The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 247

Chapter 247: Crossed Eyed And Yellow Teeth
Chapter 247: Crossed-Eyed and Yellow Teeth
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At the moment, both of them were like strangers.

Ouyang Long seemed as if he understood his daughter's feelings and sighed lightly. "Both of you are no longer affiliated with one another. Please let it go."

After hearing what was said, Ouyang Yuxin became extremely silent and did not rebut against her father. After sweeping past one round of the area, Su Yu withdrew his gaze and frowned slightly unconsciously.

Where is Mo Wu?

Mo Wu had left first. Hence, she should have reached the Alliance City earlier than Su Yu.

Why can't she be found anywhere?

Her whole life, she had been working hard to fulfill her wish—a pledge to restore An Yurou's face. The Alliance Meet was her chance to do so. So why couldn't she be found anywhere?

A shred of concern surged in his heart.

"The Masters are here!" Zi Yunxiang reminded Su Yu all of a sudden.

Su Yu fixed his eyes upon the Masters' stage. Under the veneration and gaze of 100,000 people, two silhouettes drifted over. One of them was draped in a yellow imperial robe while the other wore simple gray clothing. They were the Alliance Master and the Housemaster of the Shentian Manor!

When both of them sat down shoulder to shoulder, the whole place became dead silent! They were the mythological forces of the Hundred Territories Alliance, the strongest martial artists who had gone very deep in their Martial Paths!

"The Alliance Meet shall begin now!" Han Jianglin said indifferently, and his voice spread slowly in all directions. "Referees, please enter the stage!"

Whiz, whiz, whiz—

Eleven shadows flew out from each and every corner. Among the eleven of them, ten stood atop ten of the arenas respectively. One of them floated in the sky. He wore a green robe and was the Great Elder of the Lin family!

"In order to ensure the fairness of the duels," Han Jianglin declared, "the referees were chosen from families not within the Alliance Master's Manor or the Shentian Manor so as to ensure the greatest fairness. In particular, each of the ten persons will be in charge of one arena each. The Lin family's Great Elder will be the head referee. Lin Lengjian, you may begin now!"

The green-robed elder of the Lin family, Lin Lengjian, had gotten the signal from Han Jianglin. He nodded his head and looked around at his surroundings.

"The Alliance Meet is split into two rounds," he said. "First round, elimination competition. Everyone will have two chances to duel. If he manages to score at least one victory, he will be able to advance to the next round. If he is defeated twice in a row, he will be eliminated! Second round, ranking competition. The ranking would be decided by the two Alliance Masters and me, the head referee. There is only one rule. Do not kill each other! With that, the duels shall begin! Participants, please collect your number plates."

Whiz, whiz, whiz—

Dark and dense shadows flew toward the middle of the arena and took over the number plates from Lin Lengjian's hands.

When it was Su Yu's turn, Lin Lengjian's gaze turned slightly cold. "Little kid, you had better look out for yourself!"

Su Yu did not even lift his eyelids as he said indifferently, "I do not need you to worry about me!"

"Humph! Let's see how long can you remain smiling!"

Next was the dividing of the participants into groups.

Su Yu was allocated to the tenth group. Unfortunately, the tenth group's referee was an elder from the Lin family! His abilities had achieved Dragon Realm Level Seven! Having gotten a signal from Lin Lengjian, the Lin family's referee had a bad attitude toward Su Yu.

"Little kid, if you dare the violate the rules, I will not spare you!" The Lin family's referee warned him on the spot.

All the participants in the tenth group revealed an expression where they took pleasure in Su Yu's misfortune in succession. Among all of them, most did not know Su Yu. After all, only 20 people had had the right to participate in the Yunxiang Cabinet Master's birthday celebration.

After hearing the warning, Su Yu frowned at once and looked at the referee coldly. "Are you talking to me?"

The Lin family's referee laughed. "Seems like you are not deaf!"

"Why did you go out of your way to warn me specifically?" Su Yu questioned him sternly and coldly. "What about the rest? Why did you not warn them?"

The Lin family's referee face was filled with disdain. "I am the referee! Giving you a warning is part of my job!"

"Part of your job? As the referee, you did not adhere to the principle of being impartial. Instead, you used your role for private gains and discriminated against a particular participant. Do you still have the right to be the referee?" Su Yu berated him with a pause between every word. "All the participants here are to be treated equally without discrimination. The Alliance Master and Housemaster did not even direct their dissatisfaction toward a particular participant. As a mere referee, you dare to look down upon the fairness of the Alliance Meet? Who gave you the guts to do so? Is it you, Lin Lengjian, or your Lin family? Tell me!"

Su Yu's consecutive reprimanding attracted attention unavoidably. Even Zi Donglai and Han Jianglin shot their gazes toward them unavoidably. The Lin family's referee became nervous at once, and his face was bright red. In particular, this had also attracted the attention of the Alliance Master and Housemaster, which caused him to feel even guiltier.

"Enough!" the Lin family's referee scolded softly and his face was filled with anger.

Not only did Su Yu not stop, but he snapped back loudly instead, "As the referee, you still dare to threaten the participant?" Su Yu shot his gaze toward Lin Lengjian and said coldly, "Head referee, does this kind of person still have the right to be a referee?"

Lin Lengjian clenched his teeth with hatred. Su Yu actually wished to force him to abdicate his position in front of everyone! However, every word that Su Yu said was reasonable!

As the Lin family's referee held the position of referee, every word and every deed of his must be impartial. Hence, his words were indeed inappropriate.

"Okay, Referee Lin, stop talking and focus on administering the duels!" Lin Lengjian could only say as such.

However, Su Yu showed no mercy to those in the wrong, since justice was on his side! "Wait!" His gaze shot directly at Lin Lengjian. "This is how you handle this situation? He discriminated against me first and then threatened me afterward. As for you, you brushed this matter off with just one sentence, and you merely asked him to keep quiet. In other words, the person who had violated the rules is me? He was just forced to keep his mouth shut?"

Su Yu would definitely not swallow a loss that he should not suffer. 100,000 gazes landed on Lin Lengjian, and in his heart, he hated Su Yu to the point that he wanted to bite him! From the looks of it, if he did not handle the matter fairly, people would find fault with him unavoidably.

"I still haven't finished what I was saying!" Lin Lengjian gave a light hum. "Referee Lin, please take back your words!"

Referee Lin glared furtively at Su Yu, hating Su Yu for embarrassing him in front of 100,000 people.

"What a joke!" said Su Yu. "Take back his words? Words that had been said are like water that had been poured. Yet without any expression, he is considered to have taken back his words?" Su Yu forced him tightly.

Lin Lengjian felt furious and said in a low voice, "Then what do you want?"

"Apologize!" Su Yu replied without hesitation.

Referee Lin cast his anger aside and said, after lowering his voice, "You ask too much…" Su Yu actually wanted him to lower his head and plead guilty!

However, Lin Lengjian's face had already turned gloomy. He glared at Referee Lin fiercely and his eyes were filled with reproach. "You, apologize!"

Since he was not careful with his words, which caused other people to find something against him in his words, who could he resent?

Referee Lin gritted his teeth. His face was red bright. He then apologized in front of everyone. "I'm sorry!"

After having said those words, Referee Lin squirmed and felt ashamed and deeply embarrassed! Having been forced to lower his head and plead guilty in front of 100,000 people—would he still have face in the future?

"Is that enough?" Lin Lengjian said coldly.

Su Yu then said, "Shouldn't you have done this from the start? What a waste of everyone's time! Begin now!"

Referee Lin was angered to the point that he spat blood. It was evident that Su Yu was being overly aggressive and wasting everyone's time! However, he could only swallow this humiliation.

"Participants in all ten groups, get ready."

Su Yu looked the participants in his group up and down. His lip twitched involuntarily! Every group had a total of 100 people, and within Su Yu's group, he found two people whom he was familiar with!

The first person was Zhao Wuming! Dragon Realm Level Five Peak! The second person was Lin Aojue!

Apart from that, there were still a few strong martial artists of Dragon Realm Level Five. Moreover, there was even an unfamiliar strong martial artist of Dragon Realm Level Six! This Dragon Realm Level Six martial artist did not belong to the Three Great Legends. She was an unfamiliar genius from outside the Alliance City!

Su Yu was not the only one who was surprised. Even the influential families within the Alliance City were surprised as well.

Even Zi Donglai frowned slightly and whispered softly, "Another mysterious genius. The Alliance Meet this time around is a bit strange."

It was difficult to predict the abilities of Mister Yin Yu, Wu Yaoyue, or this unknown Dragon Realm Level Six genius.

The Dragon Realm Level Six genius was a young lady aged about 19 years old. She had a strong physique and wore animal skins. Her face was rough and bold, her eyes were crooked, and she had yellow teeth. Although it was evident that she was a young lady, it would have been difficult to compliment her for her looks. At the moment, she stared at Su Yu without blinking. Her mouth, which was filled with yellow teeth, opened slightly. She was drooling at the corner of her mouth and laughed loudly while grinning.

"Handsome little kid," she said, "you are mine tonight!"

Her speech caused an uproar. This ugly woman had taken a fancy to the handsome Su Yu!

While everyone broke into loud laughter, Su Yu's expression was dull. He stood in his original position for a long time. He then said indifferently, "I'm sorry. I have a fiancée."

"Do I care?" the ugly woman asked, giving a foolish look. However, in the blink of an eye, she became fierce, and her voice became extremely cold. "My words are absolute. Whether you agree or not, and whether you have a fiancée or not, is none of my concern! After the duel, follow me! If you dare to defy me—humph!"

The ugly woman stamped the ground with her right leg. At once, the ground cracked, and a fissure as wide as an arm was formed! As for the audience who had broken into loud laughter, their laughing ceased abruptly.

"What a frightening strength her body has!"

The arena, which was used for the competition, was made of a super-dense material. A normal Dragon Realm Level Six should not have been able to shake the arena. What background did this ugly woman have that she was able to create such a frightening footprint?

Su Yu's expression remained calm. He did not concern himself with her.

Referee Lin's eyes were glowing with a look that said he took pleasure in Su Yu's misfortune. However, as there was not much time, he could not delay the duels any longer.

"Zhang Ze versus Yang Fei."

The duels in the ten arenas began at the same time.

Two hours later, only ten matches were completed. According to the rules, every person had two duels, and the elimination competition would only be completed after 20 hours. In other words, the duel in the second segment would not be completed on the same day.

In the tenth group, the announcement was made: "Zhao Wuming, versus Huang Xiaoyan!"

Zhao Wuming leaped onto the arena. His eyes were filled with arrogance, and he looked at the girls within the tenth group.

Huang Xiaoyan was the name of an unfamiliar female martial artist.


At that moment, a black shadow leaped onto the arena and her landing caused the ground to shake violently. Zhao Wuming turned his head and looked at the girl. At once, his face turned extremely serious, and his mouth twitched continuously!

Huang Xiaoyan was not just any person. She was the crossed-eyed, yellow-toothed, ugly woman!

"So, it's you, ugly man." Huang Xiaoyan's face was filled with disdain and detestation. "Scram quickly!"

The blue veins on Zhao Wuming's forehead twitched. "Do you at least have some knowledge of yourself? An ugly woman like you actually judges me to be an ugly man!"

The audience broke into loud laughter.

"Since I have asked you to scram, just scram already. Where did all your nonsense come from?" Huang Xiaoyan threw a kick towards Zhao Wuming!

She did not use her spiritual energy and cultivation technique. It was just a normal kick using her leg. However, a bright light flashed past Zhao Wuming's eyes and he revealed a crafty expression.

"Idiot!" he said. "You are so easy to anger!"

Even though his opponent's cultivation base had achieved Dragon Realm Level Six, under the situation where she did not use her spiritual energy and cultivation technique, an all-out attack by Zhao Wuming would definitely secure his victory without there being any suspense in the match!

"Flying Cloud Leg!" Zhao Wuming's signature move!

Both of their attacks were kicks. However, one was a random attack and one was an all-out attack!

Thump, bang—

However, the outcome caused everyone's jaws to drop! Zhao Wuming's expression turned serious, at first. After which, his face went pale and finally ruddy. He then spat out a huge mouthful of blood! With a cracking sound, his leg cracked! At once, his flesh split and was torn open!