The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Space Vortex
Chapter 254: Space Vortex
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All Lin Lengjian felt was a fear straight from the depths of his soul!

"Yin Yu! You owe the Lin family—do you remember?" Lin Lengjian tried to find words, pleading as he was busy fleeing for his life.

Su Yu opened his mouth, his voice incredibly hoarse, like wind passing through his broken voice box. It was piercing and hard on the ears. "I have long returned your favors!"

It was Lin Yunhe who had let him use the Nine Cloud Tower! Furthermore, he had repaid his debt from the palm from Lin Hong that day!

"Lin! Die!"


The horrifying sounds of thunder shook the sky! Lin Lengjian was full of fear, letting out a hysterical scream, "No!"


His figure was thrown onto the wall with a huge impact! Multiple cracks developed on the sturdy wall. Lin Lengjian's back had been blasted open, pools of blood flowing from his injuries, dyeing the wall red.

But this strike did not kill him. It only managed to severely injure him, rendering him unable to move! He still had a breath within him!

The power of the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters had been reduced to its lowest! Multiple lines appeared on Su Yu's body, his blood flowing like a spring. His body was going to be completely destroyed! Su Yu's limit was using the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters three times!

Han Jianglin was as surprised as he was furious! Half of the eight disciples he had gathered had been killed! Of the powerhouses he had gathered, the Zeng family housemaster had been killed! The Feng family housemaster had been killed! And now, Lin Lengjian was half dead!

"Vermin! Die!" Han Jianglin growled. He was livid! He had never once imagined that an ant would bring about such heavy losses for him.

But Su Yu had done it! It was not only a loss but a huge setback!


Su Yu disregarded him, flying to Lin Lengjian's side.

Seeing the situation, Han Jianglin flared, "Just try and touch him—"


Han Jianglin had not even finished his sentence when Su Yu stepped onto Lin Lengjian's head. Horror flared in Lin Lengjian's eyes as his head was shattered under Su Yu's leg!

The seventh person had died!

At this moment, Su Yu turned his head, letting out a cold laugh. His voice was like the raspy howl of a ghost as he said, "You told me to try…"

The housemasters of two families from the Three Great Ancient Regions, the Feng family housemaster and the great elder of the Lin family, had been killed! Such a shocking scene caused the elders from the other families to freeze on the spot. They would never ever forget this scene. A mysterious, silver-haired youth had single-handedly killed the strongest people of two ancient region families! A thousand Alliance City geniuses had all been killed, leaving Lin Aojue as the lone survivor. Such brutality, such mercilessness, such a bloody scene would forever be etched in their minds.

Han Jianglin trembled in anger! His authority as the Alliance Master had been disregarded!

"You! Deserve! Death!" Han Jianglin snarled through clenched teeth, emphasizing every word! "Begone!" Han Jianglin howled in anger, shaking Zi Donglai.

Zi Donglai's expression changed. "Yin Yu! Run away, quickly!"

Su Yu's gaze turned cold, his body flickered, flying to Zi Yunxiang's side and grabbing her hand.

"Space Manipulation!"

Su Yu let out a low grunt, his red eye releasing an incandescent glow. Han Jianglin saw that they were going to be teleported away using space talent, but he was unable to reach them to kill them!

Barring any accidents, they would have successfully escaped and out of the Alliance City, but at this moment, Nameless—who was observing indifferently from the side—showed a mocking smile and asked, "Did you ask for my opinion before you left?"


The youth dressed in red and green struck! He shot a palm at Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang. This palm harbored a magnificent power.

The space energy around Su Yu was disrupted. The teleportation that was about to be completed was suddenly dispelled!

Falling out from the space teleportation, Su Yu's expression changed, shooting a glare filled with killing intent at Nameless! He had no grudges with Nameless, yet he had shot a sneak attack at him during this critical moment!

Su Yu did not have the time to think deeper. The opponent had already begun his attack! Judging from the angle of the attack, he was aiming for Zi Yunxiang's vital point. Not good! Not only would Zi Yunxiang be killed with this blow, it would also be hard for Su Yu to escape death!

At the most critical moment, Su Yu had a look of exclamation! Taking a deep breath, he showed signs of pain. He had long used the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters to its limits, but at this moment, it was the only choice he had left!

Tolerating the pain, Su Yu slowly opened his mouth, using the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters for the final time!



Nameless's expression changed, retracting his palm in a hurry. He retreated quickly with his movement technique! In the end, he only suffered from a fraction of the technique's power, letting out a grunt though he was largely unharmed.

With this attack, Su Yu could only force the opponent back. Even though he had barely saved the lives of Zi Yunxiang and himself, his body had been blasted open in multiple spots. The energy channels in his body were severed, and his organs had turned into mush!

Other than the Icy Heart Core, every other organ suffered destructive damage. Even if he was not dead yet, he was not far from it!

Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Su Yu's vision turned dark, weakly crumpling into Zi Yunxiang's embrace.

At this moment, Han Jianglin began his attack. His icy cold eyes were like two piercing arrows. Han Jianglin pointed a finger at Su Yu, wanting to kill him and Zi Yunxiang at the same time!

Zi Donglai reacted to the situation, his eyes gaping, "Xiang-er! Yin Yu! Ah!"

With a loud howl, Zi Donglai's body was surrounded by a ball of red light. His movement technique suddenly became much faster. He arrived before Han Jianglin, blocking him!


Han Jianglin's merciless finger pointed onto the back of Zi Donglai. Zi Donglai spat out a mouthful of blood, spraying it all over Su Yu's face.

The warm sensation was like fiery hot oil, forcefully waking Su Yu from his daze. Seeing the pale, bloodied Zi Donglai, Su Yu's heart shook. This scene was so familiar!

Zi Donglai suffered a great impact, flying toward him. His bloodied mouth formed a pathetic smile, full of indignance, full of grief, full of anger. His voice was trembling.

Energy from a finger once again pierced through the air towards them, striking towards Zi Donglai's heart! Han Jianglin was taking the opportunity to kill Zi Donglai!

The three of them had no way to escape. Su Yu had lost his space teleportation, and Zi Donglai was gravely injured and could not fend for himself. No one could save them!

Zi Donglai pointed at Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang's neck with a pathetic laugh. More accurately, he pointed at the pendant on Su Yu's neck: a Tai Chi Fish, half of a Tai Chi Diagram. It was the gift Zi Donglai gave him when they first met.

Now, Zi Donglai touched it with a finger.


A cracking sound could be heard from the pendant. A crack formed in the Tai Chi Fish. Simultaneously, a cracking sound could also be heard from Zi Yunxiang's neck.

A strange scene ensued. A bolt of space energy emerged from the crack in the Tai Chi Fish, enveloping Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang!

Zi Donglai directed his gaze at Su Yu, pleading with him with a pitiful laugh, "Please, help me, take good care of Xiang-er…"

That pitiful laugh, that final wish, that sincere plea causes Su Yu's soul to shake! He was all too familiar with this scene! Back at the Shenyue Island, at the manor of the Duke of Xianyu. That day, in a moment of crisis, the Duke of Xianyu had suffered a fatal blow and had entrusted Xianer to Su Yu in his final moments. How similar was this scene?

He had barely met Zi Donglai, but Zi Donglai had been willing to teach him everything he knew and even entrust his daughter to him. Now, he was protecting them with his life! This moment touched Su Yu, a warm current flowing through him. The space energy was coursing through him, completely teleporting him, Zi Yunxiang, and Su Yu away.

What they saw last was that unfeeling finger energy piercing through Zi Donglai. Zi Donglai spat out a mouthful of blood into the sky, dyeing the clouds red. His eyes filled with a sense of release—of relief and satisfaction as they slowly closed!

This was the last scene Su Yu witnessed of his benefactor Zi Donglai! Just how similar was this scene as the one with the Duke of Xianyu?

Su Yu was once again equally incompetent, equally powerless, equally helpless as he watched his benefactors die before him! A ball of fury, a ball of self-blame, a ball of injustice inside him formed into a raging flame, swallowing Su Yu!

Must a tragedy like this happen again? Was he still powerless to save everything?


He had once sworn to never let something like this happen again! At this moment, Su Yu's soul was in torment! More than it had ever been before!

Buzz, buzz, buzz—

The Nine Dragons Cauldron, which had been silent for some time, suddenly vibrated, reacting to his changing soul. Three drops of red liquid fell.

The ten-inch red dragon was already 30 percent crystallized. These three drops completely crystallized it!

At this moment, the space teleportation was completed. Su Yu used the last bit of energy he had left and let out a furious growl. "Space! Vortex!"


A distorted space fell onto Zi Donglai's body.

Su Yu did not have the time to witness its effects before he was completely teleported away by the Tai Chi Fish.

Han Jianglin was about to explode. "They actually managed to run!"

But what made even more furious was that when Su Yu was being teleported away, Zi Donglai was also taken away by the Space Vortex into an unknown land!


By the time Han Jianglin managed to reach where they were, the three of them had already vanished! Surveying the surroundings, other than the bodies littered on the ground, only a few pale geniuses and family housemasters were left.

Han Jianglin was livid—unprecedentedly livid! He had carefully planned all this to kill Zi Donglai. Not only had he not managed to kill Zi Donglai, but he had let a tiny pawn kill off all the geniuses he had gathered. He had even killed three of the strongest members he had gathered!

Other than severely injuring Zi Donglai, Han Jianglin had not gained anything today. Instead, he had paid a horrible price.

"The space power was not strong," Han Jianglin announced. "They have not been transported out of the Alliance City! Chase them! Search all over the city, and once you find them, kill them!"

Han Jianglin wore a sinister expression. The powerful fighters of the families trembled in shock. It was the first time the Alliance Master had been so angry in 100 years! But they could understand his rage. If they had been in his shoes, they would have been feeling the same thing!

The plan was originally certain to succeed, but unexpectedly, they had to pay a heavy price—without achieving the goal! Thus, even though the Alliance City seemed to be basking in the fanfare of the Alliance Meet, many things were happening in secret. This incident was to be kept strictly confidential. Leaking this would definitely not be tolerated! The mission of assassinating Su Yu was also to be done in secret by the families.

On the way back, Ouyang Long was immersed in the shocking scene that had transpired just now. Behind him, Ouyang Yuxin was also still recovering from. The geniuses of the Alliance City had all been slaughtered. Two strongest fighters of the families of the Three Great Ancient Regions had been killed. Housemaster Zeng, who was of equal status as Ouyang Long, had also been killed!

Such shocking, absolute power was unforgettable.