The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Ghost Faced Slave
Chapter 233: Ghost-Faced Slave
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The spiritual energy within Su Yu's body surged as though it was a great river flowing 1,000 miles long!

Tan Duanfei gave a cold hum. "Scum, you still dare to retaliate? You are doubly guilty!"

He laughed in his heart. If Su Yu did not retaliate, he would naturally not go too far, as everyone was watching.

However, Su Yu did dare to retaliate. If it was a fatal attack caused by a "wrong move," could anyone intervene?

"Three Illusory Patterns!" Tan Dunfei attacked furiously!

Ouyang Yuxin had been suppressed by this ability to the point that she could hardly gain her ground. If that had been the case for her, what would it do to Su Yu?

However, Su Yu's eyes were filled with coldness. A bright purple light gathered at the tip of his index finger which shone upon the sky. It was like a purple constellationbroad and forever dazzling. That finger was like a shooting star that had fallen from the sky, magnificent and illusory. A great power from Heaven and Earth enveloped the sky.

"Thunder Star Finger!"

Rumble, bang

A shocking thunder shook Heaven. A frightening thunderbolt capable of annihilating anything in its path swept across the universe struck with destructive power in all directions!


A shrill and horrible shriek reverberated both inside and outside the Yunxiang Cabinet! The all-powerful thunderbolt burned Tan Duanfei's fingers. Even his clothes were completely burned by the thunderbolt.


As Tan Duanfei shrieked, he swayed left and right, then fell down on the floor!

Everyone gasped!

"Another immortal-level cultivation technique!" hissed one onlooker.

"Moreover, it is a lightning-based immortal-level cultivation technique that is considered rare!" replied another.

Lin Hong was shocked. "He hides his powers so deeply!"

Even though the Lin family had been attacked by many groups of people, no one had ever revealed a lightning-based immortal-level cultivation technique.

Rustle, rustle

Many silhouettes stood up abruptly, as they were shocked. They could feel that the lightning-based immortal-level cultivation technique was different from Wind Shadow Step. Su Yu had honed it to an absolute level!

What they did not know was that Su Yu had only used 30 percent of its power. However, even at only 30 percent, it was more than enough to defeat Tan Duanfei!

Lu Jun's gaze toward Su Yu became even more dubious. His feeling of familiarity became stronger.

The green-robed elder's expression turned grave. He cast aside the evil ways he looked at Su Yu, suddenly realizing that the Lin family might have made an error of judgment! They'd had the opportunity to win Su Yu over and use him for their own purpose. However, feeling that Su Yu's potential was not very great, they had given up on that idea. Now, it seemed that the Lin family had sorely underestimated him!

"This He How could this be?" Ouyang Yuxin stuttered. He did not realize that she had stood up. Her clear eyes were filled with astonishment.

Tan Duanfei had defeated her. Yet Su Yu had defeated Tan Duanfei with a single move! In her eyes, Su Yu's abilities had been nothing much. In reality, his abilities were far above hers! That scene had shocked her heart greatly.

Only the Yunxiang Cabinet Master frowned slightly. She still had not managed to see what she wished to see.

Su Yu's expression was icy cold and he grabbed Tan Duanfei's hair!

"What what are trying to do?" Tan Duanfei's eyelids twitched, and he forced himself to remain composed.

Su Yu said coldly, "Obviously, I am indulging in your favorite pastime!"

Su Yu raised his palm, assuming a posture that implied he was about to slap Tan Duanfei!

The green-robed old man banged the table and stood up! "Insolent! You wish to slap someone in front of everyone. Do you still have us, the elders in your eyes?"

Su Yu looked at him indifferently. "When he was about to slap me, what were you doing then?"

"I Humph! Don't try to accuse me!" the green-robed old man berated with cold eyes. "I am going to uphold justice now! Let go of him!"

"Justice?" Su Yu laughed sardonically. "What good justice! When Tan Duanfei was tyrannical, puffed up with pride, and about to slap me, where was your justice? Now that you see his abilities are inferior to mine and I am about to slap him, you pop up out of nowhere and try to uphold justice! Your justice is just like excrement. It is not worth a single cent!" Su Yu was completely filled with disdain towards the Lin family's elder!

The green-robed old man's face turned half green, half red. His hatred for Su Yu was so deep that it seeped into his bones. "You are too presumptuous!" he snarled. "Do you still have us, the elders in your eyes?"

If not for the fact that there were so many people in attendance, the green-robed old man would have killed Su Yu with a thrust of his palm!

Su Yu answered back sarcastically. "The top of my eyes can perceive wise men and the bottom of my eyes can perceive villains. However, I just cannot perceive you! If you wish to be respected, you must first learn to respect others, correct? From the beginning to the end, do you have the behavior of an elder? Which part of you is worthy of respect? You have vilified others, used your authority for private gains, taken advantage of your own seniority, reversed right from wrong, and exhibit deplorable character. Which part of you is worthy of respect?"

"You! You!" the green-robed old man was so furious that his whole body was trembling and his eyes blacked out.

Su Yu picked up Tan Duanfei and gave a cold hum. Still speaking to the elder, he said, "Just because you are holding a high position and are used to being flattered by other people, you cannot take in words and advice that are unpleasant to hear?"

The term "words and advice that are unpleasant to hear" angered the green-robed old man to the point that he vomited blood! It was evident that Su Yu was chiding the elder. However, Su Yu said that the green-robed old man could not take in words and advice that was unpleasant to hear!

Mister Feng Yue spoke up, a dull expression on his face. "Little brother, could you give me some face and let go of your feud?"

Others could not tell that it was a request. Instead, it was like a command from a superior. Tan Duanfei had been ordered by him to deal with Su Yu. Hence, he naturally had to show himself and rescue Tan Duanfei.

Su Yu turned his head and looked Feng Yue up and down. "Who are you?"

Mister Feng Yue's body stiffened slightly. There was someone in the Alliance City who did not know him? Still, he took it in stride. "Oh, I'm sorry that I didn't introduce myself," he said. "I am Mister Feng Yue. Please give me some face and let him go." His tone was indifferent, as if it was implying that it was an honor for Su Yu to get to know him.

Su Yu nodded slightly. "So, you are Mister Feng Yue. It is a pity that I have never heard of you before. Since I do not know you, why should I give you face?"

Su Yu resumed his posture to slap Tan Duanfei!

Mister Feng Yue's expression turned grave, and his eyes gradually became colder. "Do you have any idea to whom are you speaking?"

Su Yu did not look at him and answered without turning his head. "Are you clear that your arrogance is nasty?"

Mister Feng Yue's eyes were overflowing with murderous intent. "Don't do something that you will regret"


The sound of a resounding slap echoed through the arena, completely cutting off Mister Feng Yue's speech.

At that moment, Su Yu looked at him. "I have never once regretted!"

After which, Su Yu slapped Tan Duanfei three more times in ruthless succession, to the point that Tan Duanfei's lips flitted to and fro. Tan Duanfei's flesh was split.

"How is the taste of getting slapped?" Su Yu threw him coldly to the ground.

Tan Duanfei was extremely ashamed and resentful. He had actually been slapped! Tan Duanfei stood, covered his mouth, and retreated toward Mister Feng Yue with hatred.

"Stop right there!" Su Yu growled from behind him!

Tan Duanfei stopped moving automatically. He then turned his head, glared at Su Yu, and said, "What's the matter?"

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

Tan Duanfei glared at him. "What did I forget?"

"What do you think?" Su Yu said coldly.

Tan Duanfei's expression turned deadly. "I did not forget anything!"

"You! Forgot! Something!" Su Yu said, speaking every word with a deliberate pause. "You forgot to apologize!"

After hearing what was said, Tan Duanfei and Mister Feng Yue both became extremely furious!

"Do not go too far!" Tan Duanfei's chest heaved, full of pent-up anger.

Even after the indignity of being slapped by Su Yu, he was now expected to apologize to Su Yu! Mister Feng Yue's eyes were overflowing with coldness.

"Know your limits!" said Feng Yue.

Su Yu's absurdness had shocked everyone in attendance.

"Do you need me to repeat it a second time?" Su Yu said. He did not even look at Mister Feng Yue. He was glaring at Tan Duanfei.

As Tan Duanfei was glared at by those eyes again, his heart trembled. Tan Duanfei bit his teeth, lowered his head in humiliation, and spoke haltingly. "I'm sorry!"

"Now, scram!" Su Yu roared.

Tan Duanfei felt as if a heavy load had been lifted off his chest, and he left in humiliation.

Su Yu took a look around. When his gaze drifted past the distinguished guests' area, his eyes were filled with intentions to fight. "Do any of you wish to fight with me?"

After his words fell on the crowd, no one dared take up the fight! The fact that he had defeated Tan Duanfei with one move had caused everyone to shiver greatly.

As for those whom Su Yu's eyes fell on, all of them looked somewhere else and did not dare to look straight into his eyes. Except for one person. A bald young man who wore a sackcloth! Although he was 18 years old, his cultivation base had achieved Dragon Realm Level Five Peak!

Among the 20 distinguished guest seats, he sat with his legs crossed in one corner. No one sat within a 30-foot radius of him. It was not that they could not; rather, they dared not.

The bald young man had sharp eyes just like a goshawk flying in the heavens, concealing its abilities. He was the only one who looked composed as Su Yu gazed at him.

He opened his mouth and said with a sneer, "Since the tiger is not here, the monkey thinks it is king. Do you really think that you are someone significant?"

After hearing what was said, many of the young geniuses at the distinguished guests' area were relieved of the pressure in their hearts. Some of the geniuses took pleasure in Su Yu's misfortune!

"He has finally met a truly strong person!" they said.

"Zhao Wuming is the number-one person below the Three Great Legends! Among the Dragon Realm Level Fives, he has an undefeated record!"

Su Yu's expression remained unchanged. No waves were formed. "You are very strong?"

Zhao Wuming shrugged his shoulders. "I'm just average. Among the distinguished guests' area, if I say number two, no one dares to admit that he is number one!"

"If you are so strong, why didn't you fight with the Three Great Legends?" Su Yu said indifferently.

Zhao Wuming's expression turned grave. "Humph! I will catch up with them one day! As for an insolent and ignorant scoundrel like you, don't you think that it is embarrassing for you to prance about at this gathering of the alliance's geniuses?"

Su Yu laughed coldly. "Scoundrel? If I am a scoundrel in your eyes, then are you not a scoundrel in the eyes of the Three Great Legends? In the end, you are just a trash in front of the strong martial artists. Hence, you do not dare to be arrogant in front of them. Instead, you only dare to make a clamor toward people who are inferior to you and look for your so-called mountain king's sense of achievement and satisfaction. Am I right? No match to those above, but better than those below. You lack determination in your Martial Path. In that case, what do you have that would allow you to catch up with the Three Great Legends? Just by using your mouth? Just by relying on your current situation where you derive satisfaction from ignorance and fearlessness?"

Su Yu's successive words were like a knife cutting right to the heart of the truth. Zhao Wuming's whole body felt uncomfortable. His heart felt even more embarrassed and furious.

"Little kid! Enough!" Zhao Wuming was enraged.

"Did I hit your weak spot?" jeered Su Yu. "What right does a person like you have to rank as the number-one person below the Three Great Legends? Those people with a Martial Path heart more stout than yours will take your spot one day! Won't you then become a scoundrel in even more people's eyes?"

Zhao Wuming's face at once disgusted, enraged, and gloomy. He then bit his teeth and said, "Let me say again, enough!"

"Offended? Angered?" said Su Yu. "Then reveal the abilities that you are so proud of instead of using your mouth to brag that you are the number one!"

Zhao Wuming bit his teeth and held back his anger forcefully. After taking a few deep breaths, Zhao Wuming forced himself to be composed and said coldly, "If you wish to anger me, then I can congratulate you that you have succeeded! However, do you think you are fit to have a match with me? In my hands, you do not even have the right to make a move. I, Zhao Wuming, find that it is beneath my dignity to fight against an opponent with a level like yours! My opponent is not here yet!"

As the number-one person below the Three Great Legends, he had the right to say those words!

Su Yu sighed in his heart. He had angered Zhao Wuming because he wanted to have a match with him. Based on his abilities, Zhao Wuming was the best person to fight with, and such a situation might benefit the growth of his Divine Decree. By relying on comprehension alone, the progress of the Divine Decree was slow.

Unfortunately, Zhao Wuming had restrained himself at the last moment. The match that everyone was looking forward to seemed to have ended just like that.

"He should consider himself lucky," commented the onlookers. "Zhao Wuming's eyes do not have an opponent with a level like him. If they really fought with one another, Yin Yu would not even have a chance to make a move!"

"That's right! I don't even understand why he is so insolent!"

The Yunxiang Cabinet Master sighed secretly. She had wished for Su Yu to show his hand. However, it was a pity that she was unable to do so.

Lu Jun had an expression as though he was thinking about something. After a long time, his eyes flashed.

"Yunxiang Cabinet Master," he said, "why not we have a program to liven things up?"

"Are you saying that we should bring out the slaves to be their training partners?" The Yunxiang Cabinet Master frowned slightly. She then shook her head and declined. "No! Some of the abilities of the slaves are too great, and it can put the martial artists in danger. Secondly, they are ultimately still human beings and we cannot treat them too brutally."

Lu Jun laughed. "Of course. I have just caught a slave recently and she is currently being trained by and taken care of by the Yunxiang Cabinet. Why not let her have a try? Her abilities had been confined to Dragon Realm Level Six by me. Moreover, we are still here, and we will naturally not let a tragedy happen."

"Which slave are you referring to?" It was evident that the Yunxiang Cabinet Master was a bit at a loss as she did not know who Lu Jun was referring to. But after looking at Su Yu, and after a period of consideration, the Yunxiang Cabinet Master nodded her head slightly. "Permission granted. However take care not to overdo it. We should by no means injure the slave."

Lu Jun clapped his hands. A 100-meter-wide iron cage was brought out from the Inner Cabinet. Within the iron cage was a woman with blood stains all over her body and her head covered by a sackcloth bag.

Lu Jun stood up and his eyes shone as though he had expected something to happen. "Seems like a simple duel can no longer satisfy everyone," he announced. "At last, we will have a program to liven things up! Inside this cage is a slave who deserted the alliance. She has the abilities of a Dragon Realm Level Six. If any of you is interested, you can enter the cage and have a match with her! The one who injures her the most will be the champion. As the Alliance Master, I can request the alliance to open up the Alliance Treasure Building and allow the champion to look through a book of an immortal-level cultivation technique!"

He had not followed the Yunxiang Cabinet Master's instructions completely.

Immortal-level cultivation technique? Everyone was shocked! Those top-grade cultivation techniques were all kept by the largest forces. People like them, who had nothing better to do, had absolutely no right to look at immortal-level cultivation techniques. This prize was very attractive!

However, this slave had the abilities of a Dragon Realm Level Six. This had indeed caused a huge amount of the people to be terrified of her.

Lu Jun saw the expressions of everyone, as well as their hearts. When the corner of his eye swept passed Su Yu, Lu Jun's gaze gradually narrowed. "We shall begin now!"

With a click of his fingers, Lu Jun shot a lump of energy and destroyed the sackcloth bag on the woman's head, revealing her face.

"Ah! A ghost" A timid girl in the audience opened her eyes big, so frightened to the point that she fainted on the spot!

As for the remaining girls, they covered their mouths, and their faces were filled with fear. Many young men also swallowed their saliva firmly and retreated by a bit due to fear.

The people who were bolder had a disgusted look on their face. "What an ugly woman! She is no ghostshe makes me feel sicker than seeing a ghost!"

Ouyang Yuxin was extremely disgusted by her. "Where where did this wild woman come from?"

Mister Feng Yue's eyebrows twitched slightly and he mimed wafting a stench away from his nose. "So disgusting!"

Lin Aojue shouted extremely coldly, "What thing is that? She makes my eyes water!"

Even the Yunxiang Cabinet Master frowned deeply. "Why is her face so hideous?"

The female slave who looked as ugly as a ferocious ghost had caused the whole place to be in an uproar! That frightening face shook the hearts of everyone.

However, among the collective detest and disgust, only one person was shocked!

"Second Elder!" said Su Yu, his throat clenched so tightly that he barely managed to choke out those two words!