The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 232

Chapter 232: Hitting People Hitting Faces
Chapter 232: Hitting People, Hitting Faces
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"You!" the green-robed elder snarled, slamming his hand on the table in anger. "Unreasonable!"

Su Yu calmly replied, "I would suggest you go home and meditate. Using your age as the only basis for your superiority is a disgrace!"


The green-robed elder slammed his hand on the table, furiously grunting, "Insolence"

But at this moment, the eyes of the Yunxiang Cabinet master were filled with disgust and impatience. Gently opening her mouth, she said, "Elder Lin, are you done?"

Even though her words were calm, it was not hard to hear the anger in her voice.

Surprisingly, the expression of the green-robed elder changed, forcing the indignance down his throat. He only dared to shoot an evil glare toward Su Yu.

"All right, the spar continues," the Yunxiang Cabinet master said. "Next, can we have Sir Tan on stage?"


Tan Duanfei flew onto the stage, pointing at Ouyang Yuxin. "You! Come up!"


Ouyang Yuxin was unwilling to display weakness. She was also Dragon Realm Level Five Upper Tier and did not fear Tan Duanfei.

"You slapped a person of the Tan family," Tan Duanfei snapped at her in anger. "I am going to claim that slap back!"

Ouyang Yuxin said coldly, "Do you think you can?"

She was born in nobility. How could she bear to let someone else slap her?

Tan Duanfei was silent, striking decisively! "Three Illusory Patterns!" he called out.

Tan Duanfei was using a finger technique! And it was Stage Two Upper Class of a half immortal-level technique!

Ouyang Yuxin took a breath, her gaze intense. "Flower Moon Palm!"

It was also Stage Two of a half immortal-level technique, but was only cultivated to the Lower Class!


The two exchanged blows, colliding with a huge impact. Tan Duanfei retreated two steps, but Ouyang Yuxin was at a disadvantage, taking three steps back with a grunt.

"Humph!" said Tan Duanfei. "I am definitely taking that slap back!"

Tan Duanfei closed the distance, his Three Illusory Patterns growing stronger with every pattern. Ouyang Yuxin was at a disadvantage, her stance saying that she was being pressured!

In the case of similar cultivation levels, the level of the techniques would dictate who was victorious. Ouyang Yuxin was bitter, her heart filled with regret. If she had known what the repercussions would be today, would she have slapped Tan Lin for Su Yu's sake, back then?

Ouyang Yuxin threw a glance at Sir Feng Yue, secretly pleading for help. The Tan family was an affiliate of the Feng family. With just a gaze from Sir Feng Yue, Tan Duanfei would surely hold back. She did not hope for Tan Duanfei to admit defeat but merely wished for a way to salvage her reputation.

But it was as if Sir Feng Yue did not notice the situation. He did not help her.

To Ouyang Yuxin's surprise, Tan Duanfei found a gap in her defenses as she was distracted and struck suddenly! Her palm technique was immediately neutralized. A palm was aimed at her beautiful face!

Ouyang Yuxin's expression changed. She clenched her teeth. She could only retreat, jumping down from the stage in indignance. But Tan Duanfei did not allow Ouyang Yuxin to escape that easily.

"Three Illusory Patterns!" Tan Duanfei had missed his slap, pointing his finger at her in anger.

A bolt of energy shot from his finger, piercing through the air toward Ouyang Yuxin's body as it flew backward. At the moment, Ouyang Yuxin was flying backward, barely absorbing the brunt of the previous attack. How could she defend against this attack?

Her expression changed, her pupils dilating. Knowing she was about to take the brunt of the impact, Ouyang Yuxin closed her eyes, her heart full of fear. But at that moment


A white-robed figure came forward, neutralizing the bolt of energy.

White robes Was it Sir Feng Yue? Ouyang Yuxin was surprised, and happiness filled her heart.

He eventually still came to save me! she thought.

But lifting her head to look, Ouyang Yuxin froze! His body was in a white robe, his hair was silver, and he wore a silver mask. Who could it be, besides Sir Yin Yu?

It was not Sir Feng Yue. This caused the excitement in Ouyang Yuxin's heart to die down. Looking to the side, Sir Feng Yue still stood in his original position with his hands behind him, with no intention to intervene. Disappointment and hatred welled up within her.

"Let go!" Ouyang Yuxin snapped coldly, freeing herself angrily from Su Yu's arms. "Did I need your saving?"

She let out all of her frustration for Sir Feng Yue onto Su Yu. Sir Feng Yue was her ideal partner in her heart, and for a prideful girl like Ouyang Yuxin, she was all the more approving of someone who could dominate her. The fact that Sir Feng Yue was so much more powerful than her was the reason she was willing to accept him.

But Su Yu was weaker than her. How could she respect him? A mere mysterious identity was unable to make Ouyang Yuxin accept him.

The Yunxiang Cabinet master creased her brows. Without Su Yu, Ouyang Yuxin might have been in an ugly state right now. Yet there was no one colder than Ouyang Yuxin at the moment.

Su Yu was shocked. He let go of Ouyang Yuxin without expression, then silently returned to the normal seats.

A breeze blew past, making Ouyang Yuxin a little calmer. She only now realized that her words might be a little much. She felt a little apologetic as she stared at the back of Su Yu. No matter what, Su Yu was someone who had saved the entire Ouyang family, and he had even come forward to save her just now. And in her moment of anger, she

Biting her lip, the proud Ouyang Yuxin ultimately could not bring herself to apologize to Su Yu, even if she was in the wrong.

Forget it! I'll not have to meet him ever again! Ouyang Yuxin thought, returning to the side of Sir Feng Yue.

Looking at Sir Feng Yue, Ouyang Yuxin's heart was peaceful. This was surely the person most suitable to be her husband in her heart!

"Stop right there!" Tan Duanfei coldly ordered from atop the stage. The words were directed at Su Yu!

Su Yu disregarded the words and continued to walk back to his seat.

"I told you to stop!" Tan Duanfei repeated his order, folded his arms angrily.

But Su Yu continued walking.

"The one in silver hair," Tan Duanfei said, brimming with frustration. "Do I need to repeat myself again? I told you to stop!"

But Su Yu never once heeded him, taking his seat at the normal seats before closing his eyes to rest. Under the eyes of the crowd, Tan Duanfei could not maintain his composure.

"Are you deaf?" Tan Duanfei shouted as he walked down the stage, making his way in front of Su Yu in anger. "Did you not hear what I said?"

Su Yu opened his eyes, calmly replying, "So, you were talking to me."

"Humph! Come up to the stage with me!" Tan Duanfei said.

Wearing a deadly expression, he turned and walked toward the stage with his hands behind him, but he had taken a few steps when he realized that there was no one behind him. Looking back, he saw that Su Yu had once again closed his eyes, disregarding him!

Tan Duanfei was furious. "Do not be insolent!" he bellowed.

"Must I follow you up the stage just because you asked me to?" Su Yu said, his expression turning colder. Did this man think of Su Yu as a dog?

"I have given you face, but you rejected it!" Tan Duanfei snapped at Su Yu. "Do you think you can rebut what I said? If I ask you to come, then come!"

He was acting on Sir Feng Yue's orders by challenging Su Yu. The Yunxiang Cabinet master's liking of Su Yu had angered Sir Feng Yue.

Su Yu suddenly stood up, his eyes filled with an icy glow. "You are asking for death!" he said.

Tan Duanfei was furious. "Are you worth saying the words 'asking for death'? I'll tear your mouth apart first!"

The green-robed elder seemed happy that Su Yu had found himself in this predicament. "That mouth must be properly taught a lesson!" he said.

Sir Feng Yue wore a small, mocking smile. The only way to make the Yunxiang Cabinet master lose interest in Su Yu was to make her disappointed in him! By seeing the boy take a beating in front of everyone, cutting his mysterious aura down to size, the Yunxiang Cabinet master would naturally lose interest in him.

Ouyang Yuxin let out a soft sigh, quietly muttering, "You asked for it!"

Feeling the approaching palm nearly connecting with his mouth, Su Yu's eyes filled with a cold glare. "You like to see people slapped? All right! I'll grant you your wish!"