The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 244

Chapter 244: The Alliance Master Descends
Chapter 244: The Alliance Master Descends
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The two of them entered the spiritual pool, seizing the time to cultivate, entering a state of cultivation as they absorbed the spirit energy.

Four days gradually passed. With Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang continuously absorbing spirit energy, the spirit energy in the pool gradually turned thinner. By the time four days had passed, the pool was clear, the last shred of spirit energy sucked dry by the two of them.

Su Yu slowly opened his eyes, still immersed in getting his cultivation level to break through. Zi Yunxiang also woke up at this moment. Her cultivation level had broken through to Dragon Realm Level Six Upper Tier from Dragon Realm Level Six Lower Tier!

The immense breakthrough elated Zi Yunxiang. Having cultivated to such a level, the chances of achieving a breakthrough were far and few between. A breakthrough in each tier would require immense luck.

Looking at Su Yu, Zi Yunxiang nodded with a smile, "Congratulations on your breakthrough, Junior Su!"

Before entering the pool, Su Yu had only been Dragon Realm Level Four Lower Tier, but now, he had reached Dragon Realm Level Five Lower Tier! He had leaped past three tiers. His improvement was incredibly rapid, much to the awe of everyone.

But Su Yu was a little disappointed. He had not improved as much as he had expected. When he'd first entered the pool, he had immediately broken through to Dragon Realm Level Four Upper Tier. But in four days, he could only break through two more tiers. Still, thinking about it, Su Yu gradually accepted it. It became increasingly difficult to break through each tier of the Dragon Realm the more powerful one become.

Breaking through a tier at Dragon Realm Level Three would require ten times less energy than breaking through a tier at Dragon Realm Level Four! He believed that it would get more and more difficult to break through a tier in the future.

Other than his cultivation level, Su Yu also made massive improvements in his techniques. The Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters, which he had practiced for three months, had almost reached the beginner level. On the manual, it was said that a Dragon Realm using the beginner level of the technique could kill a powerful fighter four levels above him. Now that Su Yu was Dragon Realm Level Five Lower Tier, he could theoretically inflict great damage on an Immortal Realm fighter! This technique was Su Yu's trump card. Considering the damage it caused his own body, he would only use this if he absolutely needed to.

Next was the Heaven's Son Gazing at Air. He was nearly at Stage One Lower Tier. When he reached there, he would be able to separate his soul from his body and creatively use his soul powers.

Next was the Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder. The Stage One Thunder Star Finger was stabilized and improved, its powers increasing. Coupled with the breakthrough in Su Yu's cultivation level and spirit energy, its power was more intense than before.

But what made Su Yu even more excited was that his Divine Decree, which had been stuck at a bottleneck, had finally experienced a noticeable improvement! Su Yu had touched the border of the divine-grade Divine Decree with only a little more to go to achieve the top class, turning his half divine-grade to a divine-grade! Su Yu was excited to attain the power of a divine-grade Divine Decree.

All in all, Su Yu's overall cultivation had improved tremendously during his run in the Jade Spiritual Pool.

"Miss Zi," he said, "I, Su Yu, will never forget the favors done by you and the housemaster. There will be a day when I repay those debts."

Su Yu was full of gratitude for the father and daughter. Zi Yunxiang covered her mouth as she laughed. Even though the Zi family was being suppressed by the Han family, they were still incredibly influential. A mere sentence could change the fates of a powerhouse in the Hundred Territories.

Su Yu, on the other hand, was a person with no status or background. Even if his personal talents were powerful, his influence was incredibly limited. What could he do to repay the Zi family?

Sensing her thoughts on the matter, Su Yu did not rebut, choosing instead to bury that thought in his heart.

Suddenly, a sound pierced through the air. It was the figure of a tall, middle-aged man, his expression icy. It was the leader of the Law Enforcers, Li Chuan!

His body had not arrived, but his voice had already assaulted the area. "Yin Yu, the Alliance Master wants to meet you. Come with me quickly!"

Zi Yunxiang's expression changed. "No! My father wants to meet him, too!"

Su Yu had severed Han Xu's fate at the Jade Spiritual Pool. The Alliance Master was definitely not going to friendly when he met Su Yu!

"Is that so? Coincidentally, Housemaster Zi and Alliance Master Han are together!" Li Chuan's gaze was cold. "Let's go! You have to pay for the troubles you have caused!"

Su Yu had a determined gazeeven if the one who was finding trouble with him was Alliance Master Han!

"The Alliance Master?" Su Yu said with a chuckle. "I would also like to meet this legendary Alliance Master!"

An hour later, outside the thatched hut of Housemaster Zi, a pair of middle-aged men stood alongside one another. One of them had an ordinary appearance, wearing a gray robe. His expression was peaceful, as if he was an ordinary fighter. Only those familiar with him knew that this person was the housemaster of the Shentian Manor, a legendary figure of equal status with the master of the Hundred Territories Alliance!

Beside Zi Donglai was a man in gold robes, his hands behind his back. The gold robes were embroidered with multiple winged dragons flying through the clouds. Complemented by the yellow robes, the man's robust frame made him look like a high and mighty emperor. It was as if he commanded the power of all the rulers of the world, his aura spreading, inspiring awe in the fighters around him. That man's appearance was fair, his facial features attractive. Even though he was over 40, he still looked incredibly energetic. His unfeeling eyes exuded a power that looked down on the land before him.

The figure with his hands behind his back exerted a pressure onto others. Han Xu stood respectfully behind the man, his expression full of fear and respect.

"Housemaster Zi," the yellow-robed man said, "considering our relationship over the years, I would let the Zi family survive another 100 years if you hand over the Shentian Manor and betroth Zi Yunxiang to my son Han Xu."

It was as if what he had said was completely normalnot overbearing in the slightest!

Zi Donglai creased his brows. "Alliance Master Han, you are being insolent!"

This yellow-robed man was a legendary figure in the Hundred Territories Alliancethe Alliance Master!

But the Alliance Master felt he was high above all others, forcing the housemaster to not only give up his authority but his daughter!

Han Jianglin's gaze turned cold. "Have you really thought this through?"

Hearing this, Zi Donglai's gaze flashed with the same icy intent. "It will not happen unless I, Zi Donglai, am dead!"

In other words, he would never accept this unreasonable request! It would have been all right if Han Jianglin had only wanted the rights to the Shentian Manor, but wanting to take his only daughter Zi Yunxiang!

"Fine!" Alliance Master Han's tone was cold.

Between the two of them, a vortex of killing intent formed, almost igniting a battle!


At this moment, multiple air-crackling sounds erupted. It was Li Chuan bringing Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang back.

Seeing Su Yu, Han Xu lifted his head, his eyes burning with hatred. "Yin! Yu!"

Han Jianglin looked over, his cold eyes not showing any emotion. It was as if he was looking at a pathetic ant. Su Yu had not even landed before he calmly asked, "Do you admit to your crimes?"

These words harbored a terrifying energy, freezing the very space around Su Yu! An immense pressure assaulted Su Yu, causing him to stagger and nearly fall from the sky!

Su Yu was furious! An alliance master had attacked a junior!

Forcefully stabilizing himself, Su Yu descended, coldly questioning, "What crimes have I committed? If you wish to say that the act of exposing your cheating son for breaking the rules of the Jade Spiritual Pool is a crime, then yes, I have committed a heinous crime."

If this person was not being friendly to him, why should Su Yu debase himself in front of him?

Han Jianglin lifted his brows, obviously not expecting a mere, pathetic thing to talk back to him!

"Kneel," Han Jianglin calmly said. His voice had an authority that could not be defied.