The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 243

Chapter 243: A Great Breakthrough
Chapter 243: A Great Breakthrough
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Han Xu frowned and he swept his eyes past the hundreds of people. Seeing that he had no choice but to prove that he had the Number One white jade token, he said indifferently, "Leader Li, since someone is suspecting me, let us verify."

After his speech, he walked up to the arena again. As he put his hand into his robes, he cast a sidelong glance at Su Yu. He laughed coldly and scornfully. "Now, we shall let a certain someone keep his mouth shut completely!"

However, at the next moment, Han Xu's expression turned grave! As he felt within his robes, he realized it was gone! The jade token had disappeared!

With a change of his expression, Han Xu pulled open his robe and checked hurriedly, but the jade token was indeed gone! He searched for the jade token in the remaining parts of his body. However, he was still unable to find it!

"Mister Han, where is your jade token?" Su Yu asked, wearing a cold and indifferent smile. "As the Alliance Master's son, you treated the Shentian Manor's rules as nonexistent. You trampled on the honor of the Shentian Manor wantonly and encroached upon the students' interest. Do you still maintain face? Do you not think that you have embarrassed the Alliance Master?"

Su Yu did not stop there. "As the son of the Alliance Master, you should set a good example for the commoners. However, what have you done? You attempted to cheat your way into the best spiritual pool, despicably trampled on the rules of the Shentian Manor, and tarnished the alliance's reputation! Do you still have the face to consider yourself the son of the Alliance Master?"

The continuous reprimanding by Su Yu had caused the face of Han Xuwho was looking for his jade token anxiouslyto turn beet red, burning with impatience.

Where is the jade token? he wondered. How did it disappear?

"Still trying to act!" Su Yu gave a cold hum and walked onto the arena stage.

Li Chuan's face turned cold at once. "Who allowed you to come up? Get down!"


Su Yu took the white jade token from his chest. An eye-catching "One" was written on it!

"I am holding the jade token. Why can't I come up?" Su Yu laughed coldly and shot a gaze at Han Xu that sizzled like electricity. "The jade token is definitely not with you! Because the jade token was snatched from you by me a long time ago! However, what I did not expect was that you actually tried to pass yourself off as me and forcefully occupy the right to enter the spiritual pool for yourself! You are too disappointing!" Su Yu sounded very forceful!

At once, there was an uproar beneath the stage, and shockwaves spread through the crowd!

"How could Han Xu be so despicable?" someone murmured.

"Can it be that he thinks that his identity is so magnanimous?" replied another. "And by going up onto the stage forcefully, this student would put away his pride?"

"That should more or less be the case! It is so absurd! The Alliance Master has been a wise man for his entire life. Why does he have such a despicable son?"

The crowd beneath the stage all looked on with expressions of detestation. Han Xu's face was half red and half green and he glared at Su Yu ferociously.

"You have stolen my jade token?" he hissed.

Su Yu berated coldly, "Unrepentant! Despite the fact that you have been exposed in front of everyone, instead of reflecting on yourself, you try to vilify others! You were standing at the north of the arena, and I was standing at the south of the arena. Let me ask you, how is it possible for me to steal your jade token?" Su Yu pulled a long face and reprimanded, "It is a great virtue to correct what you have done wrong. Han Xu, you had better shape yourself up!"

Han Xu was so enraged he almost spat out blood. "You! Bastard!"

Li Chuan came back to his senses from the shock, and his face turned serious. "How bold! You actually dared to steal Mister Han's jade token! I declare! Your token is invalid!"

"You declare my token is invalid? What basis do you have?" Su Yu questioned him in reply.

Li Chuan laughed sardonically. "On the basis that I am the Law Enforcer, and that I am in charge of the Jade Spiritual Pool! You have stolen another person's jade token and tried to pass off as him. This action is despicable and you ought to be punished severely!"

Su Yu's face was filled with coldness, and he snapped in reply, "What a joke! How can you be sure that the jade token is definitely Han Xu's? Can it be that you knew beforehand that the jade token was with Han Xu?"

"Of course I know! I gave him the jade token"

Li Chuan's words ceased abruptly. His mind was sharp, and he stopped himself from revealing the truth in the nick of time!

Su Yu laughed mockingly. "Continue speaking! Am I correct in saying that you have given Han Xu the jade token? As the Law Enforcer, you have given the jade token to someone else beforehand. Do you think this is fair? Do you think you have the right to take charge of the spiritual pool? Do you think you are still worthy of your identity as the Law Enforcer?"

"Nonsense! I did not!" Li Chuan's forehead was slick with cold sweat.

Su Yu forced an answer. "Then how can you be so sure that the jade token was originally Han Xu's? If you did not know it beforehand, how can you so confidently infer that the jade token was stolen by me?"

"That" Li Chuan's heart was pounding. "I I only believed in Mister Han's character."

"That means you do not have any evidence to prove that I have stolen the jade token!" Su Yu berated loudly. "In other words, it is true that Han Xu passed himself off as someone else and also tried to impose on the right to enter the spiritual pool!"

At that moment, no matter how stupid the audience might be, all of them understood. This meant trouble for both Li Chuan and Han Xu!

Since the situation had come to this, the only way to ensure that the case would not be spread was for Li Chuan to bite his tongue. But then he said, "I have believed Mister Han blindly and made an incorrect decision! However, I did not bend the rules for my friends. For this point, I am innocent!"

Su Yu laughed incredulously. "I believe in your innocence. However, under the presence of a Law Enforcer, Mister Han looked down upon the rules of the Shentian Manor. He passed himself off as someone else and tried to impose on the right to enter the spiritual pool. Is this not a crime? As the Law Enforcer, you punish anyone who has violated the rules in the Shentian Manor. Can it be that you will turn a blind eye to the matter in front you? Everyone needs you to give them an explanation! If you are unwilling to punish him, then I have reason to suspect that you and Han Xu have conspired with one another and are partners in crime who have violated the rules of the Jade Spiritual Pool. In that case, I will request that the Housemaster make an impartial judgment!"

Li Chuan's expression turned pale. If the Law Enforcers betrayed Housemaster Zi, Housemaster Zi would find a reason to deal with them. If this matter spread to Housemaster Zi, he would have something against the Law Enforcers. They might be killed in front of everyone; even the Alliance Master could not do anything about it, even if he arrived personally. At the moment, Li Chuan could only be acquitted of his crime of colluding with Han Xu by being fair!

Li Chuan gritted his teeth and forced himself to be composed. "In accordance with the law the punishment will be executed on the spot! You must take three of my punches!"

Li Chuan was a Dragon Realm Level Seven. For his three punches, even if one did not die, his injuries would not be light!

After hearing what was said, Han Xu grew enraged. "I dare you!"

Su Yu's gaze was overflowing with coldness. "Humph! Unrepentant! Leader Li, do it. All of us are watching!"


Han Xu's expression was so gloomy that tears of anger were about to drip down his face. He then charged at Su Yu with the intention to attack him. "I want you dead!"


But at that moment, a cold hum could be heard from somewhere far away in the sky. Han Xu's whole body trembled. His face turned ghastly pale, and he descended from the sky!

"Impenetrably thickheaded!" the voice bellowed. "You are doubly guilty! Is the Law Enforcer there?"

The loud and clear voice drifted from all directions, making it difficult for anyone to decipher where it came from. However, everyone knew who the owner of the voice was by listening to it!

"Housemaster Zi!"

"It's Housemaster!"

Li Chuan's legs turned soft, and he nearly crouched on the ground! His back was soaked with cold sweat.

"I am here!" said Li Chuan. "I will execute the punishment immediately!"

Li Chuan chased after Han Xu in a flurry. Han Xu's gaze was filled with anger, and he glared toward the sky.

"You dare to let someone hit me?" growled Han Xu. "Do you know the circumstances?"

He actually threatened Zi Donglai openly!

After hearing what was said, Li Chuan was shocked to the point that his whole soul came out of his body. He rushed over quickly, grabbed Han Xu, and whispered hastily, "No, Mister Han! Don't give Housemaster Zi an excuse to make a move! Please, bear this humiliation first!"

Han Xu clenched his teeth. A deep part of his eyes was filled with hatred, and his heart was burning with rage. "All of you, just you wait!"

Without any further hesitation, Li Chuan threw three punches at Han Xu's chest!

Even though it was just the first punch, it caused Han Xu to give a horrible shriek and simultaneously spit out blood. The second punch caused him to faint immediately. The third punch caused his internal organs to burst into pieces and landed him in a state of fatal injury.

Everyone gasped. Han Xu deserved this because of his crimes Right?

Li Chuan carried away Han Xu's body, which was severely injured. Before he left, he glared at Su Yu fiercely. "You have done a stupid thing!"

If Su Yu had not been there, would Han Xu have ended up in his plight?

However, Su Yu had a dull expression. "Both of you are stupid. Don't blame it on others!"

Li Chuan swallowed the humiliation firmly and left with Han Xu. After which, Su Yu who had the Number One white jade token would naturally share the same spiritual pool with Zi Yunxiang! Moreover, it was the spiritual pool considered to be the best!

Zi Yunxiang was stupefied. The change in the situation had happened too quickly, and she could not overcome her shock. When Zi Yunxiang considered Su Yu's innate space talent, she understood what had happened. She then grinned. "Thank you."

Su Yu smiled indifferently. "I did it for myself, too. Don't worry about it."

Zi Yunxiang barely noticed how at ease she felt. At the very least, she was more at ease than she would have been if she'd had to share the same spiritual pool with Han Xu.

As everyone gazed at the two of them, both disappeared into the sea of trees.

The 250 spiritual pools were separated from one another and each was at least 50 miles away from one another. Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang arrived at the number one spiritual pool.

Although it was a small spiritual poolonly ten square metersthere was a spell which isolated it from the outside world. To enter required using the jade tokens in their hands to dispel the spell so that they could get in.

The spiritual pool was filled with precious Spiritual Jades releasing the spiritual energy that had been gradually absorbed into the water, causing the water in the spiritual pool to be filled with thick and unimaginable spiritual energy.

As Su Yu got closer to the edge of the spiritual pool, he realized the spiritual energy was so thick that it had become mist. It entered his body via his pores and made his body feel comfortable.

His cultivation base, which had stagnated at Dragon Realm Level Four, started to make some progress.

The effects of the spiritual pool were more than ten times stronger than the effects of the raging flames' energy at the Lin family's Nine Cloud Tower! Back then, by training in the Nine Cloud Tower for just one day, Su Yu had managed to make a breakthrough from Dragon Realm Level Three Upper Tier to Dragon Realm Level Four in one shot.

Now, by training for four days in the spiritual pool, which had ten times the spiritual energy in the Nine Cloud Tower, what level would he be able to reach?

Ever since Su Yu coming to the Hundred Territories Alliance, he thought of the Liuxian Faction as an increasingly remote piece of land! In the region of the Liuxian Faction, if he could make two breakthroughs at once, it would be considered an extremely huge development. However, in the Alliance City, Nine Cloud Tower at the Lin family had an effect which defied nature, where a person who entered it for the first time made two breakthroughs. The richness of its resources was unimaginable!

It was no wonder geniuses gathered in the Alliance City. Under such resources, as long as one had outstanding talents, he would be able to reach an extremely high level!

Filled with anticipation and excitement, Su Yu used the jade token and entered the spiritual pool! This time around, what cultivation base would he make a breakthrough to? At the Alliance Meet, how would he carry himself? And what kind of abilities would he display? Those thoughts caused Su Yu to be filled with anticipation.

Without hesitation, Su Yu entered the spiritual pool. At once, a lump of shocking spiritual energy like a great river appeared. Before Su Yu even had the time to absorb it of his own will, the spiritual energy found an opening and entered Su Yu's body of its own accord. All his limbs, bones, internal organs, blood, and flesh were undergoing intense purification.

Su Yu's cultivation base was progressing extremely quicklyat a speed which the naked human eye could perceive!


By just entering for a short amount of time, under the influence of the frightening spiritual energy, Su Yu made a breakthrough to the next tier easily and achieved Dragon Realm Level Four Upper Tier!

The beautiful eyes of Zi Yunxiang, who stood at the shore of the pool, were filled with a bit of surprise. Even as the Housemaster's daughter, she was unable to bend the rules to get into the top grade spiritual pool. She had to go through the normal way of snatching the tokens in order to earn the right to enter it. That was because as the Housemaster, her father had set a good example for his daughter, and he was also strengthening her at the same time.

Zi Yunxiang's bright and beautiful face wore a smile. She held her clothes and entered the spiritual pool.

The spiritual liquid that contained a huge amount of energy covered her body hastily. It was like a physical substance that lingered around her body.