The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Mystical Relic

Suddenly came the voice of a man, "Get some rest, Senior Sister."

Su Yu looked and his expression slightly changed! A man with features so handsome that even made women jealous, used both hands to offer a water bag with a concerned look. In front of him was a lady as beautiful as a celestial beauty, eyes sparkling like the reflection of the autumn moon on a lake, clear and serene, with an air of placidity, risen above it all.

This person was the same celestial beauty who gifted the scarlet bow to Su Yu! At that moment, the celestial beauty faced a multicolored wall, both eyes concentrated on it with rapt attention. She appeared to make out something from the wall. Exhausted, the celestial beauty turned her gaze away after strenuously fixating on it for quite a while.

"Thank you." She took the water bag calmly, her red lips slightly parted, and took a small sip.

The handsome-as-the-devil youth was the Gold King, Fang Qingzhou. He'd met up with the celestial beauty, once again arriving at this historical site to gain insight from an ancient remnant of the mural.

"Any result, Senior Sister?" inquired Fang Qingzhou.

The celestial beauty put down the water bag, tiredly rubbed the space between her eyebrows, and slightly shook her head, "No! Indeed, it is a relic from 1,000 years ago. Just a mere remnant of the mural is difficult to gain insight from."

Fang Qingzhou deplored, "The mural is flickering too fast. It's hard for us to capture the specific contents of it, so it's difficult to gain insight."

The celestial beauty said a little helplessly, "The full moon will pass soon and the mural will once again fall into silence. We still have nothing to show as before, so perhaps this is fate. This place does not belong to us."

With a strange look concealed in his eyes, Fang Qingzhou quietly said, "Hm, Senior Sister, rest for a little while, we'll wait to leave."

The celestial beauty nodded her head and closed her eyes to meditate. The long period of staring at the mural had mentally drained her. Su Yu, who had secretly observed this scene, did not know why his chest felt a little tight. In his heart, the celestial beauty was a fairy risen above it all. Now it looked like she and this youth seemed to have a close relationship, to the extent that these two people shared secrets.

The tightness in his chest eased as he took a light breath. His commitment to the Martial Path was unwavering, women were just mere passing fancy along one's life journey. His heart was with the Martial Path!

From the conversation between these two people, it seemed that this multicolored mural contained something very mysterious. Su Yu attempted to look over. Immediately there was the sound of a boom and a faint prickling in his head.

"Ah! The mural jumps around too quickly, just looking at it for a moment makes my mind uncomfortable." Su Yu rubbed his temples and took a few deep breaths. But, Su Yu did not give up.

Perhaps it would have been hopeless for ordinary people, but Su Yu could manipulate space-time! Revolving his crystalline pupils slowed down the surrounding space-time by tenfold! The brilliant multicolored mural immediately slowed down a lot!

Su Yu looked intently and found that it was actually made up of two murals, constantly alternating, overwhelming his eyes. He could more or less see the mural clearly, but it was still fast and indistinct.

Once again revolving his crystalline pupils, the surrounding space-time became 20 times slower! Right away, Su Yu could very clearly the two murals become as slow as snails.

In the first tableau, an old man dressed in green stood on top of the cliff, with an air of otherworldliness, like a celestial immortal. From him, Su Yu experienced an unusual sensation never felt before. Even though the old man was in the mural, he seemed to blend in with the scenery, naturally harmonizing to become a part of nature. Then, the old man faced upwards, with a look of indignation, and his finger drew an arc in the air.

That arc, simple and smooth, was obviously effortlessly, but it seemed to contain infinite rhythm, in sync with heaven and earth. Su Yu's mind was blown, that one-finger point was infinite and mysterious, yet it was so simple and natural. In an instant, Su Yu felt like he'd grasped something. He subconsciously extended his finger, imitated the same move as the old man, gracefully drew an arc in the air.


It seemed like there was an indescribable mystery that caused the surrounding air to slightly tremble with Su Yu's simple one-finger point. Although it was a pale imitation, only one ten thousandth of the old man's one-finger point, it was more than the average person's one-finger point, with an additional flow of rhythm.

Su Yu's eyes slowly regained clarity, his mind still very much immersed in the profound one-finger point. He felt as if he had touched a mysterious doorway.


The image switched and the second mural appeared.

Amid the billowing dark clouds in the sky above the old man, a vortex materialized and a gigantic palm, the terrifying size of one hundred Zhang, suddenly swatted down from the dark clouds!

With one swat, came the earthquakes, landslides and roaring tsunamis, and the whole world crumbled.

When the gigantic palm dissipated, the 10,000 Ren high cliff no longer existed. The body of the old man, with the air of otherworldliness, was also gone! Only a one hundred Zhang-sized palm print was left on the ground!

Su Yu's face reddened. He suddenly opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood. There was a look of horror in his eyes! That palm, too terrifying! Unimaginably frightening!

With just one look, Su Yu already could not restrain his body's inner strength from overheating. If he had not gone through the Jade Fire Marrow revitalization, the overheating inner strength could have exploded his flesh and body!

Must not look again!

Su Yu immediately revoked his crystalline pupils; the shock to his eyes took a long time to dissipate.

"What happened to you, Senior Sister?" Fang Qingzhou suddenly uttered, but his voice sounded somewhat peculiar.

The celestial beauty slightly creased her perfectly arched eyebrows, unconsciously pulled back her collar a little. Somehow, she felt her body begin to feel feverish.

"Senior Sister, you are feeling warm, aren't you?" an evil laughter came from Fang Qingzhou as he slowly walked forward, the evil thoughts in his eyes no longer concealed.

What? The celestial beauty's mind raced. With a flash of understanding, she looked at her water bag and said with a stern but beautiful expression, "You you did something to my water"


The water bag in her hand dropped to the ground.

Fang Qingzhou, slowly nodded and chuckled darkly, "Haha, not bad, it's the imperial capital's most famous 1,000 year love potion. You can be virtuous and chaste, but you will still fall hopelessly in love with me after taking it."

A trace of panic flashed in eyes of the celestial beauty who spoke crisply, "Fang Qingzhou! How dare you do such a despicable thing? If you dare touch me, my father will never let you get away with this."

"Haha!" Fang Qingzhou looked at the celestial beauty's snow-white skin, gradually flushed, her eyes blazing. He was almost too excited to speak. "Your father? So what? I'm not afraid to tell you, my father has returned from The Sanctuary, he's already at the martial arts training institute!"

"What can your father dare do to me? Does he dare try to even touch me?" Fang Qingzhou laughed maniacally.

The celestial beauty's heart skipped a beat, her face betrayed a look of alarm. The Sanctuary! Those two words were enough to make the world's heroes and warlords fall to their knees, enough to make anyone revere! The master of The Sanctuary was the legendary Holy King! Everyone in The Sanctuary had association with the Holy King.

To put it bluntly, there was a saying that the empire must treat anyone who came from The Sanctuary with courtesy, even if they were a dog. Besides, Fang Qingzhou's father had special status in The Sanctuary! One word from him, one countenance or order was enough to change the fate of the martial arts training institute in the Xianyu Prefecture! Her father was not even worth a mention compared to his father.

Gradually feeling the strangeness in her body and her mind becoming sluggish, the celestial beauty's eyes held thoughts of outrage and anguish. Her eyes revealed a trace of her murderous intent! Killing him would get rid of the crisis!

Fang Qingzhou held his hands while he stood and sneered, "With your Level Five strength, killing me is easy, but do you dare to?"

"My father has known for a while that you and I had entered the forest together. When I die and you live to return! Haha, believe it or not, my father will kill every single living thing in your family in his rage!"

Given his father's formidable position, the celestial beauty's body gave a shudder at what his father would indeed do. The celestial beauty felt both outrage and anguish.

Fang Qingzhou soon saw the celestial beauty gradually weakening. He strode forward, "Haha! Xia Jingyu, as long as you are willing to promise me, son of a nobleman, you'll stand to benefit!"

"Not only I can guarantee great wealth and glory for your whole family, I can easily bring you to The Sanctuary. I can do all that as long as you obediently become my concubine, what do you say?"

The celestial beauty's eye flashed with her resolve of refusal. "I would rather die first than yield." The celestial beauty drew out a graceful sword and held it to her neck!

Fang Qingzhou's expression changed, threatened, "If you try to commit suicide, I'll immediately let my father destroy your entire family."

Can't even die? The celestial beauty was saddened.

"Unless you promise me, or else your family will never have peace! Xia Jingyu, you'd better think clearly about this!" Fang Qingzhou sneered repeatedly. He was determined to have Xia Jingyu. She placed great importance on her family and valued them immensely, which would compel her to submit.

He'd wanted Xia Jingyu for far too long. Since his arrival at the martial arts training institute in the Xianyu Prefecture, from the first moment he laid his eyes on Xia Jingyu, he began to long for her ethereal face. Unfortunately, he could not be too arrogant while his father was in seclusion at The Sanctuary.

Having waited a full year for his father to arrive at the training institute, he was no longer able to suppress his evil desires. He had to have Xia Jingyu!

The celestial beauty's resolve of refusal increased, her voice mournful but absolute, "Even in death, you will not sully my innocence! My father, even if I were to commit an offense towards The Sanctuary because of my own suicide, would still be proud of me, proud of a daughter like me!"

The celestial beauty's last choice was to use death to prove her innocence.

"Damn it! Stop!" Fang Qingzhou miscalculated by a step, and felt great remorse.

The celestial beauty was upright and outspoken, beyond his expectations. She sadly smiled, "Fang Qingzhou! What goes around comes around, it's the natural order of things. I may not get my appropriate retribution, but you will eventually get your due punishment!"

With these words, she was ready to slit her throat and take her own life. The celestial beauty was going to kill herself right in front of his eyes!

All of a sudden, the wall exploded and cracked. Two iron arrows, quick as lightning, were shot towards the two people. One of the arrows was directed at Fang Qingzhou's eye. The other arrow was aimed at the sword in the celestial beauty's hand.

Fang Qingzhou dodged the sudden attack in a flurry. Limp and weak because the drug had taken effect, the celestial beauty was too powerless to resist and the sword fell from her hand.


A masked white shadow suddenly bolted from the cave, took hold of the celestial beauty's waist, and flew back into the cave.

Fang Qingzhou angrily reacted, "Put her down!"

The terrible force of the inner strength and power of a Level Four Upper Tier of the Martial Path came sweeping through. Su Yu's body tensed. He found it hard to breathe and felt the deadly force of a palm at his back. At that critical moment, Su Yu abruptly turned around and threw a hard punch.