level cultivation technique Heaven's Son Gazing at Air was 90 percent comprehended. By comprehending a bit more, he would achieve Lower Class!

At the snowfield, Su Yu had made a breakthrough to Stage One Lower Class for the immortal-level cultivation technique Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder. Even after more than half a month, there was still a big gap separating him from achieving Upper Class.

When Su Yu comprehended Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder again, he realized abruptly that his "Divine Decree," which had remained stagnant for a long time, had started to make some progress. In the past, because Purple Star Thunderbolt was honed to its highest level, his Divine Decree stagnated at half divine-grade level. Now, he had discovered Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder. Combined with Glazed Ice Flame, his Divine Decree finally showed signs of progressing again. He was not far away from the true "Divine-Grade."

Su Yu was filled with anticipation to find out what kind of power the Divine Decree contained at the realm of Divine-Grade.

Presently, Su Yu pinched his fingers and counted. There were only ten days left before the Hundred Territories Alliance Meet. It was time for him to leave Nine Cloud Tower and make some preparations.


Su Yu stepped out of the Nine Cloud Tower. The sunlight was dazzling, and after so much time spent in the dark, Su Yu closed his eyes instinctively.


However, at that moment, a deafening explosion erupted. Su Yu maintained his composure. He stood at his position for a long time. He raised his palm and slapped the air.

Clang, clang

The sound of jingling metal entered his ears. Looking down, he realized it was two darts.

The person who had thrown the two darts was a graceful young lady with a beautiful face. She raised her snow-like chin and looked at people with a posture that implied she was looking down on them. Who else would it be but Lin Hong?

Apart from her, there were a number of the Lin family's disciples gathered around the area. They crossed their arms and waited for the show to start.

During the half a month Su Yu had spent training, Nine Cloud Tower had opened several times. However, they had not seen Su Yu coming out and, thus, had been waiting for this confrontation for some time. Everyone knew that Lin Hong adored Lin Aojue, and the mysterious nobleman known as Yin Yu had angered Lin Aojue, driving him out of Nine Cloud Tower. How could Lin Hong not be furious?