The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Defeating His Enemy With One Move
Chapter 245: Defeating His Enemy with One Move
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Su Yu laughed lightly, his laughter was filled with mockery. "As expected of someone from the alliance. All of them are made from the same mold, and they want people to kneel down at every turn! Do you think that by relying on your abilities you can control Heaven's fate, trample on honor, and act with utter disregard for human life wantonly?"

Su Yu had grown to abhor the alliance. From Lu Jun, who murdered people, to the unreasonable and rude Alliance Master, Su Yu was unable to have any positive impressions of anyone in the alliance.

As the leaders of a force, they should have been extremely shrewd; they should have displayed admirable manners so as to paint a good picture of themselves for others. However, toward Su Yu, they did not even try to hide their true qualities. In their eyes, Su Yu was no different from a pig or a dog. They did not respect Su Yu in the slightest bit at all.

It might well be asked, would the alliance master dare to make Zi Donglai kneel down? Did he dare to make Zi Yunxiang kneel down? He did not dare! Because he had enough respect for them. But Su Yu was a nameless junior unworthy of being respected!

Han Jiangling frowned. Su Yu's rebuttal had caused him to feel unhappy in his heart. His indifferent eyes were unable to conceal his disdain toward Su Yu. "Don't make me say it a second time. Kneel down!"

Perhaps, from his point of view, talking to a person of Su Yu's level of was already making him lower his status. Su Yu was not moved by that. He stood at his original position for a long time and said indifferently, "You have already said it a second time. Did nobody teach you that you must think first before you speak?"

Impatience and detest flashed in Han Jianglin's eyes. He then said flatly, "I have given you an opportunity to explain yourself. Since you did not treasure it, I hereby pronounce that you are guilty of a crime! You have violated the rules of the Jade Spiritual Pool and injured others. In accordance with the law, you shall die!" Han Jianglin was overflowing with murderous intents!

Su Yu could not help but laugh sardonically. "The truth was already determined the day it occurred. The person who violated the rules was your son, Han Xu! The Law Enforcer punished him severely in front of everyone. After a few days, that mouth of yours reversed right from wrong, and you vilify me of violating the rules!"

Han Jianglin looked at Su Yu indifferently and said dully, "What I have said is the real truth! The judgment back then was invalid! In short, if I say that you are guilty, then you are indeed guilty!"

Han Jianglin raised his palm indifferently and thrust it toward Su Yu from a distance away! It was evident that it was a normal palm. However, Su Yu felt a tremendous force from Heaven and Earth enveloping him. The feeling of life and death drifting upon him, as well as the feeling that he would collapse any moment, surged within his heart rapidly.


Suddenly, a light hum could be heard. Zi Donglai conveniently flicked his robe and reduced the murderous intents fixed on Su Yu into nothingness.

Zi Donglai's expression was slightly cold. "Alliance Master Han," he said, "I am still here. It seems that you do not have me in your eyes!"

Han Jianglin's gaze gradually grew narrower. "You dare to interfere in my affairs?"

Zi Donglai's robe moved by itself, and he returned tit for tat. "You dare to touch my person? For every day that Yin Yu is in the Shentian Manor, don't even think of touching him in the slightest bit!"

Threads of murderous intents surged within the whole of Zi Donglai's body. Han Jianglin's eyes flashed, and after facing Zi Donglai for some time, he withdrew his posture slowly. Anger was concealed within his grim expression.

"In that case, my son is bullied by someone else for nothing?" Han Jianglin said coldly.

Zi Donglai questioned in reply, "What do you want to do?"

Han Jianglin's gaze became slightly narrower, and he said, "I naturally want my son to get his revenge! Since he took three punches, Yin Yu must be repaid with three punches as well!"

"You are being difficult on purpose!" Zi Donglai laughed sardonically. "Han Xu is a Dragon Realm Level Six. How could Yin Yu withstand three punches of his?"

Han Jianglin lifted up his head and shook it coldly. "I don't care! I only want Yin Yu to pay the price of taking three punches! If not, no matter who interferes, I will kill that person!"

Without waiting for Zi Donglai to reply, Su Yu took a step forward and sneered. "You wish to take revenge for your son? That would depend on whether your son has the ability to do so!"

Han Jianglin's gaze turned cold. "In that case, you accept the agreement of taking three punches?"

"I feel that one punch is the most reasonable," Su Yu said. "Three punches are a bit too much."

Han Jianglin gave a light hum. "My words carry great weight. If I say three punches, then it shall be three punches. Don't even think of taking one less punch!"

Su Yu did not rebut against him. He looked toward Han Xu, who stood behind Han Jianglin. "Your father has already spoken up for you. How much longer are you going to cower?" Then Su Yu shouted, "Get out! Take up the fight!"

Han Xu had originally been eager to use his power to suppress Su Yu. However, in the current situation, Su Yu took the lead. This caused Han Xu to be moved, which in turn caused him to feel oppressed and uncomfortable.

Han Xu's face turned fierce, and he headed toward Su Yu furiously. "What a joke! I, Han Xu, can put you down with a punch. Why do I need my father to speak up for me?"

Su Yu said coldly, "Then why are you still hiding behind your father? If you have a backbone, you should take revenge by yourself if you have been bullied! If you ask your father to help you seek justice and then hide behind the protection of your elders, it will forever be difficult for you to achieve anything! Speaking frankly, apart from your identity, is there anything else you can take pride in?"

After hearing words that hit the nail on the head, Han Xu's face was half green and half red. Han Xu became enraged!

"You, with three punches," he announced. "I want you dead!"

"How noisy!" said Su Yu. "If you want a fight, I will give it to you. Someone who throws his weight about using his lips. Is this really the younger generation of the current Alliance Master?"

Han Xu's face was bright red. He was about to vomit blood. It was evident that Yin Yu was being talkative continuously, yet Yin Yu berated him by saying that he was noisy instead!

"Die! World's Palm!" Han Xu was extremely furious, and he did not hold back in the slightest bit!

It was an immortal-level cultivation technique with a level of maturity that was approaching Stage One Lower Class!

With the help of Han Jianglin in his comprehension, a free and easygoing person was far from being comparable to Han Xu's cultivation techniques! Combined with a cultivation base of Dragon Realm Level Six, Han Xu's power was far beyond people like Chen Xiaoyao.

If Han Xu participated in the Alliance Meet, he would earn himself a place in the top ten for sure! However, it was a pity that the person he was fighting was Su Yu!

"Thunder Star Finger!" Su Yu extended one of his fingers. Compared to before, its power had risen by more than thirty percent!


A violent explosion reverberated between the both of them. Han Xu gave a horrible shriek. With a snapping sound, the bones in his palm cracked, and his palm spilled blood! The power of the thunderbolt followed Han Xu's arm and entered his torso, wreaking havoc in his body.

Han Xu spat a mouthful of blood mixed with viscera on the spot. With the exchange of just one blow, Han Xu became severely injured!

The display not only stunned Zi Yunxiang but Zi Donglai and Han Jianglin as well! In their minds, they had thought that it would be difficult for Su Yu to withstand three punches.

In reality, one move from Su Yu had caused Han Xu to be fatally injured! The difference between expectation and reality caused everyone to stare at them, dumbfounded.

Han Xu was frightened. Humiliation and dissatisfaction became a ball of hatred. "Yin! Yu! You dare to injure me?"

It was evident that this was supposed to be an opportunity his father had arranged for him to injure Su Yu fatally so that he could have his revenge. However, not only had he failed to take revenge, he was instead injured fatally by Su Yu again!

"Humph! Are you forgetting something?" Su Yu gave a cold hum. His body then moved as fast as lightning, charging at Han Xu! "This is only the first punch. There are still two more punches!"


Su Yu exhibited Thunder Star Finger again and attacked Han Xu.

Han Jianglin reacted to it, and his face turned icy cold all of a sudden. "Junior! You are courting death! Begone!"

Surprisingly, Zi Donglai blocked Han Jianglin leisurely, saying, "Alliance Master Han, I thought that your words carried great weight? Su Yu suggested that one punch was enough. However, it was you who strongly wanted three punches as the agreement. Now, you have backed out and have also stopped mentioning your so-called weighty words?"

Han Jianglin's expression turned grave. After hearing the words of mockery from Zi Donglai, he felt ashamed and embarrassed! He bit his teeth and gave up on making any moves. His eyes then stared at Su Yu coldly. "I dare you to try and injure my son again!"

However, his only answer was Su Yu attacking Han Xu again mercilessly! While Han Xu had wished to put Su Yu at death's door, Han Jianglin had looked on with cold eyes. What reason did Su Yu have to hold back? By letting Han Xu go, would Han Jianglin be grateful to Su Yu?


"Second punch!"

Su Yu extended his finger towards Han Xu's abdomen and pierced through his flesh! In no time, flesh and blood splattered across the area!

Han Jianglin's murderous intent exploded toward Su Yu. "You! Are! Courting! Death!" In a split second, Han Jianglin finally made his move!

But with a flash of Zi Donglai's body, he blocked Han Jianglin and laughed instead. "Alliance Master Han, the agreement has not been completed yet. Why are you in such a rush to make a move?"

"Begone!" Han Jianglin said. Since the situation had come to this, how could Han Jianglin still care about his pride? If the situation carried on, his son would be killed on the spot!

"I'm sorry," said Zi Donglai. "Since this match started in my Shentian Manor, I cannot allow you to interrupt with it!"

Zi Donglai attacked with a loud bang and sent Han Jianglin back with a palm. Taking advantage of that opportunity, Su Yu completed his third attack!

"Last punch!"


With that punch, Su Yu pierced through Han Xu's chest! Su Yu had punctured a hole through Han Xu's heart! That injury was a mortal wound. Having suffered such an injury, the victim would definitely die!

"Ah! I will kill you!" Han Jianglin screamed. He looked as if he had lost his mind. His son was killed right in front of him on the spot!

However, Zi Donglai was a step in front of him, and he protected Su Yu by standing in front of him.

Zi Donglai shot a glance towards Han Xu who was breathing weakly and was about to die. He then felt slightly disappointed.

"Alliance Master Han," said Zi Donglai, "you had better bring him back with haste. If not, your Flesh Regeneration Elixir might not be able to take effect."

Han Jianglin's eyes were bright red, and he was emitting thick murderous intents! However, Zi Donglai's words had caused him to abandon all inhibitions. Han Jianglin carried Han Xu and glared at Su Yu extremely coldly. His eyes caused Su Yu to have a feeling that he had been marked by a poisonous snake, and his whole body started to feel cold.

"You will pay for this! I swear!"

After his speech, Han Jianglin left hurriedly!

Zi Donglai looked at his silhouette, which had gone far away. He then turned his head with a bit of disappointment and stared at Su Yu deeply. "For the last attack, why did you hold back? You should have been able to kill him with the last attack."

Su Yu cooled his blood and smiled. "I knew I could not hide the truth from you, Elder!"

Zi Yunxiang revealed a surprised expression. This young man who was younger than her seemed to be extremely scheming.

"I let him live so that I could confirm whether the Flesh Regeneration Elixir really exists!" explained Su Yu.

That elixir was the Alliance Meet's prize. However, there was no basis to confirm that its existence was true. Letting Han Xu live was a test to find out whether the Flesh Regeneration Elixir really existed. If it did not exist, Han Jianglin could only be at a loss for what to do regarding Han Xu's damaged heart. However, from Han Jianglin's reaction moments ago, Su Yu now knew that elixirs like the Flesh Regeneration Elixirs really existed in the world. This way, Su Yu could confirm that there was a need to participate in the Alliance Meet.

"The Flesh Regeneration Elixir indeed exists," said Zi Donglai. "In Han Jianglin's early years, he acquired multiple kinds of elixirs which defied the natural order from ancient historical remains. The Flesh Regeneration Elixir was part of those elixirs. However, it would be difficult for you to acquire it!" Zi Donglai stared at Su Yu deeply and shook his head slightly. "Even if you are able to defeat the Three Great Legends, it would still be impossible!"

Su Yu was terrified and surprised.

The Three Great LegendsLin Aojue, Mister Feng Yue, and Zi Yunxiang. They represented the peak of the Hundred Territories Alliance. But even by defeating them, it was still impossible to become number one and acquire the Flesh Regeneration Elixir?

"The Flesh Regeneration Elixir is extremely precious," said Zi Donglai. "Han Jianglin does not have much of it left. Do you think that he can tolerate other people acquiring it? People who can acquire it are definitely geniuses who seek refuge from and rely on him! As for you You would have to become number one with a clear conscience in front of the entire universe. If not" Zi Donglai trailed off with profound significance.