The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Despicable Person
Chapter 231: Despicable Person
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Zeng Shenbao and Tan Duan Fei looked at each other face to face. They had no choice but to agree to the Yunxiang Cabinet Master's suggestion.

"Okay, you can leave now," Tan Duan Fei urged Zheng Shenbao impatiently. "You know full-well the gap between your abilities and my abilities!"

Zeng Shenbao felt fearful. In a duel between a Dragon Realm Level Five Upper Tier and a Dragon Realm Level Five Lower Tier, if the lower tier did not have strong cultivation techniques that could suppress Tan Duan Fei, he would lose for sure! However, in front of everyone, he would feel ashamed if he admitted defeat and did not fight.

"We will discuss this after we fight!" Zeng Shenbao said, giving a cold roar.

His legs were surrounded by gray-colored spiritual energy. When he shook his legs, his legs became misty, and it became difficult to see his legs clearly.


When his right leg exerted strength, his body was launched from the ground. His silhouette left behind a succession of fragmentary shadows in the sky, making it difficult to ascertain where he was. When he flew in front of Tan Duan Fei, Tan Duan Fei even did not have the time to put down his hands.

"Ghost Shadow Step!" Zeng Shenbao cried and used the half immortal-level cultivation technique that he had learned to the best of his abilities!

However, Tan Duanfei's whole face was filled with coldness and he shook his head lightly. "It's too weak," he said. "You have only honed it to Stage One Top Class, and its power is average."

"One move is enough to defeat you!"

It was evident that Zeng Shenbao was already very close to him and was about to attack. However, Tan Duan Fei was able to flick out a finger casually with a speed that was as fast as the flash of a lightning. When Zeng Shenbao was about to attack him with Ghost Shadow Step, Tan Duan Fei launched his attack!


A shocking scene transpired. Zeng Shenbao gave a horrible shriek and was sent flying by that one finger. He smashed into the arena. As expected, he was defeated with one move!

Beside the Yunxiang Cabinet Master, the Lin family's green-robed elder's old face revealed indifferent admiration. "Still acceptable! Zeng Shenbao had managed to comprehend a half immortal level cultivation technique to Stage One Top Class. This is not an easy task; he is quite talented."

Lu Jun nodded his head slightly. "However, after he retires from the arena, he must continue to work hard and learn from Tan Duan Fei. He had honed his half immortal-level cultivation technique to Stage Two Upper Class, and he is only one step away from Top Class."

As a half immortal-level cultivation technique was a revision of an immortal-level cultivation technique, its manual was shorter and normally contained two stages. Tan Duan Fei had honed his half immortal-level cultivation technique to Stage Two Upper Class, and it could be seen that he had outstanding talent.

After this duel, it ought to have been the match between Tan Yunfei and Ouyang Yuxin. However, the Yunxiang Cabinet Master looked toward Su Yu, who had closed his eyes and was taking a rest. She grinned. "Mister Tan," she said, "could you give me some face and let Mister Zeng have his match first?"

Eh? thought Su Yu.

Everyone felt extremely surprised. Tan Duan Fei was a bit furious and felt disgusted. However, when he reconsidered, he realized that the person who requested it was the Yunxiang Cabinet Master. Hence, he agreed with pleasure and descended from the arena willingly.

Zeng Shenbao was stunned for some time. After which, he became extremely delighted. He was not elated that he could have his match earlier. Instead the Yunxiang Cabinet Master actually spoke up for him! Could it be that his inadvertent performance had earned the favor of the Yunxiang Cabinet Master?

Thinking about that, Zeng Shenbao felt excited. It was rumored that the Yunxiang Cabinet Master's identity was someone who was extremely high in rank

"Mister Zeng, can I trouble you to enter the field?" the Yunxiang Cabinet Master said graciously and smiled. She then looked attentively at Su Yu. "That gentleman with the silver hair, could you enter the arena and take up the fight?"

Intelligent people instantly understood the Yunxiang Cabinet Master's intention! She had requested for Zeng Shenbao to have his match first not because of his performance. Instead she wanted to see the performance of that mysterious, silver-haired gentleman!

Suddenly understanding this, Zeng Shenbao's expression turned serious and his heart was burning with jealousy! There were a number of young men like him who secretly hid their flames of fury.

The detest in Mister Feng Yue's eyes became thicker. "Where in the world did he appear from, anyway?"

The mysterious young man had attracted the attention of the Yunxiang Cabinet Master and also earned her favor for about two to three times. Hence, this made it difficult for the people to not feel furious.

The green-robed elder followed the Yunxiang Cabinet Master's gaze and looked in the same direction. He became stupefied. "Yin Yu?" At once, his face turned gloomy. "Humph! He entered here furtively!"

Lu Jun groped his chin and looked as if he was thinking about something. He did not know why, but he felt that that silver-haired young man looked familiar.

While everyone was watching, Su Yu finally opened his eyes and looked at the Yunxiang Cabinet Master. He did not understand why the Yunxiang Cabinet Master had taken notice of him.

At the moment, he had two motives for coming. Firstly, he wanted to observe the abilities of the geniuses in the alliance. Secondly, he wanted to observe the Yunxiang Cabinet Master and make preparations to rescue An Yurou in the future. However, the Yunxiang Cabinet Master had a good temperament, and she was not just the master of the brothel. She had actually taken notice of Su Yu!

Su Yu understood her intention and declined casually. "I'm sorry," he said. "I am not interested in taking up the fight."

The young men at the distinguished guests' area were fuming. He was pretended to be mistreated, even though he had gained a favor! How dare he decline the magnanimous Yunxiang Cabinet Master's offer?

As for the Yunxiang Cabinet Master herself, she grinned and she did not seem to mind.

Zeng Shenbao found it difficult to bear the humiliation. He gave a furious roar, "Get up here, quickly!"

Su Yu frowned. When his name was called up for a fight, it was rational to ignore it for the first time. However, if he ignored it when called upon a second time, he would be considered a coward. What choice did he have when being called out like this, while he was the center of attention?

Su Yu gave a sigh and gradually stood up. "Well, a match is good as well."


Su Yu tapped the tip of his toes and leaped onto the arena. His actions appeared natural, and his elegant demeanor was astonishing.

"Are you deaf?" Zeng Shenbao stood with his fists clenched. "I told you to get up here quickly, not walk up here! Go back down and come up again!"

Su Yu shook his head indifferently. "If you want to fight, then let's get on with it quickly. This is an arena for us to compete with each other using our abilities. It is not a stage to see who is more arrogant."

"Arrogant?" Zeng Shenbao said, taking several huge steps towards Su Yu. "Do I need to be arrogant toward a weakling like you who has an exaggerated opinion of your own abilities?"

Su Yu remained silent and did not continue arguing with him. Within a short time, Zeng Shenbao was within ten feet radius of Su Yu.

"Do you need me to repeat myself?" demanded Zeng Shenbao. "Now, go back down and then come back up here quickly!"

Su Yu had a dull gaze and he ignored Zeng Shenbao. He gathered his spiritual energy calmly and was preparing for the fight.

"Forget it. Let me send you down and then you can get back up quickly!" Zeng Shenbao gave a hum, and a fist headed for Su Yu.

Although he had not gathered his spiritual energy fully, an attack from a Dragon Realm Level Five was more than enough to suppress a Dragon Realm Level One. Su Yu raised his head lightly and responded with a palm that collided with his opponent's fist.

Rumble, bang

Zeng Shenbao's expression abruptly turned serious. The result he had expectedSu Yu being sent flying by his fistdid not occur. Instead, he himself was knocked backward, as if he had been hit by a mighty attack!


Zeng Shenbao opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood as he was then sent flying. He smashed into the arena floor!


The whole place was in an uproar! The mysterious man who should have so clearly been defeated by one move had actually sent Zeng Shenbao flying with one move instead!

Lin Aojue shook his head indifferently. "Although both of them are trash, Zeng Shenbao did not make his move effectively. It's no surprise he was sent flying by the other trash."

Those words landed on the ears of the Yunxiang Cabinet Master. Her beautiful eyebrows frowned. She shot a glance toward Zeng Shenbao and felt disappointed. She had wanted him to test out Su Yu's abilities. In the end

Zeng Shenbao's internal organs felt uncomfortable. However, what was more uncomfortable were the countless gazes staring down at him from around the area that implied they were secretly laughing. He felt extremely ashamed and furious!

"Ah! Shameless! You launched a surprise attack on me when I am unprepared!" Zeng Shenbao gave a loud roar and flew toward the arena again!

It was evident that he considered everything beneath his notice and did not consider Su Yu to be of any importance. However, having suffered a setback, he blamed Su Yu for launching an unfair surprise attack on him!

"What a shameless person!" Zeng Shenbao growled. "You have forced me to use my abilities to teach you a lesson! Ghost Shadow Step!"

His silhouette turned into fragmentary threads, and his leg headed for Su Yu!

Su Yu wore a bored expression. He kept his meteorite bracelet on as he released his cultivation base.

"Wind Shadow Step!"



Zeng Shenbao, who had not even landed on the arena yet, gave another horrible shriek! This time around, his right leg cracked with an audible snap. His flesh split, and a great volume of blood splashed across the sky.


Zeng Shenbao crashed into the stone. His internal organs were crushed into pieces. He spat out bloody viscera. His face was etched with astonishment.

"You" he grunted.

Su Yu stood at the edge of the arena and shook his head indifferently. "I'm sorry," he said. "If you were knocked down, I cannot let you re-enter the arena!"


Zeng Shenbao was seized by an outburst of anger. He spat out another mouthful of blood, then fainted on the spot.

Previously, he had kept on asking Su Yu to get up to the arena quickly. In the, he himself could not get up to the arena quickly enough!

The match astounded everyone on site. They all understood that Zeng Shenbao had unleashed his full powers this time around, yet he still lost to Su Yu's attack!

Lin Aojue's face, which had been filled with nothing but disdain, turned grave. However, it was covered with contempt straight away. "He is still a trash that I detest!"

Lin Hong, seated beside him, revealed a frightened expression! Even though it was one move two separate times, how could Zeng Shenbao, who was at Dragon Realm Level Five, be defeated by a single move? Recalling her match with Su Yu in her family grounds, she suddenly realized Su Yu had been holding back that time!

Ouyang Yuxin's beautiful eyes opened wide, extremely surprised. "How is that possible? He He is so strong!"

Ouyang Yuxin's impression of Su Yu's abilities had been that they were acceptable. However, she had not expected him to be on par with her! The match at the very moment had overturned her judgment!

The Yunxiang Cabinet Master's face was filled with laughter, and she revealed an unsurprised expression. It had gone exactly as she had expected.

"Two elders," she said. "Please comment."

Lu Jun stared at Su Yu. He did not know why, but he felt that Su Yu looked increasingly familiar the more he looked at him. Lu Jun felt displeased with him due to this instinct, and he said indifferently, "Average. With some effort, he might still have a future."

The Yunxiang Cabinet Master shook her head slightly. For Su Yu to win from a position of weakness, he was someone who definitely could not be described as merely "average." Lu Jun's comment was a bit biased.

The Lin family's green-robed elder had an even worse impression of Su Yu, and he pulled a long face. "This is a duel, not a slaughter. A surprise attack is utterly absurd! Not only are your abilities average, but your character is poor! Pardon my words. You should return and consult your parents on the rules of conduct!"

This verbal attack caused everyone to burst into an uproar! However, there were quite a number of people who agreed with him.

Su Yu's expression gradually turned cold. The green-robed old man had actually said that Su Yu lacked education from his parentsan insult to Su Yu's parents! Su Yu did not mind if the green-robed old man misrepresented him. However, he could not forgive him for vilifying his parents!

"Rules of conduct?" replied Su Yu. "Who do you think you are that you are fit to ask me to consult my parents?"

No matter what the other party's identity was, Su Yu put aside all considerations. At once, the whole place was in an uproar again! As the Lin family's Great Elder, he could not believe someone actually dared to humiliate him in a public place!

The green-robed old man's expression soured. "You do not know how to respect your elders!" he said. "I tried to educate you out of goodwill. Instead, I have been vilified by your ill intentions! Your character is so poor that my hair is bristling with anger!"

Su Yu laughed loudly for a long period of time. "Educate me out of goodwill? Let me ask you. Is insulting someone else's parents considered goodwill? Or is it despicable? Answer!"

The green-robed old man realized that his words held contradictions, and he tried to change the subject. "In short, out of goodwill, I"

"Answer my question!" Su Yu interrupted him. "Is insulting someone else's parents considered despicable?"

The green-robed old man revealed an indignant expression. "Out of goodwill, I"

"You do not even know whether insulting someone else's parents is considered despicable. Yet, you still have the face to find fault with the character of others?" Su Yu answered back sarcastically. Su Yu had found a clear contradiction in the green-robed old man's careless words.

The green-robed old man said immediately, "I only felt disdain to answer this kind of superficial question! Naturally, it is not right to insult someone else's parents!"

"Then let me ask you again," said Su Yu. "What right do you, who insulted someone else's parents and has poor character, have to say that the character of another is poor? Just because you are slightly older? Just because you are high-born? Just because you lie through your teeth?" Su Yu questioned him in rapid succession!