The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 239

Chapter 239: The Alliance Masters Son
Chapter 239: The Alliance Masters Son
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After one hour, Zi Yunxiang came over. "Mister Yin Yu," she said, "the Shentian Manor has opened!"

Su Yu nodded his head. He looked at An Yurou deeply one last time, then departed and entered the Shentian Manor.

There was tight security at the forbidden area of the Yunxiang Cabinet's Inner Cabinet. A giant iron door that was 100 feet tall emitted icy cold air. When it was pushed open, amazing spiritual energy blew toward them.

When Su Yu breathed in the spiritual energy, he was shocked! The thickness of the spiritual energy was not inferior to the Ancient Xianyun Temple!

What he saw was a vast forest. To a Dragon Realm Level Three, the Universe's Miracle Mineral Plants, which were considered precious, were everywhere in the forest. Spiritual beasts of the Dragon Realm could be seen at any time. Compared to the Ancient Xianyun Temple, the resources in the Shentian Manor were more frightening!

However, residents of the Liuxian Faction could only enter the Ancient Xianyun Temple once every five years. As for the Shentian Manor, the geniuses could train in it for a long time. In such an environment, even if one's talents were mediocre, he would be able to achieve success. Moreover, were there any Shentian Manor students who were not extremely gifted?

It was no surprise that the alliance geniuses would do anything they could to enter the Shentian Manor. This place did, indeed, contain all the best resources in the Hundred Territories Alliance, and it was a holy land that many people yearned to visit!

Whiz, whiz

When both of them had just entered the Shentian Manor, two shadows rushed out. One of them was in front, and the other one was behind.

The person behind was not unfamiliar to Su Yu. It was Chen Xiaoyao, the man he had driven out of his room. But the person in front was an 18-year-old young man who wore a golden cloak! He had a handsome face and full of vitality. His cloak swayed according to the wind's direction and he was extremely magnanimous. His talents were shocking! He had achieved Dragon Realm Level Six Lower Tier!

"Xiang-er, you have finally returned," the magnanimous young man said, walking over quickly with a smile filled with eagerness. It was not difficult to spot the adoration hidden within the smile.

Zi Yunxiang frowned. "Han Xu, please pay attention to how you address me." She did not like Han Xu's solicitousness.

Han Xu's smile remained unchanged. "Xiang-er, since you are my fiance, why do we still need to treat one another as strangers? In any case, you shall become mine sooner or later."

"Who is your fiance?" Zi Yunxiang snapped, offended.

Han Xu laughed. "We were both betrothed before we were born. It was decided years ago. Uncle Zi and my father have been discussing this matter a long time. I am sure that the wedding date will be decided upon soon enough."

Zi Yunxiang frowned. "That year, both our families agreed that if both families' first children were a boy and a girl, respectively, they would be married to one another. However, your Han family's first baby was your sister and not you! So where did our prenatal betrothal come from?" Zi Yunxiang was clearly very unsatisfied with the idea of her marriage being forcefully arranged.

Han Xu stepped in front of her, his smile immovable. "Xian-er, please don't be like this. In all the vast Hundred Territories, apart from me, Han Xu, who else is deserving of you? You and I are a match made in Heaven, and we shall become a couple sooner or later!"

Zi Yunxiang had an unpleasant expression. "I do not need you to make the decisions for my own marriage!"

To everyone's surprise, Han Xu erupted in an unfathomable laughter. "Is that so? I think you will definitely marry me."

Zi Yunxiang's beautiful face iced over. "Suit yourself! Now, get out of the way!"

Han Xu stepped aside for Zi Yunxiang to pass through.

Su Yu followed her expressionlessly, but Han Xu unexpectedly extended his arm and stopped Su Yu. His face, which had been kind and gentle previously, was filled with cold fury in the blink of an eye.

"She can go," he said. "You will stay!"

Seeing that Chen Xiaoyao's face was full of hatred, Su Yu understood in his heart that they were there for him.

"Han Xu, what are you doing?" Zi Yunxiang demanded, surprised.

Han Xu laughed indifferently. "Xiang-er, this is none of your business. I am here for him!"

"He is my guest!" Zi Yunxiang regained her senses and protected Su Yu by standing in front of him.

Not only did that action not dispel Han Xu's idea, but his eyes got colder instead. "Then, I am more inclined to make him stay! Today, if Xiang-er did not protect you, I would teach you a lesson! But if she protects you, I am even more inclined to teach you a lesson! In short, anyone whom I, Han Xu, wish to teach a lesson to, in the Hundred Territories Alliance, cannot escape from me!"

Han Xu's arrogance was shameful, but onlookers passing by wanted to watch the good show. However, when they realized that Han Xu was there, it was as if they had seen a ghost. All of them remained as quiet as a cicada during winter and avoided him silently. His deep-seated impudence stunned everyone. Su Yu, however, was aloof and indifferent.

"Such big words," he said. "What are you basing them on?"

"You still do not know who is he, do you?" Chen Xiaoyao chuckled from behind Han Xu. He laughed continuously. "No harm in telling you. He is the Second Prince of the Hundred Territories Alliance Master, Mister Han! Now do you understand how heavy are his words?"

In actual fact, based on Zi Yunxiang's reactions, Su Yu had already predicted Han Xu's identity. For someone to address Zi Donglai, the Hundred Territories Alliance's number one martial artist, as "Uncle," who else would be so presumptuous but the rumored Master Han's son?

"I know," Su Yu said flatly. "So what?"

Han Xu shot a cold gaze at Su Yu. "So what? Of course, I want your life!"

In just a short time, he had changed his mind from merely wanting to teach Su Yu a lesson to wanting his life. In his eyes, Su Yu was nothing but a piece of trash.

"You can try!" said Su Yu. "But your identity alone will not be able to frighten me!" Su Yu remained calm and did not have a fearful expression.

He had already offended many people. What was wrong with offending one more?

Han Xu laughed aloud. "What a joke. Is killing you not enough?" He was simply unable to understand where did Su Yu get his confidence from! Putting aside his identitywhich was above tens of thousands of peoplehis abilities alone could suppress Su Yu to the point that Su Yu could not even retaliate! "Then, let's try. Let me see where all your confidence comes from!"

Han Xu released his aura from his body and assumed a posture which implied that he was about to make a move!

"Stop it!"

At that moment, two black-robed, middle-aged men came toward them. One was tall, while the other was short. Both wore severe expressions as cold as iron.

"The rules of Shentian Manor state that you cannot fight without permission!" said the short man with a solemn, displeased expression. "Those who violate the rules will be punished severely!"

The tall man stood with his hands clasped behind his back. It seemed as if his position was much higher than the shorter man. Their cultivation bases were not simple. If Su Yu was not mistaken, the tall, middle-aged man's cultivation base had achieved Dragon Realm Level Seven! And the short man was Dragon Realm Level Five.

Zi Yunxiang heaved a sigh of relief. If no one had stopped them, it would have been difficult for her to stop Han Xu. Those two people were Shentian Manor's Law Enforcers, and they were in charge of the discipline in Shentian Manor. It would be difficult for anyone who violated the rules to escape punishment.

Han Xu's hand hovered in the air. His expression fluctuated between being gloomy and sunny. After a long time, he withdrew his palm reluctantly.

Seeing that both had stopped, the short man walked straight to Su Yu and, without hesitation, berated coldly, "Personal fights are forbidden. Why did you create trouble? Tell me your name!"

Su Yu was stunned, initially. Then he shot a glance at Han Xu, who had an arrogant and indifferent expression. Finally, he understood. The Law Enforcers were obligated to resolve matters fairly, but how could they afford to offend the Alliance Master's son? Still, the matter of provocation at the moment required an outcome. If they could not punish Han Xu, they could only punish Su Yueven if Su Yu was the one who had been maligned!

"Which of your eyes saw that I was the one who created the trouble?" Su Yu said, his gaze narrowing on the short man.

The short man, however, refused to listen. Instead, he frowned and shouted impatiently, "I have asked you a question! What is your name? Speak!"

While the short man was speaking, he took out a small book. His actions were like that of a teacher who wanted to record the name of a student who violated had the ruleswriting up a troublemaker to be punished later on.

Su Yu's voice turned icy. "I have asked you; which of your eyes saw that I was the one who created the trouble? Left eye or right eye? Speak!" He could not tolerate being punished for no reason!


The short man closed his book. His face grew taught with outrage. "I hereby represent the Shentian Manor as the Law Enforcer, and I will do everything in my power to take disciplinary action against the student who has violated the rules. Now"

To everyone's surprise, Su Yu interrupted him.

"I am asking you a question! Which eye of yours saw that I was the one who created the trouble?" Su Yu forced him to answer with a cold voice.