The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 253

Chapter 253: A Great Kill In All Sides
Chapter 253: A Great Kill in All Sides
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However, at that moment… Mister Feng Yue finally experienced the fear of dying!

Mister Feng Yue gave a loud scream, and without hesitation, he turned his body and ran! "Ah! Father, save me quickly!" His mind no longer had anymore desires to kill Su Yu, not thoughts of clinging to Zi Yunxiang. The only thought on his mind was to run away!

"Thunder Star Finger! Die!"

A fourth person was extinguished as, without even a shriek, Mister Feng Yue's head was smashed into pieces on the spot!

In two breaths' time, Su Yu had killed four matchless geniuses! Half of the eight unofficial disciples were killed!

Ouyang Yuxin was shocked! Exactly how strong was this man?

Blood had splashed across Lin Aojue, coating his entire face! He who showed disdain for the world and considered everything beneath his notice now felt fear, and he trembled for the first time! However, he who was extremely strong was also unwilling to admit defeat!

"You! Enough!" said Lin Aojue.

Lin Aojue's eyes were overflowing with extremely thick murderous intents. The aura of a Dragon Realm Level Six Peak surged rapidly! Su Yu's whole face was indifferent. He fixed his murderous intents onto Lin Aojue. Previously, in Lin Aojue's eyes—when Su Yu had shared the same room as him and had stood on the same arena stage—he considered both the room and arena to be dirty. At this moment, he finally treated Su Yu seriously.

"Humph! You have a death wish!" Lin Aojue said coldly. "One move is more than enough to kill you!"

An indifferent voice came out from Su Yu's mouth. "Seal of Time!"

An invisible purple dragon bound Lin Aojue. Although his soul remained, his body entered a time and space where it was frozen. At that moment, Su Yu was extremely close to him! Lin Aojue was astonished, and his heart was trembling violently! The specter of death had never been as clear as it was now!

"Thunder Star Finger! Die!"

Rumble, bang—

However, at that moment, a green-robed figure descended all of a sudden.

"Little piece of trash! Enough!" Lin Lengjian's face revealed thick murderous intent, and his eyes were filled with surprise. He attacked with his palm and dispelled Su Yu's attack.

Su Yu withdrew his Thunder Star Finger temporarily and retreated continuously. He then looked toward the green-robed figure indifferently.

A sorrowful roar could be heard bellowing, "Feng Yue!" The Feng family's grandmaster threw himself toward Mister Feng Yue and picked up his son whose head had been smashed beyond belief. "I will kill you!" The Feng family's grandmaster raised his head and his eyes were overflowing with watery blood!

At that moment, the other strong martial artists finally regained their senses from Zi Donglai's successive attacks. They could not help but gasp after looking at the ground littered with bodies with blood everywhere!

What a frightening young man! He had actually killed more than half of the first-rate geniuses in the Alliance City! If Lin Lengjian had not blocked him, he might have even killed all the geniuses in the Alliance City! For a fierce and tough genius like him to kill the Alliance City's current generation of Heaven Rulers, what kind of divine being was he?

Zeng Nantian looked at the floor, which was filled with bodies, and the scene in which Zeng Shenbao had been killed appeared in his mind. A hatred which had built up within him for a long time surged and exploded at the very moment.

"Little Yin Yu," Zeng Nantian said, "since you have killed my son, I want to tear your body into thousands of pieces!"

After giving a furious roar, Zeng Nantian leaped up and was filled with murderous intents! The three strong martial artists—Lin Lengjian, the Feng family's grandmaster, and Zeng Nantian—who were of the Immortal Realm surrounded and trapped Su Yu in the center!

No one could believe the scene. A mere Dragon Realm Level Five junior actually required three elders of Immortal Realm to team up and kill him!

Surveying the floor covered in blood, Lin Lengjian's murderous intents became even thicker! "Evil creature! Look at what you have done!"

This little kid was too terrifying! His potential was so great that it was frightening! Moreover, he was cruel and ruthless! If he was not gotten rid of quickly, he would become a huge disaster in the future!

After hearing what was said, Su Yu grinned coldly. His grin was a bit ferocious. "Is there anything wrong? Their abilities were weak. Hence, they were unable to kill me, and I killed them instead!"

Lin Lengjian roared furiously. "Presumptuous! At such a young age, you are so vicious! Had they injured even a fine hair on your body? Why did you usher them to death's door?"

After hearing what was said, Su Yu laughed for a long period of time. "If I had been killed by them, would it mean that death would be too good for me? Yet for me to kill them, I am considered vicious? When they laid their hands on me, why didn't you say that they were vicious? If I stood still and got killed by them, would it be considered as me being kind to others? Old bastard! Do you still have any face?"

Lin Lengjian stopped talking and he shot his eyes, filled with anger, at Su Yu.

The Feng family's grandmaster had lost his senses a long time ago and his eyes were bright red. The Feng family's two juniors with the greatest potential had both been killed by Su Yu. The Feng family's grandmaster found it difficult to bear the losses and misery! His voice became so icy cold that it was piercing to the bones as he hissed, "Nonsense! You are cruel and addicted to killing. Little trash, I cannot leave you alive!"

As for Zeng Nantian, he could no longer control his murderous intents. "Yin! Yu! Have you seen it? Everyone wants to kill you. It is clear that you are extremely evil and you ought to be punished for your crimes!"

Lin Lengjian shouted coldly, "Let's stop wasting our breath on him! Everyone has the right to punish a person like him. We will all attack together and not give him a chance to escape!"

The fact that Yin Yu possessed the innate space talent was no longer a secret. If they had given Su Yu an opportunity to exhibit it, he might have been able to escape again! However, a scene where Su Yu escaped hurriedly did not appear. Instead, Su Yu stood at his position for a long time and did not move in the slightest bit! The only thing that had changed was that his eyes were now filled with thicker murderous intents than ever!

Cold words came out from Su Yu's mouth. "Escape? Why do I need to escape? Everyone wants to exterminate me. So I will exterminate all of you one by one! Since all of you have said that I am vicious, cruel, ruthless, and extremely evil, then I will show you how cruel and ruthless I am!"

Lin Lengjian laughed loudly and continuously. "Could it be that you have been driven mad, that you are even able to say such wildly arrogant words!"

The Feng family's grandmaster and Zeng Nantian had become impatient a long time ago. "Why are you still being talkative with him? Make your move and kill him!"

Rumble, rumble—

The aura of someone of the Immortal Realm surged rapidly. Among the three of them, one of them guarded one direction to prevent Su Yu from escaping.


The fierce wind and powerful waves generated by the three men to kill him surrounded Su Yu, engulfing him from all sides. Su Yu was in the middle of the powerful waves, like a small boat caught by a giant wave and about to be destroyed.

However, Su Yu did not feel fearful at all. His icy cold eyes were filled with absolute murderous intents! Su Yu opened his mouth and took a huge breath abruptly.

In an instant, there was a great and unusual change! The spiritual energy in Heaven and Earth suddenly moved violently! All the spiritual energy within a one-mile radius of Su Yu moved as if it had been summoned. It converged with a whistling sound and gathered at the top of Su Yu's head. As Su Yu took a huge breath, the spiritual energy came pouring into his mouth insanely.

Thump, thump, thump—

Like a roaring thunderbolt, sounds of thunder clapping could be heard from within Su Yu's mouth, one after another. Lumps of energy that could exterminate everything built up continuously. A dangerous aura surrounded Su Yu's body abruptly.

The aura was extremely dangerous. The hearts of Lin Lengjian and the two other people shrank spontaneously, and the danger of dying enveloped them abruptly!

The expression of Han Jianglin, who was busy laughing coldly and suppressing Zi Donglai, changed abruptly. He then looked in their direction seriously and uttered, "What's going on?"

Zi Donglai revealed a surprised expression. "What kind of cultivation technique is this?"

Even between the two of them, they were unable to determine the level of the cultivation technique that Su Yu had learned!

It was a legendary-level cultivation technique. Even if they had known this, they still might not have imagined it to be so.

Lin Lengjian's heart was beating extremely fast. He stopped his palm, which he had thrust toward Su Yu, and he retreated without hesitation, shouting violently, "Retreat quickly! It's dangerous!"

Even without his reminder, the Feng family's grandmaster was already retreating. "What's going on with this little kid?" he cried. His eyelids were twitching crazily, and he felt a dangerous sensation of life and death.

Only Zeng Nantian, who was closest to Su Yu, was dissatisfied with retreating. His finger was about to smash Su Yu's head into pieces. He bit his teeth and shouted with a low voice, "You are purposely making a mystery of simple things! This will be discussed after I kill you!"

At that moment, however, Su Yu's mouth, which had been closed tightly, opened abruptly!

"Lin! Kill!"

When the word "Lin" came out of his mouth, space vibrated, and Heaven and Earth roared. It was as if this syllable shook the hell of an unseen, mystical world, and lined up along an invisible, broad way.

A chaotic feeling that opened the sky and divided the earth surged forward! At that moment, apart from Zi Donglai and Han Jianglin, everyone's soul was shaken!


A sound followed closely after the word "Lin." When everyone fixed their eyes toward Su Yu's direction, they gasped at once and were shocked!

Zeng Nantian…

Zeng Nantian, who had been standing close to Su Yu, was destroyed in an explosion on the spot and burst into mincemeat! Before he was able to try to evade the attack, give a shriek, or even make a painful expression, he became lumps of flesh splattered everywhere. Everyone was taken by surprise as his warm blood splashed onto their faces. This caused them to feel as if they were in a nightmare that was difficult to wake up from.

A strong martial artist of the Immortal Realm had actually been killed by a single word! A fifth person, extinguished!

Zi Donglai was stunned for some time, then he laughed sardonically. "What a great kill!" Su Yu's abilities had exceeded his expectations!

As for Han Jianglin, he revealed murderous intents. "Junior! You are courting death!"

Zi Donglai raised his voice to its utmost and laughed. "Humph! How has anything changed? If he had not killed these people, would your plans for him have changed? Your opponent is me!" He then resumed fighting with Han Jianglin.

The Feng family's grandmaster and Lin Lengjian, who had narrowly escaped, gasped! In particular, the Feng family's grandmaster's hands and feet were icy cold. Zeng Nantian had died!

After their initial shock, the Feng family's grandmaster and Lin Lengjian did not have anything else to say. They both turned and ran!

That's right! They ran away in terror from the hands of a Dragon Realm Level Five junior!

Su Yu's eyes were overflowing with monstrous murderous intents. "You are only now trying to escape? It's too late!"


Su Yu's movement technique was not weaker than someone of Immortal Level One! In the blink of an eye, he caught up with the Feng family's grandmaster!

When the Feng family's grandmaster turned his head to take a look, Su Yu's face was extremely close to him! Those eyes—purple and red respectively—were flooded with cold murderous intents!

The Feng family's face was beet red, and his leg was emitting a chilly air!

"Yin… Yu," he stammered. "Let's discuss this calmly, discuss this very calmly!" The Feng family's grandmaster's voice was trembling, and he was overwhelmed with terror.

Su Yu's face was indifferent. His voice was hoarse, like a branch making a rustling sound. "When all of you wanted to kill me, was there anything to be discussed? Why must I give you a chance?"

Su Yu took a deep breath and exhibited Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters again.

"Lin! Kill!"

Rumble, rumble—

The voice of destruction headed toward the Feng family's grandmaster!

"No! Ah—!"

After giving a horrible shriek, the Feng family's grandmaster's body was destroyed in an explosion! The sixth person, extinguished!

What was different from Zhen Nantian was that only the stomach of the Feng family's grandmaster was destroyed in the explosion. Apart from the fact that the Feng family's grandmaster's cultivation base had achieved Immortal Level One Upper Tier, the power of Su Yu's attack this time around was much weaker than his previous attack. If one observed carefully, they would have discovered that Su Yu's body was dripping with a layer of blood, which had caused his White Moon Ice Spiritual Robe to be as drenched as if he were a mortally wounded man!

At his current realm, if he exhibited Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters forcefully, he would injure his enemy by 1,000 damage and suffer 100 damage to himself! A few of the internal blood energy channels within his body had been broken, and his internal organs had suffered varying degrees of injuries. However, there was one more person who had not died!

This scene was reflected in Lin Lengjian's eyes, causing him to look as if he was frozen in a freezer locker! At that moment, he was filled with hatred and regret. Why had he provoked Su Yu again and again!

Initially, Su Yu had harbored no feud with the Lin family. It was Lin Lengjian who had been overly aggressive to Su Yu from the start, all the way to this very moment!

Seeing Su Yu's gaze fixed on him at the end, Lin Lengjian shook violently. On his gloomy face, was there still a ferocious expression. Was there still a "little trash" every time he opened his mouth? And was there still the determination to get rid of Su Yu and leave straight away?