The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Prearranged Slot
Chapter 236: Prearranged Slot
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A likable laugh hung on the young woman's petite face. "Sister Yuxin, who exactly is he to you?" Naturally, this lady was Li Yan, who had decent ties with Ouyang Yuxin.

A shred of displeasure flashed on Sir Feng Yue's face. "Why, Sister Yuxin, you know that Yin Yu?"

Ouyang Yuxin hurriedly replied, "No No, I do not."

Li Yan let out a laugh. "So, you don't know him. That's good. Now he belongs to the Li family."

"You" Ouyang Yuxin felt anxious, as if Li Yan had snatched away something that belonged to her.

Besides being jealous, she also felt a little angry. She was about to comment when she noticed Sir Feng Yue's expression and could only choke back her words.

The old eyes of the green-robed elder gradually turned sinister. He could not deny that the Lin family had misjudged this man! Su Yu's talent might only barely be below that of Lin Aojue! And with such abilities at just 15 years of age, if he had three more years to cultivate, his achievements might be

The Lin family had definitely misjudged to miss such a genius! Because of this, they could not keep Su Yu alive!

"Interesting," said Lu Jun, staring at Su Yu with an icy gaze. "To think that you would chase us all the way here." Lu Jun chuckled and let out a mocking smile, casually standing up. "I let you escape like a defeated dog the last time. Now you do not have that good luck!"

The crowd turned silent. The vice master of the Alliance, Lu Jun, knew Su Yu?

Su Yu let out a sigh in his heart. How had he not realized that this was a trap when An Yurou appeared? Lu Jun had been testing him! But Su Yu could not stand by and do nothing while An Yurou was going to be injured by everyone. He owed her too much!

With an icy smile, Su Yu stared deeply at Lu Jun. "That's right," said Su Yu. "The vice master was full of bravado when facing a mere disciple but escaped like a dog in front the Palace Master of the Empire of Darkness. How awe-inspiring!"

Since his identity had been made known, Lu Jun would not let him off, even if he submitted now. He might as well go all-out.

Lu Jun's expression turned rigid, "Regretfully, those are your last words!"

After he said this, he displayed killing intent, flicking his finger.


The door of the steel cage suddenly closed!

"This cage is made of black gold," Lu Jun said with a mocking smile. "Not even I can break it, much less you! There's no way for you to escape now."

The steel cage itself was the trap!

But Lu Jun's expression changed as Su Yu grabbed onto An Yurou's slender waist, his red right eye shining with red light. At that moment, the two of them disappeared from where they stood!

"Innate Space Talent!" many in the crowd shouted was in an uproar, the color draining from their faces in shock!

The expressions of the green-robed elder and Lu Jun both changed, as well, and the geniuses were also shocked! It was rumored that there were some with special constitutions who could control certain innate talents from birth.

These kinds of people might appear less than once in a million births, and the innate space talent was the rarest amongst the innate talentsextremely mysterious!

This mysterious gentleman could actually use innate space talents, shocking everybody present!

The eyes of the Yunxiang Cabinet master sparkled, her peaceful expression showing a little surprise. "My intuition was correct," she whispered. "It really was the innate space talent!"

"Thinking of escaping?" Lu Jun managed with a rigid smile.

He had been fooled by Su Yu!


Lu Jun raced through the air. A bunch of people also followed, due to their curiosity.

20 miles away, Su Yu was hugging An Yurou, flying at full speed, but he ultimately could not escape a powerful fighter at the Immortal Realm. Lu Jun caught up quickly. Seeing how Su Yu hugged An Yurou, the killing intent in his eyes flared.

"No one can stop me, Lu Jun, from killing you!" Lu Jun declared. "Release her, kneel, and atone for your sins!"

Su Yu let out a cold laugh. "You speak as if you are the most powerful being on the planet! You are merely a vice master and can only run when facing a strong enemy. What do you have to feel proud of?"

"Humph! At least it's easy enough for me to kill you!" Lu Jun said with disdain.

But Su Yu did not fear Lu Jun. "You can try!" he said.

Su Yu was no longer the Liuxian Faction disciple of the past who could not even retaliate! If Lu Jun wanted to kill him, he had to pay a price!

"I, as the vice master, grant you death!" Lu Jun's killing intent flared, striking suddenly!

"Stop!" a gentle voice came from far away. It was the Yunxiang Cabinet master, chasing them anxiously.

Lu Jun glanced at her, but instead of stopping his blow, he put more power into the strike, stating calmly, "Apologies, but no one can stop me from killing somebody I want to kill!"

"Is that so?" The Yunxiang Cabinet master took out a gold token from her robes.

Atop it carved the words Shentian Manor.

Seeing this token, Lu Jun's body stiffened, his expression changing. Finally, he clenched his teeth and retracted his palm at the critical moment. He was miserable. "Zi Yunxiang, you wish to meddle in my business?"

So, Zi Yunxiang was the name of the Yunxiang Cabinet master.

Holding the token, Zi Yunxiang's expression was relaxed. "Yes!" She replied without hesitation, causing Lu Jun's expression to turn sinister.

"Do not forget that the Shentian Manor is under the jurisdiction of the alliance," he said. "The Alliance Master decides everything!"

Zi Yunxiang's eyes scanned past him, calmly saying, "Please also remember that you are only the vice master, and ranked last amongst the Nine Great Vice Masters. You do not have the right to meddle in the affairs of the Shentian Manor."

Just how prestigious was the Shentian Manor that even a vice master was unable to influence them?

"Fine," said Lu Jun. "I'll remember this! I shall let him go once again today." Lu Jun shot an icy gaze to An Yurou in Su Yu's arms. "Hand her over!"

Being unable to kill Su Yu, he could only settle for second best: taking An Yurou back. But Zi Yunxiang casually said, "You cannot take her, either!"

"Zi Yunxiang, do not go overboard!" Lu Jun said, now furious.

Zi Yunxiang waved the gold token in her hands, her expression jovial.

Lu Jun wore an uncomfortable expression. "Fine! I shall remember today! Zi Yunxiang, you will pay for this!"

Staring icily at Su Yu, Lu Jun left. He had released An Yurou to test Su Yu. In the end, he did, indeed, provoke Su Yu into revealing himself, but his plan had failed. Not only could he not kill Su Yu, but he'd had to give up An Yurou, whom he had painstakingly obtained! The anger in his heart was imaginable.

At this moment, many geniuses caught up. Their faces were filled with doubt as they watched the scene unfold.

Zi Yunxiang was jovial. "Sir Yin Yu," she said, "would you show me the respect and come have a chat with me in the Inner Cabinet?"

The Inner Cabinet? The expressions of the geniuses changed.

"Yunxiang Cabinet master, how could he enter the Inner Cabinet?" said Sir Feng Yue, glowering.

Even Lin Aojue struggled to find words, coldly saying, "Are you joking? What right does he have to enter when even I cannot enter?"

Two of the three legends were not their usual selves. But Su Yu did not understand. Could the Inner Cabinet of the Yunxiang Cabinet have another meaning?

Zi Yunxiang kept her smile, calmly surveying Sir Feng Yue and Lin Aojue. "Does the Shentian Manor require your approval?"

Their faces dropped. Both went silent. They could only direct their sinister stares at Su Yu.

Li Yan dug her way to the front of the crowd, her little mouth opening wide. "Brother Yin Yu, you are too great!" she called. "To think that you could be prearranged by the Shentian Manor!"