The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Feelings Of Remorse And Shame
Chapter 237: Feelings of Remorse and Shame
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Zi Yunxiang smiled with good intentions. "The Yunxiang Cabinet's Inner Cabinet is the only passage connecting to the Shentian Manor. By inviting you to enter the Inner Cabinet, I am inviting you to Shentian Manor. You will only be the second person to ever enter the Shentian Manor without participating in Alliance Meet." Zi Yunxiang grinned. "I will recommend you to become my father's personal disciple!"

Her last sentence caused a mighty uproar again.

Lin Aojue and Mister Feng Yue both trembled. "What did you say? Recommend him to become Housemaster Zi's disciple?"

Zi Yunxiang's father was the Shentian Manor's housemaster, Zi Donglai! He was an extremely strong martial artist who was as famous as the Alliance Master, and he was in charge of the Shentian Manor!

In the Hundred Territories Alliance, a sentence uttered by Zi Yunxiang could decide the fate of a faction. Be it extermination or prosperity, all was decided in the amount of time it took him to think it! His was an existence that was like a myth! Because he lived in seclusion, almost no one had seen him before, making him even more mysterious than the Alliance Master. And now, Zi Yunxiang was actually going to recommend Su Yu to become his disciple!

That was an existence that was below one person and above tens of thousands!

With such an opportunity on the table, the Lin family and the Feng family were not even worthy of being mentioned! It would be even more difficult for the Ouyang family to reach that height! In a single day, Su Yu had soared from obscurity to famehis identity would become extremely magnanimous from then on!

Lin Aojue's whole body was overflowing with swiftness and fierceness. "Why is it that he can be Housemaster Zi's disciple but not me?"

When the Alliance City was examined, who could match Lin Aojue, a man of great price who topped the Three Great Legends?

Yet Su Yu, whom Lin Aojue would not deign to even look in the eye, had stepped above his head!

"I! Am! Not! Satisfied!" Lin Aojue cried, pointing a finger at Su Yu and saying every word with a pause.

Zi Yunxiang frowned slightly. "So what if you are not satisfied? Your Lin family grandmaster has no right to question us, let alone you." Zi Yunxiang looked toward Su Yu. "What will it be?"

Zi Yunxiang's lips were tight with confidence, and she smiled calmly. She believed that Su Yu would make a wise choice.

After remaining silent for a long time, Su Yu clenched his fists. "I wish to know, why have you taken a fancy to me?"

Zi Yunxiang grinned and grabbed her jade-like palm lightly. At once, a weak space energy reverberated within the void. "Innate space talent!"

Su Yu was a bit surprised, but others were not.

"Your innate space talent is the only reason!" she explained.

So, that was it. Su Yu understood the reason in his heart.

After pondering for some time, Su Yu raised his eyes and revealed an apologetic expression. "Thank you, Miss Zi, for your kindness. I already have a master, and I cannot devote myself to another master."

Zi Yunxiang's smile became serious. It was evident that she had not expected Su Yu to answer as such. However, she who was intelligent and nimble, and smiled beautifully. "You do not need to rush to give me an answer to this matter. Why not follow me into the Shentian Manor?"

Having been invited repeatedly, Su Yu found it difficult to reject her. He sighed, "Okay However, I do not wish to become a disciple of the Shentian Manor directly. I want to participate in the Alliance Meet!"

Only by participating in the Alliance Meet could he obtain the Flesh Regeneration Elixir.

Zi Yunxiang thought to herself, What an ambitious and proud young man. He wishes to prove his abilities via the Alliance Meet.

"Understood! There are eight more days before the Alliance Meet. Before you become a disciple of the Shentian Manor, we will make an exception and let you train in the Shentian Manor for a few days."

Su Yu's eyes shone brilliantly. "Thank you, Miss Zi!"

However, there was a gloominess in Su Yu's heart that he could not get rid of. He wished to know if he did not possess innate space talent, would Zi Yunxiang have still protected him at the expense of offending Lu Jun?

The answer seemed very clear. Not everyone was like An Yurou, who would help him selflessly. What Zi Yunxiang regarded as important was Su Yu's innate space talent and not Su Yu himself!

However, no matter the case, he was ultimately still indebted to Zi Yunxiang. He hid the gloominess within his heart and did not say it out.

"Mister Yin Yu, let's go." Zi Yunxiang moved her legs lightly, stood shoulder to shoulder with Su Yu and passed through the crowd.

Everyone was burning with jealousy. The future personal disciple of Housemaster Zi would have a noble identity influential enough to change the fate of a force!

Many geniuses wished to make friends with Su Yu, now. However, the match at the Yunxiang Cabinet had strained their relationships. How could they cast their faces aside?

"Brother Yin Yu, I did not lay my hands on this sister," Li Yan caught up, smilingly and glanced at An Yurou.

Su Yu looked back and smiled indifferently. "Yes, thank you."

"Then, we can become friends?" Li Yan said energetically.

Su Yu nodded his head. "You can look for me anytime."

Those words were enough to satisfy her. Li Yan had, indeed, not laid her hands on An Yurou. However, she had detested her before!

A crowd of geniuses looked at Li Yan. They were excited but were also filled with remorse for their words!

When Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang were about to pass through the crowd, a beautiful silhouette stepped partway from the crowd. She wore scarlet phoenix clothes which danced along with the wind, and her beautiful face would have made any man lovesick.

Her snowy, porcelain-like skin had two patches of bright red rosy clouds which burst forth beautifully. When she lowered her head, her bashfulness was tinged with amorous intentions.

"Mister Yin Yu" Ouyang Yuxin said.

Her body turned stiff. Her face was red, and her voice was high like the whining of a mosquito. Her heart was filled with remorse. Who had thought that Su Yu would become Housemaster Zi's personal disciple in one night's time? His fame would have been more than enough for the Ouyang family to soar to the sky. If she had maintained her relationship with Su Yu previously, would it have come to this?

Zi Yunxiang was a bit surprised. "Eh? Mister Yin Yu, could it be that you know Miss Ouyang?"

Su Yu looked at Ouyang Yuxin indifferently and shook his head. "I do not."

After which, Su Yu brushed past Ouyang Yuxin. From the beginning to the end, Su Yu did not look at Ouyang Yuxin a second time. It was not because Su Yu was heartless; he was simply unwilling to be acquainted with the Ouyang family. He had made enemies of many people in the Alliance City today. If he continued to mingle with them, the Ouyang family would be implicated by him.

However, he could not communicate his intentions to Ouyang Yuxin. Her body trembled, and her beautiful eyes welled with a layer of tears. His three words, "I do not," were unspeakably devastating.

Undoubtedly, Su Yu had been the Ouyang family's guest. Undoubtedly, she was the closest to Su Yu. Undoubtedly, the opportunity to change her family's fate was in her hands. Yet everything that had transpired since was because of the fact that she wanted to be acquainted with Mister Feng Yue. Hence, she had given up on Su Yu.

Great regret engulfed Ouyang Yuxin's heart, causing her to feel bitter and making it difficult to say anything.

The news had spread throughout the Alliance City at amazing speed! There was a strong possibility that a young man with innate space ability and a mysterious background would become Housemaster Zi's personal disciple!

At the Lin family mansion, the Lin family grandmaster had heard the news and became disappointed for a long time. "There are times even I make errors of judgment!" he said. "If we had taken him in that day, perhaps Yin Yu would be a talented person of the Lin family!"

The Lin family grandmaster looked at Lin Aojue, who stood not far away from him, and blamed him slightly. If not for the sake of accommodating Lin Aojueand driving Su Yu out as a resultthey would not have let such a talented person slip through their hands!

Lin Aojue was full of hatred. "Who does he think he is? Is he even worthy of being compared to me? If he comes across me when he is alone, I will kill him with a swing of my sword!"

At the Zeng, the news reached Zeng Nantian that his son had provoked Su Yu and had been killed as a result. Tears started to stream down his face immediately.

"Shenbao!" Zeng Nantian said, grief-stricken. When his mind turned to Mister Yin Yu, his face filled with hatred. "Yin Yu! Just wait until I ascertain your identity. If you are not someone from the Phoenix Cabinet, I will grind your bones into powder, even if I have to go up to Heaven or down to Hades!"

At the Ouyang family mansion, Ouyang Yuxin knelt down in front of Ouyang Long dejectedly. She spoke in a melancholy manner. "Father, I'm sorry. I have made a mistake."

"Why, I have said before, you cannot weigh the benefits of every matter in the world," he said. "You are penny wise and pound foolish!"

Knowing that his daughter had intentionally kept her distance from Su Yu in order to be acquainted with Mister Feng Yue, Ouyang Long felt that it was a pity. However, he did not reprimand his daughter in the end.

This only made Ouyang Yuxin feel even worse. It was she who had failed the Ouyang family!