The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Announcement Of Defeat
Chapter 248: Announcement of Defeat
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He let out a pathetic wail, flying out of the stage and crashing onto the ground, Suffering both impacts, he once again spat out a mouthful of blood before slipping into a coma!

This scene caused everyone present to gasp! How could there be such terrifying power in a casual kick? Even a powerful Dragon Realm Level Six fighter might not have been able to stand up against that!

Referee Lin froze for a moment, a shred of surprise flashing in his eyes. "Huang Xiaoyan, victorious! Next, Yin Yu against Huang Xiaoyan!"

The crowd broke into a commotion, laughing!

"Yin Yu sure is lucky!" chuckled one onlooker. "He will definitely be doted on by Huang Xiaoyan."

Hearing the laughs around him, Su Yu creased his brows, walking up to the stage unwillingly.

"Little sir, I, Huang Xiaoyan, never repeat my words," Huang Xiaoyan warned. "Remember, wait for me after the spar!"

Su Yu creased his brows even harder, glancing toward Referee Lin. "You can announce the start of the match."

Referee Lin glanced at him, then turned his gaze to Huang Xiaoyan. "This battle, Huang Xiaoyan is victorious!"

Eh? The match had not started but the results were announced?

The crowd, however, did not find anything out of the ordinary. There were already similar incidents in the other groups. The referee would determine the relative abilities of the candidates and announce the results of the spar. This was standard procedure for matches where the two fighters had a wide gap in cultivation level. Such an announcement was not out of the ordinary.

Even Sir Feng Yue, who had seen Su Yu fight, had a smile on his face. "You merely improved to an average standard."

"All right, the next pairing—" Referee Lin announced coldly, scanning past Su Yu.

"Wait!" Su Yu shouted, glaring at Referee Lin. "What is the reason for you announcing my defeat?"

Once again provoked by Su Yu, Referee Lin gave a mocking smile. "That's because your abilities are too weak! Don't blame yourself for losing before a fight. Just blame your inability! Next match."

"Wait! How do you know that I am weaker than her?" Su Yu coldly questioned.

Referee Lin proudly said, "It is naturally due to my ability to judge people!"

"Retract your judgment," Su Yu said calmly. "I want to fight her!"

Referee Lin grunted. "I am the referee!"

"Your judgment is wrong!" Su Yu calmly retorted.

Referee Lin's expression turned sinister, making every word clear. "I said! I am the referee!"

"I'll say it once again! Your judgment is wrong!" Su Yu's gaze intensified!

"Humph! You disregard the decision of the referee," Referee Lin announced loudly. "As the referee, I annul your right to compete! Scram!"

Su Yu was silent for a moment, taking a few steps under the eyes of the audience. But he did not leave. Instead, he walked toward Huang Xiaoyan.

Huang Xiaoyan raised her eyebrows, a merciless aura surrounding her. "You wish to challenge my authority? Scram!"

Her huge fist harbored an unparalleled power, striking towards Su Yu's head!

Su Yu's gaze turned cold and he grunted, "Scram!"


He struck with his Thunder Star Finger, arcs of lightning discharging from his finger. The power of the heavens descended onto the arena.


A pathetic shriek escaped Huang Xiaoyan's mouth. Her large body was sent flying out of the stage and onto the ground by a mere finger from Su Yu. Looking herself over, she saw that her terrifying fist had been charred black!

One stroke! With just one stroke, Su Yu had casually defeated Huang Xiaoyan!

There were not many people paying attention to the tenth group. At this moment, however, their collective attention was grabbed! Su Yu was standing at his ordinary position. Huang Xiaoyan's strength was not even able to make Su Yu move an inch!

A genius that could defeat a Dragon Realm Level Six Lower Tier had been born!

The crowd was in an uproar, visibly excited, observing this mysterious, silver-masked youth in surprise.

Sir Feng Yue's smile turned rigid, his expression sinister, "When did he become so powerful?"

Atop the stage, Su Yu glanced coldly at Referee Lin. "I said, your judgment is wrong! Now, do you still want to announce that I have lost? Do you still want to strip me of the right to participate?"

Su Yu had used his abilities and actions to rebut the referee's decision! Referee Lin could not find words, his old face turning red.

"I… I merely made a mistake!" Referee Lin stuttered, trying to defend himself.

Su Yu laughed. "Mistake? You try to pass it off as a mistake? A mistake nearly eliminated the person who was stronger. A mistake nearly let you strip a person's right to participate. Do you think that you still have the right to be a referee?"

After saying this, Su Yu shot his gaze to Lin Lengjian. "Since you are the overall referee, is it time for you to say something? From the start, he was not qualified to be a referee, repeatedly committing mistakes of this level. When are you going to tolerate this until?"


Referee Lin spat a mouthful of blood in anger, his finger pointing at Su Yu, stammering, "You… You…!"

"You?" said Su Yu. "What you? You are incompetent but think highly of yourself, doing as you wish. What right does a person like you have to continue being a referee? With you here, who can guarantee that the rest of the people won't be wrongly judged?"

Lin Lengjian was furious. For a member of the Lin family to be chased away on the spot would sully the reputation of the Lin family!

Suppressing his anger, Lin Lengjian said, "Aren't you satisfied now? Continue the spar!"

"Apologize!" Su Yu demanded. "If you do not change the referee, I'll withdraw from the spar!"

Su Yu's words sparked a commotion from the crowd! But no one found Su Yu's request unreasonable. The standard of this Lin family referee was questionable. In the beginning, he had used his authority for personal purposes. Now, his judgment had proven inferior and overbearing, having nearly stripping a talent rivaling the three legendary geniuses of the right to participate! Having person as a referee would only bring about harm!

"Yin Yu! Do not go too far!" Lin Lengjian spoke furiously.

But at this moment, Zi Donglai casually opened his mouth, stating, "Change the referee!"

It was a mere three words, but it did not allow defiance.

Lin Lengjian shuddered, his face filled with fear and respect. "Yes!"

Even though Han Jianglin was displeased, the Lin family referee had, indeed, shown some bias. If he kept the referee and drove away Su Yu, it was inevitable that he would invite gossip. Thus, he only stared coldly at Su Yu and did not step in.

Referee Lin turned red, his body trembling with anger, feeling incredibly humiliated. He, as a referee, had been sent off—by a candidate! This was a great humiliation! Despite his anger over this perceived injustice, Referee Lin left dejectedly, replaced by a referee from another family.

"The spar continues," said the replacement referee. "The next battle: Yin Yu against Lin Aojue!"

Su Yu lifted his brows. To face the strongest, Lin Aojue, so early into the contest…? This was earlier than he had imagined.

Lin Lengjian's uncomfortable expression suddenly wore a smile. Out of 100 people, the possibility of facing off against a single specific person was one in 50. Su Yu was not very lucky!

Sir Feng Yue's look of discomfort also eased. He smiled and said, "Your road ends here!"

At the same time, the crowd became more energetic!

"Lin Aojue!" they murmured. "The top of the Three Legendary Geniuses is finally going to fight!"

"I have never seen him fight. Geniuses of this level are quite elusive!"

"How unfortunate for Sir Yin Yu. He had fought hard for his honor, but now it is going to come crumbling down. He is going to be defeated by Lin Aojue!"

The higher Su Yu's reputation was, the more prominent Lin Aojue's status as a legendary genius would be when he defeated Su Yu.

Su Yu took a breath. Since it could not be avoided, he was going to fight! Even if he had to play his trump card!