The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 240

Chapter 240: Housemaster Of The Shentian Manor
Chapter 240: Housemaster of the Shentian Manor
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Being questioned repeatedly, the short man was furious, "Insolence! Is this how you talk to a Law Enforcer?"

They had wanted to look into Su Yu for a little longer before dropping the matter. But they had not expected to encounter such a stubborn man, making it hard for them to step down!

"Law Enforcer?" Su Yu coldly questioned. "Are you fit to call yourselves Law Enforcers? You bully the weak and fear the strong. You frame the innocentis this what you call the law?"

The short man was furious. "You dare smear my name?"

"Smear your name? Since when did I smear your name? You knew that Han Xu was the one causing trouble. You knew that I had never once attacked, yet you lie without batting an eye. Am I wrong to say that you are weak, that you are a coward, and that you are practicing jobbery? How can this kind of person have the right to call himself a Law Enforcer? Before you punish others, take a long, hard look at the mirror to evaluate your own character!"

Each of Su Yu's words was forceful and to the point, causing the short man to turn red.

"You are asking for death!" the short man said, clenching his teeth. "I shall first subdue this rebel before pursuing the matter further!"

The short man attacked with a loud grunt, his right hand forming a claw as he struck toward Su Yu's shoulder.

"Stop!" Zi Yunxiang called, her gaze turning icy at the side.

But the short man did not have any intention of stopping, his words full of repulsion, as he said, "Miss Zi, these stubborn students will definitely harm the Shentian Manor. If I don't administer punishment, he is sure to walk the path of evil in the future!"

"I told you to stop!" Zi Yunxiang scolded in fury.

But the short man was extremely determined. "Apologies! Enforcing the law is my responsibility. Even if you are the daughter of the housemaster, I cannot disregard the law!"

He was ignoring everyone and everythingeven truth itself. He did not even dare to touch Han Xu, but he had disregarded Zi Yunxiang's words! This person had an evil heart!


At this moment, his hand was already striking towards Su Yu's chest.

Su Yu's gaze was cold. "Thunder Star Finger!"


His finger was like a shooting star, attacking the claw of the short man. The short man had not struck with his full power. Under his carelessness, it was obvious that he was on the losing end!


He let out a pathetic wail. His claw had been blasted into a bloody mess! The bones in his fingers shattered, his flesh and skin charred black. Half of his palm had turned to mush. His right arm was essentially crippled!

This scene shocked everyone present. What a merciless youth!

The short man gripped his palm, letting out a piercing howl, his face full of hatred.

The tall Law Enforcer who had remained silent maintained an impassive expression, showing a rising killing intent. "You dare injure a Law Enforcer? According to the law, you deserve death!"

Han Xu, standing off to the side, had a mocking smile. "Ignorant! To dare to even touch a Law Enforcer!"

In the Shentian Manor, Law Enforcers represented punishment. It was forbidden to fight back against a Law Enforcer; the punishment for such an act was death!

"Humph!" Zi Yunxiang's expression was ice cold, once again taking out the golden token. "Seeing this token is akin to seeing the housemaster! Step down!"

The expression of the tall Law Enforcer changed. He drew back his stance unwillingly. "Miss Zi, this person has broken our most sacred rule," the tall man insisted. "He should be executed according to the law!"

Zi Yunxiang's expression did not change. "I'll say it again. Step down!"

Hearing the threat in her voice, the tall man glanced cautiously at the gold token before clenching his teeth and helping the short man as they left. Before they left, they glared darkly at Su Yu.

Han Xu and Chen Xiaoyao left with them. Only Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang were left at the scene. Even though Zi Yunxiang was only gradually calming down, her face regained its peaceful expression. But Su Yu could sense that her slender figure was tremblingtrembling with fury!

It was hard to discern Zi Yunxiang's expression as she suddenly asked, "Sir Yin Yu, did you get the results you wanted with this test?"

Su Yu squinted, sighing as he said, "It looks like the Zi family is not in a very good spot."

Su Yu had pressured the Law Enforcers and had come into conflict with them not because he was so angry for being wronged, but more because he wanted to test the dynamics between Housemaster Zi and Alliance Master Han.

Two tigers could not coexist together. These two were the strongest people in the Alliance. While it looked like they existed in harmony, Su Yu's experience told him that they could not tolerate the existence of one another.

Since he had entered the Shentian Manor, he naturally had to understand the politics in play. He had intentionally angered the Law Enforcer to test the influence the Zi family had on the Shentian Manor. The results were unexpected! The Law Enforcers were the authority in charge of maintaining the order in the Shentian Manor, yet the Law Enforcers had publicly defied the orders of the daughter of the housemaster!

It could be seen that the Law Enforcers were not under the control of the Zi family. In other words, the influence the Zi family had on the Shentian Manor was extremely limited.

The power levels of the two parties were extremely clear. The Zi family was being suppressed by Alliance Master Han! Even the territory of the Zi family, the Shentian Manor, was being controlled by Alliance Master Han. The Zi family's situation was less than ideal.

Seeing how Su Yu replied so forthrightly, Zi Yunxiang let out a self-mocking laugh. "As you can see, the Zi family appears extremely prestigious to the eyes of an outsider, but we know that the Zi family is growing weaker by the day."

That was indeed the case!

"Father and Alliance Master Han came from the same superpower, their abilities about equal. They created the Hundred Territory Alliance together. Back then, enemies were approaching our land. To reduce conflict, they agreed that one of them would control the Shentian Manor and gather the talents from the Hundred Territories. The other would control the power of the Hundred Territories. There would be no conflict between the two. They could even complement each other. The Shentian Manor would nurture strong fighters to make the alliance even greater. The alliance would, in turn, inject fresh talents into the Shentian Manor, achieving a complementary effect."

Su Yu understood. To think that the establishment of the Shentian manor had such a mysterious history.

"Over the years, the two parties were at peace. It was only in recent years, when the alliance became incredibly strong, that trouble began to arise. They want to control the Shentian Manor. It was inevitable that the Zi family would be suppressed. The Law Enforcers are a power that was nurtured by my father. But now, they have joined the Han family, thus resulting in situations like this"

The conflict between the Zi family and the Han family seemed to be growing deeper as the years passed.

"All right," Zi Yunxiang sighed, her face expressionless. "I'll take you to see my father first. Since I predetermined you, I naturally had to seek the approval of my father."

Su Yu nodded. "Of course."

Walking through the forest, one could see many simple buildings littered throughout the mountains. It stretched on for several miles. This, at last, was the legendary Shentian Manor.

But Zi Yunxiang did not take him there. Instead, she took him to a quiet corner of the forest. The environment was peaceful and serenea simple thatched hut occasionally visible in the fog.

"This is my father's room," Zi Yunxiang said softly before she knocked on the door.


The door opened quietly. A middle-aged man in a gray robe was sitting cross-legged at the center of the house. His expression was peaceful, scarred with signs of his harsh life. His appearance was quite plain; he would not have stood out in a crowd. If Zi Yunxiang had not told Su Yu as much, it would have been difficult to believe that the man before him was one of two powerhouses of the Hundred Territory Alliance, Zi Donglai!

"Father, this is Su Yu, the man I have told you about!"

So, Zi Yunxiang had told her father about Su Yu before.

The gray-robed man, Zi Donglai, slowly opened his eyes.


A startling scene ensued. The moment his eyes opened, the surrounding space trembled violently!