The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 249

Chapter 249: The Match With Feng Yue
Chapter 249: The Match with Feng Yue
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"Enter the arena!" the referee called.

Lin Aojue stood beneath the arena with his arms crossed. He raised his swift and fierce eyes lightly and looked toward Su Yu who was atop the arena. His mere action of looking at Su Yu caused the audience to boil with excitement.

Lin Aojue's appearance caused 100,000 gazes to come together as one. The Alliance City's number one genius!

However, Lin Aojue lowered his eyes which he had raised and remained in his original position without moving the slightest bit.

The referee frowned slightly. "Lin Aojue, please abide by the rules. If you do not come up to the arena within three breaths' time, it will be considered admitting defeat!"

However, Lin Aojue remained unconcerned, and he opened his mouth and said harshly, "Then I will admit defeat!"

At once, the whole place was in an uproar!

The referee could not help but be stunned. "Lin Aojue, are you sure you have not said anything wrong?"

With a light hum from his nose, Lin Aojue said coldly, "I do not wish to repeat the same words twice!"

He had really admitted defeat!

The audience did not understand. Lin Lengjian, Mister Feng Yue, and the audience—who had been looking forward to Lin Aojue's match—were all at a loss! The abilities of that Mister Yin Yu were quite strong. However, Lin Aojue was actually unwilling to duel with him? Only Su Yu recalled something and shook his head amusingly.

The referee regained his senses and said in a serious tone, "Okay. I hereby declare that Lin Aojue dared not to pick up the fight, and he admitted defeat willingly. Su Yu, victorious!"

"Wait!" Lin Aojue opened his mouth all of a sudden, and his eyes were filled with disdain. "I admitted defeat not because I dared not to fight him. Instead, I am unwilling to fight him! He doesn't even have the right to make me fight him. Instead of fighting in the same arena as him, I would rather admit defeat."

After hearing what was said, the audience was stunned for some time, after which there was a mighty uproar.

"Arrogant!" they called.

"In the whole Hundred Territories Alliance, only Lin Aojue is so intimidating and arrogant!" they clamored.

"Atop the arena, which person did not secure a victory within the two matches by giving his all? However, only Lin Aojue alone felt that it was beneath his dignity to have a match with Yin Yu, and he gave up on an opportunity on the spot."

"He has just reason to be arrogant! Although I feel that Yin Yu is strong, he is not on the same level as Lin Aojue."

"Looking at this, it seems like Yin Yu's abilities are nothing more than this."

"That's right. He was born into the wrong generation. By being born into the same generation as Lin Aojue, his fate could only be as such! He is not even worthy of a match with Lin Aojue! What a pity!"

Su Yu smiled. It was as he had expected! In the Nine Cloud Tower, Lin Aojue had felt that it was beneath his dignity to share the same training area as Su Yu. He would rather give up on training. Now, atop the arena, he also felt that it was beneath his dignity to fight with Su Yu, to the point that he would rather admit defeat.

Su Yu took the audience's comments calmly. How could he not be happy, given the fact that he could fight one less match? In this case, Su Yu was victorious in both matches and his rank rose.

When Su Yu went down from the arena, a sweet-smelling wind blew toward him. The face of Zi Yunxiang, who had risen in rank as well, was filled with sympathy.

"Yin Yu, don't mind him," she said. "Lin Aojue's character is just like this."

Su Yu shook his head. "No matter. If he comes across me during the ranking competition, it will be even better if he gives up again."

"There are many black horses in the Alliance Meet this time around, said Zi Yunxiang. "The ranking competition would probably be very brilliant."

Black horses? thought Su Yu.

"You, Huang Xiaoyan, and Wu Yaoyue," Zi Yunxiang explained, reading the confusion on his face. "The three of you are powerful black horses! However, apart from the three of you, there is one more person who is extremely strange. Look!"

Zi Yunxiang pointed towards the arena which was numbered one. At that very moment, there was a red-robed young man atop the arena. He was around 20 years old and he looked fairly normal. As for his cultivation base, Su Yu could not make heads or tails of it! His opponent was not just anyone. It was Ouyang Yuxin, who had a cultivation base of Dragon Realm Level Five.

As Su Yu watched, Ouyang Yuxin wore a grave expression. No—it was fear!

Droplets of cold sweat streamed down her powdery neck. Her clear eyes were glowing with fear. The red-robed young man, on the other hand, stood with his hands clasped behind his back and wore an indifferent smile.

"Do you wish to fight?" he asked.

Ouyang Yuxin's face trembled, and she clenched her silver teeth. "Definitely!"

The red-robed young man nodded his head slightly. "I understand!"

After getting the consent from both of them, the referee declared loudly, "The duel will officially begin now!"

Ouyang Yuxin's beautiful eyes were glowing with seriousness, and she took the lead! Her movement technique was outstanding, and she got near to the red-robed young man quickly. The red-robed young man had not even adopted a posture to fight. However, at that moment, he opened his mouth normally.

"Get down!" he said.

There were no sound wave attacks in his words. However, the whole body of Ouyang Yuxin—who was about to get near to him trembled—and her face turned ghastly pale! Her body involuntarily retreated with fear, and she got down from the arena! Her pupils expanded, which implied the fear within her heart. It was as if she had come across a frightening matter.

Atop the Masters' stage, Zi Donglai revealed a shocked expression. "This is…"

Immediately, Zi Donglai turned his head and looked at Han Jianglin with a bitter expression. "Alliance Master Han, do you not think that such a tactic is very embarrassing? That person is a genius who you have found, right?"

In order to prevent the Flesh Regeneration Elixir from falling into the hands of strangers, Han Jianglin would not allow someone else to snatch away the number one position. Hence, arranging a strong and mysterious martial artist to participate in the Alliance Meet beforehand was the most appropriate measure.

Han Jianglin wore an indifferent smile and said leisurely, "Housemaster Zi, those words cannot be said irresponsibly. Do you have any proof?"

Zi Donglai gave a light hum and chose to bear it patiently.

Everyone in the whole place had a serious expression. This young man's abilities were unfathomable, and it had caused everyone to be shocked.

Zi Yunxiang said in a serious tone, "His first match was exactly the same as this match. He did not even make any moves. With just a sentence alone, he made his opponent retreat in defeat! His abilities are extremely frightening! However, among people of our age, is there such a matchless Heaven Ruler?" Zi Yunxiang's eyes were filled with surprise.

Su Yu's gaze got slightly narrower, and he gazed at the red-robed young man. He did not know why, but this man gave him an almost unreal feeling. It was as if that person wore a layer of mysterious on his body like a veil. It was another extremely mysterious genius!

The current Alliance Meet was very interesting. After which, Su Yu observed the matches between the strong martial artists. For the two times where Wu Yaoyue made his move, he defeated his opponent with a single move each. From beginning to the end, he did not even draw his sword! As for Lin Aojue's opponent, he admitted defeat straight away! And as for Mister Feng Yue, he defeated his opponents easily as well.

After going on for one whole day, the heavy curtain finally came down on the duels in the ten arenas. After Lin Lengjian announced the names of the people who had been selected to enter the ranking competition, he got a signal from Zi Donglai and Han Jianglin. He declared loudly, "Congratulations to the participants above. After three days, all of you will participate in the Alliance Meet's ranking competition! Within the next three days, I hope that all of you can get yourself ready and strive for a good ranking!"

The ranking competition will start only three days from now? thought Su Yu.

"Lastly, these few people will stay behind. Your performances are outstanding, and the Alliance Master has made an exception to meet all of you once. Of course, your elders who accompanied you can come with you. Wu Yaoyue, Lin Aojue, Mister Feng Yue, Zi Yunxiang, Yin Yu, Huang Xiaoyan, Zhao Wuming, Ouyang Yuxin… and Nameless!"

Nameless was that unfathomable red-robed young man!

His speech caused everyone to be in an uproar. All were extremely envious. How honored, to be summoned by the Alliance Master exceptionally!

Su Yu's eyebrows twitched. What ulterior motive does Han Jianglin have?

Su Yu remained vigilant and followed everyone toward the Alliance Master's Manor under the guidance of Lin Lengjian. A group of geniuses brought their family members along and waited at the yard noisily. For the elders who came along, apart from Su Yu and the other "black horses," the rest of them were all elders of the Alliance City's geniuses. It could be seen that the number of geniuses in the Alliance City was many times greater than in other territories.

"Before seeing the participants, the Alliance Master would like to see your elders," Lin Lengjian said, passing on Han Jianglin's message, his eyes glowing brilliantly. "Please enter."

Su Yu frowned. What does the Alliance Master wish to achieve by meeting the elders first?

Su Yu swept his eyes past everyone secretly. Apart from the elders of the Feng family and Lin family, who did not have any unusual expressions, the eyes of those belonging to other forces were filled with uncertainty. It was obvious that they did not know the Alliance Master's intention of summoning them. However, it was an order by the Alliance Master. Hence, what family would dare to defy it?

A group of people entered the big palace, causing a group of geniuses to remain behind.

"You are Yin Yu?" A cold hum could be heard from Su Yu's side.

Su Yu turned his eyes toward the direction of the voice. His gaze shrank slightly. The person who spoke was actually Wu Yaoyue! He was a mysterious and unpredictable genius. His body also had an inconspicuous aura which did not belong to human beings! What caused Su Yu to be slightly stunned was that Huang Xiaoyan actually followed behind him with veneration.

They know each other?

After thinking about it carefully, there was a barbarous and remote aura on Huang Xiaoyan's body. It seemed like Wu Yaoyue's body had it as well! Both of them must have come from the same place!

"You have something to say to me?" asked Su Yu. After hearing that Wu Yaoyue was quite impressive, Su Yu took precautions secretly.

"This means that you are the one who injured her?" Wu Yaoyue's tone was cold.

After looking at Huang Xiaoyan, Su Yu did not have any intentions of evading the question. When he was about to open his mouth…

"I do not need your reason!" snapped Wu Yaoyue. His eyes were overflowing with coldness, and the eyes of Huang Xiaoyan behind him were filled with hatred. "I only need to know if it is you!"

How could Su Yu even think of explaining himself? As the other party treated him in such an aggressive manner, Su Yu handled him calmly. "After that?" he asked. "Will you teach me a lesson? If that is the case, then let's fight now."

To his surprise, Wu Yaoyue sneered. "The trash that Lin Aojue feels it is beneath his dignity to have a match with. Do you think that I would be interested in having a match with you? After the Alliance Meet, I will give you an attack from my sword! Remember it!" Wu Yaoyue gave a cold hum.

The threat given to Su Yu in the open reverberated within the yard and attracted the attention of others.

Su Yu replied normally. "I'll be waiting."

At that moment, indifferent laughter could be heard from not far away "Tch! Even others feel that it is beneath their dignity to have a match with you. Is there any point in remaining composed forcefully?"

Su Yu turned his head and looked. It was Mister Feng Yue.

"Are you trying to say that they would find it worthy to have a match with you?" Su Yu questioned in reply.

Mister Feng Yue flapped his folding fan lightly. His face wore an arrogant expression. "Do you think that you have the right to be placed on par with me? No matter how weak are my abilities, I am still stronger than you!"

In regards to Su Yu, Mister Feng Yue had not had a good attitude toward him all along.

"Since you are so strong," Su Yu replied dully, "why are you still mingling with a weakling like me? Why not look for Wu Yaoyue and Lin Aojue and have a match with them? Here, you look down on this and look down on that. Do you also know that they also looked down on you? Your Feng family is one of the Three Great Ancient Regions. Could it be that the genius of the current generation your family has nurtured can only get his confidence by showing off his strength in front of the weaklings? The truly strong martial artists march forward courageously and look for even stronger martial artists continuously. They are not like you, who wastes time being sarcastic in front of weaklings! I pity your Feng family. The disciple that it has nurtured is such a good-for-nothing!"

Su Yu's continuous reprimanding had caused Mister Feng Yue's expression to change from being serious to gloomy and finally, icy cold.

"Watch your own mouth!" Mister Feng Yue snapped.

Su Yu sneered. "When there is no trouble, you look for trouble. You mock others to find a sense of achievement. When your weak spot is exposed, you fly into a rage out of shame and forbid the other party from continuing his speech?"

Mister Feng Yue's expression turned extremely bitter.


Mister Feng Yue snapped shut his folding fan abruptly. His eyes were burning with flames of fury.

"I have put up with you for long enough!" Mister Feng Yue fumed, utterly furious. "Initially, I had wanted to teach you a lesson in three days' time, atop the arena. Thinking about it now, it seems that I am too kind! In front of absolute abilities, those low and petty abilities of yours are not even worthy of being seen!"

Su Yu gave a cold hum. "Since you want a fight, I will give it to you! What a bunch of nonsense. Do you intend to prove how strong you are with all this idle talk? Abilities depend on your fists, not your identity or your mouth!"

Mister Feng Yue's whole face twisted with anger. Su Yu had infuriated him!