The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 241

Chapter 241: Yunxiangs Marriage
Chapter 241: Yunxiangs Marriage
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It was as if those black eyes were as deep as a bottomless valley. What a strong innate space talent! Every action and movement could affect his surroundings!

However, what was even more surprising was that Su Yu's wine-red right eye actually emitted a faint red light by itself. The space energy overflowed from his right eye uncontrollably. It was the first time space energy had ever leaked out from Su Yu in such a manner!

"You are called Yin Yu?" Zi Donglai opened his mouth. Although his voice was dull, it sounded dignified and demanded undivided attention.

Su Yu was stunned. "Yes!"

"You have a master?" Zi Donglai went straight to the point, briefly and quickly. "Give up on your master and devote yourself to me!"

The suddenness of these words stupefied Su Yu. As if without thinking, Su Yu shook his head and said, "It's a pity, but I cannot do that!"

"You have to do it!" Su Yu was surprised was more by the way Zi Donglai ordered him so unreasonably. "I don't care who your master is. Regardless of how strong he is and regardless of whether you are willing or not, I order you to give up on your master and become my disciple!"

Such rudeness and unreasonableness caused Su Yu's expression to grow cold. Before meeting Zi Donglai, Su Yu had been filled with anticipation. After all, Zi Donglai was the strongest martial artist within the whole Hundred Territories Alliance. However, Zi Donglai was so rude and pigheaded that Su Yu was thoroughly disappointed.

"I do not wish to repeat the same words a second time!" Su Yu said indifferently.

When his words landed on Zi Donglai, a thread of murderous intent suddenly shot toward him.

"I will give you two choices!" declared Zi Donglai. "First, become my disciple and I will nurture you to the best of my abilities! Second, become a dead body. I cannot tolerate a second person acquiring a talent that I myself cannot acquire!"

Zi Yunxiang's expression changed, and she said hurriedly, "Father, how can you be like this? You promised me that you would not make things difficult for him"

"Shut up!" Zi Donglai shouted.

As Zi Yunxiang was extremely fearful of her father, she stopped being talkative and kept her mouth shut immediately. Apart from that, she clenched her beautiful fists tightly. She understood her father very well. He meant what he said! If Su Yu did not make the choice he wanted, he really would kill Su Yu!

"Don't doubt my words," Zi Donglai said indifferently. "There are no misgivings in the ways I do things!"

A threatening aura placed pressure on Su Yu. At once, Su Yu felt as if he was under the pressure of an entire mountain. He found himself gasping for air!

"Tell me! Your decision!" Zi Donglai had a strict expression.

Su Yu bit his teeth tightly, struggling for breath, but continued as if there was no hesitation. "Give up on my master? Impossible."

Zi Donglai slowly got up. His gaze was swift and fierce, and he strode toward Su Yu with murderous intent in his eyes. Every step he took caused Su Yu's whole body to be under even more pressure.

"Reason!" Zi Donglai's every step was filled with murderous intent.

He wanted the reason as to why Su Yu would rather become a corpse than give up on his master.

Su Yu laughed at himself. "Is there a need for a reason? I am indebted to my master. Hence, I cannot find a reason to betray him! In a person's life, he can give up on money and fame. However, he cannot give up on kindness! Since I am indebted to my master, I, Su Yu, cannot be unfaithful to him! Unless he drives me away. If not, I will not devote myself to another master!"

Yun Yazi considered Su Yu to be his only disciple. Hence, he put in his best efforts to help Su Yu train and had also passed down his entire legacy to Su Yu. Su Yu absolutely could not find a reason to betray Yun Yazi.

"Humph! Pretentious!" Zi Donglai gave a cold hum. "What I detest the most is someone who is a hypocrite! I have seen too many people like you who act high and mighty in front of others! I have already given you a chance. Since you have chosen death, don't blame me for not giving you a chance at all!"

Zi Honglai made his move furiously. However, it was actually a finger moving toward the space between Su Yu's eyebrows. Looking at his actions, it was as if he wanted to kill Su Yu by just touching him with his finger!

Still, Su Yu had no regrets. He was resisting against Zi Honglai's pressure to prevent himself from being suppressed! He did not lower his head at all, even when the finger was about to touch his forehead!


What caused Su Yu to be stunned was that the finger did not penetrate his forehead. Instead, it was withdrawn at the last moment, just before it touched him.

Apart from a slight stinging sensation, Su Yu was not injured in the slightest. When he raised his head to take a look, he realized Zi Donglai's whole facefilled with murderous intent only a moment beforehad returned to being dull.

A smile full of admiration appeared on his lips. After he withdrew his finger, Zi Donglai stood with his hands clasped behind his back and looked Su Yu up and down with satisfaction.

"Not bad," he said. "As expected, the person whom Master Lin recommended is indeed outstanding."

Master Lin? Lin Yunhe?

Zi Yunxiang heaved a sigh of relief and said in annoyance, "Father, did you do that intentionally?"

Zi Donglai laughed loudly. "It is natural for me to evaluate the person whom Master Lin recommended. His character is superb, which is not disappointing."

So, it was just an evaluation? Su Yu forced a smile. "If I had agreed to devote myself to being your disciple, would you have killed me?"

After hearing what was said, Zi Donglai shook his head and smiled. "That would not have happened. After all, you are a genius of the current generation; how could I bear to kill you? However, I would not have nurtured you to the best of my abilities!"

Zi Donglai looked toward Zi Yunxiang with loneliness and helplessness. "In my whole life, I have had no sons. I only have Yunxiang, my only daughter. Her innate space talent is weak, and I cannot pass on my legacy to her. Su Yu, would you be willing to take on my legacy and pass it down to the future generations?"

Zi Donglai's abrupt change of subject was surprising. Zi Yunxiang was especially shocked. She understood more than anyone the implications of her father's words. In no time, her beautiful face turned red, and her heart started to beat faster.

Su Yu was slightly stunned. "Housemaster, I am very grateful to you for your kindness. However, I cannot accept it."

It was common sense as to how frightening the legacy of a Housemaster would be. It would definitely be a shocking treasure! Su Yu and Housemaster Zi had only just met for the first time. Hence, Su Yu could not think of any reason why Housemaster Zi would bestow upon him such a huge opportunity without cause.

"No! This does not come without any conditions!" Housemaster Zi added.

His gaze fell on Zi Yunxiang and Su Yu. After taking a look at both of them, his expression turned serious. "I hope that after I pass on my legacy to you, you will take Xiang-er as your wife!"

"What?" Su Yu said.

Su Yu was shocked! This situation had developed so quickly, how could he have anticipated this?

Zi Donglai's expression became strict. "This is the price you have to pay. If you take Xiang-er as your wife and take care of her for the rest of your life, you will be able to obtain my legacy! My legacy is a space legacy, and it is extremely suited for you. If you can successfully cultivate it, you will definitely become an extremely strong martial artist who will stand at the top one day." Zi Donglai's eyes were filled with confidence.

Su Yu stood in shock. The legacy of the Hundred Territories Alliance's strongest martial artist and a young and beautiful wife. No matter how one looked at it, Su Yu had no other choice. However, his response was unexpected.

"Thank you, Housemaster Zi, for your kindness," Su Yu said firmly. "I am already engaged to someone else, and I cannot comply with your wishes."

Those words caused Zi Donglai to be stunned on the spot. He inhaled sharply and said, after a long time, "Are your words true?"

Su Yu nodded his head. "Absolutely!"

Zi Donglai's expression turned slightly serious. The fact that Su Yu was already engaged to someone else at such a young age had exceeded his expectations.

After being silent for a long time, Zi Donglai sighed. "How is your fiance, compared to Xiang-er?"

Su Yu replied, "Her family background, temperament, talents, and abilities are all far from Miss Zi!"

"Then why did you turn down my offer?" Zi Donglai asked. "I do not object to the fact that you are already engaged. If you turn down your engagement, I will still betroth Xiang-er to you!"

Zi Donglai clearly treasured Su Yu a lot. His character, looks, talents, and abilities were all top-notch.

Su Yu was filled with resolve. "I'm sorry. I cannot take you up on your offer!" Su Yu said seriously. "I have been promising my father-in-law my whole life that I will take care of Xianer. As long as I am still alive, I will not let her down."

Xianer was the person in his heart whom he had been protecting for his entire life. Zi Donglai became stunned for a long time. After a while, he laughed at himself mockingly.

"In addition to trying to become your master," said Zi Donglai, "I am also one step too late trying to get you to become my son-in-law!"

Su Yu was baffled as to why Zi Donglai would entrust his daughter's marriage to a person he had only just met for the first time.

Zi Yunxiang's beautiful face was bright red. She bit her lips tightly and seemed to be holding back an indescribable bitterness. Although she was unwilling to marry Su Yu, whom she was not familiar with, she also felt embarrassed to have been rejected by him on the spot. Moreover, she had matchless looks and qualities, and felt a bit dissatisfied in her heart. Regarding this young lady named Xianerwhat part of her could possibly compare?

Su Yu cupped his fists and said, "Thank you, Housemaster, for your kindness today. It is me who is not destined."

After remaining silent for a long time, Zi Donglai urged himself to cheer up and he gave a forlorn sigh. "Forget it. It is me who is not destined!"

Not only did he not become Su Yu's master, but someone had also beaten him into becoming Su Yu's father-in-law.

Su Yu cupped his fists again and said, "Housemaster, may I know if there is anything else?"

Zi Donglai sighed. "There is nothing else! Please go ahead. The Jade Spiritual Pool is about to open, and you cannot afford to miss it."

Su Yu bid him farewell and left. However, after taking two steps, he was stopped by Zi Donglai's shout again.

"It is fate that we have met," said Zi Donglai. "Take this item as a souvenir and keep it with you."

Zi Donglai conveniently threw over a black jade pendant to Su Yu. Threads of space energy were flowing inside the jade pendant. It was a half of a Tai Chi Diagram and was completely pitch black in color.

Having seen this, Zi Yunxiang subconsciously covered her chest. If seen carefully, one would see a red string that appeared indistinctly hanging on Zi Yunxiang's neck.

"Thank you, Housemaster," said Su Yu. He could not discern the use of the pendant. However, he accepted it and placed it around his neck.

"Okay, Xiang-er, go to the Jade Spiritual Pool with him," said Zi Donglai.

Zi Yunxiang nodded, and she brought Su Yu into the mist and left the place.

Not long after Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang departed, a shadow appeared behind the thatched hut. The figure had white hair and a ruddy complexion, and he wore simple clothing. Who else could it be but Lin Yunhe?

"You have made your decision?" Lin Yunhe sighed, his expression a bit serious.

Zi Donglai looked in the direction Su Yu had gone, and his eyes were filled with love. "He is quite decent. I believe my judgment is correct."

"I hope that the situation will not be as bad as you have imagined," Lin Yunhe comforted him. However, Lin Yunhe's face was filled with anxiety.

Zi Donglai raised his head and looked toward Heaven: "I hope so."

Zi Yunxiang accompanied Su Yu to the Jade Spiritual Pool. Throughout their whole journey, Zi Yunxiang's beautiful face was bright red. Her face was no longer as indifferent as it had been a short time ago. Instead, her face was noticeably unsettled and embarrassed.

Su Yu knew that the matter of Zi Yunxiang's father betrothal attempt had caused her to be embarrassed, and he did not mind.

Whiz, whiz

Numerous shadows entered the forest from all directions, and all of them headed in the same direction in order to gather at a location.

"The Jade Spiritual Pool is about to open." Zi Yunxiang said, her face filled with a bit of anticipation.

Su Yu was curious. "What exactly is the Jade Spiritual Pool?"

Zi Yunxiang explained with a smile, "The Jade Spiritual Pool is an accumulation of Spiritual Jades that have been gathered by the Shentian Manor from the Hundred Territories. The Spiritual Jades can absorb spiritual energy from Heaven and Earth. After accumulating the spiritual energy for half a year, the Spiritual Jades are filled with an endless amount of spiritual energy! By storing the Spiritual Jades at the bottom of the pool, the whole pool is filled with spiritual energy. After which, by training in the pool, you will be able to absorb the spiritual energy continuously, and your cultivation base will be able to advance by leaps and bounds!"