The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Evil Hearts
Chapter 234: Evil Hearts
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The familiar figure, the familiar face, and that familiar gaze. Who could it be other than An Yurou? That was the reason he had come all this way without any grievances. The person he swore to save. An Yurou!

An Yurou's expression was peaceful despite being despised by the crowd. The gaze in her white eyes was serene. It was the serenity of someone who had decided to die!

The sky was blue, a slight breeze blowing, but Su Yu's entire body felt cold on this sunny day. Was that really his benefactor, An Yurou? Self-blame and guilt welled up within him.

A month ago, she had been a high and mighty elder. A month later, she was a prisoner and a slave!

The Yunxiang Cabinet master creased her brows. "Lu Jun, what is the meaning of this?"

Lu Jun replied, "It is to add to the festivities. Don't pay this any heed, Yunxiang Cabinet master. Start!" Lu Jun leaned back, his posture relaxed.

But no one moved. Both the families of Sir Feng Yue and Lin Aojue possessed immortal-level techniques, and thus did not care for the reward. Furthermore, the woman before them was too ugly. They were not interested in fighting someone like that.

As for the other geniuses, who dared to fight against a Dragon Realm Level Six?

There was only one exception!

"I'll fight!" Zhao Wuming said, burning with a battle intent! He was a Dragon Realm Level Five Peak, and not many could hold up against him.

The woman before him had her cultivation level suppressed to Dragon Realm Level Six, making her ideal to be his sparring partner. If he managed to win this challenge, he would get the chance to browse through an immortal-level technique!

"I'll fight too!"

"Me too!"

With one person taking the lead, the rest of the powerful fighters went on stage.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

In the blink of an eye, 100 fighters flew into the metal cage.

"Ugly woman! One look and I can tell that you are an evil woman!"

Ten geniuses wore looks of disgust.

Zhao Wuming's eyes burned with an abundance of battle intent, "Let's strike together! Take note, we can only injure and not kill her!"

If she died, how could they judge who had injured the woman the most?


The ten people surrounded the woman, wanting to attack from different directions. But An Yurou looked up at the sky, her gaze lifeless and silent, like a puppet who had lost its soul. She did not even attempt to defend herself against the strong attacks. In fact, she remained still when the attacks were within a three zhang radius from her.

Finally, she slowly closed her eyes, she was accepting her fate!

Zhao Wuming laughed coldly, "You know that you have committed grave sins and have given up on defending! Fine. This will count as atoning for your sins!"

An Yurou gave a slight smile. A pitiable smile of being freed from her misery

The ten geniuses treated her coldly, with no intentions of holding back. The greed in their eyes burned with passion. An Yurou may have been ugly in appearance, but they were the true bloodthirsty monsters!

But just as the ten people were about to strike, a figure caught up to them, fast as lightning!

"You all!" the raspy voice bellowed. "Just try to move another muscle!"

The bone-piercing voice sounded as if it had straight from the depths of hell. With just this single sentence, the ten geniuses all felt a sensation that made their skin crawl. Looking back, they saw that it was Sir Yin Yu, his hair dancing wildly, his gaze icy with intensity!

Amongst them, nine immediately stopped and slowly exited the steel cage! The scene of Yin Yu beating Tan Duanfei with one technique had shaken their souls. No one was willing to offend such a mysterious, powerful person!

Only Zhao Wuming remained, casually glancing at Su Yu, his nostrils flaring. "Why is that?"

After saying this, he struck out with his fist towards An Yurou's body!


At this moment, multiple sharp, Icy Divine Threads flew toward him from behind! Zhao Wuming had to take on a defensive stance, striking his fist behind him, a deep fury showing on his face.

"You're asking for death!" Zhao Wuming said.

It was all right if Su Yu had been provocative earlier, but now, he was initiating the attack!

Su Yu's gaze turned colder by the second. "I have said to not attack her! Did you hear me?"

Zhao Wuming was furious. "You dare attack me? Who gave you the guts?"

Su Yu disregarded him, coldly grunting. "I'll ask you again! Did I or did I not warn you against attacking her?"

Under Su Yu's overbearing questions, Zhao Wuming let out an angry laugh. "Warn me? Are you qualified to warn me?"

Nodding gently, Su Yu took several steps forward. "Since you did hear me, it means you did not cherish the chance I gave you!"

Su Yu's White Moon Ice Spiritual Robe flowed even in the absence of wind, his silver hair dancing wildly. The chilly energy spread into his surroundings.

An Yurou was a great benefactor, be it to him or to Xianer. Harming her was equal to harming Su Yu personally!

"Chance? What are you to give me a chance?" Under the pressure, Zhao Wuming's chest was filled with a ball of fury, killing intent radiating from his eyes. "Fine! Even though a fly is small, its constantly buzzing around my ears can be very annoying!"


Zhao Wuming's power as a Dragon Realm Level Five Peak exploded! The power at the peak of all others except the three unmatched geniuses caused the guests to freeze.

"It's been a long time since I saw Zhao Wuming fight," said one lady, her expression filled with fear and respect.

Beside her was a youth who sighed, "It's a pity that his opponent is not a match for him. Zhao Wuming will undoubtedly win within three moves."

Lu Jun had a mocking smile as he stared at Su Yu.

Zhao Wuming struck decisively. "Flying Cloud Leg!"

The Second Stage Top Class of a half immortal-level technique! Wind gathered under the soles of his feet, as if being circled by white clouds. A power nearing that of an immortal-level technique blanketed the surroundings!

This leg seemed to have come from the skies, piercing through the clouds, its power overbearing! Its power was far more intense than anything Tan Duanfei could have ever conjured.

"You bloody thing, crawl!" shouted Zhao Wuming.

His feet attacked, the strong winds blowing at Su Yu's silver hair. Su Yu did not move, his right finger gathering streaks of purple thunder arcs! It was splendid and glamorous, lighting up the stage and coloring the blue sky with a purple light. The radiant finger was like a star torn from outer space.

At this moment, Su Yu's figure turned into a streak of light piercing through the air!


The furious thunder roared, the earth trembled continuously. Within the dust and debris that had been sent flying by the impact, two figures stood in their original positions!

Zhao Wuming did not move an inch, his right leg remained in his attacking stance. But opposite him, Su Yu had not moved an inch either! This scene shocked everyone present!

"To To be on equal footing against Zhao Wuming?" Ouyang Yuxin gasped, her eyes full of shock.

Yin Yu, whom she had thought was merely average, was not only more powerful than her, but but could also be on equal footing against Zhao Wuming?

"Humph! It was just a single stroke," some said, shaking their heads. "It's not that remarkable, considering Zhao Wuming's carelessness!"

Thud, thud, thud

But these words had just been said when Zhao Wuming let out a grunt, a streak of blood flowing from the side of his lips as he took three steps back!

Shock filled his face. "Immortal-level technique, Stage One Lower Class!" he said.

The crowd erupted with commotion!

"To think that he managed to cultivate an immortal-level technique to Stage One Lower Class, not just scratching the surface!"

Everyone, from the Three Great Unmatched Geniuses to the geniuses amongst the distinguished guests, were surprised. Even Lu Jun showed a grave expression. Everyone knew that immortal-level techniques were extremely difficult to cultivate. Even scratching the surface of an immortal-level technique implied extremely high levels of perception.

To be able to gain insight into an entire Stage's lower class at such a young age, his level of perception must have been

Zhao Wuming's expression changed, unable to come out from the shock. The man who had no right to challenge him in his eyes was actually slightly more powerful than him in terms of abilities!

Taking a few steps back, he wore a determined expression. "Humph! Wouldn't it have been fine if you had shown your abilities earlier? Since you wish to injure her and become the champion too, we can have a fair competition!"

In other words, he had recognized Su Yu's strength, giving him the right to compete with him.

"Injure her?" Su Yu said coldly.

Zhao Wuming was angry. "You should not go too far! This ugly woman does not belong to you alone. We should injure her based on our abilities!"

"You misunderstood me!" Su Yu coldly shook his head. "The person I want to injure is not her. It's you!"

Zhao Wuming was furious. "You don't want to take the reward that is just in front of you, and insist on targeting me?"

At that moment, Zhao Wuming came to his senses, suspiciously asking, "Could it be that you want to protect this ugly woman?"

Su Yu did not answer, his chilly intent growing deeper.

Taking the silence as approval, Zhao Wuming looked at Su Yu incredulously. "You are crazy! This ugly woman's appearance is hideous. One look and you can tell that she has an evil heart. We the geniuses of the Alliance City should rid the city of these vermin, but you are protecting her?"

Su Yu let out a cold laugh. "She has an evil heart just because she's ugly?" Scanning the crowd, Su Yu laughed again. "You call yourselves geniuses of the alliance. Each of you, handsome and wielding a high status, but you do not hesitate to strike a woman who is in shackles and has no intention to retaliate! For an immortal-level technique, for your own abilities, for your benefit, have you ever thought that you are harming the innocent?"

Zhao Wuming was not convinced. "Innocent? This ugly woman is definitely an evil person! Why can't we injure her"

"Evil?" Su Yu cut in. "Have you ever seen an evil person letting herself be killed by others? Have you seen an evil person not letting out any killing intent? Have you ever seen an evil person with such a pitiful expression? I'll ask you again. Has she killed any of you? Has she injured any of you? Has she hated any of you? No! All I see are a bunch of self-proclaimed geniuses of the alliance, a bunch of self-righteous geniuses attempting to kill a defenseless lady!"

Su Yu scanned the crowd. His fury was alarming. "What right do you have to call yourselves geniuses? To call yourself righteous? Just because she is ugly, just because she represents your benefits, you then deem her as evil?"

No one dared answer!

"All I see are a bunch of beasts that are accustomed to being merciless," said Su Yu, "wearing human skin and raising high the flag of justice. You are the truly evil people! She is ugly in appearance, but all of you are ugly in your souls!"

Su Yu's words were fierce and passionate. Many of the geniuses turned red, frustrated that someone had exposed their inner thoughts. Su Yu had offended each and every one of the geniuses of the alliance!

"Nonsense!" Zhao Wuming let out a cold grunt. "You attempt to bewitch us with your words and sully the name of us geniuses of the alliance for a slave!"

"That's right!" spoke up someone from the crowd. "What right do you have to sully our name?"

"Begone! The Alliance City does not welcome you!"

"Scram! Get out, now!"

Soon, the shouts were unified as one.

Su Yu's existence was like the blinding sun, illuminating the sinister darkness in each of their hearts. Thus, they feared Su Yu, hated Su Yu, and alienated him.

Su Yu let out a furious laugh. "A bunch of useless things that are angry just because I have said what is in their hearts! What right do you have to band together with me? Even if you did not say anything, I would never join the likes of you!"

"You are too much!" Zhao Wuming said, letting out a low growl. "The good reputation of the Alliance's geniuses cannot be undermined!"

After saying his piece, Zhao Wuming struck out in fury!

Su Yu coldly surveyed the gazes of animosity around him, a horrifying aura circling him. "All of you! Strike together! I will fight all of you so-called Alliance geniuses alone!"