The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 250

Chapter 250: Seven Mantras Of Mountains And Rivers
Chapter 250: Seven Mantras of Mountains and Rivers
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"No one can save you!" Mister Feng Yue shouted. He was furious!


At this moment, Zi Yunxiang suddenly appeared, blocking Su Yu.

"Sir Feng Yue, what is the meaning of this?" Zi Yunxiang's expression was cold.

It would be better if Zi Yunxiang had not interfered. Her decision to defend Su Yu had caused Mister Feng Yue to burn with jealousy.

"Move aside!" Mister Feng Yue said, clearly enunciating every word!

Zi Yunxiang scolded, "He is a student of the Shentian Manor. You have to ask me before touching him!"

"I don't care about the Shentian Manor!" Mister Feng Yue snapped. "I only care about teaching him a lesson!"

In his anger, he had disregarded the Shentian Manor. Even though the words were spoken in a fit of fury, Su Yu seemed to discern something deeper from it. Was the Feng family no longer afraid of the Zi family?

"I won't allow that!" Zi Yunxiang was determined.

Sir Feng Yue was on the brink of exploding. "Then accept my apologies! Seven Mantras of Mountains and Rivers!"

Mister Feng Yue took a step forward. At that moment, an incredible pressure descended! His step forward seemed to have moved mountains and reversed the flow of streams; mountains and streams underwent huge changes with his single step. This was a power that was only present in the lower class of an immortal-level technique!

As a disciple of the Three Great Ancient Regions, Mister Feng Yue had cultivated an immortal-level technique to Stage One Lower Class! But Zi Yunxiang was not afraid.

"Waves of Calm!" Zi Yunxiang grabbed with her hand, and the surrounding water vapor became denser.

A wondrous power descended. Zi Yunxiang now was as if a peaceful lake, gentle yet expansive.


Sir Feng Yue attacked but was unable to penetrate the vapors around Zi Yunxiang. Water could accept anything. Zi Yunxiang's immortal-level technique was able to absorb her opponent's attacks!

Sir Feng Yue's expression changed. Zi Yunxiang had broken through to Dragon Realm Level Six Upper Tier. She was not beneath him. Furthermore, they were both using Stage One Lower Class of an immortal-level technique!

This being the case, Mister Feng Yue became even more furious! "You forced me into this!" he shouted, and he did not hold back.


Under his full power, Zi Yunxiang took a small step back, letting out a grunt. The water could not dispel all of his attacking power! Five continuous attacks finally made Zi Yunxiang stagger and take multiple steps back in defeat. She had broken through not long ago, still unable to compete with Mister Feng Yue.

The geniuses had serious expressions. "Sir Feng Yue lives up to his reputation as ranked second of the Three Legendary Geniuses. His abilities are terrifying!"

"Of everyone present, only Lin Aojue and Wu Yaoyue, as well as Nameless, could be confident of defeating him. The rest of the people here are not his match!"

Hearing this, Feng Yuelin of Dragon Realm Level Five, who also hailed from the Feng family, had a proud expression.

Feng Yuelin glanced at Su Yu, shaking his head in disappointment. "This Su Yu is asking for it. He knew that my brother is powerful. Why did he succumb to his emotions and quarrel with him? Can't he take a little injustice? Not even able to take a little injustice. How can he call himself a man?"

Not everyone agreed with him. They felt that having the guts to talk back against Mister Feng Yue was something that no ordinary person could have done. Only in the eyes of members of the Feng family was he narrow-minded and unable to take injustice!

"It's your turn!" Mister Feng Yue announced as he fought back Zi Yunxiang, his aura overflowing. "Seven Mantras of Mountains and Rivers!"

Zi Yunxiang saw the situation. Her expression changing, she called out, "Yin Yu! Run quickly!"

She was not Mister Feng Yue's match, and Su Yu was weaker than her. The outcome was clear! But Su Yu did not flee. Instead, he faced him head on!

"Thunder Star Finger!" said Su Yu.

A purple splendor like a falling star illuminated the horizon!


Under the intense impact, the unexpected result caused many who were laughing at Su Yu's misfortune to turn rigid!

Thud, thud, thud—

Sir Feng Yue was sent flying. Spitting blood, he crashed into the stone wall, his face full of pain and shock. His right leg had been struck with a powerful lightning bolt, reducing it into a burnt mess!

He was unable to take even one of Su Yu's techniques! This was the full, unreserved power of Su Yu's Thunder Star Finger!

"He…" gasped the onlookers. "He can beat Mister Feng Yue?"

"When did Yin Yu get so powerful?"

"Impossible! This is impossible! The last time, at the celebration for the Yunxiang Cabinet master, he was merely at the level of Zhao Wuming! How could he have leaped to become a legendary genius at Lin Aojue's level?"

Sir Feng Yue defeated Zi Yunxiang, and Su Yu defeated Mister Feng Yue. This would mean that Su Yu had surpassed two of the legendary geniuses, becoming a new generation of legendary genius!

Su Yu stood in his original position, his gaze sweeping to Mister Feng Yue. "Not even stronger than me," said Su Yu. "I struggle to understand why you feel so proud of yourself."

Hearing this, Mister Feng Yue's face turned red, filled with shame, humiliation, and more than anything else, shock!

Many of the geniuses, beyond being shocked, were also jealous. In the past, Su Yu had clearly been far weaker than he was today. But entering the Shentian Manor once had made him improve so much!

"Humph! So what if your abilities are strong?" said Feng Yuelin, unable to believe that the most powerful genius in his family could not defeat Su Yu!

Su Yu looked over, calmly saying, "What do you wish to say?"

Feng Yuelin was a little fearful but thought about the fact that he was under the protection of the Feng family elders. What could Su Yu do to him?

"What do I wish to say? Can't you understand?" Feng Yuelin propped Mister Feng Yue up, scolding Su Yu with disgust. "You are both geniuses of the Hundred Territories, but instead of forging friendships, you are overbearing and merciless. Do you still have eyes for the alliance?"

Hearing the words, Su Yu crossed his arms. "If you are not blind, you should have seen that he was the one causing trouble first."

Feng Yuelin let out an angry grunt, "But has he injured you? It was clearly you who struck mercilessly and injured him!"

He was avoiding the main point, harping on the little details, pushing the blame onto Su Yu. Su Yu did not bother arguing, instead…


A red glow flashed around Su Yu. His figure teleported through space as he arrived right in front of Feng Yuelin. His fist connected with Feng Yuelin's stomach.


With the heavy fist, Feng Yuelin wailed as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

As he retreated in a fluster, Feng Yuelin's face was full of hatred. "You!" he hissed. "You dare injure me?"

He now disregarded Mister Feng Yue's injury. Mister Feng Yue had first provoked Su Yu into battling him. But now, Su Yu had taken the initiative to hit Feng Yuelin!

Su Yu calmly said, "Angry? Furious? Do you wish to retaliate? As a man, you can't even take such an injustice? As a man, you should be flexible and swallow this injustice instead of seeking revenge. These are the words you said yourself!"

Su Yu had noticed the actions of this person just now. He had not intended to bother with him, but the man had gone too far.

"Who else is not convinced?" Su Yu surveyed the surroundings, but those he scanned retracted their gazes.

Yin Yu dared to even hit a member of the Feng family. Was there anything he would not dare to do?

The looks Wu Yaoyue and Lin Aojue gave Su Yu changed. His abilities had surpassed Mister Feng Yue and were nearing theirs! This person really was worthy of fighting them!

Bolts of battle intent caused the atmosphere to turn heavy. At this moment, the door of the hall slowly opened, and a group of elders exited. Su Yu observed that the expressions of these elders were a little weird! Some of them were elated. Some uneasy. Others lost. They all seemed to have many worries in their hearts.

A heavy atmosphere assaulted the area, causing Su Yu to feel even more serious. A shred of unease welled up within him.

Ouyang Long's expression was that of discomfort, to the point that he was pale as a sheet. A look of struggle flashed past his eyes. Ouyang Long's back was against the hall, and he was sending glances Su Yu's way with urgency. His gaze was flustered.

The Ouyang family housemaster was usually calm and composed, but now, he had a flustered, anxious expression! Ouyang Long's lips moved subtly, trying to send a message to Su Yu.

His lips formed two words.

Run! Quick!