The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 251

Chapter 251: The Shocking Change In The Hundred Territories
Chapter 251: The Shocking Change in the Hundred Territories
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What exactly had happened within the big palace? Su Yu's heart was shaking vigorously! A great danger was gradually approaching.

Su Yu's eyes glowed with a bit of a struggling expression. He made a prompt decision and retreated silently.

"Yin Yu," laughed Lin Lengjian. "The Alliance Master has invited you to meet him. By leaving silently, does this mean that you have something against the Alliance Master?" It was unknown when, but Lin Lengjian, whose whole face now wore a sinister smile, had circled behind Su Yu and blocked off his escape route without leaving a trace.

At that moment, Han Jianglin's laughter could be heard from within the big palace.

"Geniuses of the Hundred Territories," Han Jianglin's light voice fluttered toward them, "please come in for a chat."

An invisible aura enveloped the area. Su Yu could feel that if he acted recklessly, Han Jianglin could make a move in a split second!

Su Yu bit his teeth slightly and followed everyone into the palace. Han Jianglin stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He wore a gentle, kind, and amiable expression.

When compared to the Shentian Manor's Housemaster, their expressions were like Heaven and Earth! Every one of the geniuses was excited, and their eyes were filled with respect. How was it possible for them to not be excited, given the fact that they were able to interact with this mythological figure of the Hundred Territories Alliance in close proximity?

"All of your performances are very decent, and I am extremely satisfied," Han Jianglin praised with a smile.

Everyone replied excitedly, "Alliance Master, you flatter us!"

Han Jianglin continued to speak. "During the past five years, all of you geniuses have been nurtured by the Hundred Territories Alliance after it went through countless hardships. I do not wish for all of you to suffer any injuries or accidents during the ranking competition in three days. Hence, I have decided to accept all of you into the Shentian Manor beforehand, so that all of you can further your training."

Han Jianglin revealed a piece of surprising news. However, this piece of news did not come without any special attractions. For the geniuses on site, with their abilities, there was nothing that they could look forward to, even if they entered the Shentian Manor.

"At the same time, I have decided to accept some of you as my unofficial disciples!" Han Jianglin added, grinning.

At once, the geniuses on site were in an uproar! Even the expressions of legendary geniuses like Lin Aojue and Mister Feng Yue changed abruptly as well.

In no time, the atmosphere within the great palace had changed. It was filled with sounds of rapid breathing. Pairs of swift and fierce eyes mingled with one another, and an anxious atmosphere descended silently.

The Alliance Master's unofficial disciple? thought Su Yu.

How shocking were the benefits, the position, and the glory? What could be seen was that once they became the Alliance Master's unofficial disciple, they would become magnanimous martial artists who were above hundreds of millions of people in the Hundred Territories Alliance. They would be taught by the Hundred Territories' strongest martial artist and also enjoy the best resources. Because of that, their families would also get a huge power as a result.

Such huge benefits had caused them to be wild with joy. However, as they were intelligent, they knew that not everyone had the right to become the Alliance Master's unofficial disciple. Only a portion of them who were special would become the Alliance Master's unofficial disciples!

Mister Feng Yue's eyes flashed. "Alliance Master, may I be so bold as to ask, what are your standards such that you would accept us as your unofficial disciples?"

Han Jianglin revealed an expression of admiration. "My standards are very simple. If you can follow all my advice completely, you will have met the requirement of becoming my disciple."

When many elders accepted disciples, they loved to use their own standards to advise obedient disciples. This kind of disciple improved quickly, and they were extremely loyal.

"I am willing to listen to you!" Mister Feng Yue's eyeballs revolved slightly and he agreed without hesitation.

"I am also willing to listen to you!" spoke up many others at once.


Ten geniuses who were on site all kneeled down on the floor on the spot. Only five people—Su Yu, Zi Yunxiang, Wu Yaoyue, Huang Xiaoyan, and Nameless—did not kneel down.

Han Jianglin revealed a gratified smile. "Very good! All of you are worth teaching! From today on, all of you are the Alliance Master's unofficial disciples!" Then Han Jianglin changed the subject. "However, before becoming my unofficial disciples officially, I need to give all of you two assessments!"

Lin Aojue revealed a swift and fierce expression: "Alliance Master, please tell us the assessment. I, Lin Aojue, will definitely complete your assessment!"

A thread of cold smile flashed past Han Jianglin's mouth inconspicuously. "For the first assessment, all of you are required to lose to Nameless in the duel three days from now!"

When the words came out from his mouth, everyone felt surprised.

This is… a ranking that has already been decided?

The geniuses on site hesitated. They had come to stand atop the stage of the Alliance Meet in order to prove their abilities to the world. The fixing of the ranking as such would cause them to lose their glory. However, if they did not agree to it, they would lose the right to become the Alliance Master's unofficial disciple!

Which one was more important than the other? After thinking for some time, they understood it naturally. Apart from Lin Aojue, who was dissatisfied, the remaining people accepted it silently.

"I will agree to it!" Lin Aojue finally said, gritting his teeth. He raised his head and looked at Nameless. He was filled with intentions to fight him. No matter how wildly arrogant he was, he still had to lower his magnanimous head in front of this great power.

In the face of temptation, the group of geniuses lowered their heads completely!

Who exactly was Nameless, the mysterious red-robed young man? Why did the Alliance Master make such a huge sacrifice to accept seven unofficial disciples, such that he could achieve number one?

Nameless revealed an indifferent smile. His smile was chilly and arrogant. Apart from Su Yu and four others, he instantly had no more enemies in the Alliance Meet's ranking competition!

"In this Alliance Meet," announced Han Jianglin, "Nameless will be number one, Lin Aojue will be number two, Mister Feng Yue will be number three…"

After some time, Han Jianglin had ranked all eight of them. In the Alliance Meet in three days' time, they only needed to follow the sequence to determine the outcomes of their battles. The Alliance Meet, for all intents and purposes, had ended in a moment.

"As for the five of you…" Han Jianglin's gaze swept toward Su Yu and the others. His eyes were ice cold. "Since the rest of you are unwilling to become my unofficial disciples, please withdraw from the competition!"

He was actually forcing Su Yu and his group of people to withdraw from the competition of their own accord!

Zi Yunxiang was so furious that her beautiful face turned bright red. The Alliance Master was actually controlling the Alliance Meet right in front of her. Did he still have the Shentian Manor in his eyes?

"Alliance Master Han!" Zi Yunxiang said. "I must let my father know about this!" Her beautiful eyes were firm.

Han Jianglin shook his head mockingly. "Your father? No need. He already knows!" After his speech, he swept his gaze past the surroundings and shot it in the direction of a certain portion of the roof. "Housemaster Zi, you have been hiding for long enough. Isn't it about time for you to come down?"


The sound of the space shaking could be heard, and a gray-robed shadow appeared from nothingness. He had a calm expression. The calm expression contained anger, and the anger was brimmed with deep concern.

He sighed lightly after a long time. "Seems like you have very few Flesh Regeneration Elixirs left right?"

In order to control the number one position at all costs, Han Jianglin had devised the current plan. Hence, it could be seen that there were very few Flesh Regeneration Elixirs left. As such, he was unwilling to hand them over to outsiders.

Thinking about his son Han Xu, who was fatally injured, the story going on behind the scenes became clear. Han Xu's injuries probably had not recovered completely. The Flesh Regeneration Elixirs were only enough to save Han Xu and not enough to become the prize of the Alliance Meet. For that, Han Jianglin had taken the risk of incurring the ridicule of the world and had undertaken a despicable measure.

"All of this was caused by your good student!" Han Jianglin laughed. His laughter was so icy cold that it chilled to the bone.

The two of them—a Shentian Manor Housemaster and a Hundred Territories Alliance Master—stood still in the palace. They had created an environment where everyone was suffocating, and they confronted each other silently!

"Xiang-er, Yin Yu," Zi Donglai suddenly said. His voice was soft. His back was facing them. "Both of you withdraw immediately. Get as far away as possible!"

Zi Yunxiang's heart skipped a beat, and she asked hurriedly, "Father, what is the meaning of this?"

"Don't probe any further!" he responded. "Leave quickly!"

When Zi Donglai turned his head, Zi Yunxiang then realized that her father's eyes had, at some point, become filled with sorrow and hopelessness. It was a hopelessness which implied that he would be gone, never to return. It was a hopelessness which implied that he had prepared for this beforehand. It was a hopelessness which implied that he had no regard for life or death!

"Father…" Zi Yunxiang said, sensing her father's intention to die. Her heart trembled, and she ran towards him hurriedly with the intention to question him.

However, her arm was grabbed by a hand with great strength.

Words that darkened the atmosphere drifted over. "The situation… is about to change!"