The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Everyone Apologized
Chapter 235: Everyone Apologized
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"Yes! Attack him together!" Zhao Wuming said, burning with flames of fury. "To deal with this kind of person who vilifies us, the geniuses in the Alliance City, we do not need justice and morality!"

Whiz, whiz, whiz

Tens of people from the distinguished guests' area threw themselves toward Su Yu and teamed up against him!

Su Yu laughed loud and long. "Just speak plainly. You have all flown into a rage out of shame. Yet you still have the face to talk about justice and morality?"

20 geniuses from the alliance felt angry. Without hesitation, all of them attacked Su Yu at the same time!

"Thunder Star Finger!"

"Wind Shadow Step!"

"Glazed Ice Flame!"

Against an attack by 20 people, Su Yu used all the moves that he had learned. Although there were many of them, each fought alone. Hence, the crowd was disorganized, and they were unable to exhibit the superiority of attacking in a large group.

As for Su Yu, his movement technique was shocking, and he dealt with them with skill and ease.

Rumble, bang




Su Yu was like a wolf in a flock of sheep. People were being thrown about in his wake as he moved through his opponents. After some time, the ground was filled with people scattered about in a mess, wailing miserable cries.

Soon, the only people still standing were Zhao Wuming and Su Yu!

That scene caused everyone's eyes to quiver. One person had actually sent so many people flying!

"Two manuals of immortal-level cultivation techniques and a first-rate legacy level cultivation technique at Stage Three Top Class! What a frightening level of comprehension!"

The Yunxiang Cabinet Master's beautiful eyes were glowing brilliantly. Su Yu's abilities had far exceeded her expectations! However, Su Yu still had not displayed what she truly wished to see!

Ouyang Yuxin felt as if the inside of her chest was a block of lead, and she felt extremely uncomfortable. His abilities were so frightening! Even the first-rate geniuses of the Alliance City banded together could not defeat him!

However, Su Yu had depleted much of his energy and was now struggling to catch his breath. For him to even be standing after all that, how strong was he? Only the Three Great Legends could achieve such a level!

Even more remarkable, the youngest of the Three Great Legends was 18 years old. Su Yu was only 15 years old! His potential might even be above the Three Great Legends!

Thinking about who might be her ideal partner, Ouyang Yuxin realized that Su Yu was even more suited for that role than Mister Feng Yue! She recalled that previously, she had intentionally wanted to keep her distance from Su Yu. She had been worried for no reason.

Ouyang Yuxin bit her red lips slightly, turned her head and said, "Mister Feng Yue, what do you think of Mister Yin Yu's abilities?"

Mister Feng Yue's gentle face was filled with disdain. "In the eyes of the first-rate geniuses, he might be considered very strong. However, in my eyes, he is at a level where he would only withstand one or two of my moves."

Is that so? thought Ouyang Yuxin. Her heart felt at ease. She did not know why, but she was unwilling to see Su Yu become stronger and cause her to further regret her decision!

Atop the arena, Zhao Wuming was trembling with fear. The moves that Su Yu had learned were diverse and breathtaking. In particular, his movement technique was extremely frightening!

"It's your turn now!" Su Yu said, his cold eyes leering at Zhao Wuming.

Zhao Wuming trembled and gave a threatening expression, though he felt cowardly at heart. "I feel that it is beneath my dignity to take advantage of someone else's precarious position," he said. "Seeing that you have exhausted a huge amount of your energy, I will let you go! Get down!"

Indeed, Su Yu had fought consecutively and had depleted much of his energy. If he continued to tangle with Zhao Wuming and turned the match into a match of endurance, Zhao Wuming would have a higher chance of victory. However, his victory would not come at a low cost. His opponent's Thunder Star Finger was extremely troublesome!

"Have you ever not taken advantage of someone else's precarious position?" Su Yu demanded. "What causes you to concern yourself now? If you are a coward and dare not fight me, just say so! You find it beneath your dignity to fight with weaklings below you. However, against strong people, you become scared and dare not to fight them. If this is not cowardice, then what is it?"

Zhao Wuming was irate. This Su Yu had mistaken his intentions! "I had wanted to give you a way out. But if you really want to fight, then I will indulge you!" Zhao Wuming made his move carefully. "Flying Cloud Leg!"

"Thunder Star Finger!"



Their silhouettes flew within the iron cage. Every time they collided, an extremely strong power burst forth. However, every time they collided, Zhao Wuming was at a disadvantage and was suppressed by Su Yu!

Everyone understood that Zhao Wuming had turned the match into a match of endurance and that Su Yu would inevitably tire.

However, ten moves had passed! Then 20 moves passed. Then 30 moves!

Soon, Zhao Wuming was puffing and panting. Even though he had exhausted his spiritual energy, Su Yu was still just as powerful as before!

"What's going on?" Zhao Wuming breathed, astonished.

Why was his opponent's spiritual energy still so powerful? It was evident that he had fought with 20 peopleit should have depleted by more than half!

The onlookers slowly noticed that something was not right. How could they not know that Su Yu's fundamentals and power exceeded that of a normal person?

Finally, another 30 moves passed, and Zhao Wuming exhausted all his spiritual energy. His abdomen was hit by Su Yu's finger!

Rumble, bang

His abdomen was pierced through by the spiritual energy, and his flesh splattered about! Zhao Wuming gave a horrible shriek and fell down onto the floor!

Now, all 20 of the strong martial artists from the distinguished guests' area had collapsed on the floor!

Everyone looked at that white moon-robed, silver-haired young man attentively. They realized that a new generation's number-one martial artista genius just below the Three Great Legendshad been born! He was a 15-year-old young man with a great potential, and he could become the new generation's legend in the future!

Zhao Wuming's eyes were filled with dissatisfaction. He covered his abdomen, which was in extreme pain, and he walked out of the iron cage slowly. The remaining geniuses also retreated ashamedly.

However, a cold hum could be heard from behind them.

"Who gave all of you permission to leave?" demanded Su Yu.

Zhao Wuming turned his head furiously. "What else do you want?"

"What else? I want all of you to apologize!" Su Yu pointed his finger toward An Yurou behind him. "Apologize for your expression of detestation and offensive actions!"

Su Yu was filled with so much coldness that the entire arena felt caught in the grips of winter. Why did he anger the geniuses of the alliance? Why did he fight all of them alone? Because he wanted to uphold justice for An Yurou! She was not an evil person!

"Apologize? To this ugly woman?" Zeng Shenbao laughed sardonically. "Are you trying to humiliate all of us? All of us are outstanding people. How could we apologize to this ugly woman who is a slave?"

Su Yu did not look at him. Instead, he looked distantly into the sky. His voice gradually became colder. "I will repeat one last time. Apologize!"

Zeng Shenbao laughed sardonically: "Scram! Who do you think you are?"


A silhouette flew in front of him. It was Su Yu with his cold eyes glowing with an icy light! A finger pierced through Zeng Shenbao's Dantian!


As Zeng Shenbao gave a shrill and horrible shriek, his cultivation base was crippled! That scene caused a mighty uproar immediately!

Su Yu was absolutely ruthless. The Zeng family was a family with a laudable reputation in the Alliance City, yet Su Yu had actually dared to cripple Zeng Shenbao's cultivation base! But Su Yu's ruthlessness did not stop there.


The people gasped as Su Yu thrust his palm toward Zeng Shenbao's head, which then burst into pieces!

Blood splashed everywhere. Zeng Shenbao's head was like a watermelon that had exploded. It burst into pieces on the spot!

Su Yu looked down at the rest of the geniuses. "I will repeat one more time. Apologize! If not You! Will! Be! Pardoned! By! Death!"

Su Yu's voice was clear yet distant, filled with boundless coldness! Some of the geniuses who had been filled with indignation, together with Zeng Shenbao, were now stunned! Su Yu had crippled Zeng Shenbao's cultivation base first and then taken his life! Where Where did he get the guts to do so?

"I I'll apologize!" said a female genius. Her hands and legs went soft, and she put down her pride completely. "I I'm sorry!"

Su Yu's gaze swept past the remaining geniuses. Of those who Su Yu's gaze swept past, who would still dare to exhibit the slightest bit of anger? All of them lowered their headspreviously held highand apologized to An Yurou!

Even Zhao Wuming lowered his head after the gaze landed on him for some time! As such, a shocking scene transpired: A group of geniuses from the Alliance City were all subjugated to lower their heads and apologize to a slave! All because of one mysterious young man, Mister Yin Yu!

Amidst the distinguished guests' area, a few female geniuses who did not fight at all and a girl with a petite and dainty figure ran in front of Ouyang Yuxin lively.