The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Killing With Every Step
Chapter 252: Killing with Every Step
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The calm looks of the Lin and Feng families and the shocked look of the Ouyang family after the secretive discussion in the hall just now both hinted at the arrival of a huge change.

At this moment, Han Jianglin disregarded the fact that Zi Donglai was present, manipulating the outcomes of the meet. Instinct told Su Yu that the situation was going to change!

Han Jianglin's gaze was unfeeling, his expression cold as he announced, "Zi Donglai, you have controlled the Shentian Manor for years and continually opposed the Alliance, disrupting the unity of the Alliance. Now that there is a great enemy in front of us, I have to gather the strength of the Hundred Territories. I, as the master of the Alliance, announce that you are stripped of your duties as the housemaster of the Shentian Manor!"

These words were incredibly shocking! Even the young geniuses foresaw the arrival of a bloodbath. The Hundred Territory Alliance was undergoing tumultuous change!

Zi Donglai let out a laugh. "Even you know that a great enemy is approaching. You do not have the safety of the Hundred Territories in your eyes. The only thing you can see is power! You clearly know that a great enemy is upon us, and you do not work to unite the powerhouses of the world but instead fight for power and status!" Then Zi Donglai added forcefully, his voice reverberating as it turned into a powerful air current piercing through the clouds, "If the Hundred Territories were to be destroyed, you, Han Jianglin, would be a sinner!"

The geniuses around him were all shocked by the powerful aura, retreating back a few steps. A huge battle was imminent!

Han Jianglin grunted with authority. "We must settle the internal conflicts before gathering outside powers. Punishing you is taking the Hundred Territories into consideration! Zi Donglai, seeing how we have gotten along over the years, I'll be merciful and let you and your daughter live if you destroy your own cultivation level and accept the punishment of the Alliance. If you are stubborn, I will have to consider the best interests of the Alliance and kill you with impartiality!"

The words were filled with killing intent, assaulting the surroundings.

Zi Donglai let out a mocking laugh. "Merciful! Impartiality! You stole the power of the Zi family and wish to kill me and my daughter—is that what you mean by merciful? I, Zi Donglai, have lived my life standing tall. I shall also die standing tall! If you wish to kill me, you would have to first pay the price!"


Bolts of invisible energy were released from the two of them, colliding in the air, setting off a destructive sound. Shreds of destructive energy caused the skin of many present to crawl. Now that it had come to this, a huge battle was inevitable!

"Yin Yu!" Zi Donglai said, looking back, his deep eyes filled with apology. "I had wanted to teach you everything I knew, hoping that you would take this into account and protect Xiang-er. But unfortunately, time is not on my side. I do not have much longer to live and cannot pass on my techniques to you." Zi Donglai was apologetic, yet he also asked for a favor. "Can you take the fact that I do not have much longer to live into consideration and take good care of Xiang-er? She is the only person left who is close to me…"

Su Yu's heart shook. Evidently, Zi Donglai had long had the premonition that this day was going to happen. He had long been ready to die.

Su Yu did not hesitate, nodding his head in promise. "All right!" he said. "If I, Su Yu, am still alive, she will not die!"

Zi Donglai had done him favors, even protecting him at the cost of offending Han Jianglin. He had to repay the favors of Zi Donglai.

"Thank you!" Zi Donglai smiled, completely at ease. He let out a deep sigh. "If that is the case, I no longer have any regrets!" A fierce glow formed in his eyes. "Han Jianglin! Our battle has been put off for too long! Today, we shall come to a conclusion!"

"Conclusion? Heavily injured, you wish to battle me?" Han Jianglin let out a cold grunt. "Come out!"

Bang, bang, bang—

The doors of the hall were blasted open. Ten powerful fighters entered, surrounding Zi Donglai, Su Yu, and Zi Yunxiang. The Lin, Feng, and Zeng families… The most prominent families of the Alliance City were all siding with Han Jianglin.

"Kill them! Don't leave any of them alive!" Han Jianglin stood with his hands behind him, having no intention of attacking personally.

The ten powerful fighters from the families hesitated for a moment, ultimately striking as they clenched their teeth!

Zi Donglai let out a furious laugh. "What benefits did he give you for you to side with him!"

Hearing this, the powerful fighters had looks of shame.

Lin Lengjian clenched his teeth, coldly grunting, "What benefits? We should kill a rebel like you!" It was clear that he was covering something up.

Zi Donglai let out a sigh. "I understand! Since this is the case, I do not have to hold back!"

The crowd turned serious. How could they not be afraid of such a legendary figure in the Hundred Territories Alliance?

Lin Lengjian forcefully collected himself, shouting fiercely, "Attack together!"

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh—

Ten powerful fighters attacked together! An Immortal Realm fighter could lord over a decent piece of land, much less ten of them? Just the aura they gave off made one's skin crawl.

Standing at the center of the combined assault, Zi Donglai was unfeeling, grunting with his hands behind him, "Assault of Purple Energy!"

With that furious howl, a magnificent power descended! The surroundings were instantly dyed purple. Boundless purple energy like destructive waves crashed into the surroundings!

Rumble, crash, crash—

A shocking scene ensued! Following the casual attack, the ten Immortal Realm fighters' attacks were effortlessly neutralized, their bodies blasted away. There were many who even spat blood, heavily injured!

A single person fighting against ten people! Even the strongest people of the Alliance were unable to take an attack from Zi Donglai! This was the power of a legendary figure!

Han Jianglin squinted. "It looks like your injuries have recovered quite a bit!" Dropping his hands down from his back, Han Jianglin sighed coldly. "It looks like I have to do it personally!" Han Jianglin's sleeves billowed gently, a whip made of bones sliding into his hand. "Back then, your Assault of Purple Energy was no match for my White Bone Spiritual Whip. I wonder how much you have improved."

Han Jianglin had an icy look, his wrist turning gently. A pale white light flashed past the horizon like lightning! Zi Donglai's expression was serious, the purple energy around him pulsating.


The air crackled, the sounds of explosion piercing. The people present were unable to grasp the strange attacks used by these two.

Thud, thud—

A weak grunt was heard. Zi Donglai was pushed back two steps, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood! A bloody gash appeared on his body!

In comparison, Han Jianglin was relaxed, a mocking smile on his face. "You did improve, but unfortunately, you are carrying an injury. And you wished to battle me?"


He flicked his wrist again, the bone whip once again lashing out. The two were deep in battle. With every strike, Zi Donglai suffered another injury, completely suppressed by his opponent.

"Merely average!" Han Jianglin let out a cold laugh, his attacks becoming more ferocious.

It was over! There was no chance that Zi Donglai could win!

"Yin Yu! Xiang-er! Run quick!" Zi Donglai's expression was that of grief and acceptance as he let out a low howl.

Zi Yunxiang was trembling, seeing her father continuously spitting blood. She struggled to break free from Su Yu, her mouth releasing screams of agony and pain. Her once extraordinary aura and peaceful appearance were replaced with rolling tears. Her once pure eyes were now laced with grief, fury, and hatred. The Yunxiang Cabinet master who was once a lady of incredible status was now a helpless young woman.

Su Yu closed his eyes, his fists clenched tightly. Were status and power this important? For personal gain and power, for the desire in their hearts, they could destroy a person—a family?

A ball of grief and fury burned in Su Yu's chest. His blood was boiling, his heart was howling, his soul was shaking. Su Yu felt as if he was going to explode!

Han Jianglin scanned past Su Yu, looking at Lin Aojue and the rest of the geniuses as he declared, "I'll give you all a second test—Kill Yin Yu!"

The expressions of Lin Aojue and the rest of the geniuses turned cold!

Mister Feng Yue could not suppress his laugh. "Karma comes back to bite you! Su Yu, even you will not survive this day! So what if you won me? In front of us powerful fighters, you are nothing!"

Other than Wu Yaoyue, Huang Xiaoyan, and Ouyang Yuxin, the rest of the geniuses were exuding killing intent. Lin Aojue, Mister Feng Yue, Zhao Wuming, and Tan Duanfei—each a familiar face, each wearing a look of hatred.

Mister Feng Yue let out a cold grunt. "Release your dirty hands. Zi Yunxiang is my woman!"

Zi Donglai had perished, and Zi Yunxiang had lost her protection. No one could stop him from claiming her as his own now!

Seeing that Su Yu was not moving, Mister Feng Yue surveyed his left and right. "Attack together! He worked with Zi Donglai to topple the Hundred Territory Alliance. We must kill such a rebel!"

Other than Ouyang Yuxin, who refused to acknowledge that, the rest of the geniuses had ferocious looks on their faces.

Lin Aojue creased his brows. "I'll make an exception and dirty my hands this time to personally kill you!" He was the leader of the bunch of talents. With him attacking, no one was afraid of Su Yu!

The rest of the people put down their worries, revealing their killing intent! Seeing their sharp eyes filled with greed and killing intent, Su Yu's heart was ice cold.

These were the so-called geniuses? They had no conscience, no pity, no shame! Sensing eight people striking together, Su Yu closed his eyes, his body releasing a freezing energy. He said a few icy words, "I have decided! I'll kill all of you before I leave!"

Mister Feng Yue laughed. "Under the combined attacks of all of us, what are you? Killing you will be as easy as killing a dog!" He let out a long laugh, his handsome face had a ferocious expression.

Zhao Yuming, Feng Yuelin, and Tan Duanfei had fearful expressions. But seeing Lin Aojue strike, their hatred for Su Yu welled up within them.

"Yin Yu! Today is your death day!" the three of them exclaimed in unison!

Su Yu replied by slowly opening his eyes. One red and the other purple, revealing themselves in strange fashion!

"Time Acceleration!" an icy voice announced loudly.

Under his boiling blood, Su Yu could make time move three times more slowly! Everything around him suddenly felt like it had slipped into the long ravines of time. Mister Feng Yue's ferocious laugh was changing into slow motion.


To the eyes of an outsider, Su Yu's speed seemed to have doubled. Coupled with the Icy Divine Wings, his movement techniques seemed to have improved explosively. The crowd could only see a blur as Su Yu disappeared before their eyes. When they finally spotted him again, he was already in front of Tan Duanfei.

"Thunder Star Finger! Die!"


Without so much as a single pathetic cry, Tan Duanfei's head was instantly blasted into pieces! His headless body spurted fresh blood in all directions!

"Thunder Star Finger! Die!"

Zhao Wuming could not even react as his head was similarly blasted into pieces! The second person had died!

"Thunder Star Finger!"

Feng Yuelin's face was full of fear as his heart was destroyed! The third person had died! A mere second had passed.

The geniuses gasped! Even Lin Aojue's proud expression turned serious. That level of movement technique was greater than even normal Immortal Realm fighters!

Mister Feng Yue's cold sneer had become completely frozen, his heart shaking as he looked at Su Yu's ice cold killing gaze! At this moment, the cloud of death enveloped him for the first time in his life. In the past, he had always been protected by his family, never once worrying about the threat of death. They had always protected him.