The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 238

Chapter 238: A Chance At The Jade Spiritual Pool
Chapter 238: A Chance at the Jade Spiritual Pool
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Su Yu entered the heavily guarded Inner Cabinet of the Yunxiang Cabinet. The Inner Cabinet was filled with powerful fighters, its decor exquisite and luxurious, completely different from the outside world. Occasionally, famous prostitutes could be seen within.

"The Inner Cabinet is only open to the Shentian Manor," said Zi Yunxiang. "If Sir Yin Yu wants to, I would naturally arrange for some beautiful ladies." She stifled a laugh. "Coincidentally, it would take some time for the door to the Shentian Manor to open. You can stay here for a moment."

Su Yu shook his head. "There's no need! Please give me a quiet room."

Looking down to An Yurou in his arms, Su Yu's gaze was grave. From the very beginning, An Yurou's expression had been strange. Even when he had carried her and escaped, she had not once resisted.

Zi Yunxiang glanced at An Yurou, gently nodding. "I'll let vice cabinet master Fei Ge arrange that for you."

Later, Su Yu was accommodated with a spacious, luxurious room.

"I am going to find my father," Zi Yunxiang. "You can rest here for a bit. If you need anything, you can find vice cabinet master Fei Ge."

A youth at the door sent Zi Yunxiang off with a smile. His eyes burned with infatuation. Retracting his gaze, he looked coldly at Su Yu. "If you need anything, you can shout for me." After that, he left with a straight face.

Su Yu noticed the youth's animosity but did not have the energy to care. He laid An Yurou down and checked her body. He was surprised.

"Her biological signs are all normal," he muttered, "but why does it seem that she's lacking something?"

His chest area grew hot as Yun Yazi awakened. "She could be missing her soul," he said. "It looks like she has sealed her own soul, entering a state of stasis, or basically becoming a zombie. As she is now, she would not even fight back if you tried to kill her!"

It was no wonder she hadn't reacted to the danger in the steel cage. She had only made a few simple expressions. Apparently, An Yurou had been unwilling for anyone to violate her innocence, choosing instead to seal herself off from the outside world.

Su Yu secretly let out a sigh of relief. "Can I awaken her?" he asked.

But Yun Yazi gently shook his head. "There's no way, other than to let her wake up on her own."

Raising his brows, Su Yu let out killing intent. "Lu Jun!"

He could not imagine what kind of pressure An Yurou had gone through to choose to seal herself and become a zombie. Su Yu had to kill the man responsible for this!


At this moment, the door was suddenly kicked open! Outside, there was a commotion.

"Brother Xiaoyao, thank you for getting me a Tian Manor Token," a flirtatious voice said. "Now, I can train at the Jade Spiritual Pool once again."

"I'm glad you understand," chuckled a wicked voice. "Then you know how you should please me later? How about letting me do whatever I want to you?"

"Disgustingah! There's someone in here!"

The lady suddenly screamed, realizing that the room they had just entered contained two people within.

The male youth turned stern. "Who are you? Why are you in my room?"

Su Yu observed the two. The lady was dressed in revealing clothes, her appearance flirtatious, her face reflecting the many hardships of her life. The male youth was about 20, his skin dark. His cultivation level was extremely high, at Dragon Realm Level Five Peak! At this moment, the youthwhose name was Xiaoyaowas hugging the flirtatious lady and had kicked open the door.

"I am asking you a question! You let you all into my room?" Xiaoyao grunted fiercely.

Su Yu's expression turned cold. "Has no one ever taught you to knock before you enter? Also, who said that this is your room?"

The youth named Xiaoyao pointed at his nose. "Because I am Chen Xiaoyao!"

Su Yu shook his head. "Chen Xiaoyao? Are you very famous? I have never heard of you."

Chen Xiaoyao's face turned rigid, observing Su Yu. "Where did this wild kid spring from? I do not remember the Shentian Manor having such a person!"

Su Yu calmly said, "There's no need for you to know. Get out immediately!"

"Humph! I should be the one saying that!" Chen Xiaoyao stepped forward. "It's best to let you know who Chen Xiaoyao is, so you don't die without knowing the mistake you made in the Shentian Manor!"

Su Yu did not step down! "You want to fight? Fine!"



A voice came from far away, stopping them loudly. Only when the person came closer could it be seen that it was Fei Ge. He scanned the two of them, locking his gaze on Chen Xiaoyao, smiling. "So, it was Xiao Yao, Sir Chen. What is going on here?"

It felt like Fei Ge was being respectful and trying to suck up to him.

Chen Xiaoyao folded his arms, his nose pointing up. "Humph! Why has someone taken the room I exclusively use?"

Chen Xiaoyao was a regular customer at the Yunxiang Cabinet, and this room was one of the most luxurious the place had to offer. He had used it many times. Ordinarily, the Yunxiang Cabinet would not let outsiders enter this room, but today was an exception.

"Please understand, Sir Chen," said Fei Ge. "I will make an arrangement immediately." He let out a toady laugh. Then turned to the maid outside and ordered, "Go, open another room!"

After that, Fei Ge looked at Su Yu. "Pack up your things. You will live there. The conditions of the room are similar to this. Don't make trouble and disrupt the customers here."

Two maids hurried into the room, cleaning the tables and chairs, as well as tidying the mattress.

"Wait!" Su Yu stopped the two maids.

Fei Ge creased his eyebrows. "What other matters do you have? I have said that the conditions of the room are similar to this!" He felt repulsed by the trouble Su Yu was causing.

Su Yu blinked, looking at Fei Ge. "Have you asked for my opinion? Respected my choice in the matter?"

The two questions caused Fei Ge to freeze. Then his expression turned cold. "This is the room exclusively reserved for Sir Chen! You have entered the room of another person and still do not want to leave?"

Su Yu let out a cold laugh. "What a joke! When you arranged for me to be in this room, why did you not say that it was reserved for Sir Chen? Now that he is here, you are telling me that this room belongs to someone else?" He gestured to An Yurou. "And now you want us to leave? It is clear that we entered the room first. You do not respect our opinion. You dare to make decisions on our behalfasking us to leave? Do you even have us in your eyes?"

Fei Ge could not hold up against the repeated questions of Su Yu. "This is the Yunxiang Cabinet, and I am in charge! Whatever I say holds!" Fei Ge coldly said.

Su Yu laughed. "Why don't you also say that you are in charge of the Shentian Manor?"

"You!" Fei Ge was furious. If not for the fact that they these two had been personally sent in by Zi Yunxiang, why should he waste words with them? Taking a deep breath, Fei Ge suppressed his fury. "Please do me a favor and let Sir Chen have this room. I will remember this favor."

Unexpectedly, Su Yu let out a cold laugh. "Do you a favor? Have you ever done us a favor? If you wish to be respected, learn how to respect someone else first! Scram!"

Fei Ge was furious. "Insolence! The Yunxiang Cabinet is not a place for you to be wild!"

Fei Ge struck! At Dragon Realm Level Five Upper Tier, it would be a piece of cake to destroy Su Yu's Dragon Realm Level One!

"Wind Shadow Step!" Su Yu laughed as he kicked forward.


Fei Ge's expression turned rigid. His body was sent flying out the door like a rock, crashing into the stone pillar.

Cough, cough

Fei Ge coughed out a large mouthful of blood, his expression shocked, "What? What is your cultivation level?"

Su Yu let out a vicious grunt. "A useless Dragon Realm Level Five dares to be arrogant in front of me?"

Chen Xiaoyao's expression was grave. He could also have defeated Fei Ge with a stroke, but he might not have been able to do it so casually.

"Who are you?" Chen Xiaoyao asked cautiously.

Su Yu's gaze was fierce. "What do you care? Scram!"

"Fine! I'll let it go this time, but don't let me see you again!" Chen Xiaoyao clenched his teeth, suppressing his anger as he took his lady and left!

"Wait!" Su Yu said. "You leave. She stays!"

Chen Xiaoyao looked back and gave a furious laugh, "You want my woman to stay? Know your place! You will not know your limits unless I teach you a lesson!" Chen Xiaoyao pushed the woman in his arms aside, his body welling with spirit energy. "Dragon Swimming Step!"

It was the beginning of an immortal-level technique! He certainly lived up to his reputation as a disciple of the Shentian Manor! Although both were at Dragon Realm Level Five Peak, he was much more powerful than Zhao Wuming!

Su Yu was not afraid, stepping forward to attack! "Thunder Star Finger!"

The light on his finger was like a flash, releasing arcs of thunder. The two collided, creating a strong impact!

Thud, thud, thud

Chen Xiaoyao took several steps back, his expression one of shock. "Stage One Lower Class of an immortal-level technique? But you are just 15!"


The reply he got was Su Yu's continuous attack. Taking a few strokes head-on, Chen Xiaoyao was finally struck at the chest.


Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Chen Xiaoyao was sent flying out of the room.

"Do not offend me with your presence again!" Su Yu said, and he closed the door.

Chen Xiaoyao heard his woman's petite cries through the door. "I will never forgive you!" Chen Xiaoyao called out, his face green with hatred as he spat out another mouthful of blood!

Su Yu closed the door, dragging the flirtatious lady before the bed.

"Whatwhat do you want to do?" she stammered, her voice trembling, fully prepared to be violated by Su Yu.

Su Yu calmly said. "Do you know how to take care of somebody?"

"Huh?" Her eyes found the still body An Yurou. She nodded. "Oh. Yes! Of course!"

"Great," said Su Yu. "Take care of her for eight days. You will be heavily rewarded after that."

Su Yu took out a Phoenix feather. Seeing it, the flirtatious lady gasped.

"Is that?" she said. "A Phoenix feather?"

"If she suffers any injury, you know the outcome!" Su Yu said, letting out a cold grunt.

"Yes, I know!" The lady naturally knew what to do in front of such power and benefit!

Su Yu nodded. "You said something about a Tian Manor Token. What is that? And what is the Jade Spiritual Pool?"

The flirtatious lady was obedient. Even though she could not bear to part with it, she took out a silver token and handed it to Su Yu. The words Shentian Manor were carved on it, similar in fashion to Zi Yunxiang's gold token.

"This is an item commonly used to access places such as the depository, cultivation rooms, and others in the Shentian Manor," she explained. "Its effects are limited to once per token. Some places would need more Tian Manor Tokens. For example, entering the depository once would require three Tian Manor Tokens while the cultivation rooms require one. The Jade Spiritual Pool is a secret cultivation area with the densest spiritual energy in the Shentian Manor. It opens once every half a year, and entry requires one Tian Manor Token. If you are lucky, you would be able to break through an entire level in the Dragon Realm"


Su Yu grabbed the token, his eyes shining. What he needed now, more than anything, was to break through the bottleneck in his cultivation level! Even though he could win against a Dragon Realm Level Five Peak, his abilities were still far away from geniuses such as Sir Feng Yue and Lin Aojue.