The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 246

Chapter 246: The Alliance Meet
Chapter 246: The Alliance Meet
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Become the undisputed champion? Su Yu clenched his fists!

"The Alliance Meet would be held in four days," Zi Donglai said. "You can spar with Xiang'er. It would be beneficial for the both of you when attending the Alliance Meet."

Zi Yunxiang accepted happily. After they left, Zi Donglai had a complicated expression.


Lin Yunhe appeared from out of nowhere.

"Housemaster Zi," said Lin Yunne, "you were finally unable to tolerate and attacked! You were able to tolerate Han Jianglin forcing you to step down from your seat and giving away your daughter to marry, but why attack for the sake of Su Yu?" Lin Yunhe let out a slight sigh. "In the brief exchange between the two of you just now, I am afraid that Han Jianglin had already found out that you are carrying a grave injury."

Han Jianglin was an alliance master and had a reputation to uphold. How could he be so vulgar as to force someone to the point of conflict? He had actually been trying to agitate Zi Donglai into attacking, just to test his injuries.

Zi Donglai let out a nonchalant laugh, his expression that of admiration, "Where's the harm in that? My injuries cannot be hidden any longer. To be able to save a genius from the hands of Han Jianglin, it was worth it."

"It's a pity that Su Yu does not know of the things you have done for him. You do not have much longer to live!" Lin Yunhe let out a small sigh.

Zi Donglai laughed as he shook his head. "No matter! In the broader scheme of this crisis, my life and death is no longer the most important thing. To protect a genius from the human race so that the human race can proliferate could be the only thing I can accomplish during the remainder of my life!"

The word "crisis" caused Lin Yunhe's soul to shake. A smile hung on his old face. "That's right, with the crisis approaching, we of the older generation do not have much longer to live! Before we die, we should do our best to protect the younger generation with potential!"

Over the course of the next four days, the Alliance City became filled with people. Powerful fighters from all over the Hundred Territories silently entered the city. As it got nearer to the meet, the aura in the city became increasingly nervous. The Alliance Meet was held once every five years, the strongest contest in the Hundred Territories, and the day had finally arrived!

At the practice room, Zi Yunxiang was covered in sweat, seeping through her robes, causing it to hug her slender body. Her face was red, her expression that of admiration, "The immortal-level technique lives up to its reputation, for a Dragon Realm Level Five Lower Tier to display the abilities of a Dragon Realm Level Six Lower Tier, only below Dragon Realm Level Six Upper Tier."

In their few days of sparring, Zi Yunxiang was incredibly surprised. Su Yu's abilities were between Dragon Realm Level Six Lower Tier and Dragon Realm Level Six Upper Tier, merely a little weaker than her.

Su Yu smiled. "Thank you for your pointers, Miss Zi."

In reality, be it against Han Xu or Zi Yunxiang, Su Yu held back when using his Thunder Star Finger. In terms of actual ability, he was above Zi Yunxiang. Let alone the fact that Su Yu had never once played his trump card, the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters.

"Don't belittle yourself. With your talents, you would sooner or later catch up with me if you continue your cultivation." Zi Yunxiang smiled as she said it.

Su Yu stroked his nose, simply laughing.

"All right, the Alliance Meet has started, we should set off." Zi Yunxiang was full of anticipation.

Su Yu nodded, leaving the practice hall with her to the entrance of the Shentian Manor. The steel door was not opened yet. There were multiple people waiting around it. They were all students of the Shentian Manor.

Zi Yunxiang and Su Yu's arrival caught the attention of many. Zi Yunxiang was the daughter of the housemaster, her status extraordinary, and Su Yu had made a name for himself at the Jade Spiritual Pool was now known by many.

At this moment, a cold question came from within the waiting crowd. "You are Zi Yunxiang?"

Su Yu looked over. It was a purple-robed youth of about 17 years of age. He was carrying an ancient bronze sword, leaning on the steel gate. His cold eyes were like sharp arrows, piercing into the hearts of many. His cultivation level was at Dragon Realm Level Six Peak!

Su Yu raised his eyebrows. There was a genius that could match Lin Aojue? No! In terms of age, he was only 17, but Lin Aojue was already over 19!

Zi Yunxiang froze, her gaze falling on him before nodding her head slightly. "That's me. You are—"

The purple-robed youth coldly interrupted Zi Yunxiang, "So you are one of the three legendary geniuses?"

Feeling the young man's animosity, Zi Yunxiang's gaze turned cold. "That's just a title people gave me. What do you want?"

The purple-robed youth observed her for a while, his nostrils flaring. "I guess you understand your own capabilities. Can you be called a legendary genius with your abilities? You are not even worth me pulling out my sword!"

Zi Yunxiang lifted her brows, coldly saying, "You are free to think whatever you want."

"It looks like you are indignant." The purple robed youth smiled. "If you are also entering the Alliance Meet, you had best pray that you do not meet me. Remember my name, Wu Yaoyue!"

Zi Yunxiang's cold expression changed. "You are Wu Yaoyue?"

To this, the purple-robed youth retracted his gaze in disdain, not explaining himself. Zi Yunxiang's eyes were filled with fear and respect, her expression turning serious for the first time, as if she were facing an incredibly powerful opponent.

Su Yu's gaze flickered. "Who is he?"

"Do you remember me telling you how you gained entry into the Shentian Manor?" Zi Yunxiang asked.

Su Yu was lost. "You said I was predetermined, and I was one of the only two enrolled this way… You mean that Wu Yaoyue was the other person?"

To this, Zi Yunxiang nodded with a grave expression. "That's him! Wu Yaoyue! The Shentian Manor had never recruited students before the Alliance Meet, but there were two exceptions in this generation. One of them was you, and the other was Wu Yaoyue!"

Su Yu had been predetermined because he had an extremely rare innate space talent and was favored by the Zi family. But for Wu Yaoyue, barring any unknown circumstances, there was only one possibility—he was too exceptional!

"It was rumored that he once challenged Lin Aojue," Zi Yunxiang said, her eyes were filled with fear and respect.

Su Yu's eyes flickered again. "What was the result?"

Zi Yunxiang shook her head. "Unknown! The two of them sparred in the Lin family. The details were not made known to outsiders."

Their cultivation levels were about equal. It was difficult to tell the difference in their abilities!

"His background is incredibly mysterious. Father investigated him for the longest time but is still clueless about his heritage!" Zi Yunxiang was whispering, staring at Su Yu with a weird look. Su Yu's identity, after all, was also very mysterious.

Mysterious background? thought Su Yu. He glanced at Wu Yaoyue.

Su Yu did not know why, but he got the feeling that Wu Yaoyue was not human! Under close observation, it felt like Wu Yaoyue was not breathing. If he was, it was difficult to notice. Just who was this person? Other than the Three Great Ancient Regions, what other powerhouses could nurture such an exceptional person?


At this moment, the large door opened, the crowd exiting together. Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang left the Shentian Manor toward the Beast Fighting Arena of the Alliance City. This area was the area for sparring between fighters in the Alliance City. But the spars were not always between two fighters. Sometimes, it was between a fighter and a demonic beast.

The Hundred Territories were situated in wild, remote areas with many demonic beasts; thus there were entertainment activities of pitting captured wild beasts against fighters. Today, the venue was empty.

Su Yu entered. A giant Beast Fighting Arena capable of accommodating a million people entered his sights, shocking him. There were ten stages at the center of the venue, capable of hosting multiple spars at the same time. The magnificence of the arena awed everyone present. Merely taking a look at the place made one feel small.

Under the gaze of an audience of a million people, Su Yu got excited without any battles starting. His battle intent burned. Beside him, Zi Yunxiang clenched her fists, unable to hide her battle intent. Su Yu patted her shoulder, consoling her with a smile. He used his crystalline eyes to scan the surroundings.

In the crowd, he saw the various powerhouses of the Alliance City. The Lin family, Zeng family, Feng family, Han family, and the Ouyang family. Familiar people like Lin Aojue and Sir Feng Yue, two legendary geniuses, were also present! The two had the attention of everyone, as if a precious sword were about to be unsheathed!

At the same moment, Su Yu saw some other familiar figures, including the top talent of the Liuxian faction, Ji Hongxue! The faction master had accompanied him here. HIs right arm was severed, his expression tired and dull, not showing the aura of a faction master.

"Hongxue, the Liuxian Faction depends on you!" said the faction master. His empty sleeve billowed in the wind, his face showing signs of bitterness.

Ji Hongxue had a sad look, clenching his fist tightly. "Do not worry, teacher! I will fight my way into the top 100 and enter the Shentian manor to cultivate! In the future, I will rebuild the Liuxian Faction!"

The Liuxian faction master lowered his head in shame, his voice raspy and deep, filled with grief. "I was useless and harmed the faction!"

Half of the elders of the faction had been killed by Su Yu! Of the four Great Disciples, two had died, and one was on the run. All there was left was Ji Hongxue.

The power of the faction had withered, its influence declining by the day. Many of the surrounding powers had set their sights on the faction, causing the territory of the Liuxian Faction to shrink. Today, they struggled to maintain a territory of some 10,000 miles around the faction. It was only a matter of time until they were extinguished.

All this had happened because of a wrong decision back then—attempting to kill Su Yu! If he could have gone back in time, the Liuxian Faction master would never have offended Su Yu! Unfortunately, what the world lacked was a remedy for regret.

At the corner occupied by the Lin family, the green-robed elder had a sinister expression. "Aojue, if you meet that Yin Yu, you do not have to hold back. Kill him! You are a disciple of an Ancient Region. The master of the alliance would not hold you responsible for breaking the rules and killing one person!"

Blades and swords had no eyes. They could use that excuse, and the alliance master should not pursue the matter too far.

Lin Aojue creased his brows. "You want me to kill him? He isn't even worthy of me attacking him. Killing him would be dirtying my hands! The person worthy of fighting me is someone else!" Lin Aojue's eyes burned with battle intent, his fierce gaze scanning to look for someone in the crowd!

The green-robed elder was secretly angry, but he did not dare criticize Lin Aojue, given his special status.

At the Zeng family's section, Zeng Tiannan was haggard, his eyes bloodshot. He held a jade box in his palm. Within it quietly lay a Phoenix feather.

"Yin! Yu!" Zeng Tiannan's voice was raspy, like that of a wild beast. "I will certainly kill you to avenge my son!"

He had not slept the entire night, working hard to investigate the background of Su Yu and the Phoenix feather. His hard work had paid off, even if he still did not know Su Yu's background. He had gotten a lead on the Phoenix feather.

The Phoenix feather belonged to the pet of the Phoenix Cabinet master, which had been stolen! In other words, Su Yu not only had relations with the Phoenix Cabinet, but it was a relationship of animosity!

In the Feng family's section, Sir Feng Yue's friendly smile turned rigid, his expression growing sinister. In his gaze was a scene of Su Yu standing side by side with Zi Yunxiang! The two were chatting, causing Sir Feng Yue to burn with jealousy!

"You dare touch the woman I have decided on!" Sir Feng Yue's eyes shot out a trace of killing intent.

In the Ouyang family's section, Ouyang Yuxin also noticed Su Yu standing beside Zi Yunxiang. She did not know why she felt sour and bitter noticing this, but she felt she should have been the one in Zi Yunxiang's position.