The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 230

Chapter 230: The Master Of The Yunxiang Cabinet
Chapter 230: The Master of the Yunxiang Cabinet
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The Yuxiang Cabinet was split into the Inner Cabinet and the Outer Cabinet. The Outer Cabinet was where the celebrations were currently being held. The Inner Cabinet was protected by countless guards, and entry was forbidden. An Yurou was probably imprisoned within the Inner Cabinet.

I wonder how she is doing right now? thought Su Yu.

He clenched his fist, feeling deep blame for himself.

If not for him, why would An Yurou have exposed herself to attract Lu Jun, causing her to get captured? Without her protection, Xianer would have become someone else's wife, and Su Yu might have been reduced to a pile of bones. Su Yu had to repay such a huge act of benevolence! Thus, he had to save An Yurou, no matter what. He would pay any price!

"Humph! Even you have the right to enter?" came a belittling grunt from behind him.

Su Yu turned his head. It was one of the Three Great Unmatched Geniuses: the arrogant Lin Aojue. Beside him was a slender and beautiful girl. It was Lin Hong, who had been completely defeated by Su Yu. She glared at Su Yu with hatred.

"If you think that I am polluting the area here, you can leave," replied Su Yu. "No one is stopping you."

Back at Nine Cloud Tower, Su Yu's presence had caused Lin Aojue, who could not bear being in the same space as Su Yu, to leave.

Lin Aojue creased his brows in disgust, "Did I grant you permission to speak? Who gave you the right to talk to me?"

He could belittle and scold Su Yu, yet did not allow Su Yu to say a word.

Su Yu returned a question, "Was I talking to you just now? I was merely replying to the bark of a dog."

Su Yu did not lose to anyone in terms of harshness.

"You dare humiliate Brother Aojue?" Lin Hong snapped, her eyes turning wide.

Su Yu glanced at her, then casually retracted her gaze, disregarding her. He did not hold any of the Lin family members with much regard.

Lin Hong was angry but fearful, clenching her teeth tightly. "In front of Brother Aojue, you are nothing. What are you being so proud for?"

Lin Aojue grunted, "Let's go, we do not need to care about a person like this. He could never understand our world."

"You are right, Brother Aojue," said Lin Hong. "Let's not care about him and enter quickly. We have to meet up with the Great Elder after the celebrations are over." Lin Hong smiled to curry favor.

The green-robed Great Elder had also come but was interacting with someone important in the Inner Cabinet of the Yunxiang Cabinet.

Soon, the celebrations started. The guests took their seats. The seats were split into three levels. The first level was for the VIPs and only had two seats. Those seats were for the two other legendary geniuses besides the Yunxiang Cabinet master. Only they were worthy of the VIP seats. The second level was for distinguished guests, with 20 seats. Only geniuses such as Ouyang Yuxin and Li Yan could sit there. The third level was for normal guests. They were normally prepared for the escorts of the guestsnot the direct recipients of invitations.

The highlight today was naturally the Three Great Unmatched Geniuses and the 20 distinguished guests. They were a generation of geniuses within the Alliance City, the strongest youths of this generation.

Su Yu was silently sitting at a normal seat when a lady beside him shrieked, "Look! Lin Aojue! He would naturally be placed in the top three during the Alliance Meet. He is sure to enter the Shentian Manor and be nurtured with priorityah!"

She suddenly let out an ear-piercing shriek. She stood up, her face flushed, crying, "Look! It's Sir Feng Yue!"

The crowd went wild, especially the ladies. They displayed their slender figures, their eyes full of anticipation.

Su Yu had heard of this person's name a long time ago. Looking to the side, a 19-year-old youth with long, black hair and wearing a splendid white robe was casually walking in. He was handsome and had a classy demeanor. He was muscular and tall, and a friendly smile hung on his face. The sunlight on his clothes accentuated his handsome looks. What a handsome man!

But what was even more shocking was that his abilities were at Dragon Realm Level Six Upper Tier! In terms of power, he was just barely below Lin Aojue.

Even though Lin Aojue felt like he was a Dragon Realm Level Seven, his true cultivation level should only be at Dragon Realm Level Six Peak. The difference in ability between the two was not great! Another genius!

Ouyang Yuxin's eyes were bright, her face blushing. As if noticing her presence, Sir Feng Yue walked toward her, a warm smile adorning his face. "Sister Yuxin," he said, "would you want to sit with me at the VIP seat?"

Ouyang Yuxin's heart was thumping. He was her ideal husband-to-be in terms of status, talent, and ability. The ladies in the crowd were burning with envy. Ouyang Yuxin nodded with a blush, following him to the VIP area. For this, the organizers specially installed another seat beside Sir Feng Yue.

Sitting side by side, the two looked like a match made in heaven, much to the envy of the onlookers.

Ouyang Yuxin was enjoying the glamour. She had been carrying the burden of the family for a long time. Only in opportunities like this could she feel the glory that should have been hers.

"The Yunxiang Cabinet master has arrived!"

A young lady, 18 years of age, slowly walked out from within the Yunxiang Cabinet following the loud announcement. She was tall and slender, her black hair long and smooth, tied in a braid with purple silk. She was dressed in a long, black robe embroidered with butterflies and flowers. The exquisite embroidery accentuated the elegance of the black robe. Her beautiful face was paired perfectly with her exquisite features. Even though she was not an extreme beauty, she exuded a sense of natural beauty.

Her every movement and every smile harbored a unique aura. Many youths involuntarily showed looks of admiration. Even though she was not as pretty as Ouyang Yuxin, she could effortlessly become the center of attention.

Ouyang Yuxin felt a bit jealous. Even she had to acknowledge that the Yunxiang Cabinet master was stunning. Ouyang Yuxin was beautiful in appearance, but the Yunxiang Cabinet master was beautiful in her attitude and aura.

"It feels like I know her" Su Yu muttered, his mind subconsciously thinking about the fairy etched deep in his memory. He wondered if she was doing well and where she was.

A shred of longing flashed in his eyes.

Unexpectedly, the Yunxiang Cabinet master seemed to share this thought. Her eyes froze when she looked at Su Yu, looking a little surprised. Then she gently nodded, showing a smile.

This scene was noted by many of the geniuses, each watching carefully. When they realized that the recipient of the Yunxiang Cabinet master's smile was a youth in the normal seats, they all felt jealous and angry. Based on his seat, he would be an escort or some miscellaneous person who wasn't directly invited.

Sir Feng Yue glanced at Su Yu, then coldly retracted his gaze. Beside him, Ouyang Yuxin was curious, quietly muttering, "Could they know each other?"

"Sister Yuxin, you know the silver-haired lad?" Sir Feng Yue said, having heard her mutter and slightly creasing his brows.

Ouyang Yuxin changed her expression in a hurry, feeling the looks of disgust shot at Su Yu. Her face was red as she shook her head. "I I do not know him!"

Sir Feng Yue lost interest, nodding as he said, "That is right, Sister Yuxin. You should hang out less with people of such low status."

"I understand. I do not know him." Ouyang Yuxin smiled. The way she looked at Sir Feng Yue was full of anticipation and admiration.

The master of the Yunxiang Cabinet took her seat, looking on at the celebrations together with the guests as she engaged in conversation with some of them.

Sometime later, the Yunxiang Cabinet master spoke, her voice melodious and intoxicating to many.

"Thank you, my friends, for gracing this occasion," she said. "Next, I shall leave the venue to all of you. It is not every day where we get together like this. Let us engage in some sparring to get ready for the Alliance Meet that is going to be held in a few days. For this, I have managed to invite two respected elders to give their opinions."

Whoosh, whoosh

Two figures flew out from the Inner Cabinet. One was a green-robed elderthe Lin family Great Elder! The other was a handsome young man of about 30, his appearance prim and proper.

This person was Lu Jun!

Su Yu's pupils dilated, overflowing with killing intent! It was him. The man who had taken An Yurou away by force! The man who had instructed his two escorts to kill Su Yu and Mo Wu!

The two descended, sitting beside the Yunxiang Cabinet master.

Su Yu maintained his killing intent, his heart a little curious. Just who was the Yunxiang Cabinet master? Not only could she gather all the geniuses of the city, but she also invited two Immortal Realm people to give their opinions? What a reputation she must have had!

"Sparring on the stage is purely voluntary," the Yunxiang Cabinet master said gently with a smile on her face. "There's no need to go all out, so as to keep the harmony."

Whoosh, whoosh

She had just finished her sentence when two figures leaped onto the stage, obviously raring to go. Looking at them, Su Yu realized he recognized one. It was the young master of the Zeng family, Zeng Shenbao! He had already achieved Dragon Realm Level Five Lower Tier at just 18, on par with Ouyang Yuxin.

The other was a familiar male, about 19, but was already a Dragon Realm Level Five Upper Tier! He was skinny, his eyes long and narrow, and filled with a fierce glow.

"Tan Duanfei?" Zeng Tianbao would never have imagined that this person would fight for the challenge rights with him.

"Step down," Tan Duanfei said with a cold glare. "The person I want to challenge is not you, it's her!" He pointed at Ouyang Yuxin.

Ouyang Yuxin froze, then grunted, "Do you think I am scared of you?"

"You talk big now, but I'll make you cry pathetically later!" said Tan Duanfei. "What guts you have to slap my brother Tan Lin!"

So that was itTan Duanfei was Tan Lin's brother! On the day, Ouyang Yuxin had taken a liking to Su Yu, she had slapped Tan Lin, who had offended Su Yu. Today, Tan Duanfei was using sparring as an excuse to seek revenge against her.

Ouyang Yuxin's expression changed, her face showing some signs of regret, thinking she may have behaved too impulsive back then. But with the crowd looking on, she naturally did not want to admit defeat.

"Let's fight, then!" she said.

But atop the stage, Zeng Shenbao refused to back down, his expression ice cold. "What a coincidence!" he said. "The person I want to challenge is also not you. It's him!"


He pointed a finger at Su Yu!

Su Yu was, after all, the man whose single sentence had cost Zeng Shenbao his rightful Gray Dragon Coffinand Ouyang Yuxin's hand. His father was wary of Su Yu's status, but Zeng Shenbao was full of indignance.

Su Yu's expression was calm. He slowly said, "Choose someone else. You are not my match."

"What a joke!" Zeng Shenbao laughed with anger. "You are just Dragon Realm Level One. I can kill you with just a finger!"

Su Yu closed his eyes, silent.

The crowd broke into a commotion. Zeng Shenbao and Tan Duanfei were fighting for the right to challenge to challenge someone else.

The Yunxiang Cabinet master smiled as she looked at Su Yu, retracting her gaze as she gently said, "Since the both of you wish to obtain the right to challenge, why not have a spar between you two first? After that, I'll let you two show us your abilities."